Thapki Pyaar Ki 8th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 8th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the nurse telling everyone that she did this by her own thought, she wanted money and trapped Bihaan. She apologizes. Vasundara scolds her. Bau ji says she accepted her mistake and apologized, let her go. The nurse goes. Vasundara asks those ladies not to come in marriage and sends them. Dhruv stares at Shraddha and gets her to room. He asks her why did she save Bihaan. She says I did not know it was your plan. He says if I know that you are becoming hurdle in my plan, I won’t leave you. He goes. She says I m not helpless woman to give my husband to anyone else, I will become hurdle and do everything silently, I have saved Bihaan, as I heard you talking to nurse. FB shows Dhruv paying money to nurse and asking her to trap Bihaan. Shraddha says I have switched on handicam,

I will never let Thapki become yours.

Thapki catches nurse and calls commissioner. She invites him in marriage and threatens nurse to say truth, else she will complain to commissioner. The nurse says I did this on Dhruv’s saying. Thapki gets shocked.

Thapki goes to Dhruv in the old room and sees him watching her in the video clip of office. She gets shocked. He asks did you come Thapki, I knew you will reach truth and then me. He shows their old memories. He reminds her the office days. She says I felt my words will affect you, but you did such a cheap thing with Bihaan. He says everything is fair in love and war. She says I don’t love you. He says but I love you.

She asks how shall I explain you, the passed time can’t come back. He says time did not pass for me, I m still standing at same point where you left me, I m waiting to make you mine, I will make this Shringhaar turn true. She says like this statue is lifeless, I have no feelings for you. He says don’t say this, I know you love me. She says Bihaan is in my heart, just my Bihaan. He gets angry and says your Bihaan………… He gets a lamp bulb and breaks it. She gets shocked and asks what are you doing. He takes the sparks to get his shock. She says wait, Dhruv Sir, stop. He gets the shock by the lamp and falls down. She asks what did you do, are you fine, anyone there to help, get up Sir. He gets conscious and says I have seen pain in your eyes for me, this is called love, you proved you love me, not Bihaan. She gets angry.

Dhruv gets up. Dhruv asks Thapki to accept this. He says you are just mine, Bihaan does not have status to be called this house’s son and your husband, I will stop this marriage, end this useless relation infront of everyone, come. He holds her hand. She controls her anger. He takes her. She frees her hand and shouts enough. She asks her not to say a word, what did he think, does he not feel difference between a statue and human, I told you hundred times, I don’t love you, Dhruv Sir…. Sir means respect, you were my idol, I wanted to become like you, I gave you place more than Lord, you can’t be called human. He shouts Thapki. She says lower your tone Dhruv Pandey…… He gets shocked.

She says I stammer, but I did not become mute, if you scolded me, I would have heard it, you scolded my husband my relation with Bihaan, which I will never bear. Bihaan did not do in big schools and can’t speak English like you, even he knows manners and goodness. She praises Bihaan and says his mind does not work in anger, but his mind does not think bad like you, I felt Lord did big mistake by breaking our mistake, now I understand Lord did favor on me, I never loved you, I just respected you a lot. She cries and says I was marrying you as I respected you, don’t know how I fell in love with the one I hated the most, Bihaan is your younger brother, his thinking, goodness is greater than you, Bihaan did not cheat us, Maa told him to do that, he broke our relation to keep his relation with Maa, you have ruined all relations, your mind has dirt, Bihaan can be stepson, but this son has turned to be a snake. Dhruv looks on shocked.

Dhruv says I will see how Bihaan and Thapki get married, how you take seven round with Bihaan. She accepts his challenge and says I will marry him infront of you.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. pihoo

    Todays episode was bestest of the best (kya sunaya thapki ne dhruv ko) and thapki ne kaha mera bihaan!!!!!!!OMG thapki you become so possesive and dont worry bihaan is always yours

  2. Karvi fans (karthik & survi)

    Good for druv and wht the f**k is his prob hes gone nuts some1call the mental hospital people yaar

  3. Ally

    Today Shraddha, Thapki and Druv rocked together… ??
    Thapki slapped Druv with her strong words…. 100 times…. ??
    I loved it….when she said my Bihaaan …???
    And yes when she called Druv Pandey… I am glad…. why she slap him furthr it’s enough for him to understand her hatred towards him ….But no he is adamant about Thapki
    Precap is excellent…..
    Shraddha is in One direction to flop Druv and another side Thapki-Druv challenge. Interesting track.

  4. Mridula

    |Registered Member

    Wahh..good to see thapki like this..✌✌? Though thahaan scene was not there..but the way thapki answered him is amazing..??? But I guess she should tell bihaan also now..then thahaan will win surely..? Shraddha will also be a grt help now..?
    Dhruv tells he loves thapki still, but he didnt even trust her many times! Lol..just bcoz he came to know abt betrayal done with him..he now wants her back. Just tilo delay thahaan marriage all this nonsense is shown..????

