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The Episode starts with a girl seeing Dhruv alone. She asks him for a dance. He says maybe other time. The man announces its special party, we have all newly weds here, we plan a romantic game, husband will make wife wear bangles. Bihaan gets irked hearing this game. The couple asks Thapki and Bihaan to come. Thapki says I don’t want to. They insist and take Thapki and Bihaan. The game starts. Bihaan holds Thapki’s hand roughly and makes her wear bangle. She gets hurt and screams. Dhruv turns and sees them.

Thapki sees Dhruv and says Dhruv Sir.. Bihaan turns and sees Dhruv. Dhruv gets angry and teary eyed. He sees the girl who asked him for dance and goes to her. He asks her for a dance. She says my pleasure and they go on the dance floor. Dhruv dances with her and looks at Thapki and


Thapki gets hurt and Dhruv leaves the girl’s hand. Bihaan sees Thapki’s hand wounded. The girl falls down and looks at Dhruv. Dhruv walks away. Thapki asks Dhruv not to hurt himself. Bihaan tries talking to Dhruv and he leaves. Thapki cries. Bihaan gives her a kerchief. She says I have it. She looks for her purse. She says I think I left in purse. Bihaan says I will get it. She stops him and says I can take care. She takes the car keys and goes out.

Diwakar asks the man to make heel shoes. A man comes to meet Diwakar and asks for his proposal. Diwakar says I m fixed, sorry you did late. Aditi looks on. The man says my daughter loves you a lot. Diwakar says so sorry, its my court marriage tomorrow. The man goes. Diwakar boasts infront of Aditi. Thapki gets her purse and gets locked in the car. Dhruv apologizes to the girl and asks her to come to doctor. She says no, I m fine. He says fine, take care. The car starts sliding down the road. Thapki panics and shouts. Dhruv sees Bihaan alone and thinks where is Thapki.

Dhruv asks Bihaan. Bihaan says I told her I will get her purse, and she left. Thapki calls for help. Dhruv comes out and sees the car sliding. He sees Thapki and runs after the car to stop it. Bihaan thinks where did Thapki. He goes out and does not see the car on its place. He says Thapki does not know driving, and asks guard. He thinks did the gear change and sees the stones there. Dhruv runs after the car. Thapki faints inside the car. The car hits the tree and petrol leaks.

Dhruv sees it and brings Thapki out. He takes her away and the car blasts. Bihaan comes there and is shocked seeing the blast and Thapki’s satte. Dhruv sits in shock and tries to wake up Thapki. Dhruv says you can’t leave me, open your eyes, I will not let anything to you, I love you a lot. Bihaan gets stunned hearing Dhruv.

Dhruv says I m alive as I love you, I will die if anything happens to you. Bihaan hears him. Dhruv cries and sees Bihaan. He asks Bihaan to take Thapki to hospital, as she won’t go with him. thapki opens her eyes and sees Bihaan in semi conscious state.

Thapki thanks Bihaan for saving her life. Bihaan recalls Dhruv’s love and holds Vasundara’s feet while she is sleeping. He says he will return Dhruv’s happiness.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. i like dhruv.but i want to bihaan thapki pair

  2. Thapki Pyaar Ki Fans Club

    Why update is late nowadays?

    Msg from Team: Colors is airing all shows 15 minutes late due to longer episodes of Ishq Ka Rang Safed.

  3. i luv bihaan cute pair

  4. Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! Now bihan will try joining dhruv and thapki and thapki will start loving bihan??? Huh! Can’t u just take everything straight forward??? Without making anyone hurt????? ????

  5. Love bihaan and thapki….
    but writers pls pair thapki and dhruv….as dhuv loves thapki very much..and thapki also still loves dhruv…dont separate them..

  6. i also like druv.he is nice.but i like bihaan tapki is like yuvani jodi.

  7. :-)I like bihaan and tapki..:-D so cute cupple..

  8. I want thapki and bihaan together.
    plźzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz dont separete (thapki&bihaan)them.
    Plzźzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz writer ji.
    Love thapki&bihaan.

    1. Ammu its over ya
      Do you know the pain of dhruv and thapki
      Pls don’t tell like this

  9. PlzzzzZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz thapki aur druv ko ek kardho plzzzzzzzzzzz

  10. Love u dhruv love u a lot
    Pls bihaan pls rejoin our thapki and dhruv

  11. bihaan thapki sooooooo…….. cute lovable pair.plzzzzzzzzz writer ji dont seperate bihaan thapki together

  12. True love should come together. Plz unite thapki druv. Then there is no meaning of true love .if you want thapki bhihaan then why to make druv and thapki love. These serials are waste no value for love. Love some and marriage with some

  13. we want thruv it means thapki and dhruv re unite and aditi and bihaan

  14. Plsss.unite dhruv and thapki..else there will be no meaning love…unite dhrvki..

  15. Because Thapki has a Stammering problem, it is not correct to separate her from her love life. She has already suffered enough problems. This is not fair. “Thapki Pyar ki’ should give a motivation to the viewers to face the challenges in real life. Thapki is definetly pyar ki and should unite to become Dhruvki.

  16. Vasundhara (dhuru mom)’s true color must exposed. Then 1ly Dhuruki ll b United r else that nvr ll happen.

  17. Pair thapki n dhruv they r best pair though bihaan looks good

  18. Dhuruv like good.but thapki bihaan pair made for each other.plzzzzzzzz dont seperate

  19. Dhruv and thapki should be rejoin…plzzzzz…then true love wins

  20. Plz unite dhruv and thapki plzzzz

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