Thapki Pyaar Ki 7th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 7th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki seeing her pregnancy report and says this is what I wanted to show you Bihaan 2 years back. Just then she hears Kosi asking her to open the door. She gets tensed and calls Surbhi to come to her room fast. She opens the door. Kosi asks why did she take so much time to open the door. Thapki says I was in the washroom and that’s why got late. Kosi says there will be jagrata in our house from tomorrow and that’s why we came to invite you for the same. Thapki is about to say. Bihaan asks what happened? Surbhi says she couldn’t speak much today as Doctor asked her not to talk much because of her bad throat. Bihaan says we shall take her to our house for few days, so that she can rest there. Surbhi says she doesn’t stay in anyone house. Bihaan asks what is the problem?

Surbhi says Vani don’t go to anybody else alone, I always accompany her. Bihaan says okay, you can also come and invites them both. He says I will wait for you in the morning and thinks he will force Thapki to tell the truth. Once they leave, Thapki tells Surbhi that it is very difficult to achieve her mission. Surbhi asks her not to worry. Thapki says she reached here because of sir. They come to the house in the morning. Surbhi gives strength to Thapki and asks her not to worry.

Bihaan tells that he will do their welcome aarti. He takes out sindoor bottle. Thapki looks at him surprisingly. Bihaan is about to apply Tilak on her head, but Sankara stops him and says it is not kumkum but sindoor, and I have only right on Sindoor. She brings kumkum and gives to Bihaan. Bihaan applies Tilak on her head. She steps inside the house. Thapki thinks she has come to snatch everything from this family, especially from Bihaan. Kosi asks Preeti and Suman to make arrangements of food. Surbhi asks if Vani’s room is ready. Kosi says yes, it is done. Surbhi says lets go. Bihaan asks Thapki to stay with them for sometime and calls her Thapki. She picks the remote and asks her to understand why he calls her Thapki again and again. He switches on TV and makes her watch his marriage with her. He says she is my wife Thapki.

Thapki says it is your bad luck that she left far from you. Bihaan says my Thapki is with me and very soon you will accept soon. She comes back to room, says she has lost her baby and so much, and now it is his turn. Dadi comes and tells Thapki that she made Mirchi Achaar for her. Thapki gets emotional, but says she hates it and asks her not to call her Thapki again being a stranger. Balwinder comes and says she is not our Thapki else she would never call us stranger. Dadi says she is our Thapki. Balwinder takes her from there and says she is not our Thapki. Thapki cries, feels bad for her doings.

Thapki comes to her parents’ house. Bihaan follows her and says I knew you will come here. He is about to come to her, but just someone comes and takes Thapki to side. His face is revealed. He is Dhruv (may be thapki’s sir)

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. pooja prabha

    Its very NICE episode…but at the same time i feel irritated from the nature of sankar.she is really a crack.precap is ok…Dhruvs reentry in a positive character…MANISH you just perfect in a rough type character….

    1. I agree sankar knows bhiaan still loves thapki..really she never had any rights on bhiaan.. can’t stand her from day one..

  2. Very interesting twist I dont used to see it but, this time thapki avatar is different . I like the revenge full side of her.


      sirf bihaan ko chodke….??

  3. aa gaya sapola hate him thapki overacting now supporting dhruv and taking revenge from bihan uff. Bt its Good sheena bajaj is returning bck. Love u sheena hi pooja


      tumhari behan thapki ko aur kohi nahi mila kya help karne ke liye…❗❓???

      unko boll dho iss baar kohi GADH BADH na kare THAHAAN ke beech mai…??❤

  4. Very good thank….. First I don’t used to see this show but now it got a very good twist I like revenge full side of her….

  5. Thapki have to take strong revenge from Bihan for not believing her.


      B for believe karne ke liye B for bihaan pandy B for bhgavaan maanthe hai maa ko…???
      bihaan totally helpless in that situation… ??

  6. Interesting storyline
    Loved it??

  7. Die for manyasa

    Hey guys me shruti shayad bhool gaye hoge am i right or wrong by the way mere pyare bhai behno there is a rocking and shocking news for you all sheena bajaj/aditi reentry and she is being paired with our pyara sapola/dhruv and a love story begin b/w dhruv and aditi be happy yaar ab hame do do love story dekhne ko milengi thahaan and dhriti and this track is awesome hey pooja santosh anu vino fatarajo comment yaar


      tum daily cmt karo phir mai zarur aatha hoo forum par…..?????

