Thapki Pyaar Ki 6th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 6th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

First part of Climax Ka Shukrvaar….


Chandramani tells Simar that Prem would just come on marriage day. Prem’s mum asks Simar to stop Prem. Chandramani asks Simar to stop Prem, else nothing can happen. Simar says I will stop Prem, don’t worry Maa, I will get him back, Prem and Simar are two parts of one soul, no one could separate them and can never do. Maa says Mata Rani is with you, she will protect you. Chandramani asks them to see Simar for the final time, as she will never come back, I m saying truth, this time Mata ji has done all arrangements, this time her aim will not be missed. She laughs and says such incident is going to happen, will you all not see it, I did arrangements for you all to enjoy Simar’s death. They all get shocked.

Chandramani asks Simar to go fast, else it can get late. She smiles.

Bihaan is upset and crying. He recalls his tuition teacher scolding him for not doing homework. He gets a stick to punish him. Bihaan says Bau ji was unwell, I was with him to serve him, I will leave studies for my Bau ji, I can do anything for him. Teacher says liar, give me your hand. Bau ji comes and saves Bihaan. He says my son never lies, I was really unwell. Teacher says whatever the reason, punishment should be given for mistake. FB ends. Bihaan gets a stick to punish himself.

Thapki cries and talks to Bau ji in hospital ICU. She says Bihaan should not be punished if he is innocent, my heart says he is innocent, Bihaan feels he is culprit and is punishing himself. Bihaan says I did mistake and will get punishment. He hits his hand with the stick. His hand starts bleeding. Thapki says you know how much Bihaan respects you, you are valuable for him, he can shed his blood but not hurt you. Bihaan hurts himself further and says I will never forgive myself. Thapki tells Bau ji that Bihaan will never forgive himself till he gets to know truth, how did you get hurt, just you and Bihaan know, Bihaan is not telling me anything, you too got silent, help me please, tell me whats the truth. She cries and asks Bau ji to get up. Bau ji cries. Bihaan hits his hand till the stick breaks. He cries.

Suraj scolds the man and sends him. He gets angry seeing everyone following Vivaan. He asks Imli did she go in Vivaan’s team too. Imli says no, I m always with you. He says good, your work is just to serve me, you got my name on your hand, it has this meaning, else get that name erased. She looks at his name and thinks your name is written on my heart and soul, which will never get erased. He asks her to get chilled juice for him, as his mind is really angry now.


Mata ji asks Amar to beware of Simar, don’t let her come close to Prem. Amar says fine. Siddhant says if she comes infront of you, shoot her. Amar says I will do that, we will leave. Chandramani shows this live telecast to everyone on tv. Amar and Prem leave. Mata ji gets shocked seeing Prerna. Siddhant asks what happened and turns to see. Maa asks what did they see there. The family gets shocked seeing Prerna. Chandramani gets shocked too.

Chakor practices running and recalls Vivaan. She thinks of Arjun’s words and runs. She says I don’t feel bad, its Vivaan’s choice, he can get friendly with anyone, I have to remember my aim. She smiles seeing the timer. She gets glad and says just 9 secs, I have worn fast wearing shoes. She sees she was running barefoot and says I did not wear shoes, that’s why I had run fast. She goes to room and sees someone has put water in her shoes. She gets shocked. Tina and Kusum come laughing. Chakor says you can put water in shoes, but not on my spirit, you are afraid that I will win over you, that’s why you guys do this. Kusum says we are not afraid of you. Chakor asks really, then why does Tina create hurdles for me, Tina is afraid that I will win this race.

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Update Credit to: Amena


  1. anu

    what this drama want tpk than why this udaan ssk so tolerating

    hey colors what going on

    i have to study late night than how can i watch more than half hour
    really bad
    very bad

  2. Sits

    Yes i m tooo fed up with oll these trishakti,climax nd oll.. Really fot tpk i hav to tolrate ssk and udaan…plz colrs… Dont do it again its really bore…bcz of these fusion i skip thapki too

  3. riya

    this is not at alllll fair…………… TPK scenes…angry to the core………………..

  4. anu

    I don’ t like trishakti aur climax
    It is a totally waste of time
    I m only like tpk nt ssk aur udaaan

  5. gayathri

    What is this colors become mad or they r doing mentel us. Pls tell did anybody understood any one episode today? And what’s going on tpk

  6. bharti

    no prob with climax ka shukravaar or whatever but end ths torturous mix up of shows…..jzt need half an hour proper tpk

  7. rani

    This mixing up is absolutely crazy.. don’t understand y can’t they show tpk at a stretch for half an hour..