    • Mridula

      |Registered Member

      But the track seems good now..hope the trps increase soon..! ✌ it’s amazing how thapki took her and bihaan’s stand. No one can dare to say anything abt them..??????

      • Manyasa29

        |Registered Member

        Hi mridula…..ha ab toh trp badhna hi chahiye itne achche episode ke baad…..but I think this mahan aatma thapki will not tell bihaan about this…..I hope I m wrong…..bihaan ko boldegi toh phir tension hi khatam…….pata nahi kya hoga aage ……….Jo bhi hoga I m sure ki thahaan remarriage toh ho hi jaayega?…..but kitna time lagega woh batana thoda mushkil hai???

      • Lightsabre

        |Registered Member

        Hmmm sounded tht gud huh? Just read update. Wel..finally tables hav turned :
        ?? thapki is standin up for bihaan!
        ?Shradda is the saviour.
        ??Maa is gud.
        ??Druvs antagonist .
        ?? Baujis turned silly (letin go of a fraud nurse hu was abt to file s*xual harassment suit against his son??! (Man! R ur brain cells stil dead from choking on tht cake?!)
        ???N bihaan – rough tough tricky to mellow romantic. Lol!!!!!! Hv i missd anybdy else? ( xcpt the casts tht hv been missin from show al2gther – thapkis family ).
        ? shadi mein notangi vale family layenge kya thapki?!????

      • Mridula

        |Registered Member

        @pihoo ya..last I saw it was’s very less..! It went a little up when thahaan track started after that vasu track..but again went down..hopefully it goes up now.?

      • Mridula

        |Registered Member

        @manyasa29 haan I also think they are gonna stretch more..par thahaan marriage toh hogi.! And I was also thinking ki shayad thapki Bihaan ko na bataye..waise bhi usko family ki bahut chinta hai..??????? But hopefully she tells..??

  5. Pista

    my foot cvs r just draginggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg that dhruv is such a sicko love thahaan

  6. Anu

    wow thapki today u r msz. thapki bihaan pandey ..
    Wow ur dialogue s make me speechless
    a tight slap needed also on that monkey cheeks
    we all r with u
    thahaan forever
    I know u will win the challenge …
    Tha…ruv Past now thahaan forever…..
    Very nice Spola Beta ??????????

  7. Naina

    Wow gaajab maja aagya thapki good very good well done.m tu khati hu ki is dhurv ko do tin thapd bhi lagane chahi ye the .superp episode love you guys.

  8. Princess

    Hats off to thapki…..??????….This is d thapki we wanted..and today we got it…????….the way she said “mera bihaan” at d end of every sentence was just?????….she excellently defended her bihaan against all d so called weaknesses of bihaan put up by dhruv….and yes that “awaaz neeche dhruv pandey” was just awesome….dhruv deserved all this….I watched whole episode with a smile on my face….☺☺

  9. Regina

    kadhal kattaya padhuthi vara kudathu.dhruv etha purinjiko.thapki unna kadhalikala bihaan tha kadhalikira athigama

    • Kana

      Very gud regina,correct ah sonnenga 🙂
      R u frm TN??
      Ash pathiya enga katchiku neraya peru vanthukidu irukanga intha neram pathu intha jugguva kaanamee!!!

      • ash..2

        Enna aachu unakku? Enga katchiya? Namma katchinnu sollu. Apuram un pechi kaa vituduven.

  10. Manyasa29

    |Registered Member

    Wow….one of the best episodes till now…..thapki u rocked it really !! Zabardast javaab diya tumne dhruv ko….and i loved her saying MERA BIHAAN…..aww….so sweet of her….shraddha is also on the right track now…great going tpk??….interesting to watch what dhruv will do now…..I hope she tells bihaan too about this…..! Missed bihaan a lot today ……no thahaan ‘s scenes today….buy then too enjoyed the whole episode??

    • pihoo

      No it is the third best because first when bihan kissed thapki and second when thapki kissed bihaan and this is third

      • Manyasa29

        |Registered Member

        Hehe….i think achche se nahi padha tumne.?…..i said ONE OF THE BEST..well my other fav. episodes are…..cold storage ,when bihaan sings jeena jeena ,thapki’s confession one and…few more….not remembering now?

    • Mridula

      |Registered Member

      Haan..I also loved the way thapki was telling dhruv.! This is what we all wanted..! A true thahaan love story..?????
      And yes..this was one of the best..mere bhi bahut se fav hain.. ???

  11. ub

    Super thapki… u did splendid job…

    That idiot dhruv needs tight slaps also..

