Thapki Pyaar Ki 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 7th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan freeing his hand and falls down in the cliff, while Thapki tries to hold his hand. Thapki shouts Bihaan. Bani and Tina shouts Papa. Thapki looks at her hand and is shaken up. Police comes there. Shekhawat get scared. Vasu brings the rope to give to Thapki and see Bihaan fallen in the valley. She is shocked. Bani looks shocked. Amma Maayi looks on unaffected. Vasu accuses Amma Maayi for killing her son and slaps her repeatedly. She says I will kill you and points gun on her head. Inspector asks Vasu to take care of herself. Vasu slaps her again. He arrest Shekhawat’s family and take them. Thapki cries and faint there itself. Vasu cries and hugs Thapki. Dhruv, Tina, Balwinder and others cries. Bani looks shocked and cries. They come back home. Vasu cries thinking about

Bihaan and cries badly. She hugs his pic and says my Bihaan is gone. Thapki cries and is in shock. A Sad song plays while she reminisces the moments spent with Bihaan….Tum Yahin Ho…………….plays…….They mourn for them and have a prayer meet. Everyone cry.

Dhruv is about to place garland on Bihaan’s photo. Thapki stops him and asks what he is doing. She says Bihaan will come back. Dhruv says Bihaan has died. Thapki says Police haven’t get his body and nothing can happen to him until I am having sindoor, tells Bihaan that she will not cry and will smile always, asks him to come, says how can I smile without you. Bani thinks Thapki is acting and recalls Bihaan freeing his hand. She asks Thapki not to toucj Bihaan’s pic. Thapki asks what you are saying? Bani asks her not to touch her Papa. Thapki says everything will be fine, God is taking our exam and nothing will happen to your Papa.

Bani tells her that her papa is dead because of her and asks her not to act good. She asks aren’t you tired of acting. Thapki asks what? Bani asks why you have done my kanyadaan, even though I refused. She says I used to call you best mum and I was best beti. She shows the medals, gifts and cards which she got and have written for Thapki. She says she has written that she can’t stay without her mum, but Bani will live without her mum. Thapki asks what you are saying? Bani says you are worst mum of the world and hates me so much, then why did you give birth to me and asks why didn’t you kill me. Thapki is shocked. Vasu says she loves you very much. Bani says she hates me. Dhruv says your mamma didn’t do anything.

Bani blames Thapki for not saving Bihaan and says if Papa is not here, then I am also not here. I am just his daughter and if he is not alive then I am an orphan and you made me orphan. Thapki says Bani……Bani asks her to call Tina only as she is your daughter, and I have died with my Papa. She wears her bag and takes Bihaan’s photo frame and runs from home. Thapki runs after her and asks her not to leave her. Bani sits in the bus and says B for Bani is dead for you. She says from today I am just my Papa’s daughter, Bani Bihaan Pandey. Thapki runs after the bus and sits down after walking some distance. She cries.

Shraddha comes there and says when you can stay without Bihaan, then why can’t without her. Thapki says you have filled her heart with hatred. Shraddha says I have filled her heart with poison. Thapki is shocked. Shraddha says Bani will hate you now and says scores is settled now. I have snatched your husband and daughter and asks her to cry for them all life.

Thapki tells Shraddha that her Bihaan and her daughter Bani will return, but you will not have any relation with you. Shraddha is about to slap her, but Vasu comes there with Police and holds her hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Simrank

    I guess they r going to change our bihaan i mean someone will replace mani nd then trp will definitely fall nd show will go off air without mani


  3. Simrank do you know that, mani is starting his shooting within 10 days.

  4. Mansak

    i think bihaan has not died
    have you listen guys that police did’nt find bihaan’s dead body it means there is still hope that he has not died
    and satish( thahaan fan)_ is also telling that directors say manish will come back in the show not very fast but after some time
    hope for the best just pray to god to fill some good stuff in cvs mind

    1. May be bihaan come in new character means for tina…………………..And new story begins…………………………….

  5. Mansak

    one message for kudrat………………….

