Thapki Pyaar Ki 7th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 7th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shraddha wondering why did nothing happen to me and Thapki. Vasundara says that gangajal did not have any harmful chemicals. She slaps Shraddha. She says you felt I will let you do wrong thing, I got to know that you added harmful chemical in it. FB shows…. Vasundara sees Shraddha cleaning the floor and putting carpet over the patched floor. Vasundara tests the gangajal by putting leave in it. She gets shocked seeing the leaf burning by the water. FB ends. Vasundara says so I changed that water and kept pure gangajal in it, did you wish to kill Thapki, even I hate Thapki, but this way, will you fall to this extent, I had believe on your good values, you ruined everything.

Thapki asks Bihaan why did he put egg cover on Shraddha to do her Shuddikaran. He asks was

she a spy before. She asks him to say. He says I got a chemical bottle in her room, I thought she added it in gangajal, so I checked it. She asks how can you fall so low, she can’t kill anyone if she is wrong. Shraddha shouts yes, I did wrong, I don’t care if Thapki dies. Vasundara says shut up, are you mad.. Shraddha says yes, I m mad, I know Dhruv loves someone else, not me. She says Dhruv is away from me, we don’t have husband and wife’s relation. Thapki is still between us. Vasundara gets shocked.

Shraddha cries and says I see Thapki’s face in Dhruv’s eyes, I could not bear this truth, I m his wife. If anyone snatches my husband, I will not leave Thapki. Vasundara says I understand but all this… Shraddha says what can I do, I want Dhruv’s love and I m getting all this, whats my mistake that Dhruv loved Thapki before, what does Thapki have which I don’t have, tell me, I will do anything to get Dhruv. Vasundara says enough and hugs her.

She says its my mistake, I should have not hidden this, forgive me, but you did wrong, Dhruv does not love Thapki, he has sympathy for her, if anything happened to Thapki, he would sympathize with her more and if he knew you did this, he would go away from you. Shraddha says I don’t know, help me, send Thapki away.

Vasundara sees the wedding album. She brings a pic and says I will tell you what to do.

Thapki gives tea to everyone. She takes care of everyone. Dadi praises Thapki. Vasundara and Shraddha hear Bau ji and Dadi praising Thapki. Vasundara asks Shraddha to see what she can see. Kiran covers Thapki with a shawl, seeing her feel cold. Shraddha says they are together and enjoying, Thapki is the centre of attention, it seems no one can make her away from this family. Vasundara tears the pic and says take, I separated her, now you have to do this work. Vasundara says if you have to teach Thapki a lesson, then snatch the love and trust from everyone. She asks her to do something that everyone turn away from Thapki, when everyone hate Thapki, Dhruv will not sympathize with her, he will be yours Shraddha. They smile.

Poonam makes sleeping arrangements for Diwakar’s parents in hall. Poonam and Krishnakant get shocked seeing Diwakar and his parents in their room. Poonam says we made arrangements in hall for your parents. Diwakar says my parents don’t have habit to sleep on ground. Aditi comes and gets shocked. She scolds Diwakar. Diwakar says this is our room now. Krishnakant says we will sleep outside.

Shraddha asks Vasundara who will she change this love into hatred alone. Vasundara says I m with you. Shraddha says then we will see Thapki.

Dadi tells everyone about Suman and Preeti’s marriage anniversaries and she is thinking to keep a small party. Suman and Preeti thank Dadi. Dadi says Shraddha will manage arrangements. Shraddha happily agrees. Suman says let Thapki do all arrangements, she knows our likes and dislikes. Dadi agrees and says fine, then Thapki will do. She asks Thapki to do party arrangements. Bau ji says we all are with Thapki. Dadi says Bihaan, you help her. Bihaan nods. They all go. Vasundara tells Shraddha that Preeti and Suman are weak links of the family, break their trust on Thapki.

Shraddha mixes something in the facepacks. Thapki applies it to them. Shraddha says both will not even see their faces. Vasundara says blame will come on Thapki. They laugh.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Varsha Darshini

    Thanks for the fast update!! I want vasu and shraddha to realise their mistake and truth coming out soon. Thapki is so so so innocent that she cant harm even a ox

  2. Haha..great…So Vasu…this is your ideal bahu ..sarvagunsampann…whom you choose for Dhruv after big tests and search..

  3. what all these ..disgusting..? can vasundara accept shradha as her bahu ..? perfect lady for her sweet son dhruv…,after all these …?

