Thapki Pyaar Ki 7th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 7th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan and Thapki apologizing to each other. Everyone come home and clap for them. Suman says we clapped for Thapki, she has asked for great song for Bihaan. Preeti says Bihaan took good class of that Rj, Shraddha told us. Dadi says its good, Bihaan helped Thapki and hugged her too. Suman says we are hungry and can’t wait to have Chinese. Thapki says sure, sit, I will get it. Thapki gets the Chinese. Vasundara thinks Bihaan did his share, I have to do my duty towards my bahu, Rahul gave sorrow to Thapki, I have to teach him a lesson.

Vasundara goes to the radio station and gets shocked seeing Shraddha with Rahul. Shraddha tells Rahul that I asked you to insult Thapki, you got yourself insulted. He says it was my mistake to agree to you in friendship, my image got

bad, I won’t help you again. She asks Rahul to listen. He goes. Vasundara goes to Shraddha and recalls Shraddha’s words. Vasundara says I was thinking why were you glad and asked us to see what Rahul does, you made Rahul do this, are you not ashamed, Thapki has done a lot for you and our family, I felt you may have changed, you have a baby in your womb, I was wrong to trust you. Shraddha takes some soil from plant pot and starts eating. Vasundara stops her. Shraddha blames the baby and says she has mood swings, she likes to eat soil and incense stick, Thapki stopped me from taking incense stick, I got angry on Thapki and called Rahul, I wish to abort baby. Vasundara says don’t care to do this. Shraddha cries and apologizes. Vasundara says fine, I will forgive you for Dhruv’s baby’s sake, but the mistake you did, you will get punished for it.

Bihaan sees Katrina’s pic and says you fell, you be infront of my eyes always. He pastes the pic on the cupboard’s inner wall. Thapki comes there and says I could not thank you for what you did for me today. Bihaan says you thank me for everything, say what I like to hear. She asks what. He says I love you. She smiles and says do my work first. He asks will you say then, fine tell me what to do. She asks Bihaan to put the weapons by which he has scared Rahul. Bihaan keeps his gun, knife and other pointed things. She keeps it locker. He asks her to give keys. She says sorry, I will have this keys, B for Bihaan Pandey. He says Ghazab, Mrs. Thapki Bihaan Pandey. They smile. She turns and her dupatta gets on his face. He covers her with the dupatta and asks her to say now, I love you. Music plays………… Katrina’s pic flies by the air and comes to Bihaan.

He holds the pic and says Katrina ji, how did you come in between, I will keep you safe. She says stop, if you hold poster with love, it will come in between us. He says its always infront of me. She says you did not love me before, but you love me now. He says but I loved Katrina before you, I will keep this out. She says no, tear it and throw. He says she is Katrina. She looks at him. He says fine, sorry Katrina. He tears poster. She smiles. He says I will keep this out. She nods.

Its morning, Shraddha greets everyone to a new morning in Pandey family. She says I will show whats happening in this house, we will see Bau ji and Dadi preparing for puja in the temple. She says we will see what other members are doing. Sanjay is taking milk and Ashwin is taking over phone. She says I will take you to Suman and Preeti, I m sure they will be in room and kitchen. Suman and Preeti come, and say we are here. Shraddha looks at them and says I m asked to do this. Suman asks who asked you to do this cheap thing. Vasundara says I did. Suman says you… but why… Vasundara says I punished Shraddha that she will become radio for Pandey house all day. Preeti says awesome, why did you punish her. Vasundara asks why, do you both want punishment. Suman and Preeti say no. Vasundara sends them, and asks Shraddha to do her work. Shraddha gets angry.

Shraddha drinks water and is tired. She is angry on Vasundara. The water glass falls. She gets irritated. She sees the glass pieces and gets some idea. She says see what I punish you now….

Shraddha dumps the glass pieces. Suman and Preeti taunt her. Shraddha says I will help in making poha for Vasundara. Preeti says so that you take all credit. They keep the poha and leave from kitchen. Shraddha adds the crushes glass pieces in the poha, and says Vasundara will eat this, blame will come on Suman and Preeti.

