Thapki Pyaar Ki 7th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 7th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sankara trying to push Thapki off the cliff, but Bihaan holds Thapki on time and Sankara gets pushed mistakenly by Bihaan. Sankara falls and holds stone asking Bihaan to save her. Bihaan holds her hand and tries to save her. Even Thapki tries to save her, but Bihaan holds her hand for long and she falls down the cliff. Sankara shouts Bihaan ji while falling in the cliff. Bihaan is shocked and shouts Sankara. Everyone present there gets shocked. Bihaan tells Balwinder that he didn’t do anything. Thapki says you tried to save her, but…..Inspector comes and accuses Bihaan for killing Sankara and says you are under arrest for her murder charges. Bihaan says I tried to save her, and she fell down. Thapki and Dhruv give statement in Bihaan’s favor. Inspector says we have

heard Bihaan giving threat to Sankara and says you are under arrest. Bihaan is shocked. Inspector arrests Bihaan…..Mera Ranjha plays……………Thapki, Dhruv and Balwinder tries to stop, but in vain. Thapki shouts and cries taking his name. Bihaan looks at Thapki while going in Police jeep. Thapki cries badly.

Thapki comes to the Police station and asks what has happened and blames herself. Bihaan says Police have a misunderstanding and says I tried to save Sankara. Thapki says Police is against you and asks what to do to free you from here. Bihaan says you only says that truth always win and says my truth will not lose. He asks her not to lose faith and asks her to take care of herself, their baby and all family members. Thapki says I will bail you out soon and asks him not to worry. Kosi comes and says Bihaan will be hanged. Thapki is shocked to see Kosi free, how can a criminal is walking freely. Kosi tells that even God can’t save Bihaan and tells that she has hired a lawyer who got 55 people hanged and says Bihaan’s number is 56. Thapki says Bihaan didn’t do anything. Lawyer says Police will give statement against him and he will be my 56th number to be hanged. Kosi claps and asks her to get ready to see Bihaan’s death and to become a widow. Thapki says nothing will happen to my Bihaan.

Thapki tells Bihaan that nothing will happen to him. Constable asks her to go. Bihaan asks her to promise and take care of herself and their baby. Thapki cries. Bheege Naina song plays……Thapki goes to temple and recalls Sankara falling down in the valley and Police accusing Bihaan. She asks God, why did she separate them, as they met after facing lots of troubles and separation. She says you made our Jodi and asks if they are destined to stay separately. She says this is our baby, and I thought our relation will get a new identity, but now how to save Bihaan as the law is against him. She asks how can you let wrong happen with us. She rings the temple bell and sees dummy hanging, gets shocked and shouts. Sankara comes there alive and says this is just a dummy and real Bihaan will be hanged.

Thapki asks are you alive? Sankara says I am alive, what did you think that I am dead and tells that she held the tree branch and climbed up slowly. She says it was decided before how to fall and climb up. She says that bombs was fake, so that you can expose me and then I can play my game and take you near the cliff. She says Bihaan tried to pull me up, but I take off my hand from his hand. Thapki says nothing will happen to Bihaan as you are alive. Sankara says I will hide in the pataal yog and will never come infront of anybody. She says you will never find me. She says Bihaan will be hanged and you can continue cry and plead infront of God, but this God will not help you, but I can save Bihaan and can give him another life. She says you have to do something in exchange. Thapki asks what do you want? Sankara asks why you are getting shocked, and asks if you will agree or will let Bihaan die. Thapki says she is ready to do anything. Sankara says I knew that you will agree as you loves him. Thapki asks what I have to do. Sankara shows the papers and says it is your neck rope which will be with me.

