Thapki Pyaar Ki 8th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 8th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan is freed from police station. Balwinder hugs him. Bihaan hugs Thapki and says I knew you will protect me. Nothing can happen to me when you are with me. Thapki cries. Sankara says I got you out. Bihaan is shocked and says I will tell Police. Thapki says I have forgiven her. Sankara smirks. Bihaan asks what you are saying? Thapki says Sankara came to me and told me how she fell down from the cliff and how she saved herself. She says Sankara apologized to me and told that she will help him and save him from punishment. Bihaan says Thapki. Thapki says we shall take her home. Aditi asks what you are saying, she tried to kill you. Thapki says where she will go and says she is changed. Bihaan says I don’t want to see her face. Balwinder asks her not to trust Sankara.

Bihaan asks her to come.

Sankara acts and folds her hands, tells that Kosi went to village and she is alone, says she will never trouble him. Thapki keeps Bihaan’s hand on her head and gives promise. Thapki asks Bihaan to forgive Sankara for her sake. Bihaan says I can do anything for you and says I will forgive her. Inspector asks bihaan to sign on the papers. He goes. Sankara tells Thapki that now she has to convince Bihaan for the deal else she will give signed papers to Police. She calls Bihaan and says I want to tell you…..just then she feels labor pains. Bihaan takes her to hospital. Sankara is angry.

Bihaan takes her to hospital and calls Doctor. Doctor says her condition is serious and says they have to operate her. Bihaan tells Thapki that nothing can happen to her. Kabir comes there. Everyone is surprised to see him there, and asks how come you are here? Thapki holds Kabir’s hand shocking Bihaan and says I called him here, and tells Bihaan that this baby is of Kabir and not yours. Bihaan and Kabir are shocked. Everyone is shocked too. Thapki faints and is taken to the OT. Sankara says you have broken Bihaan’s heart on my sayings. Bihaan says she is lying being scared. Kabir recalls Thapki asking him to help her. Kabir says I can’t betray Bihaan like this and hurt his heart. Thapki gives him promise and asks him to help her being her friend. Kabir promises to her and thinks Thapki needs Bihaan at this time.

Thapki thinks she lied to Bihaan and screams in pain. Sankara thinks she have to do something and make the baby go far from Thapki and Bihaan. She thinks of an idea. Thapki is critical and apologizes to Bihaan in unconscious state. Doctor comes out and tells Bihaan that she is critical, and asks them to get ready for any news. Bihaan cries. Balwinder says nothing will happen to her. Doctor operates Thapki. Bihaan goes to temple and asks God to save his Thapki and take his life instead. He cries and rings the temple bell. Thapki delivers baby. Doctor thanks God and says her loved ones prayers are answered today and saved her from death. He says both mother and daughters are fine. He says Thapki gave birth to twin daughters.

Sankara thinks if Thapki came to know that she gave birth to twin daughters and kidnap one of them and keep her on road with the intention to kill her. Bihaan comes there, sees baby on road and saves her without knowing that she is his daughter.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. pooja prabha

    Shame on you Thapki…itis better to kill Bihaan because its not at all acceptable…writers do you have any sense…sorry to say the best way is to stop this serial.Shankar I never seen such a type girl in any story…
    I feel really sad to think about Bihaan,what a painful life!!!! i dont believe TPK shows any colorful episode of Thahaan…personally i just watching this show only for MANISH…

  2. this time thahaan is going to separate l really never ever watch that show ? what nonsense first they take leap it ok and now what would i say I really upset I would say hate you thapki pyar ?ki it make cry ?really,

  3. Vinolin.d

    what’s going on here???what is this rubbish lie?shit story..I didn’t expect this king of lying.CVS is becoming mad.anyway I am going to stop watching this tpk.I will upload my ff daily for my loveble tpk friends.I know all thahaan fans is getting irritated about this story.I was think about to end my ff. but now I am telling I wont end my ff now.because of I wants to bring smile to all thahaan fans.I am getting angry seeing tpk now a days.I want to kill sankara.friends In upcoming episode there is nice twist in my ff. so please read and get relief from this idiotic tpk.if you doesn’t have time to comment its will just read it and gets happy.that’s enough for me.
    I am so fed up about real tpk.rubbish story!! CVS how can you think like this.its very cheap lie from thapki.

    hai pooja,garima,reshal,Leena,sri,Anu jo ,sruthi, juvi,sandy and naitan what are you thinking about today episode?

