Thapki Pyaar Ki 7th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 7th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki and Shraddha managing the kids. The girls trouble Shraddha. Thapki makes kids busy and plays with them. Shraddha looks on. Thapki asks the girls to help her in arranging the things. They all agree. Shraddha says why is Thapki not getting angry, she controlled all kids with love, they are helping her. Bihaan comes and sees Thapki giving chocolates to kids. Vasundara looks on. Bihaan sees Thapki’s phone and asks who phone is this, this will have games, do you want to play. Thapki says its my phone, we will not play. Bihaan says we will play throw and catch with this. He gives phone to kids.

Shraddha asks the girl to keep phone down, its expensive phone. The girl drops her phone. Shraddha gets angry and raises hand. She stops herself and controls her anger. She

sees Vasundara and acts sweet to the girl.

Shraddha says Vasundara has seen me getting angry, now I have to make Thapki angry so that I win. Bihaan shows the real gun. Thapki asks him what did he do there, why is he teaching wrong things to kids. He says I will do more such things to trouble you.

Shraddha goes to kids and asks them to play a good game. The girls ask what is it. Shraddha asks them to play with Thapki. She tells the game. Bihaan loads bullets in the gun. Thapki asks what are you doing. He says I m filling bullets in gun, its 6 bullets, I just have to aim. She asks him not to be mad, he should not keep such loaded gun at home, remove the bullets. He aims gun at her. She gets shocked. He asks her not to tell him anything. She says I m just trying to explain. He twists her hand. She says leave me, its aching. He says the pain you gave me, this is nothing. Bau ji comes and knocks. Bihaan and Thapki tell Bau ji about each other. Bau ji says we have to keep gun at home. Thapki says its loaded, it can be risky, we can atleast remove bullets. Bau ji says she is right, and asks Bihaan to remove bullets. Bihaan angrily looks at her. The kids come there. Bau ji says I came to say the girls were finding Thapki, they are naughty and came here.

A girl smiles seeing the gun. Bihaan removes bullets and puts gun in drawer. The girl says we want to play a game and tells Thapki about tongue twister. Shraddha smiles. Thapki looks on. The girls ask Thapki to please say. Thapki says fine, I will say it. She stammers and the kids laugh. Vasundara, Bihaan and Shraddha look on.

The girls make fun of Thapki. Shraddha smiles. The girls call her Thapki Didi Chuk Chuk Gaadi. Bihaan goes. Shraddha says now Thapki will get angry, come on. Thapki smiles. Shraddha thinks is this or stone, she is not getting angry. A girl breathes heavily. Thapki asks them to be quiet, where is Guddi’s inhaler. She goes to find inhaler. Vasundara and Shraddha also try to find inhaler. Thapki says I have seen it somewhere and recalls it fell in flower basket.

Thapki gets inhaler and gives to Guddi. Guddi gets fine and says we made fun of your weakness, even them you helped me. Thapki says its fine, everyone can have weakness, we should not make fun but give courage to each other. She smiles. Vasundara looks on.

The girls say sorry Thapki Didi, we will not trouble you and trouble Shraddha. Shraddha says I m alone and you all are 8. The girls say we are 7. A girl goes to Bihaan’s room. Thapki asks where is Pinky. The girl says she went to take water for me. Pinky keeps water glass and takes gun from the drawer. She thinks to play with the gun and goes out. Bihaan comes to room and gets shocked seeing the gun missing. He thinks where did gun go. The girl plays with shadow and aims gun at herself. Bihaan looks for the gun and thinks where did gun go.

Trishakti promo. Bihaan and Vasundara ask Thapki to win their trust.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh god! Bihan is twisting thapki’s he can see thapki in pain..he becomes so stone hearted…..

  2. Thanks amena for fast update.. Thank you so much… Annoying bihaan…writers please change the track

  3. There is error in the update Amena. While removing the bullets Bihaan missed to remove a bullet by mistake. The girl took gun only not bullets.

    1. Yaa … bullet remain inside the gun….. bihaan remove 5 bullet 1 missing in inside the gun…..

  4. That thahaan gun aiming scene was a glimpse of what we saw when bihaan saw thapki 1st time in Pandey niwas! I guess they are recreating thahaan scenes.. ??? Good to see that today’s episode was quite fast in terms of number of scenes.??? Hopefully bihaan’s behaviour changes by the end of this week..?? Though it’s all crap..but watching and tolerating all this only bcoz of thahaan.! ??