Thapki gets Katrina’s pic in the room and says maybe Bihaan kept this by mistake, or maybe he wants to see it later and get happy. Suman comes and asks Thapki to see Shraddha, she has become radio, Vasundara punished her. Thapki says Shraddha is pregnant. Suman says leave it, come. Thapki says I have to clean Bihaan’s cupboard. Suman says you will arrange everything according to you now, I will also help. Thapki asks Suman about guy’s first love, first crush….. till when do they remember it. Suman says all their life, men have first crush on one side and all relations on other side, Sanjay had crush on his college girl, we still fight over that girl. Thapki worries. Suman asks why are you asking all this. Thapki says generally. Vasundara calls out Suman for getting tea. Suman says I forgot, and goes. Thapki sees Katrina’s pic and gets jealous. She says so Bihaan’s heart has your magic till now, I have to find out.

Bihaan goes to talk to Katrina. He does not see Thapki, and says Katrina ji, I m in true love with you, no, with Thapki, my wife. Ranjhana………….plays………….. He says she is very simple and nice girl, I love her a lot. Thapki smiles hearing him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Waiting for precap..

  2. Tamil ponunga - Adithi(7)

    Oh my God.. Oh my God.. OMG.. Somebody hold me tight.. I’m started flying.. How cute bihaan is.. No now I’m not going to let thapki take over bihaan??… I’m becoming so jealous ..
    Wow..very nice episode.. I’m dying to watch tomorrow.. Lovely thahaan scenes.. I’m njoing a lot..

  3. Waiting for tomorrow….❤

  4. Tamil Ponnunga-Goms (6)

    Awwwwww….???? Bihaan ji???

    1. Tamil Ponnunga-Goms (6)

      Hiii….kana,adithi,juggu,nasreen akka,nages akka…wer r yu all..waiting for yur comments..
      Bihaan-Thapki’s love track was awesome…?
      Thapki not only you, I too love your husband????

      1. Tamil ponunga - Adithi(7)

        Hi Goms.. Hi everyone.. Semaya podu ippo.. Adum Bhiaan sema..

      2. Tamil Ponnunga-Goms (6)

        Yes yaar Bihaan sema.

  5. thahaan polichu super aayirunnu. njaan ippol daivathodu oru kaaryame prathikkarulloo.. daivame thapki pyar ki malayalathil varalle . naagin malayalathil varunnundu naagakanya enna peril athupole ee serial um varalle ………

    1. Varanenno varallenno?

      1. tpk varallennu……

        naagin sure aayittum malayalathil varum njaan parasyam kandathanu….

    2. hehe naagin ushaar analow
      tpk nekalm ushara…
      tpk malayathil varathada nallathu… 🙂

    3. Colorsile almost ellam varunnundu.. Aa simarokke kandal vattavum.. Comedy showil polum itrem chirikkan kanulla

      1. Sathyam anuto. Malayalathil dialogue kekumbo nalla comedy anu.

      2. Has anyone come acros the malayalam translation of chance i came acros tht scene wr leo teaches kate to spit “thuppu jack thuppu” .

      3. That’s epic “thuppu Jack” I vaguely remember that 😀

    4. nagin teernnappol sangadamayirunnu pakshe surya tv yil nagakanya varunnu enna parasyam kandappol santhoshamayi

    5. Tpk adipoliyavunnund..pakshe druv evide???

  6. Tamil ponnuga-Nisi (11)

    Superb episode….! Thahaan scene was awesome, it’s totally different from other thahaan scenes, really nice……
    And precap also awesome, waiting for tomorrow episode…….
    I want to see Thapki like this… No tears and no sad only happiness…

  7. very lovely
    thahaan scenes so gajabbbb

    waiting eagerly for tomorrow

    new Ivs
    thapki wears The short dress which bihaan gift her
    bt when he comes in front of him
    she get shy & ask him to turn
    He turns bt saw her in moblie by clicking selfie
    Than thapki thinks that he is innocent & go in front of him
    bt he closes his eyes.

    Next scene
    @ storeroom
    bihaan is in storeroom
    thapki comes from & Hugs him & said I love u
    Bihaan said;”i love u too my thapki bihaan pandey.”
    they both hug each other.