    kudrat i have replied to your comment on voting( does generation leap in tpk interst you )
    check it out

    1. KUDRAT

      Thanku so much Sakshi,
      meri crimnial partner banne k lea
      Aunti ji kesi h
      Or aap
      Teek s kao pio
      Jigu k opposite marne wwle k lea taqet bhi chahie
      Or tumhare ff ka INTZAAR h
      How’s ur exam
      Na ur friend..
      Love u sakshi
      Apna dhyen rekna
      Or plz muje chor k yha s mat jana

  6. ShivanyaSharma

    aww why manish why u left i miss you so much in this serial aur bani ghajab ek baar toh apni mumma ki baat sun leti nhi bas bole ja rhi bole ja rhi ho ab bus mn beth kar kahan jao gi ?? Feeling very sad for thapki and i wish i could kill shradha and amma mayi and they didn’t arrest all the shekhawat family they left kesar on the road

  7. Yasmin Kayani

    Writers need to leave their pens and scripts on the table and go back to writing school! They had a winning formula st the start but now…. not only do the writers write off the leading male character but before Thapki has even gone over the trauma, they’ve turned Babi against her. Again, I ask you what is thapki without Bihaan.

  8. i think they are copying suhani si ek ladki. they took leap where twins are born, even suhani yuvraj had twins.. nly differnce is there it was girl-boy n here two girls , nw showing bihaan dead n thapki believing tat he ll cme back. even in suhani, they showd yuvraj dead n suhani didnt believe it n he came back.. heard of 15 year leap in tpk n ssel also had 15 yr leap… wat r they doing n nt at all concentrating on leads showng leaps n leaps.. cvs lost their brain totally..

  9. hlo evry one m new to ds pge …bt i read evryones cmnt evryday ….plz let me knw dat is mnish cuming bck or not…..plz any idea…

    1. From thapki words that until she had sindoor bihaan will return and moreover police didn’t find bihaan from​those words I feel bihaan surely will return.hoping he will return early..Until then sad episodes only ????

  10. KUDRAT

    Muje pta h sab duki h..
    Plz pooja di please aapn muje choti friend kha na please mat jao
    Or pooja di hi kyo koe mat jao
    Mani wapis aaega or jror aae ga,
    Muje pora viswaas h..
    Dek lena..

    1. hello temater .kesi ho dekh tere liay mai aa ghai
      tu nai bulaya or hm chalay aye .
      MANI pata nahi aana hai k nahi ek bar wo confirm kr dain toh i am super happy
      poo ka pata nahi ati hai k nahi pr i miss her .poo aa jao na plz come

  11. KUDRAT

    Please koe muje chor k mat jana
    Verna dek lo…

  12. Garima

    HY GUYS.

    I MISS YOU♡♥♡♥ ♥♡♥


  13. KUDRAT

    Guys if u want to see ur li’l sister so ,
    Plz watch vaad -vivaad
    April 15 11:00am
    April 17 10:00pm
    Only on DDKishan

    Or as a student it’s very benifical 4 u guys,
    So plz watch Talk show

    Or phchano apni
    KUDRAT ko..

    Love u all

  14. Show is going to have a leap of 15 year

  15. KUDRAT

    Acha ab baad m baat kerti hoon phone ka owner apna phone maang rha h..
    Baad m ati hoon koe muje chor k mat jana please,
    Good night

  16. the acting was very well done by everyone and dont worry he’ll be back

  17. Another misundrasting with bani?keep it up cvs finally u will kill us

  18. I think new older Bihaan is back?????? Not manish ?? leap 15 years also New daughters gown up. I love Vaus support thapki. Poor kesam is lonely and free now . I had no idea what happen her.