  8. Manish ki deewani

    I like today’s episode its good that drive is positive

  9. I like this vani alias thapki she is not that old mahan aatma…..and dhruv entry is really interesting hope he is a positive character…..and why so many have stopped commenting? Especially santosh anna I love to read your comments why have you stopped commenting?


      nice to see u ..?
      u r from karnataka…..❗❓

  10. Manish ki deewani

    Oh wao reentry of Sheena bajaj and new luv story now tpk becomes more interesting and H Hassan thanks 4 updates because at telecast time i am not at home so once again thank u for fast update

  11. Manish ki deewani

    Hi pooja really Sankara don’t have common sence I don’t like her

  12. I think it’s fantastic, i love the way they are showing Thapki as strong and confident and arrogant but dressed very simply, ive been reading lots of comments esp on instagram how they should make her look modern etc but that makes me annoyed because what only supposedly good looking people can be successful. With the glasses and the teeth and the attitude it actually makes convincing others more easier. I also love how when she’s alone she reverts back to old Thapki and how she’s portraying both rules wonderfully. It also shows that even though she came back with a mission is not easy to leave the memories they keep getting in the way of her plan and the insistent Bihaan who shecan’t convince

  13. This Shankar is so irritating and thinks she will take bhihaan when bhihaan was never hers. I like this tapki but she needs to pay kosi for her doing and bhihaan for not believing her.


      s u r rite..

  14. bihaan character is not good i hate u bihaan


      bihaan character is not good….❗❓?
      who is the best character in TPK..❗❓??who…who…who..???

  15. Vinlora

    Hi guyz …for the first time I’m happy about Dhruv’s re entry. ..bcoz this time he is not sapola he is DS…And for him one love interest is ready Aditi. ..?so there is no danger for my Thahaan from DS side…?DS will be positive and he will help Thahaan unite. ..? and Dhruthi love story begins ??? lovely twist….and thapki’s revange against bihaan….bas wo kuch Dino ke liye. ..?kyunki thapki kitna bhi kahe ki wo bihaan se nafrath karthi hai lekin wo bihaan ko kuch bura hone nahi degi kyunki wo abhi bhi usse bahuth pyaar karthi hai. ..? aur bihaan bhi apni thapki se bahuth pyaar karta hai. ..Thapki ke wapas aathe yi wo gunda se achcha ban ne laga hai. ..? I loved Bihaan today ??kkaise aankho se yi Thapki ko pad raha tha. ..? and as usual loved Manyasa chemestry ????????


      “kaise aankho se yi Thapki ko pad raha tha”…

      aye hai bihaan ka pyaarr….❤❤❤❤

  16. pooja prabha

    Oh! Our shraddha bhabhiji…I think Monica could be the best pair of An kit…I like their jodi but our writers are always tried to confuse them.Adithis entry willbe an another twist.let’s see…hi friends….good night.

  17. pooja prabha

    Hi…Reshal…yes yaar you are right.

  18. dil dhanushi

    Wow its getting the new twist.n yeah sankar is very irritating. Hp to see thahaan scenes



    Seven months after quitting, Sheena Bajaj returns to ‘Thapki Pyaar ki
    The actress will be seen in a prominent role in the show
    Sheena Bajaj, who played Aditi in ‘Thapki Pyaar Ki’, quit the show when her track didn’t shape up as narrated. But seven months later, it is a different story. Sheena is all set to return to the show. Making a re-entry along with her will be Ankit Bathla, whose character Dhruv was shown dead. The makers are revamping the story post the leap. They want to focus not on one, but two love stories between Jigyasa Singh (Thapki) ” Manish Goplani (Bihaan) and Sheena ” Ankit.
    Sheena says, “I left the show three months after it went on air on account of changes in the track. I wasn’t comfortable playing anyone’s sister as I have always played lead roles in shows like ‘Arjun’ and ‘Best of Luck Nikki’. An actor is satisfied only when he has a prominent role. And this time, the character is also well etched.”
    She will also have a glamorous look in the show post her return. Sheena reveals, “It will be modern and s*xy as compared to the typical daily-soap look that I sported earlier.”


    all are happy … ❗but, i am not happy… ???
    new entries decrease the thahaan screen space… ??

  21. RANdomfANCreationz

    Well as I said I will comment and take my final decision whether to watch the show after the leap after dhruv’s entry my answer is yes i will continue because no other option left as my fav show ended ab Tpk aur thahaan se maan bhar na parenga kamse Kam fav pair ka Toh show end nahi Hua


      hai jo.. ?
      tum aaj nahi aathi tho mai zarur ek pvt kartha tha yaha par cmt karneke liye….
      forum friends aur saath mai main bhi tum ko bahuth miss kar raha tha iss liye …???