    Vasu comes And say that she done wrong thing with her
    thapki said its ok & she is too much happy with bihaan

    so guys dont try to stop watching TPK
    more romantic scenes of thahaan R on the way

    this week Is for thahaan

    manyasa said this

    ye too much happy me:-) 🙂 🙂

    1. Can u give me ur insta naame

      1. Hey juggu… ungalode fb group eppadi eruke? May b some day u can send manyasa a gift thru one of those progrm… tellymasala i thnk. Let them knw there r so many tamil viewers

    2. Thanks for the info!!

  8. What a romantic episode….waiting for timorrows episode…Manish…really you are a dashing hero yaar.

  9. Didnt watch because of iftar..but surely watch in repeat??????

    1. Same here but luckily I recorded the episode 😛

      1. dont wry guys update padlo .., maine b yhi kiya kyunki iftar ka tm hojata hai naa thapki start hue jb..

    2. Hey sumera if you are in pakistan and dont sleep early you can watch it on filmazia 1.30am..frm today ill be doing same

      1. And 8.30pm

      2. Hi thapki n sumera . Thapki j… mujhe eid ko apke khar ake biriyani khana hai?

  10. Late update but luved d precrap

    1. Ameena wud b fastin ryt n tpk is relays at iftar tym… so i thnk updates wud b a lil slower this month.just my gues

      1. Is relayd**

  11. Tamil ponnunga-anuya(15)

    Bihaan rocks…..

  12. Tamil ponnunga-anuya(15)

    Bihaan is so cute.

  13. hai anu !!! thanks for upcoming scenes…..

  14. Much Btful Episode

  15. Ohhhhh…. Awesome episodes..
    Really enjoying thapki pyar ki…
    Soo eager to see next episodes of thapki pyar ki…

  16. waiting 4 tmrw epis.

  17. Tamil ponnunga saritha

    Superb episode, all is going well scared what writer will do with sudden twists?when shradda fake pregnancy reveals?????

    1. tamil ponnunga(bala chitra)

      Girls I have opened a twitter account @ tamilponnunga20 plz follow let’s have fun

  18. Loved thapki expressions today. She looks so cute when happy and naughty. Bihaan as usual is awesome.

  19. Hey Anu can u plz share link of the iv which u r talking about…… I really want to see that????

  20. Nice episode
    Bihaan ji aap tho cute ban the jaa rahe ho din ba din
    Very cute expressions of thahaan ?

  21. Romba nalla irundadu episode
    Eagerly waiting 4 tmrws episode

  22. cvs ne muje dhoka dediya ….
    aaj mere inthazaar bekaar hogaya …….

    kyon ki mein ne bihaan kaha per soyega dekh ne ke liye wait kar rahtha a paagal cvs tho jaldi hi subha dikhadiya…..(waise kaha soya tha humara buddhu……!!!???)

    coming to the episode. …

    highlight of the episode is thapki smile and bihaan ka kiss (kaash wo tapki ke cheek per hotha)

    aaj shraddha ne 1 din ke liye sahi kudh mitti khagayi ……!!!
    lekin wo jabb se tpk mai entry ki a na thab se lekar aaj tak wo panday parivar ko mitti kila rahi a……

    shraddha ji glass peace chote hogaye aur bada hona chahiye tha……!!!!!!
    ha ha ha ha ha
    wo glass peace kaana a na andhe log bi nahi kaathe…..!!!!
    per pandy parivar kaise kayega….!!!!?? (a parivar bi kisi andhe se kamm nahi)….
    thapki aakar bachayegi ….!!!??? (zarur wo SUPERWOMAN a na)
    Katrina ki photo almari kaise hawa udkar bahaar aayi(almari andhar automatic fan )……

    hai dosth mein ne iv dheka…manyasa pillow wala masti so cute … a dhono
    Television ke no 1 position pe a dosthi mai….

    I love manyasa more than thahaan

    1. Hey santhosh tum tho aajkal bahut filmi hogaya na…???hehe. ..aur ek baath wo IV teek hai …mein aur ek IV ke baare mein pooch rahi hun…wo 8 mins wala…manyasa masthi…uss mein manish kehta hai jigs bahuth rothi hai kar ke. ..

