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Thapki Pyaar Ki 6th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vasu coming to Bihaan and asks him to break the engagement and not to ruin his life for them. She asks him not to worry about them. Bihaan says you people are my family. He blames Thapki for the happenings and says Thapki doubted on Kosi’s maa motherly love and even attempted to kill her. He says I have forgiven you and Bau ji just because you had hidden the fact from me for my betterment. I asked Thapki to leave from home, and she agreed and left. He says I hate Vani more than I hate Thapki. He says my hatred for Thapki will never end till my last breath. Thapki hears everything and gets sad. Dhruv thinks to tell about his love to Thapki. He comes to her and says he wants to say her something. Thapki is sad and tells him that Bihaan hates Thapki even now. She says I

feel sad seeing his hatred towards her.. Dhruv says we have to prove to Bihaan about the truth.

Thapki says she got proof of Chacha and Kosi’s marriage. She says it is in their room. They see Aditi asking Chacha if he will have sugar and stammers. He asks what happened to you. Shraddha says she is practicing to speak like Thapki and plays Thapki’s recording. Aditi is humiliated. Chacha laughs. Shraddha asks Aditi why she is embarrassed and says I have compared you with your sister and not with any animal. She asks her to stammer all day. Dhruv asks Thapki to relax and says I will handle Shraddha. He asks what is the drama? Shraddha says I am missing Thapki today and that’s why wants her to make me remind her. Dhruv also speaks and stammers like Thapki surprising Shraddha. He says I thought I shall make you happy by stammering. Shraddha asks him not to stammer, and asks Aditi to talk normally. Thapki looks on sad. Dhruv signs her. He tells Aditi that there was no way to stop Shraddha and that’s why he stammered. He assures her that he is with her and Thapki and nothing wrong can happen.

Chacha and Kosi are talking romantically, reminiscing their initial days of marriage. He says I used to call you Sridevi. Kosi says I used to call you Anil Kapoor. She feels shy. Bihaan comes there calling her. They get alert. Chacha tells that he came to get the lotion. Bihaan looks for something. Chacha hides the album. Bihaan says he is looking for his keys and finally gets it. Kosi says ok, and asks him to go. Chacha thanks God and says we are saved today. Kosi asks him to go, suddenly a pic flies off from the window. She gets tensed.

Chacha thinks what is this lotion which Kosi gave? Preeti laughs seeing his half moustache, and clicks his pic. Chacha gets shocked. Preeti says she will show awesome pic to everyone. He comes to Kosi. Kosi tells him that one of the pic falls down from the window, and asks him to find it. They see the pic hanged on the honey bee hive. She asks him to get the pic being a man. He says intelligence is needed which she has, and asks her to get it. Kosi manages to take the pic, but the bees gets disturbed and fly in air. Kosi and Chacha run from there.

Sankara comes to Bihaan and gives him water. She says this is the only way to keep you far from Vani. I know you don’t love her, and we have to make her believe that we both love each other. She says do whatever you want to make her believe, and I am with you. Thapki hears her. Bihaan hugs Sankara. He sees Thapki standing and asks when did you come here? He says Sankara is my close friend and was about to marry me. He asks if she felt bad and offers to take her on romantic date at 6 pm. He thinks just come on a date with me and then. Sankara thinks he might be upto some plan. Thapki thinks she will expose Kosi.

Dhruv tells Thapki that he has locked Chacha and Kosi. Thapki gets album from their room and keeps on the dining table. Bihaan and Vasu pick the album. Thapki is hopeful.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. pooja prabha

    Last part of the episode is borring.Sankar’s approach to Bihaan is completely disgusting…waiting for better episodes.
    Hello…Garima,reshal,Jo,sruti,anu,santhosh Bhai…

  2. No reason why bihan had hate thapki a lot? I think cvs no idea to write the tpk story. Plis ff writer give your brilliant idea for cvs ji…tpk show will increases viewers more and more if the scenes are best like tpk shows 1st.

  3. Bad episode…I don’t like this episode,they blamed thapki….vani just take them to the jail…don’t forgive them.

  4. This story become uninterested to watch…it may loose their fan if their are running this tpk so bad.

  5. Crap show!

  6. today episode is not that much interesting

  7. hai pooja,garima shruthi…I am vino. its my full name.

  8. I am surprised weak dadi didn’t tell everyone about kosi is bad to wanted kill her son Bihaan truth for after 2 years. Everyone hate suffering Thakpi . Thakpi saved bihaan all the time. Silly bihaan don’t trust thakpi as well as bihaan sacked thakpi out house 4 times. Kosi hid bihaan s letter from thakpi when she left. Kosi know she is pregnant. I wished dadi tell vasa quickly than kosi. Come on !!!

    1. Yes, dadi please say the truth to everyone… Poor Thapki. Dadi has made the family in trouble till now…

  9. Terrible!! Terrible!!! Hate this, stop this nonsense immediately, bihan and thapki’s relation is heavenly made, don’t break this relation, I want to see them together again

  10. Hello santhosh bhayy….This scenes….

    Welcome to bee tracks

    Khosi ma and naman chacha are to be mam and dad’s bees…..

    Right bhayys???

  11. Sankar is a little sl*t…she is not cute in anyway. But bhiaan being the jerk that he is deserves her..evil witch ?

  12. Alister La Frenais

    Okay, I am not sure in which direction this soap opera is heading, but if I were the show’s producers I would be worried. The whole saga of Vaani/Thapki wanting to expose the truth is being dragged out. Where is the revenge that Vaani/Thapki was going to exact against the Bedi Family and Bihaan. The whole serial is sinking into the realms of boredom and really a turn off.

  13. I just hate shankera,even if she ware modern cloth she looks gawar& her speaking style is pathatic

  14. fans from indonesia

    thapki stories are getting worse
    very boring to be watched
    I strongly disagree thapki fall in love again at bihan
    bihan characters make this series is not good
    I hope there is the most male players who fell in love with thapki and make the story fresh

  15. does anybody has spoiler of this serial?

  16. Too much dragging makes boring

  17. Garima

    Hello pooja reshal Manish ki divani and die for manayasa santhosh vino joylin trupti how are you.

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