  4. Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

    Expected. Only the slap thing was good and I knew somehow Shraddha will convince Vasu. Vasu tried to find perfect Bahu for her son , but got such a Bahu which even made vasu more evil. Man na parenga Shraddha. Vasu thought that her Bahu will dance with her tunes but she herself is dancing on her Bahu tunes. Pathetic episode. Tired of seeing this saas-Bahu drama. Only thing worthy to watch is thahaan scenes and how Bihaan tackles with Shraddha, as Thapki is so called mahan aatma did a big foolishness by not revealing the chicken truth. This show may be in top 5, may have got excellent trp but these track certainly stole the innovation and magic of the show. Out of concept.

  5. There is nothing interesting in this soap.Again Shraddha&Vasu
    with their evil plans..story encircle around that topic atleast 2epi.May be thapki become face a big trouble&Bihaan will save her.Writerji it’s too boring .Always thapki faces troubles&Bihaan become the saviour.Is Thapki a normal girl ? there is no normal day,life immersed with problems ,my doubt is dt why other members in Pandey fmy not notice that evils plan???While others discuss abt something shraddha&vasu discuss about their plan with red face??I can’t understand what is the need of Divakar drama.Is it inevitable?????
    Writerji viewers wish to like something newww.????

  6. This Shraddha she is so bad I hate her to the bottom of my heart. But now Thapki has to face one more insult. Feeling bad for Thapki. I love Dhruki pair but Thahaan is also not bad

  7. Boringgggg…this cash n shraddha I fed up of this nonsense….but thapki will cope up with d problems with her bihaan….come on Ghanaian show or enemies or power….

  8. I mean thahaan…….

  9. loveeeeeeeee uuuuuuuu thahan

  10. Vasu will not learn…….she need to get a big shock from shraddha…
    This track is soo boring.The truth will never come out.Now these two chudails make plans and Bihaan will save Thapki but some how he can’t save Thapki and she will leave Pandey house All wanted Thapki to go ..from pandey house ;but Druv and Bihhan cannot forget her.And writers show all recaps when they are with Thapki.and again drama ….
    I’m sure this is going to happen….

  11. Omg!!!! Pl….stop this crap…..writers 3months over……pl…end it…. Even Thapki can bear shraddha and vasu’s torture… But I can’t….
    Idiot shraddha, if she stops revenging Thapki and helps Dhruv in his work,care him etc…then sure he will change bcoz he is very weak…….not fit for his profession, I don’t how they justify his profession……it doesn’t match his activities and behaviours….

    Today episode…. Worst…..again chudail haath jod karke Thapki ko badhala lene ji thayaar ho gaya…Thapki kab utagi,kab aank kolkar e sab much ko dhekengi….

    Bahuth chin pahle hi theen maheene katham ho gaya….end it..

  12. Thapki was advicing Shraddha to bcm an ideal bahu,,,wot Thapki is dat ur ultimate aim,,,wen the shw strtd u were shown as agirl wid lots of ambitions and who overcoming her prblms wid her wilpower bt nw u r living just to please others…live as ur self.. U r not living as ur self Thapki ,,,I can see a devi in uu..THis is not a devotional serial so dat u bcm mahaan and we praise u,,try to become a strng opponent for those evils…U did a big mistk by hiding chicken matter

  13. I guessed right this evil vasu don’t have courage to fight with thapki from front so she back stabs her everytime, slap scene was good, lagte hai sas bahu drama kabhi khatam nahi hoga,ab to only thahaan scenes are worth watching, plz writers do something new.

  14. Oh Mahan aatma thapki u know abt everyone in pandey family but still ur blaming bihaan I hate u thapki…very boring…

    1. Bihaan is the only humane and kindest person in this story. He doesn’t blame any one and only tries to help everyone without expecting anything in return. Thapki takes him for granted and this is so unfair. Isn’t Bihaan a gem compared to the Cry baby who doesn’t care for anyone else other than himself, his mother and his ex-girlfriend 🙂

  15. It’s becoming boring…..
    Make some thing interesting….

  16. I wish shradda and vadu shud win… And that maha aatma shud come out from house with bihaan… Because then only they wll lead a happy life… And then shradda and vasu will fight with each other… Then shradda will tell d Marge truth to dhruv to separate ma and son… Etc

