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Thapki Pyaar Ki 8th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vasundara doing Dhruv’s tilak and tying the ghatbandhan. She feels bad. Bihaan gets conscious. Pandit says groom will walk ahead in first four pheras. Dhruv and Thapki start taking wedding rounds. Bihaan falls down in the room. Bihaan tries to come out of the room and pulls the door. Pandit asks bride to walk ahead in next rounds. Thapki stops.

Pandit asks her why did she stop. Bihaan opens the door and comes out. Pandit says 6th rounds got completed, this is seventh round, after this, you both will become husband and wife. Bihaan sees them from balcony. He shouts Thapki. Everyone see Bihaan and get shocked.

Dhruv gets angry. Bihaan holds his head and comes downstairs. Thapki says Bihaan….. Bau ji asks who is this then. Dhruv removes the sehra. Everyone

get shocked seeing Dhruv as the groom. Dhruv says its me, Dhruv Pandey, I will marry Thapki at any cost, I did a lot of things to break their marriage, even tried to kill Bihaan, but I failed, like you all cheated me, I cheated you, I took rounds with Thapki, but this Bihaan in between again, I will get Thapki, no one can stop me. Thapki breaks the ghatbandhan. Bau ji asks how dare you, Dhruv did you go mad.

Dhruv takes knife and puts at Thapki’s neck. Bihaan says I won’t leave you Dhruv. Dhruv says Thapki’s life is in your hands now, you all cheated me. Bau ji comes in between and asks Dhruv to leave Thapki. Dhruv asks Bau ji to move, I don’t know what I will do today. They all ask Dhruv to leave Thapki.

Dhruv takes Thapki outside and makes her sit in the car. Thapki shouts Bihaan……. Dhryv and Bihaan leave in the car, and Bihaan rushes to his bike. He follows them. Vasundara cries.

Thapki tells Dhruv that you can never succeed. He says I already succeeded, no one can snatch you from me. He plays song Tumhe apna banana…… She cries and calls out Bihaan. He asks why are you doing this, you are my first love. She stops the song. They see Bihaan following. Dhruv gets angry and drives in high speed. Dhruv says Bihaan can’t stop us, I will trap him by making him lose the route, wait and watch now. Dhruv takes a u turn. Bihaan does not see them. Dhruv drives towards Bihaan and says see, what I do with Bihaan now. Thapki says no, you won’t do anything. Dhruv says sorry Thapki. She shouts Bihaan. Dhruv does not hurt Bihaan and drives ahead. Thapki cries.

Bihaan looks for Thapki and says where did Dhruv took her. He calls his friends and says Dhruv came inside house and took Thapki, just find them, I want them fast, go with more men. He ends call and says I will reach Thapki. Dhruv takes Thapki inside jungle area. Thapki cries and asks him to leave her. He asks her not to force him to trouble her. She cries and shouts Bihaan. She stumbles and he cares for her. He asks her to sit and says I m not any stranger, I m your Dhruv. She cries. He says I thought everything will get fine, I don’t feel good doing this, but what shall I do, people did not leave any way for me, Bihaan came in your life by cheat, how can he take my place. He turns and sees Thapki gone. He shouts Thapki and gets angry.

Thapki runs and sees Bihaan away. Dhruv looks for her and gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. according to the new promo, my predictions(also according to vasu’s dreams and panditji’s predictions):
    1. vasu would aim for dhruv but bihaan comes in the way and gets shot.. dhruv would change the bodies.. everyone would believe that bihaan is dead… and thus dhruv would blackmail thapki to get married to him.. then only i would save bihaan…. bichaari thapki will get married to dhruv..the show takes a leap… bihaan is still in coma. vasu is in jail.
    2. dhruv would die and bihaan takes the blame, court room drama…. no marriage of thahaan. everyone shredding buckets of tears…vasu would enter the court and accepts the crime.. but mahaaaaaaaaaaaan thapki brings her out of jail and then thahaan marriage.. would be dhruv who shot bihaan and not vasu.. courtroom drama…

    uff har ek serial mein yaheen twists aur turns…. and guys those who ever supports thahaan marriage, if it happens then there is nothing left in the serial.. the show should end as there is no further scope of story for the creatives….

    tpk.. that started with a cute luv story of tharuv; news channel, thapki’s stammering problem, dhruv supporting her in all ways etc.. had been spoiled by the creatives with that thahaan marriage…. and then turning the serial into a very stupid saas-bahu saga ek saal se sirf kheench rahe hai show ko… ek hee plot se… dhruv’s character who started as a gentleman and a very faithful human being has been exxxxxxxxxtremely spoiled by the creativesand then turning up him into a psycho(i think so that there r no tharuv fans);To justify thahaan marriage… the makers had completely sidelined dhruv’s character thats why many people have begun to luv thahaan though there is a lot of luv for thahaan jodi… there r still fans for tharuv jodi only bcoz of the chemistry between thapki-dhruv..

    though there is a lottttttttttt of drama in tpk the show is marking only very low trps 1.3 par hee ataki hui hai…it is not even able to give minimum competetion to sns.. soooooooo….. sad…..

    its my personal opinion that this show should end on a happy note as soon as possible………..


      sab CVs ki kamaal hai dhost…..
      TRP paane ke liye kuch bhi kar detha hai
      past,present, future ka patha hi nahi hun logo ko…

  2. Dezine

    saare colors shows mein male leads ko negative banaane ka iraaada hai kya?? dhruv had turned negative.. lakshya had turned negative… what the helll????????/

  3. Cvs, why r u dragging tpk this much with current boring track( devar torturing bhabhi). We all want thahaan happy married life and their cute romantic scenes,not devar bhabhi scenes (tharuv). If u want to increase trp, then kill druv character and show thahaan scenes. Druv psycho torturing his bhabhi alot, making me to lose interest in tpk. Soon going to quit watching the tpk, if the show going like this.

  4. This is not fair..all druv done because he love thapki..druv was thapki 1st love..even bihaan loves thapki..but driv love thapki more than bihaan..thats why ge do any thing to get the end of the story thapki should marry druv with much love like before..hope full

    1. Lightsabre

      So does this mean that if u love some1 ul kidnap them…take scandalous pics with them to blakmail…. murder their boyfriend etc etc with absolute disregard to their feelings and happiness? Bihaan stud against his family… even vasu… she got beaten up n nearly died… he changed his lifestyle n so much more jus for thapki. Sure… druv ws nice to her in office.. bt name one occasion we druv “sacrificed” somethn 2 make thapki happy .. or riskd harmin himslf or his relations for her? Hw dos reckless criminal behaviour mean “more luv”?

      1. Lightsabre

        He got beaten up***

    2. U know the difference between love and obsession, right?

  5. Hay guys i wanted to write a ff and the topic will be”””we will eat thahaan””””

  6. mujay to abb koi umeed nahin hain

    bus abb thahaan kee offscreen chemistry ko enjoy kartee hoo

    yes its true that bihaan ko goli lahgee and he is going to die

    thapki widow hojay gee aur phir druve say shadi karlay gee

    after some yearsbihaan phir say aay gah wapus. but wo thapki or druve kaminay ko milwaday gah.

    because BIHAAN is awesome hero. he gonna fine a beautiful lovely awesome fanstic girl for him.



  7. Maha jhaatoo writer, khud ke liye serial likh raha hai kya be. Kyu chutiyaapa kar rahe ho, band kardo serial. Ladki ko itna kamjor dikha rahe aur disclaimer faaltu ka de rahe. understand from audience propects too.

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