    He cannot be human anymore…

    At first I felt very bad when thapki marriage broke with that idiot.. now I’m very happy

    God made thahaan a best couple.. no one can come between them…

    All the best thahaan…

  12. truelove

    What an episode… i have no worry about ur marrige thapki…. u r too good. Finally u came out strong. Today was thapki’s kali roop. I know u will win like u win before in front of vasu.

  13. Ragini

    I dont think that druv is doing wrong after all he is also a human.He also has feelings.every one gave him betrayal his mom bihan shradha even thakpi becaue she left druv for bihang.but any ways its just a serial

  14. Nasreen-Thalaivi

    |Registered Member

    Ooooho… still this serial make me irritating… podi.. ne evana kalyanam panna ennakenna … nallavela indha serial paakurathum, padikradhaiyum nippatiten.

    BUT i miss u all my frnds…

    • ash..2

      Ennadhu nippatiteengala? Appo Thalaivi post? Ean indha adhiradi nadavadikai. Ellam koodi vara nerathula eapadi kummi adikireengale. Nalla thaane poikitirukku. Konjam poruthukkunga, ungalukku pidicha madhiri kadhaya maatha solli andha writer kiteyum, directer kiteyum solren. Thayavu senji poidadheenga. Appuram sangam, thalaivi.yai izhandhu thavikkum. Pleeease…

      • Kana

        Ash nee onnum kavala padatha,ava summa reel vidural,avalala 1 naal koooda engala pirinchu iruka mudiyathu 🙂 oodoodi vanthiruval 🙂
        Ippa enna prachanaina ava dhruv fan,athoda avana oru phsycho rangeku kadurangalaaa antha kadupila than payapulla ipdi ellam polambikidu iruku,ennaaa nasreen!! pathiya unna evlo nalla purinju vaichikenu 🙂

      • ash..2

        Thanakku pidichavan nadikiran, adhu Pakamudiyadha alavukku irukum podhu sema kadupa thaan irukkum. Kavalapadathe nasreen. Director kitte soli ankit.ku badhila vera yarayavadhu poda solidalam. Appa ok.thaane.

      • Nasreen-Thalaivi

        |Registered Member

        @kana— ippo sonniye adhu correct. Thayavu senji ankit kita sollu.. avan ipadi nadikiradhu ennaku pudikala… latest tpk making onnu pathen.. adhula ankit n dhruv evlo handsome ah irukan theriyuma. romba silent ah aalu theriyuma ? Ippo solren dhruv unnaku kandippa andha pisasu thapki suit agha maata.. unnaku vera oru nalla ponnunkedaipa… thapki is selfish … she act too much[mahatma]. Overah panra,,, na mattum anga irundhen dhruv pesna vaaiya kilichirpen… sorry guys,, ennaku avlo kovam varudhu. first irundha interest ippo vara vara koranchikitey poghudhu. pls…
        pls,,,, stop making this revenge scenes….

        @ Ash—- kavala padatha,,, na orethiriye poga matten.. adhum illama na daily WU padikiren… but edha pathiyum comment panna pudikala.. adhan vituten… na kandippa varuvan.. dhruv indha madhiri nadika vendamnu sollu. ennaku bihaan evlo pudokumo adhey alavu dhruv yum pudikum. avan character spoil panradha ennaku pudikala…
        But dhruv your acting fantastic… i really really loved it…

        Na avlo seekram sangatha vittu poga maten girls,,

  15. Aparna12appu

    Wow Thapki truly great……….todays episode was best !! Let me enjoy..shradha is far more better than dhruv 🙂 and guyzz i heard thapki is going to end soon after thahaan marriage !! IS IT TRUE ??????

  16. Sandali

    I feel really sorry for dhruv I know the reason thapki confronted dhruv like that but she should understand the reason why dhruv does those cheap actions it’s really unfair for dhruv because dhruv is not the one who is the fault here the major people to put dhruv into such a situation is bihaan and vasundhara and still thapki calls dhruv dirty minded what an insane lady is thapki she can’t forgive the people who first gave recognition and happiness thapki thinks she just falled from the sky and fell in love with bihaan thapki has forgotten how she came into this place if dhruv wasn’t there thapki will just spend her life all alone miserably in her own little house what an immoral valueless woman is thapki.

  17. Bea

    OMG, OMG, OMG. Finally Thapki makes everything clear cut. Wow. Who would have thought that under that MA facade lay this tigress. Loved it ,loved it, loved it. So the gauntlet is thrown too. Interesting.

  18. dolly

    vow………..stunned bcoz of thapki
    can anyone please tell me the name of the song did manish and jigyasa danced for colors golden petal awards ????? plz…….