She says it is written that real Sankara is dead and I am her look alike and you are betraying the law to free Bihaan. Thapki asks why you are doing this? Sankara says I am doing this to cut your feathers, else your baby will not see his baby’s face. She says I will kill your family with real bomb and asks who will save them now. She asks her to save Bihaan or….Thapki asks what do you want? Sankara smiles…

Bihaan tells Thapki that he was sure that she will free him. Sankara comes and says I have bailed you out. Thapki says I have forgiven Sankara and asks them to take Sankara home. Bihaan is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Manish ki deewani

    ranjhana song after soooooooo log i love that song.police arrest bihaan without any proof cvs hatsoff to ur creativity .sankri u r much more clever than any other evil character .gb sankri tu mar q nahi jati .today in temple these papers seems like divorce aper hope no more divorce drama before leap or no more seperation cvs.thapki u r no 1 fool.foolest person in PN.looking forward what happened after leap.cvs what is the need of leap.
    hello friends

    1. Manish ki deewani


  2. Vinolin.d

    again bakwas serial…shit…
    I am so worried.I am so sad about this.but I expect this already

  3. Now i can understand about leap. Soo bad. Lost thahaan. Miss a lot lot lot their charming and heart touching love story

  4. Hated it !!!!!!
    Besharam sankara’s track is still not over and thapki, i will hate her even nore if she does not tell bihan why she is doing this???????

  5. What’s happening here!!! I just feel relax when I see the last episode,but today really irritated.the idiotic sankar has to rejoined for making another rift in Thahaan,CVS always support and shows the victory of evilness they will never think about any positivity in this serial…obviously confused,writers spoiled the charm of the characters.poor Thahaan their fate will lead them to suffer always.
    Hello garima,reshal,any,vino,stuti,navami,sandy,santhosh Bhai…

  6. It is better to hand over the serial to any of the ff writer of tellyupdates.They can make better love story of thahaan.

  7. I knew it earlier Shankar come back in tahaan life ? let see. apart from that after a long time song play ranjha it my favourite tahaan song?

  8. What nonsense.. writers don’t have better idea than thahaan sadness and evilness. Soooooo.irrrrrrrritating how a village innocent girl has become so clever and arrogant, evil Shankar .but educated thapki always fool. What they trying to do. . one thing I definetly say writers will not allow us to be happy and always torture thahaan.

  9. Writers have one aim which is they torture the thahaan fans by their a village uneducated girl become super villain ,arrogant and so clever. Evil Shankar irritating to see between our thahaan.but educated thapki always fool. Wow wow wow if u don’t have good story then read some ff which will give good ideas

  10. Hi guys
    I don’t know what to say, I’m just pissed of. Why couldn’t that fat bum Sankara died along with that crazy nut case kosi. Again separation between thaahan and how many times they have to separate. I’m just losing interest watching TPK now, day by day its getting weird. I just hope things changes. When the hell will that fat bum Sankara’s and that but case kosi’s track will end coz it’s getting boring now.

    1. Nut not but lol ?

  11. God# almost all Indian writers are mad # & out of control # we have choice of switching to western shows on TV in our countries # so God help Indian viewers .

  12. Absolutely ridiculous, how can the police get there that quick for one? How can someone be arrested without a full investigation? How can someone be sentenced to death with no proof of death of the alleged victim? Why is Kosi running around free wasn’t she supposed to get arrested for attempted murder. This kind of storyline is what was the beginning of the end for MATSH , the constant separation tracks and even ranveer went to jail for something he didn’t do then Ishani sacrificed herself to get him out of jail. Really fuming today, the writers really need to up their game instead of using unsuccessful storylines that doomed other programmes

  13. this is really nonsense…..but i was expecting it….whenever they shw sudden thahaan romance….there must b a huge separation on the way….i m just pissed of…why they always go on same track…..means why they dont make thahaan together and solve problems together….evilness is always winning in this show….i just recently started to watch this serial again but again i m going to stop it again….

  14. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    no matter if sankara and kosi come again. The important thing is not separate thahaa, let thahaan mutual support to solve the problem. I am sure, thahaan will win in the truth as the first session …. love thahaan ….i very sad hear ranjhana song play….

  15. Here we go again….evil win again..another long track again…just like i said before no more happiness…dissapointed again!

