Thapki Pyaar Ki 8th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 8th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki hoping that Bihaan would have understand her feelings. Bihaan and Thapki looks at each other. They imagine each other getting romantic….Bihaan asks Thapki to stop and gets romantic with her, dances….Kitna sona tujhe rab ne banaya plays………………Bihaan and Thapki continue to dance. They come out of their imagination and go in opposite direction. Kabir opens Neha’s chair and makes her have food. He says I will go now. Neha says no, don’t go. Kabir says it is a matter of few days, I will take you from here. He ties the chain and gets call. He drops keys by mistake and chip also falls out of his pocket and Neha looks at it. Thapki is going out. Vasu stops her and asks where are you going? Thapki tells her that Kabir goes somewhere every night and she kept

tracker chip in his jacket. She says I will go and know.

Vasu says she will also come with her, and says you have fought all alone till now, but not anymore. They come to the house. Thapki tells Vasu that this is the same house, and we shall catch Kabir red handed. They open the door and gets inside the house. Vasu says there is nobody here. They find the chip there and says Kabir betrayed us and threw chip here. Vasu asks her to calm down and says Kabir will be caught by God’s way. Kabir comes to Pandey nivas. Neha follows him and comes there. She says you can’t catch me again bhaiyya. She sees flower and goes to smell it. Kabir turns back, but couldn’t see anyone. He goes inside the house.

Neha gets inside the house and likes it. She sits on chair. Suman comes and searches something for her neck pain. Neha hides seeing her. Suman gets the hot bag and goes. Neha comes out of room. Thapki and Vasu comes back home. Neha goes to Kabir and Thapki’s room. Bihaan is looking at the trophy. Kabir says you can see ir, but you will not win it anyway. Bihaan says this is not trophy for me, but my home and nobody can stop me from winning it.

Kabir says this competition name is Thapki Pyaar ki, and this trophy is Thapki, only I have relation with Thapki and things related to her. Bihaan says even I have relation with her that is hatred. It is more strong than your love and that’s why I will win. Kabir says only hatred will win, but my hatred and revenge. Neha looks at the things in the room smilingly. Thapki is on the way to her room. Neha plays with the pillows. Thapki comes inside and sits on the bed. Neha is hiding behind the bed. Thapki recalls Bihaan’s hatred and concern for her.

Next morning, Thapki – Kabir, Bihaan – Sankara come out of house. Sankara says we will play on the ground. Kabir asks Bihaan to stop staring his wife and rather see the house for last time. Neha is hiding still behind the bed. She comes out of house and runs after Kabir’s car asking him to stop, but Kabir or Thapki don’t see her.

At cricket ground, Vasu comments that lets see who will win and who will lose? Bihaan gets ready to bat…Kabir gears to throws the ball. He throws the ball. Bihaan doesn’t play. Vasu asks him to play the game. Bihaan starts playing. Vasu gives him courage asking him to play well, and his victory is sure. Bihaan hits 4’s and 6’s. Sankara is happy. Thapki gets the ball and throws at Bihaan while he was taking runs to make him out, but ball hits Bihaan. She asks him if he is hurt.

Bihaan says you have given me immense pain and says it is nothing. Kabir tells Thapki that she hit him at right place. Thapki says I didn’t do it intentionally. Kabir says whatever, but it hit at right point.

Sankara adds bhang in the juice bottles and thinks now she will see how they will catch their balls.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. pooja prabha

    What a mesmerising episode…Thahaan you just rock it today.B for Bihaan B for Best…iam really excited for knowing who will be the winner,I hope it would’be a tie.whatever…today’s episode is absolutely a lovely episode.S for short but at the same time S for stunning.
    Awaiting for tomorrows episode for looking our Bihaans smashing playing.
    Manish you are perfectly a promising actor yaar.because you has to give immense dedication to the character which makes the character superb.keep rocking Maniiii.
    Hi,garima,reshal,vino,sruti,santhosh Bhai pls share your views.

    1. today Thahaan rocked…. they just nailed it….

      Thahaan forever

  2. boring filled episode

  3. Loved Thahaan scenes…Superb dance…

    Thahaan forever..☺☺☺

    1. Thahaan Forever

      1. thahaan rocked today
        amazing performance
        thanx CV for thahaan scence
        Love thahaan

  4. Yesterday was a Thabir scene so obviously had to appease the Thahaan scene today, is this is a story or a pendulum? The bid to make keep both fandoms happy is just ridiculous

    1. The funniest part was Bihaan and Thapki both had their moment and they both dreamt their dance scene lol what was that to show that they are so intune with another like they know what the other is thinking? If that was the case they wouldn’t be in this dilemma that they in now.

      Bihaan still saying he has hate for her and the moment she gets hurt he runs to save her it was fine the 1st or 2nd time it happened but you still doing the same rubbish a year later.

      1. The entire scene was just so out of the blue, I just couldn’t understand the context of it, it just didnt follow on from the last episode. Haha ikr, i was like whatttttt, how can they dream each others reactions and the same damn thing? If you know each other that well then you wouldnt have been in the situation you are today. It was just laughable.

        Bihan has the emotional range of a 6 year old and they fluctuate at exactly the same rate too.

      2. If Thapki had Kabirs back maybe he tell her the situation but he knows if he tells her the truth the 1st thing thing Thaapki would do is run and tell Bihaan.

        Yeah exactly was so out the blue I had to check if i was watching the right episode

        I guess people are right Thapk and BIhaan are perfect for eachother with their mentality.

