Thapki Pyaar Ki 8th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 8th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vasundara asking Thapki to work as maid in Pandey Nivaas to earn money. She says Bihaan is illiterate and can’t earn money, you can work here as maid. If you agree, wear these clothes and come inside Pandey Nivaas. We will keep your bags inside stable, else take the bags and leave from here. Thapki cries. Vasundara goes. Thapki gets thinking of Bihaan’s words, the love Bau ji and Bihaan share. Thapki gets thinking.

Aditi gives Prasad to Diwakar and his parents. They refuse to take it. Aditi says fine, refuse to this and see Lord does. Diwakar’s mum stops her and takes the laddoo. Aditi gives them laddoos. Diwakar looks at the laddoo and says you won’t add poison in this right. He eats the laddoo. Aditi smiles and thinks you will know once this bhaang affects


Shraddha says wow mummy ji, Thapki as maid, she would have gone till now. Vasundara says yes, no girl can bear this insult to come as maid in own inlaws house. Thapki dresses as maid and knocks the door. Shraddha and Vasundara get shocked seeing her. Bau ji, Dadi and everyone come there and see Thapki. They all get puzzled. Dadi asks how did you come inside, Vasundara stopped you. Vasundara says I called her, Thapki will work as maid in our house. They all get shocked. Bau ji asks whats all this. Vasundara says I have taken this decision by thinking well, Thapki and Bihaan are misusing our love and sympathy, they have to earn to pay rent for stable, so Thapki will work as maid and earn money.

Dadi says no, Thapki will not stay as maid in this house. She has gone from our heart, she can’t come back here. Bau ji says I will also say the same. Shraddha says wait Bau ji, I m sorry to say, Vasundara is doing right, Thapki and Bihaan got punishment to leave house, but they both are still staying here, its not punishment, they should have done something on their own, they would have learnt to be independent. Mummy ji is doing favor on them, if Thapki goes to anyone else’s house, then what will we do of our respect, they don’t care about our respect, Vasundara is right.

Vasundara says its not easy work, Thapki will have to work hard. Thapki agrees to work in this house. She requests all of them not to tell this to Bihaan. Preeti says why won’t we say. Vasundara shouts that why do we care, we won’t tell Bihaan, start your work now, sweep and clean the floor. Thapki prays.

She says my Papa taught me to take Lord’s and elder’s blessings before starting new work. She goes to take Dadi’s blessings. Dadi moves back. Dadi asks Vasundara to tell Thapki to be what she became. She goes. Vasundara asks Thapki to start working. Thapki gets the water bucket and mop. Dadi and everyone sit talking, and taunt Thapki. Thapki cleans the floor. Shraddha smiles and is happy. Suman asks Thapki to wash the clothes. Sanjay says my NRI friends are coming at evening, and explains her. He asks her to arrange dinner. Suman says fine, I understood, I will make great food. He goes. Shraddha smiles and signs Vasundara.

Thapki puts clothes in machine. Shraddha and Vasundara switch off the power, and ask her to wash clothes by hands. Shraddha says I have my delicate clothes in it, wash it well. Thapki looks on.

Bihaan looks for Thapki and calls her out. Thapki worries and says if he sees me in these clothes, what will happen.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What an worst epi evil vasundra I just hate her pls unite thahaan yaar

  2. Omg!!!!what an epi….I mean an epi without bihaan…I just got shattered…thank god at least they showed him in the precap…and that too B for Bihaan pandey in B for Blue jacket…awesome…..ghazab……….oh!!searching ur chuk chuk gaadi…she has gone for work yaar…..
    I think she will not be in the Zoo for more than 2to3epi…’t be so cruel CVS….dadi maa says everything right and at last fails to follow it….and fit only for sleeping and reading books…..uff….yesterday shraddha was right said that “I have never seen such a stid family till date..”
    Hope dadi Maas words come true…..then we will see where they will
    Keep their faces…..I know as they don’t have shame at all……they will say ohh!!sorry…meri bacchi…that’s alll this MA will tell leave it maa…U elder can tell anything do anything bla bla bla…..
    At least now she should modify her nature slightly……
    Hope Bihaan comes to know abt Thapki tmrw itself….

    1. I mean shraddha said that this family is a no:1 stupid family…..

    2. Wow puppy, precap is just 15 to 20 seconds. But you watch keenly b for bhihaan in b for blue dress. Then only I watched in daily motion. Superb .This dress is 1st time bhihaan ware.