  16. Membuat sebuah cerita yang baik tidak boleh liar dan lepas dari garis alam…membuat pemonton lelah karena sulit untuk bisa mengikuti…
    Cerita seperti ini tidak logic…sehingga tidak banyak yang menyukai….tidak memiliki nilai jual yang tinggi…so…berhentilah dari imajinasi yang tidak terkendali.

  17. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    no matter if sankara and kosi come again. The important thing is not separate thahaa, let thahaan mutual support to solve the problem. I am sure, thahaan will win in the truth as the first session …. love thahaan ….

  18. Sankar don’t think u won .I swear on god ur life will be full of worries u won’t get any happiness

  19. A recommend to all thahaan fans to stop watching this serial, bc the writer will end the show and make thahaan together, if the trp decrease so please stop watching to you can see thahaan together, if you continue watching than the crazy dumb writer will do new twist which includ thahaan separation will you enjoying seeing thahaan Separation again ?!!!!

    1. END this crazy serial no more thahaan separation I can’t tolerate more 🙁

  20. miserable story-line.. ?? ?
    always happen in all soap opera… desperately…
    why can’t sw able to creat a good story..?!

    just hope that SW won’t make fake divorced again… so boring..

    I hope Thahaan’s children’re growing up
    as a kind-hearted person..

  21. DivyasriSivaKumar

    Really sorry people im going to use the bad words here..forgive me..i guess this is the most f**ked up drama i have ever seen..few years back..i felt it was uttaran,, and now tpk is worse than it..writers of tpk..are you guys really f**ked up? how can you think that bring back sankar can do good and increase your trp ? are you in sense..? is there any where i can protest against these stupid drama and how can you actors agree to still act on it? you guys should have reconsider of keep changing the plot like this ? to all thahaan and thabir sorry but this drama is a failure..damn guys shouldnt get any awards after all you guys gave us a nonsense plot and keep torturing us..just end it..if sankar has to marry bihaan..fine then..jigyasa and manish..a humble request..try to act together in a different serial..better for your future career..sorry if any of the commenters here dont feel good with what i just pissed

  22. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    I am so confused with CVS and TPK team. the news say that TPK want off air Because The trp is falling down …. continue if they are aware that what makes trp fall is shankar and kosi track ??? CVS is very very stupid … TPK raised its rating is very easy and I’m sure everyone knows …. united thahaan and get out shankar from TPK … I’m sure trp will rise again …. stupid CVS

  23. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    tract shankar make trp TPK is falling…..this fact……GET OUT SHANKAR from Tpk….i belive, trp become up….GET OUT SHANKAR…..STORY ABOUT SHANKAR IS VERY BADLY……..

  24. Sri Wahyuni Hatta


  25. What’s this?separate together separate together…. Again thahan going to separate…oh nooo.plz don’t do this again.its very boring.

  26. Very bad story

  27. Every one of the soaps on Rishtey,Only allows couples to be happy for about 5 mins ?
    And misery with such ridiculous stories.
    Innocent people being arrested,While guilty ones pop in and out of prison like its a holiday camp ?
    I have seen this falling off the cliff routine in a few other soaps on Rishtey,It looks as if everyone is a stunt-person ?
    And I am still amazed by this baby swap story ?
    So the whole hospital staff must have been in on it ?

  28. Nonsense,cvs so stupid,they didnt realize that shankar&kosi’s track make TPK falling down…
    Wrong choice Again they made them back again in this story is the foolest decition…
    Cvs doesnt learn from the previous rating…
    All fans should stop to watch it off air or on air…
    When jigyasa come to indonesia,i dont want to meet her or even see her in tv because i hate this lattest story,but if she visit indonesia last year when tv shows 150 episode,sesion1 of tpk,i love to meet her and watch on tv…
    They can make another problem,new problem in tpk used shrada track,etc but finish shankar& kosi track,they are useless character and it doesnt make anysense…at all,this track made your story worse…
    But no matter how long the fans write their opinion here,the cvs will not hear us because THEY ARE MAD

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