  17. oh any spoilers.precap very boring.epi ewas stupid except the slapping scene

  18. Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

    Hi everyone, I m planning to write a fan fiction on TPK , I m working on 4 other ff also, but I m confused about two things:
    1)From which track should I continue my ff:
    A) after vasu’s truth is out
    B) after shraddha comes to know about dhruv-thapki love story
    C) after 3 months of thapki-bihaan marriage
    2) which day should I publish my ff in the weekdays
    From Monday to Friday
    Choose the day you want the ff to be published on
    And for weekends, I will publish this ff on sat or sun also

    1. Yes we want thahaan ff
      plz start ff at after thahaans mrge
      as possible every week upload ff
      i eagerly wtng for as soon

  19. I don’t like this current track but love thaaan…………..

  20. CRAP
    From this serial, I feel that ONLY EVIL PEOPLE TURNOUT TO BE WINNERS.

    1. I think u r right Gauri.Lately,I’ve been having d same suspicion.

  21. i m going to stop watching this show because of this Saas bahu boring track.. last week trp got increased only because of thahaan new year date..really fed up of waiting for thahaan track.. either bihaan should realize his love for thapki or marriage truth should be out..or atleast shradhas truth has to be out ..just dragging the story.. trps are gonna drop this week for sure..will start watching the show only after something interesting happens..anyways manish aka bihaan is the best forever..

  22. Boring episode with no development on Thahaan romance. After all Bihaan is the best actor so pl make use of his strengths and give us a good ending to this story without dragging it.

  23. Why do d writer forget his own characters and their characteristics??? Thapki who risks her life to expose d corrupt man fails to expose shraddha??? Simply strange…

  24. Pls writers stop this shraddhas drama nd bring vasu’s truth out then mke thaan fall in love

  25. Fatarjo waiting 4 ur ff.My suggestion is dt u continue the ff after 3months of Thapki-Bihaan marriage.Its just my wish u prepare it as you like &ALL THE BEST???

  26. I don’t know y Thapki is still in that house…… She got irked when dadi maa asked bihaan to help her…..3 months over…..y even her parents didn’t ask……today bauji also said that they can’t imagine pandey house without Thapki….she smiled…what nonsense!!!!!!did she forgot that she is just a guest there……

    I think now this evil will win and send Thapki out…. Only that way they can send her….as nobody is willing to send her…….
    If I am right,then now Thapki will have a hard time from now….
    Thus we will,have very very hard time to see all such craps….

    Writer ji pl…stop this saas bahu drama!!!!!pl……make Thapki think about her and go ahead in her life…….
    Pl..expose vasu only then shraddha will be exposed……

  27. Wow! what a idea vasu. Vasu and shradha definetly going to hell bcoz ur doing shows that.

  28. Can anybody go and slap that Thapki idiot…..
    She is not fit for survival in this competitive world…
    I have an idea…if can writer ji , u can turn Thapki into a saint or student of that guru maa….then ur way of showing her character can be justified…..ha ha ha…

    1. Itna din se sirf Shraddha Shraddha Thapki Thapki Bihaan Bihaan vasu vasu the, aur ab kisiko nahi toh guru Maa hi sahi 😛 at least someone cared about that guru maa

  29. Women are the enemies of women… they give the opportunity to men to do crime against women… women like shraddha n vasu are best examples…

  30. Madam vasu first you open your eyes… you need to realise thapki is much better than shraddha… if you have to train madam shraddha to win hearts of family then cant you see thapki has that inborn quality ????

  31. Hey guys sorry to disturb it’s about my ff and only 1 person expressed her/his opinion that I should use the after 3 months of Thapki-Bihaan marriage track in my ff. So should I continue from ff after 3 months of Thapki-Bihaan marriage or should I continue it from vasu’s truth exposed or Shraddha knowing Dhruv-Thapki
    Love story. Sorry guys 😛

    1. Hi fatarajo!!! U may write ff as per ur wish….but pl..keep Thapki happy for a short while at least in ff…then make twists…..
      My mind request…..

      1. Sorry…kind request…

  32. Very good ideal bahu for you vasu. You both are witches of East end. Just go to hell.

  33. Fatarajo I would suggest u to start ur ff after vasu truth is out……??

  34. @ fatarajo plz write thahaan ff after all truth out that was better at least in ff we saw thahaan romance its ma humble request

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