    1. Yeah it’s an upsetting epi…again thapki lied to save bihaan…it’s been her habit isn’t it, sacrifice for the one she loves..
      But I’ve read the news about the leap, I think it’s kinda interesting, similar with kismat ff (mala) and os from alm.abi (I forgot the title).
      So just let’s see

    2. Garima

      that is why I doesn’t commenting in so much episode vinolin d so sad bihaan you life are so difficult I also watching this show for only for you.

  4. Sally_V

    what happend to the writers :/ they’re spoiling thapki’s character more and more let bihaam know the truth
    even poor kabir is in the mess because of thapki

  5. Actually I kinda feel this track is interesting, after reading the news about children after leap, and separation will bring thapki into successful journalist, but bihaan will become a loner… with a daughter to support him. I don’t care about sankara, bihaan will never care for her.
    Perhaps the twins will reunite their parents.
    I think it’s better than memory loss.
    Let’s see…

  6. Again draging draging and drgaing. Losing interest to watch this. No more love story here. Very disapointed.

  7. How can thapki say this is kabir child not bihaan . how didn’t they know about twins. If they go to hospital they could tell about twins by scan reports. I think they live in old century. Shankar shame on u. Don’t u have a heart.? U try to kill a baby. Then bihaan don’t about own daughter.wwwow super nice story. Nonsense . I seriously say they totally destroy nice story.I am seeing this serial in my mother tongue tamil as a serial name robbery scene episode are going. Wow those scenes thapki and bihaan cute fight., their romance. I’ m only seeing this and only one serial for thahaan.

  8. Good bye to bakwass

  9. Wooohoooooooooooooooo Kabir is back and he helping Thapki again :/
    I bet he wishes he never met Bihaan and Thapki with all the drama thye have in their lives LOL

    Again Thapki is an idiot she lying about the kids being Kabirs thats all she ever does for someone who is meant to be truthful and not lie she does it alot.

    1. Haha exactly, he’s probably thinking kahaan phas gaya

    2. Ayeee Kabir’s backkk ? Looking forward to this track!

      1. Definitely Kabir is back,but his current story has no charm as he will be there to show his presence as wallpaper.Now no hope on kabir or thabir,as thapki is mother of twins and cvs won’t show any thabir in future…Cvs will make kabir ”The new watchman and caretaker for Thapki and her baby”

    3. And back it goes to ThaBir, looks like TRPs and viewership ke liye cvs kuch bhi karenge. Thapki will again play a pendulum, we’ll get both ThaBir and ThaHan scenes and cycle will continue until the audience gets sick of the complete lack of story and the TRPs begin to fall again

    4. Agree with thahanians, hope the woman abuser dies……I want more Thabir

  10. Disappointed

    This show has taken a complete dive for the worst… it’s going downhill fast. Say gooybye to Thapki soon fans…

  11. What rubbish why are playing with people’s mind married divorcing the baby is not your l you telling me that Sankara can blackmail very one were is getting the money from for once why don’t you let thapki and biihaan fight Sankara together why every time thapik only to be honest it’s now borrowing

  12. God, why evil also wins this track? Can’t create happy movie? Full of evil, there is no god here, just believe to evil and you will win anything, that is the theme of this film

  13. What happening here. Ending of serial is better than this. I don’t watch this serial any more.

  14. Vinolin di… Plz update ua ff daily… Even I’m fed up wid tis track……..tat gober s such shameless fellow…..

  15. garbage

  16. Ridiculous again, surely with the care Thapki was getting she would have known she was expecting twins also the doctors know about the twins so wouldn’t they pick up on the fact that one has disappeared. She saved him from dying but what is the point as she know he would rather die then live without her and their child will grow up without knowing their father so isn’t that worse. Maybe that is why the writers did the twin thing and had one abandoned so Bihaan will have purpose in life and give him strength to carry on otherwise Bihaan will again be destroyed. All Bihaan has to really do is get a paternity test on the sly so no one can tamper with it not because he believes her so he can confront her about her lie

  17. Candiva007

    So I take it that these babies are not identical twins? If Bihaan found one baby on the road when they grow up they don’t look like eachother??? And if Thapki knew she had twins then why didn’t she say that one baby is missing??? Oh these writers!