  19. Lightsabre

    |Registered Member

    Finally…they r cutting short all the non sense. Cud rumors of ankit levin show b true? Coz normally…this wud hav taken 100 episodes to happen. All this tym tht we wr sayin “thapki admired respected and idolised druv but wasnt truely in luv (whch is ok by the way)” n to some it jus sounded lyk a hypothesis …. now finally the words out from the horses mouth!! So one chapter closed.
    Despite thapki takin a strong stand against druv … from the update…. to me shradda stole the show simply coz she decided to fight bak rather than sit and lecture like how the writers usually make thapki do.?
    So song dedication for monica fr doin a bhabis responsibility – she can sing this for her hubby now 2 gt him bak: piya tu ab tho aja?????
    Recal tht episod wr pan told her someone in the family ws involvd in stopin wedin… n then finally she belivd it ws pan. N tuk her ages to figur out it was maa… n then wat… she joined a triwizard/ student of the yr competition to pruv her!!!!! Despite druvs odd enthusiasm to get his x gf married…she didnt suspect him. So naive eh?! So thts y… to me shraddas fighter smart attitude ws a breath of fresh air. ???
    RIP druv…. i hate how writers hav turned a gud sensible man into the antagonist… but if ankit is levin the show then this wud make the exit less painful for the audience. Better some other show indeed! Infact… tpk script is getin pretty lame… i wud lyk to see even manyasa in a new fresh n sensibl show!awesom chemistry in interviews??
    Hi santosh vinlo manyasa thapki j jo vani renu sumera luvleen pihoo etc etc etc. Santosh…. so ur on a tpk brek huh?!

    • RANdomfANCreationz

      |Registered Member

      Areh yaar I was busy with eid preparations and now busy with projects n all that it’s not really I m on break 😛 is just that I m very busy I don’t even have time to watch TPK these days but I did watch this yesterday’s epi

    • RANdomfANCreationz

      |Registered Member

      I Think the CVs got a jhatka when they saw the trp of TPK super low that’s why their sense cMe back and they started to be clear cut and fast 😛 u know what trp is like a mental disease and low trp is like the shock which cures the patient and when the show ends is like the patient is totally fine now 😛 TPK was mad show (and mahaan atma possessed Thapki which is why she Drank the poison milk and even gorilla fell in love with her) now low trp jhatka for TPK 😛 slowly slowly it is becoming normal 😛
      No offense I hate all the shows that have high trp like they have no story at all I think trp means television revised points all good shows get so low trp baazigar ek duje kuch rang r so good shows but trp so low

  20. vino

    but really I hate u thapki and bihaan.u cheated dhurav and still ur like this.u first love with dhurav.then u forgot him and his love then u love with bihaan.but u didn’t get worry about dhurav.he is only having true love still he was like same love with u.but u r such a cheap character many times u changed ur love with someone???

    • Syed Hussain

      Vino… it think u havn’t watched todays episode properly. You remember what thapki said to dhurv “maine tumse kabhi pyaar kiya hi nahi, sirf izzat ki hai tumhari”. Now it is clear that thapki never loved dhurv, she was ready to marry dhurv only because she respect him& his profession. Thapki’s first & last love is one& only bihaan.

  21. mariam Kipande

    Yay thapkiji 4 de first time you’ve raised your voice and looked brilliant, awesome and amazing truly from de bottom of my heart I loved that an de most exciting part you did it against dhruv it was really ….. I’m just speechless but all in all u did well very good.

  22. Mandal

    @Dhruv fans: dont worry this is just a show, a fiction being cultivated from some indvidual’s mind. Everything happens according their thinking.
    The most lovable and caring guy, who respected his each and every relationship more than himself, now has been turned to a selfish person.
    After all a person who has been put through so much of hell, who has got nothing but only betrayal from each and every relation of his, its obvious that he may turn into a total psychopath. Its not his fault but its the fault of the people around him who did this to him.
    After all the show is called “Thapki Pyaar Ki”, so it will obviously revolve around Thapki.
    But trust me she is the most baseless character in the show without a backbone.
    She never gave Dhruv a chance. She always pushed him away.
    Today she said that she never loved Dhruv but instead she respected him and because of that respect she wanted to marry him.
    But toady i am feeling that she is the most selfish character in the show.
    She wanted to marry Dhruv because she knew that becuase of her weaknees(stammering) nobody will ever marry her, and when such a rich, handsome, loving guy who is ready to accept her and marry her, she said yes. She thought that this is the last opportunity for her to get married, so why waste it. This can make her life.
    She never cared about Dhruv and all those promises she made to him about you are my Rajkumar etc were just a lie.
    But since she is the main protagonist in this show so its obvious that the writers will never come up with these points.
    Nevertheless why am i boiling my head.

