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Thapki Pyaar Ki 8th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki telling Bihaan that they have to stop Shraddha doing wrong things which will hurt family. He asks you mean, we should accept her as my Bhabhi. She says yes, as this is the truth, Shraddha is Dhruv’s wife now, Shraddha has to change in this house, maybe she will become good hearted being with good people here, maybe she will become a good wife.

Vasundara comes and asks Dhruv is he happy with this marriage. He asks what does she feel. He asks is he happy from within. He says he has thrown everything out of heart. She says Lord heard my prayers, whatever happened last time, I prayed for your happiness. He says he will be happy, he is also feeling nice, he will not look back. Preeti thinks to mix milk in water so that the ring finding ritual get tough. She

sees the milk got over and worries. She thinks to mix alternate thing. Kiran takes Shraddha for the rituals.

Shraddha sees Bihaan on the stairs and warns him also. She points finger and says if you… He stares at her and asks her not to point that finger, she already did mistake by coming in this house, now don’t point finger at Bihaan Pandey, this family is my life, if you think to do wrong with anyone, I will forget who you are. She asks him to talk with respect, learn manners as she is elder in relation. Bihaan says your head will always be low infront of me, just like its now, I m standing on lower stair but my head will always be high unlike yours. She says you…. Kiran comes and takes Shraddha.

Vasundara says she knows Shraddha will fill Dhruv’s life with happiness. Bau ji jokes on Dhruv. Preeti prays and says no one should know I added Chuna instead milk. Vasundara puts the ring in the white liquid bowl. She gets the tape and places it under the bowl to stop it from shaking. Thapki and Bihaan see the tape. Vasundara asks Shraddha to win. Suman says we will see who wins now. Vasundara asks Dhruv to play.

Shraddha tries finding ring and screams. She sees her hand. Vasundara asks what happened. Shraddha says don’t know, how my hand got cut. Vasndara says its milk. Dhruv cares for Shraddha’s hand. Preeti worries and starts leaving. Vasundara checks and says it smells of Chuna.

Vasundara scolds Preeti. She asks her to arrange milk first. She asks Kiran to get aid. Thapki goes to get buffalo milk from gulabo. She requests Gulabo to give milk. Bihaan says Gulabo will give milk early morning. She says I know, but ritual won’t be complete. He says its good, don’t let that ritual happen, stop thinking about Shraddha. Thapki says no, I m thinking about Maa, blame will come on Preeti. She asks him to help her. He says fine and talks to Gulabo. He says Gulabo you are my first love and feeds. Thapki smiles. He signs her to take milk. Thapki gets the milk from the buffalo. She says done. Bihaan thanks Gulabo and asks her to smile. Gulabo does moo… Bihaan says Ghazab….

Thapki goes to give milk for the ritual. Dhruv is upset and plays in the ritual. Preeti thanks Thapki for saving her. The ritual goes on. Shraddha gets the ring and Vasundara gets glad. Everyone clap. Shraddha smiles. Vasundara says ritual got complete. Ashwin says there should be 2-3 rounds. Vasundara says decision is taken in 1 round itself. She asks Kiran to take care of Shraddha and make her have food. Kiran takes Shraddha. Ashwin takes the bowl. Vasundara gets the tape.

Vasundara plays the tape and gets shocked seeing Shraddha’s truth. Shraddha comes there and sees this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. superb vasundra know the truth she is stupid she deserves sharaddha as her bahu

  2. Now vasu feel guilty of herself yy she had chosen shradda as her bahu feeeeling bad for Dhruv he is such a nice guy ?

  3. Oho nice precap l also saw the video shraddha keeping knife on vasundara s neck. The problem is that it s may be dream.

  4. I dnt thnk this precap will happen.. I mean ithni jalthi.. May be dream.. Bcz writers ko dragging bohath pasanth he..

  5. Y this time no chehra in Dhruv face????? Last time vasu said that girl should not see him before marriage… Now what happened??????
    Thapki open ur eyes…..don’t be blind?????
    I wish 2 things either
    she should not return to Dhruv or bihaan….she should live just thapki as before leading a peaceful life… love! No marriage…nothing needed or
    She should change herself into a ruler after knowing vasu’s Truth and rule the family…even bihaan should should should……support her
    He should be fed up with his mum’s activities of hurting thapki blindly without knowing the truth even now..and feeding sindoor to loose her voice…..for all these bihaan should ddddd……….support her!!!!!she should never cry!!!!any reply????

