Thapki Pyaar Ki 6th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 6th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki telling Bihaan that she is not Thapki and she will prove her identity. She picks the glass of wine and says cheers. She drinks it in one go shocking Bihaan. She then asks Surbhi to go. Preeti and Suman talk to each other about Vani showing real place to Shraddha. Shraddha comes and gives silver bangles to them, asks them to wear it else she will throw them out of house. They leave. Shraddha thinks Vani Oberoi doesn’t know her and thinks her fool. She will know very soon. Thapki vomits the wine which she drank, and promises her baby that she can go to any length to take her revenge from Bihaan. She says she will punish Bihaan for his crimes and falls asleep. Shraddha thinks what do she think about herself being rich but ugly. She thinks now I will show what I can

do. She calls on the number given by Thapki and says she wants to get zari removed from a saree.

Thapki gets a call from Zari designer informing her about Shraddha’s call. Thapki says it means Shraddha showed her true color and now I have to do my work. She gets call from Kosi, who invites her to have food. Thapki says okay, I will come and will talk about our new hotel. Kosi says she will make delicious food. Thapki asks her to wear saree gifted by her. Kosi agrees and says she will get ready in that saree.

Thapki comes to Bihaan’s house. Kosi shows the saree and says I have worn saree given by you. Thapki smiles. Kosi says am I not looking good? Thapki says I am not laughing on you and asks if this is the same saree which I had given you. She says I gave real gold zari work, but this is fake. Kosi says this is the same saree which you have given me. Thapki says she don’t do deal with fraud people and cancels the deal. Kosi says Shraddha kept the saree in almari that day, and today I have worn it. Thapki says you mean Shraddha got it removed. Kosi shouts and calls Shraddha. She asks Shraddha did you got zari work removed from saree. Shraddha is silent.

Kosi slaps her and scolds her. Just then someone comes and delivers other saree. Shraddha tells Kosi that she would have asked her before slapping her, and says she got zari work applied on the other color saree which is of Kosi’s favorite. She tells that Kosi doesn’t like the color of the saree which Vani gave and that’s why she got the design applied on her favorite color saree. She says she is not greedy and can sacrifice anything for her happiness. Kosi apologizes to her.

Shraddha acts emotional and says I am standing here in this house because of you, else these people would have thrown me out of house after my divorce with Dhruv. Kosi also gets emotional. She tells Shraddha that Vani made her doubt on you. Shraddha tells that Vani is the one who want them to get separated, and that’s why did this conspiracy. Thapki gets tensed and thinks her plan back fired on her. She stammers silently and thinks about the dialogues which she have to say. She tells them that they have passed in her test, and tells Kosi about her new hotel. Shraddha tells that they will never separate. Kosi goes to bring snacks. Thapki thinks it is not easy to separate them, but I have to fulfill the promise made to my child.

Kosi invites Vani/Thapki for the jagrata. Bihaan asks Thapki and Surbhi to come and stay in his house for few days. He thinks he will force her and then she will tell the truth. He then applies Tilak on Thapki’s head.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. oh” it is not good I miss his cute scene hello pooja and Anu and fatarajo where are you.

  2. pooja prabha

    Thapki your so smart yaar because you handled the situation nicely…
    Interesting precap…Super happy for seeing Bihaan applying thilak on Thapki’s head…Thahaan Rocks.Friends…pls update your comments yaar…hi…Garima…how do you feel in this current track???hi…Anu,Vino,Jo,santhosh Bhai and all my Thahaanians…


      how are u ..❓

  3. Nice episode Eagerly waiting for other one ??


      see this link….???

      Spoilers about the Swagat done by Bihaan is true…
      So Vaani comes to live in Panday Niwas…
      Sankar not Happy…left the scene…(Nobody Cared)

  4. Joylin

    thanx h hassan for ur update really it was very fast I got it at 7:5 itself

  5. I just little curious, where is vasundra?


      she went picnic with NAMAN…???
      just for fun….

  6. She went to do thapki’s barsi. I think it was mentioned in earlier episodes.

  7. hi to all dhruv return IF and sbas news he is the one who help thapki can’t digest that thapki trust dhruv the one who try to molest her and even try to kill his own family cvs showing dhruv hero bihan as villain and hows that possibl that a girl can be with that guy who do such big things hate u jeth bhabi hate u cvs


      CVs ko ek baar jai bolo….

    2. It’s not like that, dhruv has realise his mistakes & bihaan’s love 4 bhaii. In this show thr is only 1 hero that is our b 4 bihaan pandey.

      1. SANTHOSH

        well said.. ???