    And KUDOS to sir Ankit Bathla, thats how you play a villain a psychopath.

    • Soni

      Ur absolutely right. I hated thapki today when she said that she only respected dhruv and never loved him. It proves how selfish she is. Nobody forced her to marry dhruv that time. It was her own wish. And now saying that I never loved u. Shame in u thapki

    • Hate u tpk

      I totally agree with u Mandal.. I never commented here…today this episode made me to comment… I m watching this show from first episode onwards.. such an inspirational show…it got spoiled after thapki’s marriage….then i stopped watching this crap, I used to read update….now I m getting bored to read update also… today thapki is telling I never loved u,then why the hell she gifted the telescope and made Rajkumar story with duruv in old episode… she forgot all what happened in her previous mehendhi,how dhruv supported her… such a brainless girl who wanted to live with the man who betrayed her life in Mandap…

    • Hate u tpk

      We cannot complain the actors who played their respective character… these all made by stupid director… I m having some questions…
      1. If director decided to make thahan as Jodi means why the hell he made thruv Jodi initially… no need for that…
      2. Now all watching this show only for thahan…then why in between director bringing dhruv
      3. What is the need of bringing dhruv as negative role
      4. If thahan got already married,then why second marriage…why can’t they take their marriage to next level…
      For all questions I m having the ans … to drag the story…to make audience sick…

      • Mandal

        @Hate u tpk: Actually you are correct. This show was a inspirational show.
        As it happnes in real life too people will try to befriend a girl who stammers but will never marry her. But among them there will be someone for whom her stammering does not matter. All that matters to him is she.

        But later on the writers didnt have anything creative in their mind so they turned it into a daily Saans- Bahu soap- opera and everythin got spoiled.

        Obviously its an Indian show, so you cannot expect a Game Of Thrones out of it 🙂

  23. Zohreh

    ,thanks a lot.sandali and are smart and know thapki character.she is selfish and tharuv Sr is a gentleman and a real lover.

  24. Sujoy

    Ankit sir you are playing a total psycho and am enjoying seeing you.
    I dont mind where they story goes and who kisses whom etc etc as long as i get to see you play a strong character. Your villainous act is just mind blowing.
    What a change in character and how we are getting to see a totally different version of Dhruv unless some characters who are giving the same expression from the starting of the show.
    Now you are so aggressive as compared to the old sober Dhruv.
    You will lose thats for sure as the serial is called Thapki pyaar ki and not Dhruv Pyaar Ki.
    And i dont care whether you win or lose. I just want to enjoy you and to be frank i like your new grey shade more than the old kind personality.
    You are in mood mood to spare anyone who comes in your way.

  25. Sanam

    I’ve started to watch this drama ! At first, it was really interesting ! Spacially we liked druv and thapki couple! But now it has becom worst because we were waiting for this couple catch up again and druve character has destroyed! At first the druve was hero but now bihan his brother with same girl! Very boaring, fussing drama!! And the people who are praising, actually all are friends and relatives of the cast etc..

  26. pihoo

    Hi. Guys saari fasaad ki jad thapki hi ha for eg-
    Thapki vs dhruv
    Thapki vs shraddha
    Thapki vs vasundra
    Thapki vs suman and preeti bhabhi
    Thapki vs bihaan
    Thapki vs deewakar
    And many more so thapki is common in all

    • Syed Hussain

      Yeah thapki is common in all. But in case of bihaan thapki is not common. She can cross any limit to save bihaan no matter who ever it she would encounter whether vasu or dhurv. Pls dont compare other with bihaan. Thapki & bihaan hold the special bonding that no one can seperate them. They are the soul & heart of this show.

    • Lightsabre

      |Registered Member

      Ohhhhh???? so this is how she got tht law degree aftr comin to PN. Wah.. so many cases she won!( hmmm.. shud hv been “she won so many cases” i sound lyk Yoda now.?… if u knw wt i mean)

  27. Syed Hussain

    Ok some people are bashing thapki. Since thapki was never loving dhurv. Dhurv was loving thapki i agree, but why he marry to shraddha so that he can start a new life. Meanwhile while thapki was also happy for dhurv has finally moved on. So thapki also moves on with bihaan & now when dhurv comes to know the thruth, he is trying to get back his love once he only lost. Bahut dher kia bhai apna ab kuch faida nahi jab cheriya chur gai khed.

  28. A'isha

    Thapki read Dhruv brutally today and he deserved it cos his turning into a psycho ???????

  29. Sujoy

    @Dhruv sir: one lesson you and we all should learn here is “Never pity weak people. They may use you as a tool to get happiness and get relived from their pain and miseries. But also a day may come when the same person, who was once weak and took your help may leave you alone when you need her the most and may even stab you on your chest if needed be because now she is happy and it does not matter to her whether you are happy or sad.”