  22. RANdomfANCreationz

    After leap show is interesting well Bihaan is back to old Bihaan diff is that he still loves Thapki and thapki as vaani love her attitude i wish her attitude was always like this instead of Mahaan atma if she was like this from day 1 she would have lived happily ever after with Bihaan and her baby. Well if Thapki didn’t suffer a miscarriage and had the baby that would have made the show more interesting but anyways cvs ka maarzi. I always knew that sir was dhruv only as only he knew Thapki name is vaani. Well now tharuv fans won’t argue because dhruv and aditi is a pair. I wonder what happened about that diwakar. But herani Ke Baath hain thapki doesn’t stammer when she speak infront of Bihaan and others but when practice kaash har student Thapki jaisa Hota do mistakes in homework but exams mein 100 out of 100 ???
    Well i liked the fact Sharuv is divorced vaise bhi unki pairing odd tha but she will look good with john ? I wonder who will be paired with sankara i thought it will be dhruv ? And happy to see old dhruv back because i really love old dhruv ka character and well how Sheena came back i thought she does a show on sab named khidki where she acts as one of the conjoined twin? So she is doing two shows?
    But thahaan Tashan is not bad love u thahaaan oops vahaan ? Bihaan ne galad kiya but uska sad galad bhi Hua so mixed reaction on Bihaan vaise bhi show is on Thapki ?
    Socha tha serial se break luga but thahaan phirse mera dil jita ? Cvs will praise them this time but still they got unrealistic mostly


      ” kaash har student Thapki jaisa Hota do mistakes in homework but exams mein 100 out of 100 ”
      kya tum try kiya…❗❓??

      “Well i liked the fact Sharuv is divorced”
      muje patha hi nahi kab hua..??

      “good with john”
      unke pass kidney nahi hai na…???

      “I wonder who will be paired with sankara”
      RAAM PYAARI?? (dhono ki dhimaak ek hi hai na…??)

      “Socha tha serial se break luga but thahaan phirse mera dil jita”
      aye tho teek hai, phir bhi mai tume nahi chode wala hoo TPK forum se iss forum ka bhoot hoo main… ????

      “Cvs will praise them this time but still they got unrealistic mostly”
      main jyaada kush nahi hoo kyoun ki dragging coming soon…???

      hasi aagayi…❓❓ try to my level best..


  23. Oh god…….
    Bihaan don’t know anything about her pregnancy….. Because of Bihaan, Thapki leave the house…. Then why they both want to take revenge each other……
    They are idiots. Thapki educated idiot, Bihaan uneducated idiot………
    I am also Thahaan fan, I like them. I like Thapki’s new look, Bihaan’s angry avatar…. But Revenge…..? It’s not good….
    I hate this………

  24. in thapki pyar ki I like dhruv character only.he is genuine character. if dhruv was there in home on that time he will do something and support for thapki. I like dhuruv re-entry.I want dhruv will be happy always in tpk.that’s all.

    1. At that time dhruv never help thapki also because when thapki put blame on vasu stolen a necklace he(dhruv) also thought thapki is lying the difference is this time bihaan…

  25. I hate u sankara.ur really irritating character. he did already marriage with thapki.then y u want to marry him.

  26. Manish ki deewani

    Lol ! San Bhai Shankar’s pair with rampyari wao BC they both don’t understand btw right and wrong

  27. Manish ki deewani

    Hi pooja good morning i also like Monica’s acting but shards may marry that person who respect her but drive never considered her wife

  28. Manish ki deewani

    Bihaan thapki/vaani is your plz continue this

  29. pooja prabha

    Very very good morning Reshal…Santhosh Bhai your so funny yaar.I think TPK will not end soon…


      TPK muje aisa banadiya …????


      TPK muje aisa bana diya a…????

  30. Hello fatarajo Anu and come back santosh how are you pooja .

  31. Alister La Frenais

    The episode started off very mildly and verging on the side of boring. Then came the invitation and things started to liven up. Then for reasons only known to the Director the episode slid back into the realms of boredom. Vaani (a.k.a Thapki) has not got what it takes to portray a high power/self made business woman. Her demeanour and body language is that of a timid village house wife. Although one segment involving the Grandmother and Baoji where she delivered a rebuttal was commendable.
    Now which person in their right mind, would attempt to visit the home of her parents, especially when she is aware that Bihaan is determined to unmask her. Poor script writing coupled with poor direction took the episode into the realms of boredom. The one segment that did merit a mention is the reintroduction of Dhruv, which I hope will save the serial.

  32. Good story but what is the positive side inthis story?good person should happily?how about thapki,she always sad ..poor thapki

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