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Thapki Pyaar Ki 8th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki getting the memory chip when she eats the pakodas. She says its damaged, what will happen now. She sits crying. Poonam sees her and asks whats the matter. Thapki tells her about the memory chip getting damaged. Poonam apologizes to her. Thapki says no, its my mistake, there is no other copy, nothing can be fine, the interview has to air at 5pm, Sakshi trusted me and gave me this duty, the work will be wasted. Thapki says I can’t check it, I don’t have laptop. Nimmi and her son come there. They help Thapki with the laptop and memory chip. Nimmi praises her son. He stares at Thapki and says video will come when memory chip is fine.

Nimmi’s son tries and says this will never work now. Nimmi asks him to call her Didi. She says lets go. Nimmi’s son smiles

and says he will meet her again. Poonam says we will do something. Its morning, Pandey Nivaas is shown. The servants work since morning. A new servant says a goat is spoiling the new car, he will see him. The old servant says he can buy many new cars, but if anything happen to his animals, he will shoot you. Bau ji gets angry on a servant and aims at him. The servant apologizes and Bau ji scolds him.

The sons does not help the servant and he panics. Vasundara comes and keeps her aarti plate infront of the servant. Bau ji removes the gun. She makes him have the Prasad. The servant asks her to save him. She says leave him, its Dhruv’s birthday, forgive him for my sake. He says his fate is good, he does not refuse to anything his wife says. He asks him not to think about his land. The servant runs. Sakshi calls Dhruv and wishes happy birthday. He asks about the interview chip. She says she gave it to Thapki. He says what, how can he give imp chip to new girl, I want to see it before telecast. She says fine.

Dhruv takes Vasundara’s blessings and taunts his dad, seeing him with the gun. He holds the gun and says his license expired, first renew it and then use. He takes it and throws away. Bau ji says I m your father, you got educated and teaching me now, I got the license made yesterday and calls all the servants. He shows all the servants are very educated. He scolds Dhruv saying money is power, not education. Dhruv says the day the world knows his evil, everything will be ruined. Bau ji says what wrong did he do, he deals with properties and land. Dhruv says he scares people. Bau ji says then get me arrested. Dhruv says the day I get proof against you, I will make your wish come true. Bau ji gets angry and Vasundara calms him.

Poonam wakes up Thapki and sees she got high fever. Thapki says she won’t be able to go office today. Poonam says fine and asks her to take rest. She sees onion skin and asks Thapki. She says she knows that Thapki is scared to go. Thapki says what will Sakshi and Dhruv say, how can she go. Poonam asks her to go, everything will be fine and hugs her. Bau ji talks to Vasundara about Dhruv. He says his brother’s sons are better than Dhruv. She wishes happy birthday to Dhruv and asks him not to be annoyed with his dad. He says she knows why he gets angry.

She gifts him a pink shirt. He says this won’t suit me and she insists. He goes to change and comes. She gets glad and says she wants to keep party. He says I don’t like such parties, please no party. She says fine ad hugs him. He leaves for office. Thapki comes to office and sees all decoration. She asks Kaka and he tells about Dhruv’s birthday. She asks really and thinks she made big mistake. Kaka asks what. She tells him everything. He says one thing can be done, the chip can get fine, he will call the computer technician and goes to call him.

Dhruv is on the way and Sakshi tells him about the memory chip. He stops the car and says what. The technician says sorry, the chip is totally damaged, interview can’t be recovered. Thapki gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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