      1. Haa dosth wo iv bi dheka …..
        MG onscreen best husband aur offscreen best friend a JS ke liye……

        iss OLV dheka bihaan aalath kya hogaya…….

        ROSHNI kaha a abitak nahi dhekha …….!!!!???

      2. @santosh.. im bak. Tym nahi mila dha episode dekne keliye. U know.. today wen vasu said she feels guilty for wat she did to thapki n druv… she forgot to mention bihaan. Maana ke bihaan ko apna pyaar mil gaya. But he suffered a lota insult from the day of tht weddin. It literally ruined his reputation and was an insult to baujis upbringin. Bihaan ko bhi sorry bolna chahiye na. And as for shradda…. ? glass pieces in rice? Ye writers ke dimag to itna khatarnak hai. I dont thnk ppl wil fall for tht one in real life. I think in tamil the show is called “indira -an innovative girl”…. the real innovative person here is shradda. Shradda ka dimag to thapki se bhi teez hai. Kaise ajeeb aur jarib ideas leke athi hai.

    2. hahahahahahh i was thinking same about flying photo.actually it got wings ??

      1. Mein ne poora episode nahi dekha. Thse days im jus seein parts of it. Itna bakwas bhara rahta hai?

    3. Yes Maine Instagram mein dekha tha they are partying hard XD

    4. Hey. Hmm… ok thahaan are havin sweet moments… buy yaar… so much bakwaas in serial !i hv never seen so much or nonsese in one single serial evr. are thse writers illiterates or do they consider us as fools. I mean… who eats soil and agarbatis during pregnancy?! Pagal hai kya. Aise kah rahi hai jaise normal si baat hai.And thse ppl hav taken preg mood swings to a whole new level. Even wen bauji got stabbd shradda was so cool… and she blames evrthn on mood swings and vasu dosnt ask her to shut up . If someone starts eating soil then its tym for a medical chekup. Vaise… shradda ko to psychiatrst opinion to zaroori hai?

      1. And sag.. if ur readin.. i hav sent u a mail.hope i dosnt end up in ur spam box

      2. Areh correct I hope they don’t drag shraddha’s fake pregnancy like tanu in Kumkum Bhagya last year was pregnant even this year that Tanu is pregnant even the tummy is not shown lol who drags this much. I think by the time shraddha’s fake pregnancy get exposed Thapki herself will get pregnant


      WU: Thapki and Vasu are finding something in the store room when Vasu sees Tha——Ruv wedding card and starts feeling guilty. She says to Thapki that I’ve done very bad and that night because of me only Bihaan hit Dhruv and sat in the mandap, etc. Vasu cries and Thapki says Maa don’t cry, whatever happened is in the past. You yourself saw how happy Bihaan and I are today. You helped us become one. Don’t think about the past and think about the good things. Vasu smiles abd they hug.
      PS: The way Vasu is accepting her crimes, I think MAYBE DS r shraddha will be hear the conversion. …

    6. @santosh…. ye thapki itni sharmili aur sanskari ban gayi hai ki bihaan abhi bisthar ke niche sotha hoga.

    7. Yes Rosh I agree this show is not good honestly speaking I m only watching this show for the pair whenever I see Shraddha I m like why m I even watching this but when I see thahaan oh that’s why 😛 and the most illogical thing was that Thapki having poisoned milk just to save vasu who does that -_- and where is the concoct I thought it was about a stammering girl how she handles how is it an inspiration show lol looks like they inspire fans to have husbands like Bihaan lol

      1. Dont even remind me abt that one???… its like thapki dosnt care abt her own family’s feelings. Yeh wat u said is ryt. The plot is jus bakwas aftr bakwas bt evrybdy watchs it for the sake of the actors

  23. ishu(Tamil Ponnu)

    wow….ty epi was gajaaab…….
    specially…bihaan says mrs.thapki bihaan panday and thapki’s possive for her hubby’s crush….
    thaxs Anu…im so excited for upcoming romantic thahaan track…
    i hope its also will be gajaab…

