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Thapki Pyaar Ki 7th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki holding Sankara’s hand and gives in Bihaan’s hand asking him to accept Sankara. Sankara smiles. Bihaan looks angrily. He jerks her hand away and says others shall not think what I am supposed to do or not. He asks her not to force him and not to rule on him. He says I have left you, and this house and life is nothing to me. Thapki is shocked. Everyone looks on. Thapki looks on tensed. Aditi gets a call from hotel manager. She picks the call. Manager says he called to give good news to her, and says they are winning couple and asks if she wants to take free stay in their room. Aditi says she would love to, and says she will talk to Dhruv once. Dhruv comes. Aditi tells him about the offer and says she will pack his clothes. Dhruv says we shall not go as situation

is not good in the house. Aditi says what situation, says everyone is happy. Vani married Kabir. She says we will get a chance to spend time alone, don’t you think. Dhruv nods hesitantly. Aditi says she will refuse. Dhruv sees her sad and says we will go, and asks her to confirm with the manager. He asks her to keep smiling. Aditi goes to call. Dhruv feels sorry for Thapki.

Shraddha gives money to manager, and tells that she will ruin Aditi’s life in the same hotel room. Thapki tells Kabir that Bihaan shall accept Sankara. Kabir says he is not yet broken, and says he shall be so jealous and be given pain so as to make him beg you for death. Thapki says she can’t hurt Bihaan so much, he is already hurt. Kabir convinces her and thinks he has to use her for taking his sister’s revenge.

Thapki gets a call from Inspector and tells Kabir that they don’t have to hurt Bihaan now, as Chacha is ready to accept his crime and will give statement against Kosi. She says Kosi’s game is over and our fake marriage drama also. Kabir looks on.

Kosi comes to meet Chacha. Chacha tells Kosi that he was badly beaten by the Police and that’s why confessed to all their crimes. He says we will bear the punishment somehow. Kosi is shocked and says I can have any punishment with you. I will think this jail as palace with you. She shows the prasad given to her by Police constable and gives to him. Chacha eats laddoo. Kosi says okay, I will leave now. Chacha feels suffocated because of poison and holds his neck. Kosi shouts for help. Constables come there to attend him. Kosi says she will not leave her own reflection if it betrays her. She says you are my husband and gave me a child, but you will die if you spit truth. She says it was good that I added poison in police prasad so that nobody can doubt me. Chacha falls unconscious.

Thapki and Bihaan see their family pic about to fall and run to hold it. They look at each other. Bihaan brings a nail and hits it with the hammer. He hits hammer on his hand and scream. Thapki holds his finger and suck blood. Bihaan sees his Thapki in her….while the song Do palon Ka Khawabon Ka Karwan plays…..He hangs photo frame back on its place and walks away. Thapki looks at him with teary eyes.
Thapki gets a call and drops phone shockingly. Kabir catches it and asks what happened? Thapki sees Kosi coming there and smiling looking at her. Thapki tells him that Kosi showed her true face and went to meet Chacha. She gave poison to him, he got saved, but went in coma. She says your truth will come out eventually and says she will bring her truth out. She will change her avatars.

Aditi and Dhruv come to the hotel room. Aditi likes the arrangements. They see Champagne and their names written on glass. They cheers and drink Champagne. Aditi says she will go to washroom and come. She goes to washroom and feels drowsy. She faints. Shraddha is already waiting in the washroom wearing similar clothes. She says I have proved that your value is low. You fall in greed. She says I have mixed medicine in his drink and he will see Aditi in me. Dhruv imagines Aditi in Shraddha. He says you have taken much time. He says his head is heavy and asks her to come to him. Shraddha asks her to forget everything and remember her only. Dhruv hugs her. Shraddha starts dancing and asks him to fill her maang with sindoor. He fills her maang with sindoor. She sings Bharo Maang Meri Bharo….and dances sensually. Dhruv sees Aditi in her. Shraddha gives her mangalsutra which he makes her wear it. She gets closer to him and fall on bed with him.

Kosi reads a message on the mirror for her. It reads that she will not be saved even after killing her husband, if she wants to save herself then she shall come at temple on the mountain. She sees Thapki as Jai Maa Kaali and is shocked. Jai Maa Kaali plays….

