Thapki Pyaar Ki 6th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 6th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan holding Lukka’s hand angrily. People cheer for Badshah. Bihaan says I have bear everything you did with me, you did not do right by beating Thapki. He punches Lukka and pushes him. Shraddha and Thapki look on shocked. Bihaan starts beating Lukka angrily. He looks at Thapki. She cries seeing him wounded. Bihaan beats Lukka more and throws him on the ground. Debie smiles. Bihaan hurts Lukka. Thapki stops Bihaan. Bihaan leaves Lukka hearing Thapki and falls back. He says Ghazab…….. people call out Badshah….. Bihaan sees the keys there and goes there in wounded state.

Thapki asks him are you fine. He says I told you, Bihaan Pandey will open this lock. He gets keys and opens the cage lock. He comes out of the cage and wins the fight. People lift him. Thapki

looks on relieved.

Later, Bihaan changes clothes and freshens up. He comes to Thapki with his bruised face. He says you are annoyed that I earned money by fighting, what else could I do to get 10000rs in one day, I had no other way, keep this 10000rs. She turns her face away. He says I knew you won’t take this, you can’t regard fights right, I did not wish to fight, I felt you will find me wrong and was coming out, but Lukka did not allow me to come out, I did not make him lose for prize money, when he pushed you, I could not bear it, I got angry and beaten him, I can bear everything, but not your insult. Thapki looks at him…. He says I won, but lost, I don’t want to insult you by giving this money, this money does not matter to me if you don’t value you, and turns to throw money.

She stops him and says whatever the value of this money, but the hardwork and determination you had to earn this is priceless. She says I learnt one thing that intentions make a work right and wrong, the intention was not wrong, there are blood stains on the notes, but its proof of your honesty and sacrifice, its true and right money like chadava in temple, that’s why you are not insultiung me by giving this money, you are giving me respect. She takes the money and says this is your hardearned money, you have won your self esteem by this fight, I value it. She asks him to come home, as he is wounded. She says I will do dressing, come.

Shraddha comes home. Vasundara sees her with knife and asks what are you going to do, we lost, its fine, we will try again, don’t kill anyone. Shraddha says no, I m not doing murder, I m going to sacrifice my nails, so that Lord helps us. She tells what happened in the fight. She says I can’t bear insult by Bihaan and Thapki, be ready, they will come any moment.

Bihaan calls out Dadi, Bau ji and others. Vasundara asks Shraddha not to get angry, come. Dadi, Bau ji and everyone come out. Bau ji sees Bihaan’s wound and asks what happened. Suman asks the same. Dadi asks Bihaan are you fine. Bihaan says I m fine, I got hurt as I had to earn money by fair way. I was just fulfilling Shraddha’s condition. He signs Thapki. Thapki says we had to give you full rent of cowshed in 2 days, here it is, 10000rs, Bihaan did not earn this by wrong way, he has earned this by his hardwork, take this. Bau ji and Dadi smile. Dadi takes the money with respect. She gives it to Balwinder Bau ji and says take this, its first hard earned pay of Bihaan. Bau ji asks Dadi to keep it in Lord’s feet. Bihaan says you are my Lord Bau ji, and Maa too. Bau ji gives money to Vasundara. Bau ji says Thapki and Bihaan did their work, now I will do my work, you both can stay in cowshed with respect now, you earned this right. Dadi says yes, and did you apply medicine on wound. Bihaan says yes, Thapki did the aid. Dadi says I will sleep peacefully today. They all go. Vasundara asks Shraddha to keep the money and use it any way she wants. Bihaan and Thapki get shocked. Shraddha takes the money. Vasundara stares at Thapki and goes.

Bihaan challenges Shraddha that in two days, Thapki and he will be within the house. Shraddha says this won’t happen till I m here.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I feel that Shraddha is quite correct.

  2. well I kinda like today’s episode as bihaan said he can’t see thapki’s insult n now thapki is also understanding bihaan n not blaming him.

    thahaan scene was awesome
    n about the precape well I m interested to know how bihaan will expose Shraddha in two days.