    • Lightsabre

      |Registered Member

      Really sujoy???? ” never pity weak ppl… theyl use u as a tool… stab u in the back”?? Thats the lesson “we al shud lern” ? Really? Hmm now im really curious as to how old u r and wat u do in life. Coz u just bcam ” a better human being” watching a “soap”?. I really cudnt help replyin… not as a tharuv or thahaan supporter. But just as a fellow human being whos appalled tht some kid is watching tv and learning that u shud oppress ppl with disabilities simply coz they may” use n throw” u. Genuinely stunned. Keepin aside my shock…. i do get it that ur a druv fan…but tht dosnt mean u gotta say zindabad to evry freakin action he does. Druvs actions are a just a figment of the writers mind, whch is ofcorz tirelessly tryin to boost trps by creating an illogical drama whch neither has any correlation with reality nor is of any inspirational value.
      I may start getin hate comments for this from druv fans. But lets just face it. Inthe beginin druv was a well written character but they had alredy planned for bihaans entry so the show dosnt get borin with usual boy meets girl story. Lets keep bihaan aside. Druvs actions post the groom swap goes against his pre-set character profile. I knw u keep defending evrythn he dos… but a person with tht preset charactr (media personnel…. conducts sting operation…. interviews corrupt politicians…) isnt gona collapse from a love failure. He wudnt wait like a girl for thapki to stop his wedin to shradda. He wud understand tht his mom did this outa luv. And he wudnt turn psychotic and kipnap his x gf … adorn mannequins etc ( such behaviour , regardless of the precipitating circumstances, wil require Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) .
      My point –
      Y not admit tht wat hes doin is wrong at present (kidnappin…burnin thapkis moms hands etc) … but thats simply coz the writers want to create a new antagonist. It has nothing to do with wat a real life druv wud hav done. And neithr does it affect ankit emotionally. ITS JUST POOR SCRIPT WRITING tht hes over reacting (tht too a yr late reaction). ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS TO LEARN REAL LYF LESSONS FROM TPK. Lol… now im laughin at the idea tht tpk is bein used as a book of philosophy. Ws nybdy els as shockd at this comment?!???? nywy gud day sujoy. Wishin u a more matured attitude abt life n disabilities.

      • Lightsabre

        |Registered Member

        N i hope the reply to this isnt a druv vs bihaan battle again?. My msg was regardin the ppl with disabilities n ur lesson. Nt druv thapki or bihaan. Adieus. No fights pls?

      • Sujoy

        @Lightsabre: Dude first of all read my comments properly. I never used the word disabilities. Weak doesnt mean disable people always. So before pointing a finger at me please get your facts right.
        In this forum you seem like a sensible but that doesnt let you judge others.

        Also i admit that he is doing wrong in the present.
        But you Thahaan guys should also admit the innumerable times that he has been wronged by his own family. How he has been used as a toy to meet one’s personal needs.

        And nothing personal i but never saw you commenting against guys who keep on foul mouthing Dhruv even when he was good. And i am no one to say you that. Its your personal likes, wish and preference where you want to comment and where not.

        And leave aside shocking comments, there are many bad and hate comments here for one particular character over here. But i can guess why you choose mine to reply.

        Last but not the least it should not matter what i do in life.
        Coz my attitude proves how mature i am.
        I may have a different point of view on things than yours.
        But that doesnt prove that i am wrong and you are right.

        Last time i took on some random guy personally, and he started abusing me left and right.
        But i did ask for forgiveness coz i realized that i should not done that.
        But did you see any apologies from his side?
        No right?
        Thats who i am and thats how i think.

        And please note down one thing “All weak people are not disabled, and not all disable people are weak”.

        Cheers. Nothing personal. This is just my point of view.
        Have a great day ahead.

      • Random Guy

        @ sujoy, dude if you are waiting for me to apologise to you for you attacking me on personal level you’ve got a long wait buddy. It will NEVER happen. I apologised for my language which might have been excessive but will not apologise for fighting back.

        At least you learnt an invaluable lesson . Not all ‘random guys’ are like you. We don’t all take insults lying down. Some of us fight and fight hard. Cheers buddy, Random guy

      • Sujoy

        @Random Guy: i never expect any apologies from you as i understood your level.
        And for your kind information you didnt teach me any lesson.
        It was taught to me during my childhood that we are human being and we do mistakes. But once we realize we must apologize.
        And if you are thinking that your abusive words will teach me anything then you are simply wrong.
        It it just showed your level.
        It is easy to abuse people but it requires a lot of guts to apologize.