  5. Good episode, but precap..
    Why sud thapki win their trust..Trust of those cheaters…(sorry to include bihaan, but have to.he forgot his cheat).
    Why cant thapki get away and start life fresh..
    Don’t girls have any dreams other than winning trust of saas, always giving pareeksha..

  6. Oh god no please !!!!! No morw trishakti !!!!! Hey bhagwan bachalo hum sabko. Why mixing thapki with serials that we dont and dislike watching !! A criminal waste of precious time. I am not going to watch !

    1. Seriously it’s a waste of time. The best thing is to read the update. One can only watch it on tv if one has recording facility in their set up box. ?????

      1. That is what i do nowadays !! I never watch the episode bcoz without bihaan in a good mood nothing is good in the serial

    2. Ur right i hate trishakti episodes flipping annoyin

      1. Especially ssk !! Ab simar ki devi maa hi hume bajaengi !!

  7. I feel bad or Thapki nowadays this B for Bihaan is now a B for bully for Thapki, but from inside he still loves her a lot, and he should understand why didn’t Thapki leave the house? If he continues doing so what’s the diff between Bihaan and Dhruv????? And trishakti not again btw can someone tell me te two other shows. Nibhana was the only sensible character in this show now he isn’t sensible too,from today’s episode I think makers may try to show that Bihaan is vasu’s biological son not Dhruv (someone said that as vasu and Bihaan’s blood group is same) maybe I don’t know because he’s acting like vasu these days -_-

    1. I mean Bihaan not Nibhana

  8. OMG Again Thrishakti episode..
    These channels kills people inch by inch through Thrishakti episodes.
    So tomorrow I will read written updates only. I won’t watch TPK..

  9. Bakwas episode once again. ….its too irritating. …….
    I can’t digest this bihaan behaviour. …Please change this nonsense track. ………

    Tomorrow episode in tpk shraddha face like a red monkey. ……….bachho aap logo ne teek kiya……!!!!!!!!!!
    kya makeup kiya hai bachho…….!!!!!!!!!!
    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha……… …………

    1. Ur right she is going to look like a monkey she is going to get embarrased cant wait to watch it

  10. Did not like bihaan smiling when the kids made fun of thapki.

  11. though I don’t like dhruv he is a better gentleman I think. Never expected this from bihaan

  12. Enough is enough now.
    It seems cvs are hell bent on turning Bihaan into a total bastard, undoing all his
    best qualities. I never envisaged him resorting to physical violence of any form against Thapki. The majority of the people who watch TPK do so because they really like Bihaan but if cvs continue on this path we will get turned off by him and stop watching in droves.

    1. I agree him being violent towards her is making the show more unbearable. He is just a spoiled brat. It’s not true love when you want to physically hurt someone . Writers sucks

  13. Plz dont do trishakti episodes i hate it plz dont put trishakti update just do tpk update

  14. Bihaan was so mean by twisting thapki hand he should do it to shraddha she is the evil 1

  15. thank god that they (girls) understanded thapki

  16. First time I am angry with bihaan character. …..
    Heart less bihaan…..
    I am totally disappointing with you. ……..
    You not truly loved thapki ……..
    you smiling …….thapki crying………..??????
    What’s wrong writer ji…….
    Thapki is not wrong in her place ………
    Bihaan you not suitable for thapki. …..

    1. Not that I’m excusing his behaviour , but did Bihaan see Thapki cry? I think he walked away before she actually started crying.

  17. PLZzzz change bihaans behaviour i hate it plZzz change it i beg u it would be more better

  18. Lovely episode. Bihaan cares for Thapki and I think he is doing this to just trouble her as she is never sees what he is doing for her. Infact she is the one who is always rude to him even if she does not mean to and doing it on purpose.

    1. totaly agreed…
      thapki deserve that behaviour…

  19. All of them were just seeing when kids were teasing one took her side..! She must have felt so bad and lonely. Anyways the kids were sensible at least to understand..! Don’t know where all the family members go..even though kids were making so much one came outside also..?????

  20. IAM NOT SATISFIED IN THIS EPISODE,i think THAHAANS scenes are very near to US.

  21. I think in this instance the writers wanted to show the progress in Thahaan’s relationship .Soon after first meeting; Bihaan in a similar manner pointed a gun at Thapki’s head and in that instance she scurried away in fright. Today she wasn’t even afraid of him and even had time to get mesmerised by his eyes before Bauji interrupted them. Their awareness of each other is almost tangible and no matter how badly he is behaving at the moment she is able to look into his eyes and understand him.

