Thapki Pyaar Ki 7th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 7th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan getting shagun chunri and giving Vasundara. Vasundara says she asked him to get it for Thapki, as she is his wife and he should gift her on Dhanteras. Bihaan says sorry, I have already hurt Thapki a lot, I can’t hurt her, she will feel bad, I was helpless to marry her, don’t make me more helpless. Vasundara tells this to Dadi. Dadi says it means Bihaan is worrying for Thapki. Lord will do the rituals between them, some miracle will happen.

Poonam tells Varun that Aditi will never do anything that will make her ashamed. Aditi comes home after marrying Diwakar. Poonam gets shocked seeing them. Aditi cries. Dadi asks everyone to come for puja. Vasundara says she is waiting for Shraddha. Shraddha comes and greets them. She says she will take a family pic

and asks Bihaan and Thapki to stand close to come in frame. Dhruv asks Bihaan and Thapki to stand close. Shraddha takes the pic.

Shraddha says love birds are seeing each other in pic too. Suman and Preeti argue for shagun. Vasundara gives the gold coin as shagun to Shraddha. Shraddha thanks her and says she will keep it as her blessings. Vasundara gives gold coin to Thapki too. Thapki takes it and thanks her. Suman and Preeti plan to get gold coins. Vasundara and Bau ji do the puja for Dhanteras. Suman and Preeti steal the gold coin from Shraddha. Dadi asks Kiran to light diyas. Shraddha gets the coin and gets thinking.

Vasundara asks what happened. Shraddha does not tell her. Dadi asks all husbands to gift their wives. Dhruv says he has to gift Shraddha, as she is going to become his wife. Dhruv gifts Shraddha and looks at Thapki. He says he has chosen gift for someone for the first time. Shraddha likes the dress and thanks him. Dhruv says you are welcome. Shraddha asks Bihaan won’t he gift Thapki. Bihaan and Thapki see each other.

Bihaan says I will give later. Vasundara gives aarti to everyone. Bihaan and Thapki take aarti together. Thapki’s hand gets cut when she goes to keep aarti plate. Dhruv says Thapki… and stops. Bihaan holds Thapki and worries seeing her wound. He takes the shagun chunri which was kept there and ties to her hand. Thapki looks at him. Dadi tells Vasundara that Maa did this miracle, Bihaan’s gift reached Thapki. Vasundara smiles. Dhruv looks on teary eyed. Bihaan and Thapki look at each other.

Preeti sees a gold coin and picks it. She gets excited and goes to room. Someone locks her inside.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Deepu

    I didnt saw tpk today.
    only written episode
    I saw smthng FB really Ankit and jigyasa are love..
    poor Manish..
    but onscreen only thahaan nhaa

  2. moni

    Thahaan u r superb…keep rocking…n it does’nt matter fir me dat in real life jigyasa is with ankit or someone else….as long as i get to see thahaan together on d show its rocking for me…coz manish n jigyasa r paired as a made for each other couple….in reel life…n if possible i wud love to see them as a real life couple…they r simply superb n compliments each other in every way weather age …stupidity…masti…romance…or fighting…they r compatible for each other…manyasa…n thahaan rocks as always…tpk is ruling becoz of u two..:-) love u both…muaaaaaahhhhhh……thapki bihaan ki.

  3. Thahan is always rock……i think Dhruv is like a omen for uniting Thapki and Bihaan.i feel so sad about Adithi,Manish you are really awesome man……………your actions,face expressions,dialogues,emotional way of acting…everything absolutely outstanding.GOOD LUCK FOR YOU DEAR.

  4. Roji

    Dhruv also cares for thapki more than bihaan but as he is not her hubby he can’t show his affection towards her. If bihaan cared for thapki he would not have betrayed her and ruined her whole life. I don’t wish to see thahan.. one and only tharuv is the best.

  5. Anu

    Thapki is senseless…
    y she understand bihaans good things…
    plz accept bihaan and live together for ever..

  6. diya

    only tharuv….actually tharuv fans now upset and so tired of posting bcoz of separation and many posts for thahan so writers feel its more preferred jodi…tharuv only d best couple

    • Roji

      Exactly. Many tharuv fans must have left the show by now. M also a tharuv fab and I don’t feel like watching this show now and they think that there is no point supporting tharuv now. So all comments r of thahaans and writer have misconception that thahan is best. But tharuv and only tharuv should be together.

  7. Razzy

    I love seeing tapki and bihaan together they are made for each other better than dhruv. And I wish to see more romance btween bihaan and tapki. Tapki does not suit dhruv although there seeing each other on offscreen.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.