    • Lightsabre

      |Registered Member

      1)Hmmm… out of curiosity… define the “weak ” in ur comment?? coz thapkis weaknes is her speech impediment. So wat did ya mean????. Im nt really able to cum up with anyothr interpretation to this “weakness” tht “required druvs help or pity”. ????
      2) Also… yeh i hav defended druv while he ws gud ??. (Hmm comments b/w april to early june.. if ur tht keen to hunt it down).
      3) the comment wasnt a pro-/anti- druv one. It ws against the moral u drew from the serial buddy
      4) y do u wana drag in ur argument with som1 else again here?
      Ok..just incase i misinterpreted ur philosophy. Wat did u mean by tht advice whch u hv posted in relatn to tpk?

  30. Ram

    Thapki bilkul bakwas ha! Hona to ye chahiy tha ka sharadda ko bihan mar data aur druve aur thapki ak Ho jate ! Printo thapki pehle ak Bhai ke sath aur ab dosry ke sath! Strange! Ye drama khrab ter hota ja reha ha! Writer ko dubara nai likhna chahiy !

  31. Shaista kanwal

    It’s the good thing now shradda will help thapki and bihaan
    . Now please dnt drag the drama
    Now it’s become bit interesting

  32. Nisi

    Superb and awesome episode…..
    I don’t know how to express my happiness,
    I love u Thapki., u done a great job……

  33. Luvleen

    |Registered Member

    Hi everyone! I have no time to read comments promise I will later! But just wanted to quickly say…thaapki was awesome!!! Well done! And Dhruv keep up your psycho attitude cause I’m loving it! Cheers all I got to rush! Keep well everyone! ??

  34. ash..2

    Dhurv.I pakuradhu avangalukku kashtama irukku. Bhihan.I dummy.a pakuradhu namakku kashtama iruku. Vara vara bhihaan.ku acting.e illama pochu. Azhugachi adhigam varan. Azhugai, sogam ellam thothuviyadhi pole. Thapki pakathula vandhale, sogam ayidaran. Enna logic.o

    @kana, unna pakathaane juggu, srilanka vandha. Naan ketadhukku palkova kondu poren.u sonna. Nee avalai parthiya. Ava illame form dull adikidhu. Seekiram avalai anupi vai.

    • Kana

      Jugguva!!!! Avala naan appave indian ocean la pudichu thalli vidudene justuu 32km than neenthikide poi serunu,innuma karai othungala!!!!
      Sari ava kedakira,avala pathi kavala padatha 🙂
      Aprom naan innaiku nammaloda mama,mami,aprom machan ellaraiyum kandu pudichitene!!!

      • ash..2

        Hey loosu, adhu mami illai. ATHAI puriyudha? Machaan.u solakoodadhu. mariyadhaya sollanum. Unakku neraiya class edukanum polirukke. Fees ready pannikko.

      • Kana

        Achachooo!!! Class ah athellam venam sinna vayasila irunthe classna enaku allergy 🙂
        Hey unmaiyave nanga puru’s ammava mami nu than koopiduvom,appavoda sisters ah than aththai nu koopiduvom.

    • Kana

      Ivanungaluku naama santhosama iruntha pudikave pudikathe,nethu than thapki mrs.thapki bihaan pandey ah avatharam eduthichu atha nenaichu santhosama iruntha intha olv ah poddu mood out pannitanunga edupadda payalunga 🙁
      Oru vela intha accident la bihaan ku memory loss ayirumoo!! Apdi pannalum pannuvanunga naasama ponavainga 🙁

      • ash..2

        Idha, idha, idhathaan naan 1 vaarathukku mundhi sonen. Enna kindaladiche illa. Ippa paaru neeye sandhegapadura. Ivvalavu naala tpk paakurom. Idha kooda kathukalainna eppadi. Avanunga torture scene.I pala episoda kaatuvanunga. Aana nalla scene 1 episoxukku mele thaaku pidika vidamaatanunga. Nee sonnamadhiri naasama porava unga thaan

      • Kana

        Ama nee sonnala,naan than purinjukala 🙁
        Chaaa!! Intha manishkukaka enna koduma ellam thankika vendi iruku 🙁

  35. Dhanu Dil

    Shradda is helping thahaan which is the best part. N yup thapki did a great job, dhruv hv become a psyco which he says that’s his love, bt it was nly obsession , mere a selfishness. Love to see thahaan together n hope this wnt drag fr too long cz it will mk boring.twist n turns r gd in a serial bt nt too much

  36. Nasreen-Thalaivi

    |Registered Member

    Hai sanga girls… neenga unga thalaivi, juggu, shobi, kumutha paakanuma{photo} …Enga kuda whatsapp la join pannunga…. naanga ippo adhula than busy…/hahaha

    • Kana

      Adipavingalaaa!!! Ennaiyum ashyum inga thaniya pulamba vidudu nenga anga thani kooddani aadchi nadathurengala???
      Olungu mariyathaiya inga vanthurunga illa nadakirathe vera 🙂

      • ash..2 indha dhurv.da atakaasatha parthutu naane kovathule iruken. Eanakku vara aathirathukku andha snake boy.a…….. Idhula bhihaan.a vera nethi muzhukka kaanom. Indha juggu enadana, srilanka.layum illama, india.layum illama naduvula kumalam potukitirukka. Nee sonadhu sari. Avalai indian thalinadhu saridhaan.