  22. Arre ! Hai kya huva hai bihaan pandey ko….kitne speed se pyaar ka bukaar Chad gaya ta usko utni hi speed se utar gaya kya???? Vanha bachche thapki ka mazaak udaa rahe hai aur bihaan haske dekh raha hai….Thapki ke sammaan ke liye sabse ladnewala Bihaan Pandey kaha gaya???? But I hope hai perfect bahu test katam hone tak thapki ko bihaan ke liye apna pyaar realise ho jaye aur bihaan ki akal bhi tikaane aa jaye….? love thahaan

  23. Hi frnds.. Hw r u all.. In previous episode vasu and shraddha is only her enemy.. Now bihaan is also join in the list.. why bihaan ? Dont do this.. if you change ur character to bad.. then nobody should do help for thapki…

  24. missing dhruv

  25. what is this yaar!!! whatta crap!!! sanskaar is far better than bihaan…..he loved swara, never gave her pain even after knowing dt she doesn’t love him….at a point of time, he was also angry at her but never harmed her…and eventually she fell in love with him….

    it’s not that i don’t like tpk…it’s just i don’t like the track!!! i watch this show for thahaan nd especially bihaan!!! but this track is really irritating me!!!

    1. sanskaar never hurted swara because he truely loved her
      and sanskaar’ s character is much matured than bihaan
      bihaan nowhere matches sanskaar at any point

  26. these tpk writers have ruined dhruvs character next thapki charcter aab bacha kon bihaan

  27. First of all how does a father in law walk into a room seeing his son holding a gun to his daughter in laws head and not be concerned..

    Even in fun would he not be questing the reason and relationship.. stupid writing and director

    1. actually , bihaan had told bauji about his love toward thapki , he does not know that bihaan now hates her….he may be thinking that they were romancing.

  28. Sorry Bihaan’s lovers, but the fact is; he is a spoiled ,arrogant, devil minded with no confident, full of complex , and the brain and act of a five years old boy, as the way he is acting towards thapki, like being happy and having a nasty smile when thapki was humiliated by the girls as a stammer, or twisting her arms in that animal manner and putting a loaded gun on her head, hurting her the way he was hurting the devil sister in law just a few days back, ….
    I am not Thapki fan , but , we can not deny the fact that , the crime he committed by citing instead of someone else, in which in this case that someone else was his brother and by most disgusting way of cheating get marry to the girl and love of his brother, the girl that , not only did not love him , but most of the time was annoyed by his childish behavior , can not been compared with,
    the Thapki’s lie and pretend to give him a new chance of a marriage life with her, specially when Thapki never punished, or act so dirty towards him, as he is doing with her.

    I just reading Amena’s writing and stopped watching the soap on TV long time back, in which was on at 8 pm of every evening in this part of europe because, the story is meaningless and repeat of a bunch of nonsense.

  29. After this stupid contest tpk shud leave the pandey niwas and try to set up her life independently.

  30. colors Tv…………….neega ena looosa
    I dont like VOOT pa……PLZ colors tv make all the serials available in YOUTUBE,otherwise u’ll loose lot of fans who are all watching yr channel through online.

  31. Omg..don’t want to be mean..but one of my friends think manish might not like women that’s why the show is not moving forward in a love sequence.?

    1. Again I want thapki to slap.shradda

  32. Dear frndz………give some suggestion
    Where i can watch colors tv serials

    1. varsha(philo)

      hi gayu r u an tamilian

  33. After a very thorough examination of Bihaan’s torso(Lol), I want to know where is his bullet hole?

    1. Lol…no where to be found

  34. The gun aim scene was same when Bihaan saw Thapki first time in pandey niwas…and again Trishakti episode.I hope Thapki realize her for Bihaan soon.???

  35. sanskaar never hurted swara because he truely loved herand sanskaar’ s character is much matured than bihaan bihaan nowhere matches sanskaar at any point

    1. cvs stop showing childish rubbish arrogant adamant immature bihaan

  36. Pls Color’s Tv try to upload all the serials. ? & Thapki pyar Ki episodes on Youtube.It is very problematic to visit Voot.con Again and Again ..We don’t want that 2-3 minute videos upload each episode regularly & Fully…Plz….COLORS TV…….?

    1. yes.. i agree with this.. my phone is ssung duos is not supported for voot.. pls.. 27 th lendhu pakavey illla.. try to understand yaar. purinchikunga colors tv channel

  37. Sometimes they don’t put English subtitle its difficult to understand hind…

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