  6. Evide aake motham scene total contra.The serial is very boring to see?

  7. Why there is no ad for tpk in TV?? Y there is no interesting twists…will the directors read these comments or not???y they make people hate the story??????

  8. I think shrddha will escape from this scene by create new story& idiot vasu will belive that story.

  9. Why this bihann always keeps following thapki wherever she goes…

    1. They have become friends and partners in crime to expose Shraddha that’s why

  10. It is said that S will manipulate vasu that thapki made her talk like this and threatened her and also succeeds….
    But anyhow vasu deserves shraddha…. Pl…unite thahaan as he was compelled only by vasu to marry her
    What he will do , when she’s says ” if you don’t marry then I will go and die ” it was not bihaan’s plan …..

  11. I don’t know why but that vasu madam deserve baui like sharadda. And I think that precap is dream,

  12. Really really really excited ? 4 tmrw’s epi…….. And nice only dat shradha became d bahu of vasu…….. As mother in law like daughter in law…….??

  13. Bihaan promised vasu to stop dhruv and thapki’s marriage thats why vasu blackmailed him that she will die if this marriage takes place. Otherwise she would not have blackmailed him. So guys don’t defend bihaan that he is innocent. he is equally responsible for ruining dhruv and thapki’s life..

  14. Wo kehte hai na galat kaam ka saath dene wala insan galti karne wala se bada gunehgaar hota hai.. so bihaan is also the culprit. He is not less than vasu.

  15. Love Bihaan’s dialogue with chudail shraddha???. Thapki Bihaan scene was good to watch. ☺☺☺☺Nothing will happen with shraddha as shown in precap she cleverly escape putting all blame on Thapki

  16. Oh….its again going to be a dream….I think so!!!!

  17. Precap is good…..but,it will not happend….Bihaan your innocent way of talking is superrrrrrrrrrrr.Waiting for coming episodes.

  18. Today’s episode focused on only milk ceremony. Nothing important. Preeti and Suman were funny. Hmmm. Precap seems interesting. Hope it does not turn into a dream… Again

  19. Loved the epi…..
    Shraddhas happy days r numbered……
    Eagerly waiting 4 tmrrws episode……

  20. Finally directors come in Their sense. Wow now vasu will understand that her decision was wrong lyk always

  21. Not good epi………..and precap is not a dream it happen but shraddah cleverly make excuse that thapki threatened her!

    1. I just got to know about it in fb

  22. Unite thahaan 🙂

  23. I know its a nice precap but i even kniw dat as always she will escape from d situation very easily as she is very clever as d director is potraying her character as if she hv some magical power through which she always saved n everyone is fool in dat house…..d big fool is vasu n she thinks dat she is very smart…whatever i hv nothing to do with these dumb characters like vasu shraddha n dhruv…what matters is thahaan n i hpe thapki realizes dat bihaan is d only person in d house who is like her n sensible n caring….dey r made for each other…gulabo scene was cute n funny…bihaan talking to gulabo n thapki smiling….was adorable….dis means dat in dis sad situation d one who can make thapki smile is only b for bihaan n b for best…..thahaan rocks….still waiting to hv more of thahaan scenes n more romance…

  24. Hi guys
    Yeh Thahaan will make a good couple.
    But Yeh Swasan are my favorite couple. So yeh Thahaan and Swasan rocks.?

  25. Die hard thahaan fan… But i have noticed one thing the character of dhruv is not well written like bihan’s..due to which ankit is unable to show his acting skills properly on the other hand manish can show his versatility as an actor, the character of bihaan has many shades and is well written..may be thats the reason i like manish more…does anyone think the same?

  26. Unite thahaan

  27. Ya now they r focusing on bihaan only. There r hardly some scenes of dhruv. That’s why ankit is unable to show his acting skills in this serial. But he is also a versatile actor as he has played negative roles in savdhaan india and it was superb..

    1. Both Dhruv and Bihaan are very good actors. Thumbs up for their acting.

  28. Yes i agree with aditi comment . writters focuss on only bihan character not dhruv character . that ‘ s why ankith acting is so dull . In intial dhruv charater is so power full now a days they making like guest appereance roll.

    1. ya exactly… initially his role was very powerful..

  29. I feel very bad for druv when he was crying. Vasu deserves this but druv life was spoiled by this b*t*h shraddha

    1. I have never seen a lead actor cry so much in a serial.

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