      • Kana

        Ash innaikum bihaan illatha episode ah than irukum pola,intha thapki loosu vera antha snake babukida challenge panni vaichiruku.pambuku paaya poddalum sari paniyaram poddalum sari athu ennaikume paniyathu pambu theendiye theerum 🙁 aandava nee than bihaan ah kaapathanum 🙂

  37. garima

    Oh wow ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ today i love the thapki-pyaar-ki ajj Phali bar pata chala ki thapki bihaan sa kit na pyar karti ha i am so happy for you bihaan but bihaan accident i am don’t understand .

  38. Sujoy

    @Random Guy: i never expect any apologies from you as i know your level.
    And for your kind information you didnt teach me any lesson.
    It was taught to me during my childhood that We are human being and we do mistakes.
    But once we realize we must apologize.
    And if you are thinking that your abusive words will teach me anything then you are simply wrong. Instead it just showed your level.
    Its easy to abuse people but its requires a lot of guts to apologize.
    Now please stop tagging me.

      • Random Guy

        Thank God for that, there is no fun in sameness. Now this is what I propose; it all ends here. You stop dragging me into your ‘debates’ with other people and I will likewise leave you alone. I am normally a really calm and rational person. Sweet too but know this; I ain’t no shrinking violet. Attack me and you will get more than you bargained for.

      • Sujoy

        ok lets stop it here.
        anyways remember one thing.
        if someone doestnt use abusive language that does not mean he cannot use or does nott know how to use it. the only reason he does not use it coz he dont want to stoop that low. so keep your threatening styles limited to yourself.

    • Lightsabre

      |Registered Member

      Hmmm… sujoy…. Y did u mention some old argument b/w u n ” some1 else” n drag them in for no gud reason? It isnt even relatd to me. U r literally eggin tht person to retort to ur comments. u cant provoke some1 to argue with u n then say ur matured coz ultimately u appologsd. Im nt ur enemy. Al u needed to do was give an eg of the “weakness” tht u think i misunderstood ( and henz equated to disability.) Y do u wana drag in druv or bihaan or their fans or some “random guy” into it?! Tht dosnt prove ur ryt. Thtz how u ask for trouble…not solution. Relevance matters!

      • Sujoy

        @Lightsabre: It all depends on your choice and preference what you understand and what you didnt. Because people always try to understand what they want to understand. I cant help in that matter.
        And stop judging me as you yourself pointed out your finger to me.
        As said its my point of view and i dont stop you to express your view.

  39. Sujoy

    Please do not interpret what i am saying into your own own imagination.
    Thapki was a kind of who was rejected by each and every guy she came across.
    Even that tiny little chubby Diwakar rejected her.
    She was broken from head-to-toe down.
    She was shattered as she felt no man will marry her.
    But there came Dhruv who never cared about her stammering. He only saw the goodness in her.
    He loved her and wanted to marry her. He went with rings to her family to accept her, but he also said that he will not force her. She is free to make her decision.

    But why would some girl agree to marry a guy if she does not love him at all.
    After all she must be have some of her own weakness or fear which she wants to overcome and get rid of.
    She even showed him dreams, sending love telescope, telling him you are my Rajkumar.
    She could have simply married him like some typical arranged marriage.
    Who do all these things when you dont love him?
    Because he did love her truly and she knew it.

    As i said and will always say “Neither all Weak men are disabled, nor all disabled men are weak”.

    • Lightsabre

      |Registered Member

      Omg!!! A recap of tpk?! Serials borin as it is…i dont need to go thru this
      Ok….now… I just askd a simple qns. U said copy paste: ” @Dhruv sir: one lesson you and we all should learn here is “Never pity weak people. They may use you as a tool …”
      ? if u dont want “my interpretation ” then how abt one line as to wat “u” meant by weakness. Eg. Disability? Disadvantage?Paralysis? I neednt drag this discusn more coz evrybdy knws u got overwhelmingly concenrd abt druv n ended up sayin a generalisd statement insted of sayin – druv shudnt hav helpd… insted see…ur stuck now. So if u dont hav “one sentence” meaning to “weakness” then its pretty clear u put yr foot in ur mouth n nw ur beatin arnd the bush to justify it. I really dont care abt thapki.

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