      1. Yaar, afyer these many requests,at least they have given new dress for them..he got nice dress but thaps got uniform… problem…..I was waiting for Bihaan and never seen him till the end…but I hoped that surely I will be him in precap..and got him…

  3. These writers are gone mad totally…. Very disappointing and heartened to see thapki as maid and each and every person of pandey family members are taunting thapki….really this is unfair… Plz writer do write something in thapki and bihaan’s favour….I really hate shraddha and vasu to the core…..let shraddha’s truth must revealed infront of vasu atleast or vasu should realise shraddha’s evil intention…..feeling bad for thapki……plz bihaan, you only save thapki from shraddha and vasu evil intentions…..
    Very very very disappointing writers….??

    1. No no I think bauji still have something in his heart for them….I hope so…as he always show that…….

  4. Oh here we go again with the nonsense ?????? but I still dont know who Thapki is trying to save ??? what a dummy

  5. Bakwaasss phir thapki gayi ghar me. Phir vahi hoga shraddha n vasu kuch karenge uske kaam ko bigadne ke liye…..

  6. Vasu n shraddha kv to chor do tapki ko ….. Vasu is really fool…. Itna kuch kiya thapki ne uske liye .. Pr koi fark nhi vasu same of u.

  7. Varsha Darshini

    Guys TPK is dubbed in tamil as Indira I hate it bt luv to see dhruvki again as I m a big fan of Dhruv(Ankit). I m happy as they are gonna be married in real life n bihaan is jus awsm fr Thapki as her understands her n is a shield to hr frm bad people

    Thahaan is equally good hope there will be more scences of them…

    1. Arae yaar which channel? Is it polimer….

      1. Raj tv They told,from feb 15. Timings , in rajtv sight, they put 9.30 pm

  8. I m very happy for thapki decision she is doing this maid work is only for bihaan so m very happy….thahaan stand for each other…they already fall in love but d problem is still they didn’t realise their love on each other….if it is happened it will be d big treat for thahaan fans (blo*dy marry treat)

  9. No words to say. Worst and boaring episode. Draculas ruled whole part. Bihaan came only in precap. What a memorable episode. Nonsense….

  10. Wow….! First time thapki do it for Bihaan. Great………!

  11. Stupid episode..
    But the only thing which i likes is that thapki is doing all this for bihaan..

  12. After a blockbuster type of episode shown last week this week’s first episode was a disaster 😛

  13. worst worst worst epiiiiiiiiii

  14. After these many months,well Thapki thought and concerned for Bihaan….thank u CVS at least u made her this…..hope surely u will make her a normal girl like us….

  15. Bad track how much they torture main lead…
    So sad…
    Waiting for Thahaan……

  16. worst seriel

  17. i hate this stupid track.i think no truths will come out until next year also.too much nonsense.


  19. Dhivyanjalee

    This is a foolish story no sense at all…..

  20. Good.Thapki want to be great always.Toh bano aab great.blo*dy fool..???

  21. i don’t like today’s epi
    hate evil shraddha and vasu

  22. Nonsense..I think director forgot that thapki is literate…what’s the need to work as maid to pay the rent

  23. I think thapki should better find a job
    n yes I missed bihaan today but its OK alteast he is shown in precape
    n I m happy that thapki is doing this for bihaan

  24. A tho serial ghode se ghadha bangaya total paagal production team kya dhikaraha hain iss serial main …..
    Kya thapki ko maarne ke baadh such patha chelega …..?
    Kya main galath boldiya tho maaf karo bhaai ….kaya karu a episode dhekke itna gussa haga ki TV ko thod du….

  25. Aysa hotha raha tho 12 feb hum kya dhekenge …?
    Wahi T for THAPKI …..T for TRAP …….

  26. Wow.. This serial goes from bad to worse.. I would like to touch the writers feet.. where does he get such pathetic situations from??.. zero creativity.. The worst part of such serials is.. characters like thapki set a wrong image and standards for today’s daughter in laws.. which girl in her sane mind would always be the sacrificing goat no matter how much she loves her family..

  27. As much as vasu and shraddha is torturing Thapki if they don’t get punished equally I will stop watching TPK. ..they nvr show enuff episode of evil ppl getting their punishment….they r always forgiven and forgotten so easily..

  28. It seems like most indian serial writers enjoy evil more than good, they should try and balance both not evil winning all the time and being forgiven in the end. i have stopped watching this just read it it once a week. Not to mentuion that that little toad shortman is also torturing thapki’s parents. Sham shame writers. And where is Dhuruv? why is he even in this serial?

  29. Wow thapki s dng ds fa bihaan…lovd t …waitng fa thahaan scenes

  30. Worst vasu and shraddha and very inferior thapki only good thing is she works for Bihaan

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