  19. Die for manyasa

    Hey thahaanians me shruti kaise ho aap sab pata hai manni ke Jane as bohot sad I am very sad what a tearful episode today our b for bihaan dead guys I controlled my tear but a little drop of tear wet my eyes today BTW my friends Pooja manish ki divani garima vino anu santhosh bhai jo Lucy Leena rinka Ritz and all my friends I missed you so much and a big sorry to all that I came to comment here after a long time and Pooja I am your cute friend na so plz comment for me I knew you missed me and I also missed you all in these days and mere pyare friends vino reshal santhosh bhai rinka and all plz comment for me and haan ye hamare forum par yeah chhota dhamaka kudrat aa chuka hai wow my one more friend hello kudrat guys you all know that I was busy in my exams so I hadn’t got time to comment but the gajjab performance of manni forced me to comment hey manni vapis show par aayega kya .new spoilers batao koi . I want to know upcoming track of tpk and yes b for bye jab take manish vapis nahi as jata love you guys bye.


      hiii SHRUTHI…?
      kaise ho..❗❓
      bahut dino baah aaya tumko is TPK forum..❗❓

  20. now ….me too wont watch tpk anymore. ….cvs untill unless manish cums back in tpk either as bihaan aur as suhaan….i wont watch at olll…..cvs u have to bring mani back …or else tpk trps will go mreee wrsse dan d prsnt one…..tpk z nthng widout mani… gud byeee


    ATTENTION please..

    friends monday s TU p 10:00pm s 11:59am k beech m sabhi thapki, Bihaan ,Thahaan , Manish goplani, jigyasa sing or Manyasa k fans ki ATTENDANCE hogi or jo ABSENT hooa TO!!
    ager vo life m muje kabi bhi kuskismati s mil gya…
    to vahi DO DO HATH ho jaegne..
    or muje MJAAK m lane ki sochna bhi mat to AB..

    ab dek ti hoon kon muje chor k jata h..
    koe farewell party nahi hogi…
    SMJ GAE!!!

    I’ll beat u all

  22. M abhi kuch fans k naam lik rhi hoon jo bch gae Onhe kush hone ki jrurt nahi h..
    SMJ GAE!!!
    apna naam kud bta dena..
    verna sab k sab JAAN S JAOGE..
    POOJA PRABHA-ledki tere paas jyeda dollers$ aa rhe h kya..
    farewell party vo bhi bina mere ejaget k…
    chal chup chaap monday s attendance legvana aa jaeo..
    or SANDY tu tere lea to special bhale banwae h, ab tu dek…
    SUHANA D enke kea to special KHANJER..
    vo bhi sharp dek lo kitna chamek rha h..
    reshal, shruti, simi, sakshi, vinni, vino, rinku d, navmi d, juvi d, fataroj-es gumsuda ki tlash ki jae..
    anu, mala d,sri ,Sj , dewi, heera, rifa, Garima-ese to m MISS kervati hoon.. afshan,arbaz, santhosh bhaiya, alia, kiran, noor, roma or koe bech gya..
    koe nahi bach gya..
    koe bhi NAHI
    I’ll beat u all nd after that kill u all..
    if u don’t come..

    1. Dear Kudrat.. Please give your news in English.. So everyone here can understand clearly… & share our feeling.. ??

    2. Sorry., Kudrat..
      Please don’t be upset on my request.. ?

  23. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    i’m crying watch this episode….fate’s thahaan very badly…never happy…. please writer. make my thahaan reunited with their twin…no separated….no twist….please cvs…

  24. Hed h kha gae..
    legta h dare nahi MUJ S

  25. Hello navmi di kese hoo..
    gher friday ko hi aa gae the kya..

  26. afsheen arshad

    hope to see manish in any other show

  27. manish z not returning …… more thapki now….

  28. Mera chona babu reshal tu kha h,
    kesi h,
    pta h muje thapki na deke aaj pure 3 hafte ho gae..
    eslea tori kush hoon werna to m enki nutanki dek k pagel or BIMAAR ho jati hoo..

    yaar tu chinta mat ker begvaan ji bcho ko duki nahi kerte ,dek leao MANI jrur aaega..

    apun ych baat foul confidence s bolta h..
    to smja kya
    bole to

  29. Reshal mera ek kaam kerde please vo kya h na mene sabko damki di h, lakin kuch ko smj m nahi aae to onko english m damki d de please meri traf s..

