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Thapki Pyaar Ki 7th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan crying and seeing Thapki. Bheega hai aasmaaan…..plays………….. Bihaan sleeps. Bau ji comes to him. Bihaan wakes up by Bau ji’s touch. Bau ji says you are not getting sleep as I m in pain. Bihaan says I can’t live without you. Suddenly Bau ji gets unwell. Bihaan shouts Bau ji and wakes up from his dream. Thapki asks what happened. Bihaan shouts Bau ji and runs out. Thapki worries and runs after him. police constables stop Bihaan. Bihaan runs. Someone goes to hospital dressed in burqa. Bau ji gets unwell. Thapki tells everyone that Bihaan did not run away, I know where he went. Dhruv asks where. They all leave for hospital.

Bihaan reaches Bau ji and sees him really unwell. He shouts and asks doctor to come fast. He says I came on right time, can’t you

take care of him. constables come and beat him Bihaan. Doctor says he is fine now, don’t panic. Bihaan asks him how could they not see Bau ji, if anything happens to my Bau ji, I will burn this hospital. Vasundara scolds Bihaan. Dhruv asks police to take Bihaan. Bihaan cries. Thapki looks at him. Dhruv asks doctor is Bau ji fine, did Bihaan do anything wrong. Doctor says no, infact he saved him, Bau ji’s oxygen mask moved, Bihaan called us on right time, Bau ji is fine now. Dhruv sees Bihaan crying.

Thapki sees Bihaan and goes to him. Pal do pal ki hai zindagi……………plays…………… Bihaan recalls Thapki’s words.

Suman goes to Preeti and talks about Bihaan, and Bau ji. Suman says Shraddha was not there with us, when Bau ji got hurt. Preeti says it means Shraddha did this, how will we prove this. She gets an idea and says we will investigate. She notes down Shraddha’s name. She notes down Sanjay and Ashwin’s names too, and Preeti writes her own name. She looks at Suman and says you are doubting me, how dare you, you were also not there at that time. She writes Suman’s name. Suman says how will we solve this, this time we will work together, cut our names. Preeti cuts their names.

Thapki tries arranging lawyers and asks Bihaan not to worry, she will call any good lawyer. A lawyer comes. The lawyer comes and meets Dhruv. Thapki and Bihaan look on. Dhruv says you know about Bau ji’s case, now things are in your hands. Lawyer says don’t worry, I will win this case. Assistant says Sir won 99 cases till now, this will be 100th. Another lawyer comes and meets Thapki. He says I have come to fight Bihaan’s case. She asks him to spit betel in washroom. Dhruv says I m seeing you support wrong for the first time, there is still time, let culprit get punished. Thapki says I m sorry Sir, you say till blame is proved, person is not culprit. Bihaan’s crime is not proved. Dhruv says for me, its proved, I have seen his truth. Shraddha looks on. Thapki says fine, you be with your truth.

Thapki wears the lawyer’s dress and says I will save Bihaan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Prasobir Mandal

    Yes dude @Shaparak, These shows are just like fairy tales, where anything can be possible.
    Within fraction of seconds the Best person can be turned into the worst(evil) and the most evil one can be turned into the Hero.
    I am damn sure that the lawyer that Dhruv has hired is going to loose against a newcomer inexperienced Thapki. Mark my words in golden letters!
    Thapki always wanted to be a journalist but i am happy that she was made a house wife coz the way she was treated and fooled by the bad guys, she would never succeed as a journalist.
    Now see the story and fantacies of the writers she is now turned into a Lawyer that too will be handling a case of attempt of murder.
    Her thoughts and beleifs are really confusing.
    When all guys used to treat her wrong , like a trash and make fun of her inabalities it was one and only Dhruv who hold her hand and showed her that she is worth loving and caring. But when Dhruv waited for her and needed her the most she just left him alone, coz she thought she is an Indian women and cannot get married twice. Come on writers this is the 21st century.

  2. I think the murderer is the man whom ballu slapped dat day

  3. I like Thaapki and behan pandy

  4. May 8 episode… Despite all the rubbish includin how thapki (insted of aditi) bcam the law student… it was a feel gud moment wen thapki walked into the court for bihaans sake. I reckon that someone gives them an idea like “let thapki fight a case for bihaan” and then they fill up the road to tht result with rubbish. I loved bihaan makin the shiva
    lingam for thapki… but her demeaning herself by cleanin ppls chappals with dupatta was ridiculous. I think they take “all is wel that ends well” quote too

    Still… loved thapkis entry in court.
    Ps.. bihaan luks dashin in leathr jackets .??

  5. @sag… 24 hrs for thapki may b 2 x 4 days for us….minimum???.

    Oh god! i liked todays episode (senseless as alwys bt fun) but if they drag this then il lose my patience ?
    The writers need to lern the art of keepin ppl hookd… not lullin us to sleep. has anyone seen the series Prison break? I knw its an odd comparison to tpk bt u knw… i saw an entire season in just a few days! I see a lota ppl pissed off at the endless loop holes and unrealistic plots of tpk. Unfortunately… even though i like tpk (thnks to the cast ? )… i cant disagree with the bad reviews here today. Our indian serial writers shud understand tht the audiences arent gullible. They shud step up their games n work more meticulously at creating entertainment dats sensible rather than usin the same cliched themes n scripts tht make sense only in mars.
    I absolutely dont mean to offend any fans. I like the serial too… but constructive criticism has to be given wn its calld fr! ? *peace**?

  6. @Roshni: and still we are here watching crap like TPK

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