Kosi tells Thapki, you have died naa. Thapki says I died, but my revenge is not completed and my soul is not at peace. She says you will get death inexchange of death.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Yay, go Bihaan!!! Im so glad he stood his ground and didn’t let her dictate his life. Also everytime they came near each other today i was like walk away Bihaan just walk away that would hurt her nire than him arguing with her and it worked

  2. Better episode compared to previous episodes..Bihaan changed somewhat and I hope Thapki will start realize her mistakes soon..

  3. i hope thapki and bihan will unite soon…and kosi track will end soon….finger crossed…

  4. I am so much irritated with Shraddha….He is married but keeps on disturbing him and Aditi so irritating…Shraddha loves him but Dhuruv doesn’t even like her..

  5. Good that Bihaan don’t want Sanker. I can’t wait that thakpi had good plan for evil kosi??everyone will find out very soon.

  6. i am very proud of the character bihaan. Bihaan is good husband… one wife(thapki) forever. Please writer do not damaging character bihaan to marry another woman.

    1. I agree with you Mei Ling…

  7. shradha gud.dhruv is only and only urs.not of aditi.u did dhruv is only urs and also will be urs.aditi doesn’t deserve bihaan.mice.chuhi.u shradha deserve dhruv.dhruv will also like u if u will become pregnant by his child.

  8. shradha gud.dhruv is only and only urs.not of aditi.u did dhruv is only urs and also will be urs.aditi doesn’t deserve bihaan.mice.chuhi.u shradha deserve dhruv.dhruv will also like u if u will become pregnant by his child.

  9. According to the spoiler, kosi and sankara ‘s evil will be revealed soon by thapki and vasundhra. So the problems left will be shraddha and kabir. I wonder if all the problem solved, is it true tpk is going to end?

  10. pooja prabha

    Its very interesting episode because of Thahaan scenes and especially the powerful dialogue of Bihaan…I think Thahaan will unite soon.shraddha bhabhiji your so cheap yaar.I don’t like your attitude…writers tried to create more complications in Dhruvs life…whatever we want Our Bihaans happiness.Maniii you are really a dedicated actor absolutely brilliant.


  12. Manish ki deewani

    So finally on upcoming that evil kosi exposed.I wish after this bihaan through out that koshi and Sankara from pandey niwas and thapki realize what she did.yesterday bihaan u did right now thapki realize his importance and his love 4 her.

  13. Manish ki deewani

    Ya pooja ,Sam Manish is so talented and in my life i never saw a actor like him .he always made me speechless by his powerpack performances .I have no words to admire him .but I wish he get more and success in his life which he deserve.

  14. Thapki manipulates and convinces Kosi Devi into thinking she is hallucinating. Meanwhile, Shraddha is extremely happy after consummating her marriage with Dhruv the previous night.
    Episode – 519
    06:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 09 Dec Set Alert
    More show timings
    Vasu confronts Shankar about her doubts and tells her to be careful. Meanwhile, Dhruv and Aditi are shocked after seeing Shraddha wearing sindoor and ‘mangalsutra’.
    Episode – 520
    06:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 10 Dec Set Alert
    More show timings
    Thapki spikes Kosi Devi’s juice in order to execute her plan of exposing her. Shankar and Vasu desperately look for the letter. Later, Bihaan feels suspicious when Vaani steals Thapki’s clothes.
    Episode – 521
    06:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 11 Dec Set Alert
    More show timings
    When Vasu performs a ritual for Aditi, Shraddha interrupts and doesn’t let them complete it. Meanwhile, Thapki gets stuck on a tree with an explosive attached to her.

  15. Maybe later shankar will lie and claim to get pregnant by bihan so bihan want to marry her.. I hope mr.director did not make the story so..???

  16. That kutti shraddha is so evil, yuk and I hope she dies.

  17. every day i am praying for Thapki and Bihann !! i hope so that they will be together again… their love can’t finish like this !

  18. Where is written update 8th december 2016 ??? Please… we waiting…

  19. Ya ditunggu 8 desembernya….

  20. me too , i am waiting 8 th december 2016.

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