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Thapki Pyaar Ki 7th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki telling Dhruv that she wants him to move on, but Shraddha is not the right girl for him. She asks him to see the Cd once, then she is sure he will break the marriage. He asks why, did you break your marriage after knowing the truth. He says he does not want any proof and throws the memory card. Shraddha is my wife now, let her be bad, you tried to break my marriage and I will try more to keep this marriage. He says he will not have love in his marriage, but he will keep the marriage and make his marriage his everything, like she ended everything in the fire, he will also burn his love in this fire.

He says like you don’t have place for me in your life, I don’t have place for you, Shraddha is my wife and I will not believe anyone against her. He cries

and says strange, we are not in each other’s fate but our fate is similar to have unwilled marriages, we could not unite. They cry. He says I will keep this marriage. Kiran comes there and asks Dhruv to come for rituals. Dhruv sees Thapki and leaves. Kiran asks Thapki to come. Thapki cries.

The grah pravesh rituals are done. Vasundara is very happy. Shraddha says the rituals are incomplete as Thapki has to welcome the new bride by doing aarti. Shraddha says I felt Thapki is happy and told her. Bau ji says yes, Thapki will do your aarti. Thapki goes to do the aarti. Bihaan looks on. Shraddha smiles. Shraddha says I will touch Thapki’s feet. Preeti says no, you are elder in relation, so Thapki will touch your feet. Suman says no, why will Thapki touch feet… Vasundara says yes, Shraddha is elder in relations. Shraddha says so it means Thapki will touch my feet and smiles. Bihaan gets angry, while Dhruv stands upset.

Thapki sees Dhruv and gets teary eyed. She touches Shraddha’s feet. Shraddha acts sweet to her. She hugs Thapki and reminds her that she can’t stop Shraddha. Vasundara asks Shraddha to leave her hand impressions on the wall. Shraddha sees Thapki’s hand impressions and thinks now I will rule in this house, I will end her existence in this house.

She applies her hand impressions over Thapki’s impressions. Vasundara asks Shraddha to hit kalash and come inside. She asks everyone to rest.

Bihaan says I will show Shraddha. Thapki stops Bihaan from erasing the shagun marks. He asks is Shraddha right to insult you, see she has left her hand impressions on your hand impressions, I don’t know why is Vasundara not saying anything. Thapki says Vasundara wants Dhruv happy. She says just that proof has the truth. He asks shall we accept defeat. She says no, we can’t let Shraddha get accepted as house’s bahu.

Shraddha warns Bihaan. He asks her to not point finger at him and says you did mistake by coming here, this family is my life, if you do anything wrong, I will forget who you are.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. How ppl can blame druv so easily and yet fail to see Bihaans massive character flaw is beyond! Bihaan for d love a mother ruined the life the brother that already loves him, Bihaan consistently nd consciencelessly kept d truth from Thapki, for somehow seeking to expose shradda, what abt ur truth wt vasu? What moral compass to use to justify ur deeds? To those that support t Thahaans love story, u leave speechless as to thinking process! As to d writers so sorry to say Indian serial writers lack creativity, longtivity and originality! You all need training by Shonda Rhimes! This isn’t proper story telling bt a mockery on love, honesty and sincerity. As long ppl continue such crap story telling way beyond d realm of natural possibility, the writers will never improve!

  2. *support such crap story telling*

  3. Yeh what ever
    Thahaan rocks.?

  4. Cast writers should have considered the viewers’ feelings and should not have allowed Diwakar, Shradha & Vasundra get away with their wicked plots continued for so long. After so much irritation suffered by the viewers, the story should should have a positive turn for better, i.e. Diwakar should marry Shradha, Aditi should divorce Diwakar & marry Bihan after his divorce from Thapki, who should marry Dhruve. Baujishould punish Vasundra % divorce Vasundra for her treachery with Thapki & Dhruve. Vasundra should then marry Shdra#s dad as she is obsessed with them. Truth would come out soon when Shradha & her dad makes life a real hell for Vasundra, who deserves that/

    1. Now this is very complicated

  5. Here is the new SPOILER….
    http://time sofindia.ind m /tv/progra mmes /thapki- pyar-ki /params /tvprogram me /programm eid- 300000005 50033183 /channelid- 100000000 04170000 /starttime- 201510290 830 Something we never envisaged is gonna happen… Thapki to loose her voice… Thats when I think Bihaan expresses his love for her or falls for her?

  6. http://time sofindia.ind

  7. Utter Flop. For no Reason Dhruv is so angry with Thapki. Instead he should learn to be a man not a mummys beta. He didn’t stand with Thapki to break off the forced unwilling marriage with Bihaan. In that Case Bihaans character is far more manly and good. Dhruv is no use. It’s just like Dhruv is trying to hurt Thapki by Marrying Shraddha for no reason behind.
    Directors / Producers has made Dhruv character a flop. At the beginning it was a hit. But now looking at his character its makes no sense to watch TPK

  8. Why there is no ads for this in colors TV…
    Need interesting Twists…….

  9. Boring episode………….there is no THAHAAN scenes.

  10. its worst story.true love never dead.

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