    1. N he keeps sayin i “labb” u????

  24. Wow cute thahaan wala episode hats off to CVS Shukar hain iss show main romance ka overdose nahi hain everything shown is in limits 😛 and love their nok-Jhok problem of most Jodi once they confess love the nok-Jhok is missing which is the masala of their love story, very few have nok Jhok despite love confession n one is thahaan that’s why I love this Jodi a lot. My all time fav Jodi is Arnav-khushi I didn’t watch that show much but I loved their nok-Jhok . And currently thahaan is one of my fav Jodi, I love Twinj too but sadly no more Twinj in the show so only thahaan. Well I watch other shows Because of nice concept and good Jodi

  25. Hasn’t anyone notice why is big eyes shaddra get the easy way out all the time. When will she be exposed for all she has done to Thapki? Or atleast have her changed to being good!!!

    1. Yeh… n i wondr wt druv thot wen he saw the pole22 surveillance footage in their bedroom with shradda suspiciously lingerin arnd it

  26. Nice episode.. Cute bihaan…always said love u…lively n lovely bihaan…it not acting

  27. Nice episode? thapki’s expression were to good she looked so sweet Nd naughty?bhihaan u were awesomeawesome??

  28. Nice episode? thapki’s expression were to good she looked so sweet Nd naughty?bhihaan u were awesome ?

  29. hi guys

    pls pls pls vote for our show and make it come to the top of the list…. multiple voting is allowed so pls cast as many votes as possible

  30. ???? Everyone
    Pls…..Specially all the thahaan friends pls vote for our show…in the links given by visks in his comments above…one person can vote many time I have voted 15 times…so pls everyone vote as much as u can????

  31. ? have voted 50 times…so pls keeps voting as much as u can?

    1. 50?! Wow yaar

  32. Link 1:

    Preparation of shardha baby shower is on going, while shrdha comes down stairs planing something she tripped, bcx of cables ,thapki cught her and ask her to be care full . As she is pregnant. And gets on thinking about ma. Bihaan sees this he also comes to thapki ,and act to Tripped too, but thapki didn’t noticed he fell down. He put forward his hand for help but thapki is in thoughts ,didn’t notice this.. bihaan gets irked…He shouts…
    B: gajab mrs thapki bihaan pandy, u have taken responsibility of full nation, but didn’t noticedWhen I fall, even give a damn when I ask for help.
    .T: I was thinking about ma.
    .B: y?
    T: bcx she look tense.
    .B:yea bcx a very big event is happening,so in preparation she would be tense.
    .T: no there is something else..
    B:okh then talk to ma about it..everything would be fine…Bihaan
    gets a call..He leaves thapki gets on thinking..

    Full.of ignorance of MA

    1. Usually by the tym a baby shower is done…the pregnant woman wil b havin a visible baby bump na?!
      I guess now shradda is gona blakmail vasu n turn her into a puppet actin against thapki

  33. Link here :

    this one is the link Of thapki wearing short dress which bihaan gifted her

    & thahaan hug

  34. Link here:
    As in old olv vasu was sad, and asking sorryfrom thapki, thapki suggest her to confess infront of God will help u.. but shardha plans big she, put mike near mandir and while vasu confess her mistake it plat in the wholespeakers..bihaan run to stop but all the reality comes out that bihaan is innocent and vasu is behind thahaan marriage. Now whole family is sad and dhruv is mad at vasu.


    How will thahaan save Vasu??

    guys Keep watching TPK @ 7pm

    Big twist

    1. Yaa anu ……marriage truth comes out
      DS abibi bihaan kohi doshi maanraha a…..

      1. Well at least they are not dragging much now I just hope that shraddha’s fake pregnancy gets exposed soon

  35. When bihaan can’t forget his crush so easily then how can anyone expect dhruv to forget his true and first love thapki so easily when she is infront of him as his brother’s wife ???

    1. Yeh poor guy. Al the women arnd him keep messin up his life… vasu… thapki… shradda. He needs to stay away from ladies. Just jokin.I hope he gets a gorgeous girl soon .

  36. What ist is this I have posted comments at 11 am. & still waiting for is 1pm now…????

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