  30. Good morning dewi di,
    how are you didi?
    di no not at all I’m not upset or sad with ur words.. Oppos
    I’m very happy that u replyed me so, thanku so much di or love u so much..
    plz don’t take serious my words I’m a girl who don’t have brain..

    actually di I’ll kill those fans or friends who want to go..
    didi if they go than how I live..
    or You don’t dare to go otherwise I’ll kill u too..
    understand now what I’m trying to say..

    didi one secret plz don’t tell me anyone please di please..
    [my english is not axist(present) in this world, directly I’m not good in english] don’t tell me anyone please ok!!

    Ya Ya Good Luch di..
    or once again thanku so much..
    di where do u live or which state you belong ?

    di if u want to see me so please watch vaad-vivaad on Door Darshan Kisan (DDK)
    didi it’s not a serial.. It is a student show..
    so please watch as a student or INDIAN Citizen it’s very benifical or interesting for you..
    or try to recognise me…
    be happy
    keep smiling
    bye bye..

    1. Hello.., Kudrat.. ?
      I’m glad to read your reply..
      Please don’t say like that.. My English isn’t also good enough..
      I live in Indonesia…
      Very nice to have friend like you.. ? ?
      Have a wonderful day..
      Always be blessed & happy… ?

  31. Wish you all very ENJOYFUL or fresh MORNING..

  32. Navmi didi aaj phir shaam ko chlejao ge..

    1. Haa kudrat dr…hw r u?? Miss u dr….i will return back…but no problm i will be back on friday coz i have leave…yee iam happy…meet you then

  33. Gajaaa….B!!!!
    koe reply nahi tum logo ko to m bta ti hoon, kisi ko nahi choroo gi, ek ek ko dek longi..
    legta h DARE NAHI MUJ S batmeej bche..

    I’ll u all

  34. Thapki pyaar ki going to off will be replaced by another tv it true?

    1. It will be replaced by savitri Devi college and it true?

  35. Indians eh…every time una go they fall off cliff

  36. no its not going off air….jzt tym slot z changing from 6:30 to 5:30

    1. Ok.but I heard that kosi will be back and she will stay with bani….again blackmailing thapki… Routine revenge story

  37. Preethi Daulat

    Kosi is back in tpk..

  38. Gajaaa…..B
    very PEACEFUL morning to all..

    ager aaj s koe attandance legvane nahi aaya na, to Me yha kabi nahi aaoogi…


      present madam……???



    Summary: Jigyasa Singh aka Thapki had a mighty fall recently on the sets of Thapki Pyar ki and has damaged her teeth badly…
    Jigyasa Singh, our very own Thapki is in a bad health condition!!
    The actress recently had a fall on her face, which has resulted in her sustaining injuries on her face and teeth!!
    Yes, you heard it right!! And there is quite a lot of anxiety right now on the sets of Colors’ Thapki Pyar Ki.
    A source tells us, “Jigyasa was shooting for a chase sequence where she had to run. Accidentally, she tripped and fell flat with her face banging on the ground. She immediately started bleeding from the teeth, and had to be rushed to the hospital.”
    So how is Jigyasa now?
    Well, though she has been discharged from the hospital, her teeth is in a mess right now and needs surgery, is what we hear as the latest news.
    All this has hampered the shoot of the show. The creative team which was all set for a leap has now postponed the leap by few days. They are now working on some filler episodes, as Jigyasa can only resume shoot next week, post the surgery and the needed post operative care.
    As we know, the show has recently seen major developments with the male protagonist Bihaan aka Manish Goplani being bumped off. Also the show has seen the exit of Monica Khanna too.
    In the post leap sequence, Jigyasa is slated to play a double role, that of Thapki and also her grown-up daughter.

    Here’s wishing Jigyasa a speedy recovery…
    serial baad mein jaaye .bhagvaan Jigu ko jaldi teek karo…?

  40. and guys any news about manish goplani’s returning to d show. ….

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