Thapki Pyaar Ki 6th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 6th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

First part of Climax Ka Shukrvaar….


Chandramani tells Simar that Prem would just come on marriage day. Prem’s mum asks Simar to stop Prem. Chandramani asks Simar to stop Prem, else nothing can happen. Simar says I will stop Prem, don’t worry Maa, I will get him back, Prem and Simar are two parts of one soul, no one could separate them and can never do. Maa says Mata Rani is with you, she will protect you. Chandramani asks them to see Simar for the final time, as she will never come back, I m saying truth, this time Mata ji has done all arrangements, this time her aim will not be missed. She laughs and says such incident is going to happen, will you all not see it, I did arrangements for you all to enjoy Simar’s death. They all get shocked.

Chandramani asks Simar to go fast, else it can get late. She smiles.

Bihaan is upset and crying. He recalls his tuition teacher scolding him for not doing homework. He gets a stick to punish him. Bihaan says Bau ji was unwell, I was with him to serve him, I will leave studies for my Bau ji, I can do anything for him. Teacher says liar, give me your hand. Bau ji comes and saves Bihaan. He says my son never lies, I was really unwell. Teacher says whatever the reason, punishment should be given for mistake. FB ends. Bihaan gets a stick to punish himself.

Thapki cries and talks to Bau ji in hospital ICU. She says Bihaan should not be punished if he is innocent, my heart says he is innocent, Bihaan feels he is culprit and is punishing himself. Bihaan says I did mistake and will get punishment. He hits his hand with the stick. His hand starts bleeding. Thapki says you know how much Bihaan respects you, you are valuable for him, he can shed his blood but not hurt you. Bihaan hurts himself further and says I will never forgive myself. Thapki tells Bau ji that Bihaan will never forgive himself till he gets to know truth, how did you get hurt, just you and Bihaan know, Bihaan is not telling me anything, you too got silent, help me please, tell me whats the truth. She cries and asks Bau ji to get up. Bau ji cries. Bihaan hits his hand till the stick breaks. He cries.

Suraj scolds the man and sends him. He gets angry seeing everyone following Vivaan. He asks Imli did she go in Vivaan’s team too. Imli says no, I m always with you. He says good, your work is just to serve me, you got my name on your hand, it has this meaning, else get that name erased. She looks at his name and thinks your name is written on my heart and soul, which will never get erased. He asks her to get chilled juice for him, as his mind is really angry now.


Mata ji asks Amar to beware of Simar, don’t let her come close to Prem. Amar says fine. Siddhant says if she comes infront of you, shoot her. Amar says I will do that, we will leave. Chandramani shows this live telecast to everyone on tv. Amar and Prem leave. Mata ji gets shocked seeing Prerna. Siddhant asks what happened and turns to see. Maa asks what did they see there. The family gets shocked seeing Prerna. Chandramani gets shocked too.

Chakor practices running and recalls Vivaan. She thinks of Arjun’s words and runs. She says I don’t feel bad, its Vivaan’s choice, he can get friendly with anyone, I have to remember my aim. She smiles seeing the timer. She gets glad and says just 9 secs, I have worn fast wearing shoes. She sees she was running barefoot and says I did not wear shoes, that’s why I had run fast. She goes to room and sees someone has put water in her shoes. She gets shocked. Tina and Kusum come laughing. Chakor says you can put water in shoes, but not on my spirit, you are afraid that I will win over you, that’s why you guys do this. Kusum says we are not afraid of you. Chakor asks really, then why does Tina create hurdles for me, Tina is afraid that I will win this race.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I enjoyed watching tonight’s episode.Brilliantly acted by Thupki and Bihan,especially the seen in the hospital where Bihan saves Bapuji’s life .lt brought tears to my eyes when Bihan reached for Thupki’s hand…ahhhhh?

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