  8. simran

    she just wants to be big infront of everyone she wants everyone to think shes Mahan atma once again that’s why shes trying to find out the truth so that everyone can praise her shes a fat shit thapki is ugly I hate her to bits I wish she dies

  9. utopia

    The are trying to make us watch the shows we have abandoned like SSK i wil not watch any of them today. keep trying writers the TRP will flop again

  10. Human

    God these TRISHAKTIs will kill us one day.I mean I get it if they show Udaan nd Thapki but adding SSK just ruins it all.It has become so unrealistic and so lyk I dunno no words to describe go.It just needs to end now. How many times is Simar gonna cum bak frm the dead nd I can’t believe that as one dayan dies another comes back alive,lyk plz if it gonna make a show don’t show the main character as the queen of sacrifices and everything she does has to be right or else the whole sasural is in trouble.This never happens in real lyf.Already share the problem with it family or is that how weak ur relationship is

  11. Aiman fatma

    Yaar ye trishakti to bore kr deta hair! They only focus on ssk and udaan hate this udaan and all!!!!kuch tpk main bhi to achha dikhao colours

  12. neetu

    Please stop showing clubbing of 2-3serials in the name of agnipareeksha trisakthi shukravar climax etc. .its so irritating!

  13. sag

    Episode – 31507:00 PM –
    07:30 PM, 07 May Set Alert

    Thapki informs everyone that the person who tried to
    murder Balwinder is a left-handed. Meanwhile, Suman
    and Preeti try to provoke their husbands to take Bihaan’s
    position in the business.

    Episode – 31607:00 PM –
    07:30 PM, 08 May Set Alert

    More show timings
    Everyone seems shocked when they hear news regarding
    Bihaan’s escape from prison. However, Thapki keeps calm
    as she knows where he is. Later, Bihaan tries to visit
    Balwinder in the hospital.

      • Roshni

        Todayz episode wen preeti n suman wr tryin to reenact the stab situation…i thot they wil help thapki. Tht wud hav been more fun. I do get it tht the writers wana show tht thapki alone stud fr bihaan even wn he didnt beliv in himslf… but wats wrong in a lil good will and happiness inthe show. Y cant they show more bondin b/w the younger generatn.

      • Nimisha

        Totally agree with everything you say. Preethi and Suman have been lovely recently so don’t understand why they are back to their original ways. But, no one has plotted any dastardly deeds for ooooh about 5 minutes now, so it’s their turn again. ??

        Goodwill and happiness is like the holy grail in this show. Everyone wants it but no one gets it.

        And oh yes! Thapki’s sister was studying law until she started studying single cell life forms… Oops I mean divaker and his family.

      • Roshni

        Haha nimsha.
        So..omg… shes a lawyer and still fell for diwakars chaal! No wonder y thapki dosnt wana give her bihaans case!??
        Btw… if thapki knew bihaan then the only dialogue needed to get bihaans support wud hav been”bihaan…if it wasnt an accident n sumone did it on purpose then they may try it again”. But that point jus conveniently slips off evrybdys head

      • Roshni

        Im upset over the fact tht thapki isn’t huggin n consolin bihaan even nw. Bechara has been cryin buckets by now. Reminds me of a sher aur shayari i herd :
        Hamne aapke pyaar mein ro ro ke Tub bhar diye…..
        Aap itney bewafa nikle…
        ke usme naha ke chal diye!
        Bihaan ka bhi kuch aisa hi haal hai *tears tears*** ?

      • sag

        Hey… Roshni I don’t know what was aditi studying ???

        I have doubt on that aditi was law student….

        But in olv I watch that dhruv get best lawyer and no one is want to accept bihaan’s case nd finally bihaan find a lawyer but he is also seems like useless. Let’s see what happens…

        N poor bihaan, ur shayri is perfectly match with his situation :-p :-p

      • Roshni

        Sag… even i recal someone sayin tht . I startd seein thapki only in dec or jan i thnk…i went bak thru old episodes on utube.. i thnk they say tht in 1 of the initial episodes.
        Lol…i thot thapki hd to bcom lawyr coz vamp vasu threatend all of them?

      • sag

        ohh it may possible..

        Actually I don’t watch initial episodes

        then I think writers forgot about it, that’s
        why they introduce lawyer finding track in
        bihaans case

      • sag

        it’s confirmed news thapki is going to fight bihaan case as lawyer

        no aditi no any tiwari it’s thapki sahibaa….

        I watched in sbb segment on aaj tak

      • Roshni

        Basically they wana show tht thapki wil stand for bihaan while nobdy else she has to do a one (wo)man show.

  14. georgina parillon-langlais

    Writers, please stop serving us this kind of ratatouille! Let us have one dish at a time. Keep the episodes separate and distinct. This mixing up of different soaps is just too confusing. Please consider that (like me) not all TPK fans understands Hindi or are even Asian. I have to rely on Amena’s updates to keep me in the loop; without it, I would be totally clueless! I had to jump from page to page, to follow the thread of what happened on tonight’s episode which (fortunately) wasn’t too much. Waste of time!