  5. Hi guys.
    Today episode is only ok.
    Bihaan you are brilliant actor.

    1. Bihaan rocked every scene…. loved their dance sequence

      Thahaan Forever

  6. Such a randomly placed dream sequence scene, seemed so out of context and forced

    1. I did like to see Vasu being a little more proactive and supportive Thapki.

      Now that Neha’s escaped I hope the story becomes more interesting

  7. Boring episode but the story seems to be progressing, I don’t think they’ll find Neha so quickly, it’ll bring the story too close to revelation.

    Sankara mixing Bhang in the juice, i hope we get an opportunity to see Kabir taking care of a drugged Thapki, maybe he can carry her back because of her being too drugged to walk. Hoping for Thabir scenes tomorrow!

  8. Thabir rockkk! Pls cv cvs show Thabir scenes tomorrow

    1. Thahaan forever
      loved today episode Cv bring more thahaan scenes as we love thahaan dont want thabir

  9. candy apples


  10. candy apples

    all you people have no lives

  11. todays epsode loved it.

    thahaan rocked it

    Keep it up Cv

    We want thahaan back

    Make kabir thahaan shiper

    thahaan are best

  12. Even luck seems to be favouring Kabir for now, the chip fell out and Neha escaped before Vasu and Thapki could get there. I think Kabir will find Neha before anyone else does….
    Tomorrow I think will anyone ther filler episode, half of the people will be drugged. How does Sankara get away with these things and no one sees her doing it or even suspect her?

    1. This is called dragging

  13. Thahaan Forver

    Thahaan are best

    Thahaan Forever

  14. Todays Thahaan rocked

    Keep it up CV

    Today both see dream at a tym lovely

    now want this in real

    Thahaan forever

    1. Manish ki deewani

      sadaf u wrote in yesterday that Manish said in his iv that he want to marry this year.i did not saw that can u give me any link of his that iv if u have


        6.30 sec pe MAnish ne bola ho skta ha ap 2017 ma muje single se mingle dekhe…

    2. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

      @sadaf,@manish ki dewani…please english what manish say in interview..i want know but i can understand hindi..

  15. Thahaan are meant for each other Cv u proofed it plz bring more thahaan scences and keep rocking

    thahaan forever

  16. Just a filler episode today.So Thabir scenes tomorrow (????).Plz Cvs move the story forward with thapki and kabir.Even Bihaan is married to sankara now.So why thapki will sit like a potato sack??Give her some emotions and concern for kabir .We know kabir has soft corner for thapki ,but emotions and concern of thapki for kabir is nowhere.WHY????Kabir is a best option for make them a good couple THABIR.

  17. Thahaan forever

  18. Today I was mesmerised only with Manyasa’s chemistry… How beautiful they look together.. It is only because of their pair and chemistry that the show is still on air…And many thahaanians do watch this illogical show just for Manish and Jigyasa only… their chemistry actually gave the show above 3.0 trp since when bihaan entered and paired with Thapki stood by her always.. but when they started separating thahaan and giving illogical tracks and butchering ML for glorifying FL, the show lost trp but whatever it is getting for new entry has been able to increase the trp not dhruv’s return, aditi, kosi, sankar or kabir…CVS won’t take risk of spoiling thahaan and giving some illogical pair.. #Thahaan forever

    1. yes u r right komal. today we get a hope that cv will uunite thahaan again.i hope k kabir un ko milane ma help kre ga. As we know at kabir entry it was said that he will unite thahaan.

  19. Today episode was too good thahaan dance althought they cut many sences that shown in olv but it was good love the way they show it
    thahaan forever

  20. Thabir rock! Give them a chance cvs want to see more of their scenes

    1. No plz….thahaan forever…

  21. Kabir is the only teqd N I watch this show, I want to know what he’ll do when he finds out Neha has escaped, good twist cvs

  22. Thapki and bihaan rocked todays episode

  23. Why does no one ever sees Sankara doing this??? First the bomb and now this bhang how does she always get away Scott free? Koi question bhi nahi karta ki hua kaise! Looking forward to tomorrow’s episode

  24. Thabir rock!

  25. Manish ki deewani

    thahaan dance was superb
    Manyasa u rock love thahaan aka Manyasa
    thahaan forever
    but i think after thiscvs give us shock becoz after every dance sequence they tortured us but still hope for best
    i wish Bihaan won becoz he play fair game Bihaan u r superstar
    hello fiiends
    thahaan forever

  26. Cvs pls more Thabir…….thanks for wu

  27. thahaan romatic dance super . THAHAAN FOREVER LOVU LOT

  28. Lavanya A/P Prabakaran

    Irritating sankara part of story…

  29. thahaan made for each other

  30. Vinolin.d

    I am very happy to see thr

  31. Vinolin.d

    I am very happy to see their imagination. thahaan made

  32. Vinolin.d

    I am very happy to see their imagination. thahaan made for each other.

  33. Thahaan made for each other

    keep rocking

    Thahaan Forever

    CV want more thahaan

  34. Thahaan forever

  35. Bihaan and Thapki look so good together.. I want them back together. ?????

  36. Hello all, l have just read this eposide and do not feel I can watch it , sound too boring.

  37. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    This romantic dance scene is not too exciting anymore … Maybe because we were tired of watching the always episode in the fantasy ….plzz united thahaan in real, not imagine…

  38. Not interested anymore…but thahaan is the neha mentaly sick?but she can walk into pandey house,hide,etc?sankara can do what she want to do in public places without knowing any other people?

  39. Pineapple

    I guess Kabir will find Neha and his truth will not be revealed. We will not get Thahaan so soon.

  40. Thahaan forever

    wow!!loved the thahaan scene
    They really look so good together???????
    Thahaan forever?

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