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Thapki Pyaar Ki 6th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rahul saying we were talking to Thapki, who wanted to dedicate a song to her husband. Bihaan is glad to hear. Rahul asks Thapki which song she wants to dedicate. Thapki says hamdard song. Rahul requests Thapki to sing few lines of the song. She asks how. He says come on, your voice is beautiful, you can do this for your husband. Bihaan and family hear her on radio. She stammers and sings Pal do pal……….

He says my program will get over if I listen to your song, it needs time and patience to hear you, you stammer so much, your husband has much courage, he stays with you, I have to agree, he loves you a lot, love is blind so he did not see your weakness right. She cries. Bihaan gets angry hearing this. She asks Rahul to play the song. He says fine, I will play, give

any love message for your husband, don’t be afraid to give any message, you can’t say without stammering, sorry, anyways, you can stammer, but give your message for your husband. Shraddha smiles. Rahul asks Thapki to say her fav number. She asks will you play song after it. He says yes. She says 15. He asks her to say 15 table in hindi. She says but… play the song. He says you say the table, I will play song. Vasundara sees Shraddha smiling. Rahul asks Thapki to say the table. Thapki starts saying 15’s table in hindi. Rahul says you will be tired in stammering, tell me how did you complete your studies, what punishment did you get in school. He jokes on Thapki. Bihaan gets angry. Thapki cries. Bihaan leaves on his bike. Vasundara says Rahul is misbehaving with Thapki. Shraddha says see he does next, I mean we can’t trust such people.

Rahul asks Thapki does she explain her family by stammering. Bihaan is on the way and listening to the radio. Rahul says I can’t talk to such girl, maybe your husband’s love is deaf too, we got an example of love, answer me Thapki ji, then I will play your son, who named you Thapki, I did not hear such strange name. She says I used to stammer in childhood, everyone used to pat on my back, I used to complete sentence that way, so they called me Thapki. Rahul insults her. Bihaan fumes and races the bike to reach Radio station. Rahul says we will play your song, but I will play a song for you first. He plays Munni badnaam hui………….. Bihaan reaches the radio station. Guard stops him and asks for ID. Bihaan says I have come to show ID to Rahul. He gets inside and aims gun at Rahul. Rahul gets shocked and asks who made you come inside. Bihaan says I came to make on in the air from off air. He recalls Thapki’s words. Rahul asks who are you. Bihaan says Bihaan Pandey, Thapki’s husband. Rahul asks him to talk on phone and gets scared seeing the gun. Bihaan keeps his gun there and says I m simple man. He shows all his weapons. Rahul gets shocked. Bihaan asks him to sit, show is on air and wears headphone, asking him to talk on air now.

Bihaan greets everyone. Thapki and the family get shocked and happy. Vasundara says how did Bihaan reach there. Bihaan says I m love guide Rahul’s fav friend, like he is talking sweet to Thapki, I thought to talk sweet to him. He asks Thapki is she listening, don’t worry, I will come to you, before that I have to ask few questions to Rahul. Rahul stammers and says sure. Bihaan says you started stammering before answering, sing a song for us, come on, don’t get shy, Thapki has sung too. Bihaan holds the gun and scares him. Rahul stammers and sings hum tere bin jee nai sakte…… Bihaan says Ghazad, you stammered to talk and sing, just like Thapki, then whats the difference between you and Thapki. Everyone smile listening to Bihaan. Rahul says nothing.

Bihaan says there is big difference of courage, Thapki has more courage than you, she faces her weakness and those who make fun of her, no one is making fun of you, do your work. Rahul stammers by fear. Bihaan says you have sung song by a pat, this pat is encouragement, not a burden, the one who has Thapki never fails to live and win life, about love, Bau ji said eyes are needed to express love, Thapki stammers, but her eyes says everything without saying anything, anyways heart with love is needed to understand her, the love which I have in my heart for my Mrs. Thapki Bihaan Pandey.

He says yes friends, I m Thapki’s husband, Rahul has hurt Thapki a lot unknowingly, Thapki forgive me, you had to hear all this because of me. He asks Rahul to say such things that encourages people and give good lesson to people, so that they learn to respect, not insult, else there can be no one to give you a pat. Rahul apologizes to Thapki. She cries.

Bihaan comes home and plays the song. Thapki looks at him. Hamdard song……plays…………. They cry seeing each other. She runs to him. They have an eyelock. Their emotions intensify. Ranjhana………..plays…………… Bihaan and Thapki hug.

Shraddha tells Rahul that she asked him to insult Thapki, and he got himself insulted. Vasundara hears this and confronts Shraddha.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I really loved it. Soooo nice!!!

  2. Superb episode…nice bihaan…he love thapki lot…so sweet..cute bihaan…we want more scenes from them
    Their love…wen thapki wear mangalsutra n sindoor…she look pretty . ..Wr s dhruv

  3. Loved the episode

  4. santhosh, roshni, vinlora, thapki, fatrajo, sumera, nimisha, kana, annu, aliza, sam, tinto mon, Tamil ponunga – Adithi(7), pihoo…. N ALL other friends

    roshni’s email idea is really good so plz cooperate if u all think it fit….


    1. Fatarajo (KRPKAB, EDKV n Dehleez fan)

      Okay sag my email address is [email protected] u all can feel free to email me and please do say who u r and what’s your Id name iin tellyupdates so that I don’t get a shock 😛 well I don’t check emails much as I m more active in fb n insta but for today n tomorrow I will check my email more frequently

      1. “So tht i dont get a shock”… lol.. now im tempted to play some email prank on u?.but dont worry i wont. And hey guys… whoevr puts up email id here… its a public forum… so use fake id…later u can xchnge original ones. Coz u gota bware of spams n viruses and hackers. Esp fb id. I hope u guys knw how menacing fb hackin can b (sinz ur pics wud b on it). Easier for one friend to put up an email id and then for the rest to mail tht person n xchange other ids. As usual… thats jus one of my crazy advices for safety sake. Follow if u feel its sensibl else discard. I read too much abt cyber crime. Thats y. Anywy… sinz im talkin abt cyber crime… for my younger sisters… did u guys knw tht any file ( photo video or watevr) onz stored on ur phon or compter can be retrieved even if u hav ” deleted” it? This means tht even if u delete personal photos from ur ph and then hand over to a mobile repair shop…they may b abl to retrieve it bak(many girls hav been blakmailed wth such pics ). Nythn typd on a computer can b retrieved bak evn aftr deletin… that was just a GK tht i wantd to share simpy.

      2. Hey roshni don’t worry yaar I have given password security to my email and ids and I have made some settings due to which hackers won’t be able to visit my email and I use diffrent email for fb so doesnt matter it’s okay 😛

  5. Where is 7th june episode

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