  15. Roshni

    The only way to escape trishakti is if u hav recordin facility…else just read the update. Technically speakin nothin much hapnd in today’s episode.
    As usual… one illogical aspect of todays episode…. It was totally dumb and unnecessary to show bihaan beatin his hand and injurin it. Coz wen thapki hands him the knife and asks him to stab… he shifts the knife from the injured left hand to right hand. Tht proves nothin! Now tel me… even a leftie wudnt use his left hand if its injured. Yeh writers aise bakwaas
    situations kyon khada karte hai !

    • sag

      I think thay want to show that bihaan is right handed that’s why he beating his left hand by right hand

      I think they concentrate on thahaan instead of silly murder mystery…

      • Roshni

        They wantd to show hes ryt handed by making him stab with the ryt hand.. but keepin an injured left hand dosnt help convey tht point ?. nywy.. no point in searchin for logics in tpk… but i just cant help it?. I started watchin thapki recently…so.i had the privilege of fast forwardin unwanted tracks…. dat way the serial is actually rather niz. Especially the things bihaan dos for thapki. Drag-free the drama is sweet.Hmmm so wen did u start watchin thapki? From thahaan episodes?

    • sag

      yes u r again right there is no point in searchin for logics in tpk… 😛

      I started to watch tpk from when bihaan compulsively want to stay in KK’s house due to diwakar’s posters drama n at last thapki agreed to stay in PN for well known 3 months 😉

      when did u start watchin tpk ?

      • Roshni

        Usually i dont watch much tv… either i didnt gt tym or was stuk up in hostl. So by arnd the end of last yr wn i got free i wantd to watch sumthn… one day i saw bihaan hookin a cam onto a goat n i ws wonderin ..”. huh…wats this”… then i caught up on old episodes on utube n ws bowld over by manish cryin his eyes out?… he dos emotional scenes very well??

  16. Fatarajo

    Even though I m a big fan of thahaan I watch udaan more than TPK nowadays , udaan is never out or track but last 2-3 episodes these days I actually liked TPK, so I don’t mind Udaan n TPK , but This SSK is TOOO much

    • Roshni

      Thankfully nw i hav recordin facility. I recal the first tym i had to watch trishakti episode. Oh godd.. in ssk an old lady (looked like the makeup kit exploded on her face!) was disappearin n reappearin arnd the house with the most pesterin bakgrnd music evr. Police shud play SSK continuously for 3 hrs to interrogate criminals!? trishakti is like tritorture!

  17. I think its help to increse trp thats why they always make climax shukrabar or trishakti or its helps to increse viwer if someone only see thapki pyar ki they also start to udaan or ssk or if ssk viewer start to watch tpk or udaan or if udaaan viewer start to watch tpk or udaan….. ( In my house I only like tpk but my mom like to watch tpk or ssk but my grandmom like to watch udaan nd tpk or kasam frm colors nd my cousine like to watch Nagin nd tpk )all colors viewer in my house…

  18. Mounika

    Ufff….no precap ….anyway at last thapki prove bhihan innocent…and bau ji will come out of coma..

    • Roshni

      They understud we hav finally byhearted the precap now… itni baar bekaar mein dikha chuke hai ki if that scene wud come as an xam question, i wud even remmbr the numbr of sequins on thapkis saree?

      • Sivagami

        Hahaha?… Roshni, your comments are more entertaining than the show yar… U always have good points on jokes…… I burst out laughing….??… Nowadays tpk got so bored… ?Bihaan is crying in all the episodes …. No more cute funny fights that I used enjoy so much.:.

  19. vani

    I think TV ka Blockbuster was much better than these 3shakti and climax ka shukrvar.. atleast in tht v were sure tht only 1 serial will b shown… but in 3shakti nd climax ka shukrvar, v have to bear the other shows also of which v have no idea at all and v r not even sure kab konse serial ka scene dikhayega, so apne show ko dekhne k liye saare dekhne padte h. Nd tv ka blockbuster me 1 hr ek hi shiw dikhate the lekin te 3shakti aur cks me to puri khichdi ho jati h, pata bhi nahi lagta serial aakhir khatam hua ki nahi…

  20. abi

    wen will they start love btw bihaan n thapki…y bihaan s so much angry still now…pls releave ur angry and confess to thapki…n make love scenes….I hate trishakti n climax

  21. Nagaraju Chinthala

    Please Colours, stop this trishakthi and climax and blah blah. I love watching thapki not ssk and udaan. If u keep doing the same then u will loose all ur audience. I am really fed up wid this. Idk what happened to colours channel!!!

  22. sag

    ohh it may possible..

    Actually I don’t watch initial episodes

    then I think writers forgot about it that’s why they introduce lawyer finding track in bihaans case

  23. Sunita

    I enjoyed watching tonight’s episode.Brilliantly acted by Thupki and Bihan,especially the seen in the hospital where Bihan saves Bapuji’s life .lt brought tears to my eyes when Bihan reached for Thupki’s hand…ahhhhh?

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