  18. what a sensless epi..every time cvs cross thier limits they always show that they can make worst or worst stories all the time….and braek the records of thahaan separation….why they are doing this….bull shit…..i m getting hypertension….after reading it….why thapki always lie to bihan ….why always bihan has to suffer….why they are living into old centuries….even thapki did not get any ultrasound that she could know abt the babies…..and how she can say this rubbish that baby is of kabir and even she is living wd bihan for nine or ten months….lol….hats off to writter…plz end this shw….i will definately miss manyasa bt cant digest this nonsense…

  19. Separate again and again….cvs…..boring na

  20. Am really glad that the writer show is how much thapki is dumb girl and a letter of turkey drama there the baby is kabir child hahaha that sound like a turkey serial ,
    The writer teach us how some can blackmail you and you become a idiot and say yes it means that even if sanker told thapki to kill her self for Bihaan she will do it hahaha stoped nonsense storyline ,
    And kabir return what he will do let try to use the writer though yes he will be the new husband for thapki after leap and sanker new wife for Bihaan wow am really excited to watch this crap ..
    And a small advise to Bihaan you can know if it is your baby from DNA test and Thapki you are the most idiot person in history of India serial hope in last episode you die and Bihaan laughs at you.

  21. Stop watching this show again..the writer has no creative idea at all..i hope trp will go down so this stupid track will be over!!!

  22. Thapki again instead of confiding in Bihaan and anyone else who can help her come up with a plan on how to deal with Sankar has again took it upon herself to make life changing decisions. She could have gone to the police and told them about the blackmail,with no body found how can they say Sankar is dead, even if Sankar says she is a fake Sankar it just becomes a he say she says, there’s no prove on either side.
    I just think it’s incredibly sad that Bihaan doesn’t get to raise his child, I know he will raise one child but it’s not the same because he won’t know that the child is biologically his. Thapki still gets to keep her child with her, how is that fair, again Bihaan gets the worse of it. I read she will be a journalist have the writers forgotten she inherited the Oberoi empire.
    You’d think writers would learn from MATSH and IKRS, the separation and the leap in IKRS doomed the show, ok in IKRS Esha Singh quit so that may have affected it but TPK ratings are down so they should have put in more days of positivity to improve the show. TPK may survive as Manyasa hasn’t quit. In my opinion this show will only be saved if the writers show a strong relationship between parent and child and add positivity otherwise I think sadly that the show is doomed but since I’m a glutton for punishment I’ll keep on watching for Manish even though he gets the brunt of it.
    Ankit is older than Manish and it would have been believable for him to play a 5 yr olds dad. But in a way it’s good he has quit because he really doesn’t have much to do, a few lines but mostly in the background. Also Aditis character adds nothing to the show, at the beginning they showed her feisty and strong now they’ve made her weak. She should have been a match for Shraddha but Shraddha always gets the better of her and she just walks away crying

  23. omg what a shit drama one thing after another kill shankara all can live happily ever after

  24. When you finally think this serial makes some sense.. They go n do this.. LOL!

  25. I really thought that fat bum Sankara died but no she has to come back to cause more trouble. I hate her why she just couldn’t die along with that nut case kosi.

  26. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    last night’s episode was very sad episode and touched my heart. thapki is the type of woman who would do anything to save Bihan of hanging and rescue her fetus in the womb of a crime sankara. I cried watch this episode. a pair of human children who are deeply in love mocked by both his fate and remain faithful to each other ….

  27. I just saw they released pics of Thahaans twins and Shraddhas son but no mention of Aditis daughter. I know Sheena is leaving so the swap baby storyline can’t really go anywhere. They can always show Shraddha raising both I suppose as she is biologically the baby girls mother and as she is biologically hers they can actually show her in a positive light for once

  28. Thapki is idiot woman, idiot, so easy to lie about her child only to save her husband. If bihan know this, i think bihan will reject and better still in the jail than follow sankar scene

  29. This is the weird serial . Its better to stop telecasting this.I wont watch it anymore

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