    3. It’s not like that, dhruv has realise his mistakes & bihaan’s love 4 bhaii. In this show thr is only 1 hero that is our b 4 bihaan pandey.

  8. Hi everyone especially pooja who always loyal for thahaan. Im not really interested in this track but at least this track isnt as bad as kosi stupid kidney transplant plan. By the way why theres no mention of the kidney again? No thapki in the house, two years passed and kosi still didnt get bihaan kidney?
    And also why thapki didnt reveng dadi also. Beside shradda, dadi is also responsible especially its her words that got thapki kicked out from the house.


      CVS LOGIC..??
      TPK is always big ❓mark…
      i am only watching for MANYASA….

      1. Hi santosh,true im also watching for the manyasa 😀


    hai…✋✋ how are u all…

    Colors’ Thapki Pyar Ki (SOL and Vaishnavi Media) has witnessed the return of Thapki in the new avatar of the rich Vaani Oberoi.

    However, Bihaan (Manish Goplani) still feels that this is Thapki and not Vaani. Thapki’s aim now as Vaani, will be to seek revenge against Bihaan, as she holds him responsible for the death of her unborn child.

    We hear that the coming episodes will be dramatic and emotional too.

    As per the ongoing track, Vaani has proposed to merge her company with that of Kosi’s (Smita Singh).

    In the episode to be aired on 8 October, there will be a dramatic turnaround with the re-entry of Dhruv (Ankit Bathla), as reported in media. Dhruv who will now don a good samaritan’ garb will be all out in support for Thapki.

    As per sources, “Thapki will soon create a major circumstance wherein Kosi will lose all her money in her business.”

    With the family suffering major losses, Vaani will now play her game and will put forth one huge deal…

    Our sources tell us, “Vaani will propose to help Kosi and the business only if Bihaan will marry her.”

    OMG!! Will Vaani get back into the house as Bihaan’s beloved to seek revenge?

    We tried calling Jigyasa but could not get through to her.

    Watch this space for more updates.

    1. Thank u for the news Santosh…i’m thahaan’s fan from Indonesia,keep sharing upcoming news for us ??

  10. Vinlora

    Dhruv aa raha hai ????? but don’t worry guyz….wo apne paapo ka prayashith karne ke liye aa raha hai. ..?kosi and Co. Ko sabak bhi sikhayega aur Thahaan ko unite bhi karega. ..??? aur shayad shakar se shaadi bhi kar sakta hai. ..? VAANI na mili tho GOBAR RANI yi sahi??waise Shankar utni buri bhi nahi hai na wo bas bihaan ke pyaar mein pagal hai. ..ek baar uska bhooth utrega tho teek ho jayegi. ..?


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    #10 Thapki Pyaar Ki 1⃣•4⃣

  12. I am good…Santhosh how are you ??Thank you for sharing upcoming news for us.Hello…Jann,thanks for your compliment.

  13. Seriously its a gd news n thetrack is getting intresting. Thnx fr the news santhosh

  14. Manish ki deewani

    Hi I am silent reader but read your comments regularly track is nice iknw pooja u love manyasa specially manish like me hi to everyone pooja garima vinlora any fatarajo and santhosh Bhai and all thahaan ‘s fan

  15. pooja prabha

    Hi…Manish ki deewani…
    Welcome Dear to this awesome friends circle.

  16. Oru visayam purila, thapki avala vetta vittu veliye pogala, Bihaan than poga sonnan, aprem yethuku avan thapki Mela kovapadanum….., athe mathiri Thapki pregnant ah irunthuthu Bihaan ku theriyathu, avalum sollala, aprem yean avan Mela kovapadanum padura? Paper la eluthiruka vacha Bihaan ta kadachuruma? Thapki kanavu kandutu car munnadiye poie viluvalam, athuku karanam Bihaan nu solluvalam, avana palivanguvalam, enna pa ithu……..?

  17. Manish ki deewani

    Thanks pooja u called me reshal

  18. Shrinjal

    Guys pls tell me that before Shraddha was with thapki. So now how she became the partner of kosi?

  19. Alister La Frenais

    The serial needs livening up. Very boring and mundane dialogue. The only segment I liked was when Shraddha got slapped, I thought sparks would fly, but the whole event frizzled out into a boring conclusion. Would someone responsible for making this programme get to grip with reality. A high powered business man or woman would not waste their time on triviality; they would assign such tasks to one of their minions. Vani (a.k.a Thapki) can exact revenge on her advisories without personally visiting their homes. Also, another let down, everyone calls her Thapki, and instead of showing annoyance she calmly says nothing. This is a dead give away to her dual identity; no wonder Bihaan is so sure that this woman calling herself Vani Oberoi is none other than Thapki.

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