  3. Amazing this is called izzatwalaa pyaar…this is pure and true love so i just want thahaan to realise their love very soon…I think after separation they will realise but I don’t want them to separate

  4. Anyway dis tyme thahan jeethgayi so happy for dat ….but when sradha and vasu vl expose

  5. You did it Bihaan pandey… ?✌?
    Shraddha you’re right kill yourself. … so that others can live peacefully.
    And in precap Bihaan’s challenge to Shraddha is really promising one I think it will bring new twist with Thahaan’s re-entering to Pandey nivas.

  6. Oh God phir se vahi drama n fight.. plz end this program or give more romantic scenes instead og fighting scene..

  7. That old witch is still after Thapki even tho her son is not with Thapki but with that other witch whom she thought was the right girl for her son…. I just dont know why they still respecting such selfish old hag who dont want peace within her own house ???

  8. Honestly i feel proud when bihaan gives his first income to his parent .
    Now that was an interesting thing ……two more days ( actually a week in real life ) to go and we will be seeing thapki in the house
    i had read somewhere that thapki moves back to her home and bihaan comes there to get her to pandey niwas

  9. stupidity overloaded ….very irritating epi it was….I mean ek to bihaan abhi ek ghante pehle worst condition me tha…or ab use even medicine ki bhi zarurat ni h…gajab…acting was nice…but story was….

  10. hate u shaddhra… Bt remember u can never win ova thahan nd stupid vasu

  11. Critical viewer

    I am not one of the regular watchers of this serial as I find this saga totally unrealistic and depressing. My wife somehow seems to be glued to this serial because of the lead character in the show who belongs to our caste and so on some occasions I end up watching this show.

    What amazes me is the storyline and the rationale on which the story is based – who on earth allows atrocities to be done on one’s family members. How come the elders in the family never intervene or correct the wrong doers!

    Anyways coming to views about today’s episode – the fight between Bihaan and Luka seemed totally unrealistic, please creative team get some creativity in place to atleast make it seem acceptable. How come the elders didn’t persuade Vasudha and Shradha to bring the outliers home. Bihaan your acting in today’s episode wasn’t as good as in some of the previous episodes.

    I guess I shall watch this serial more often to write critics…… Hahaha
    Critical viewer

  12. Good episode………:

  13. Nice episode. Thahaan scene was good.

  14. Gud episode….hope bihaan fulfills his commitment made in precap.

  15. Totally a powerpacked episode……Bihaan you are the real hero and the centre of attraction,the looks and actions of Thapki….which indicates her admiration towrds him.writerji….we are waiting for Thahaans beautiful scenes.M FOR MANISH M FOR MINDBLOWING.

  16. ? Bihan you rocks! Your acting is superb I ❤ u thahaa.n!!?

  17. Thahaa u guys rocked .thapki now u hav got very loving life partner. I now just after 2 days shaardha will be out thapki in side the house if bihaan say something he will do that .. I really hope thapki should realize bihaan love sooooo and I really hope vasu trueth should com out soon . I really like shaardha to stay in cowshadeif that happens I will be really happy I hate u shaa.. I love u thahaan good job do will…

  18. Kya challenge against Shrddha yaarrrr……!
    B for bihaan aur B for best in challenge

  19. Kiraaak………episode
    gone crazy…..

  20. Today after many days I liked after reading this episode was bihaan saying can’t tolerate when u got hurt to thapki that was so cute thahaan rocks

  21. I don’t think tht two devils r gng to b expose in ths serial………

  22. Just dragging…

  23. First of all I have been researching the song from Queen, so much love and unconditional trust in the story behind the song. Which leaves me to fall in love with this serial more so.

    The actors are amazing. Thapki and Bhiaan are the most perfect couple with passion,conviction,values and innocence of life. You have cry your hearts out for them..they are so adorable together. .

    The wicked witches need to be exposed

  24. New twist to come in tail, dadi and dada ji marriage picture, destroyed by mouse due to are lovely bhabie suman. And given to preety to rescue, and shardha play against preety and preety also blamed for mistake. Thapki and bihaan to rescue
    And thapki finally win preety bhabie heart
    Suman bhabie and awshin bhai down
    Preety will down
    And remember the scene where bauji feels thapki was not on mistake
    So soon thapki will win over pandy family
    And after that separation sequel guys wait patiently

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