Thapki Pyaar Ki 6th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 6th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rahul saying we were talking to Thapki, who wanted to dedicate a song to her husband. Bihaan is glad to hear. Rahul asks Thapki which song she wants to dedicate. Thapki says hamdard song. Rahul requests Thapki to sing few lines of the song. She asks how. He says come on, your voice is beautiful, you can do this for your husband. Bihaan and family hear her on radio. She stammers and sings Pal do pal……….

He says my program will get over if I listen to your song, it needs time and patience to hear you, you stammer so much, your husband has much courage, he stays with you, I have to agree, he loves you a lot, love is blind so he did not see your weakness right. She cries. Bihaan gets angry hearing this. She asks Rahul to play the song. He says fine, I will play, give

any love message for your husband, don’t be afraid to give any message, you can’t say without stammering, sorry, anyways, you can stammer, but give your message for your husband. Shraddha smiles. Rahul asks Thapki to say her fav number. She asks will you play song after it. He says yes. She says 15. He asks her to say 15 table in hindi. She says but… play the song. He says you say the table, I will play song. Vasundara sees Shraddha smiling. Rahul asks Thapki to say the table. Thapki starts saying 15’s table in hindi. Rahul says you will be tired in stammering, tell me how did you complete your studies, what punishment did you get in school. He jokes on Thapki. Bihaan gets angry. Thapki cries. Bihaan leaves on his bike. Vasundara says Rahul is misbehaving with Thapki. Shraddha says see he does next, I mean we can’t trust such people.

Rahul asks Thapki does she explain her family by stammering. Bihaan is on the way and listening to the radio. Rahul says I can’t talk to such girl, maybe your husband’s love is deaf too, we got an example of love, answer me Thapki ji, then I will play your son, who named you Thapki, I did not hear such strange name. She says I used to stammer in childhood, everyone used to pat on my back, I used to complete sentence that way, so they called me Thapki. Rahul insults her. Bihaan fumes and races the bike to reach Radio station. Rahul says we will play your song, but I will play a song for you first. He plays Munni badnaam hui………….. Bihaan reaches the radio station. Guard stops him and asks for ID. Bihaan says I have come to show ID to Rahul. He gets inside and aims gun at Rahul. Rahul gets shocked and asks who made you come inside. Bihaan says I came to make on in the air from off air. He recalls Thapki’s words. Rahul asks who are you. Bihaan says Bihaan Pandey, Thapki’s husband. Rahul asks him to talk on phone and gets scared seeing the gun. Bihaan keeps his gun there and says I m simple man. He shows all his weapons. Rahul gets shocked. Bihaan asks him to sit, show is on air and wears headphone, asking him to talk on air now.

Bihaan greets everyone. Thapki and the family get shocked and happy. Vasundara says how did Bihaan reach there. Bihaan says I m love guide Rahul’s fav friend, like he is talking sweet to Thapki, I thought to talk sweet to him. He asks Thapki is she listening, don’t worry, I will come to you, before that I have to ask few questions to Rahul. Rahul stammers and says sure. Bihaan says you started stammering before answering, sing a song for us, come on, don’t get shy, Thapki has sung too. Bihaan holds the gun and scares him. Rahul stammers and sings hum tere bin jee nai sakte…… Bihaan says Ghazad, you stammered to talk and sing, just like Thapki, then whats the difference between you and Thapki. Everyone smile listening to Bihaan. Rahul says nothing.

Bihaan says there is big difference of courage, Thapki has more courage than you, she faces her weakness and those who make fun of her, no one is making fun of you, do your work. Rahul stammers by fear. Bihaan says you have sung song by a pat, this pat is encouragement, not a burden, the one who has Thapki never fails to live and win life, about love, Bau ji said eyes are needed to express love, Thapki stammers, but her eyes says everything without saying anything, anyways heart with love is needed to understand her, the love which I have in my heart for my Mrs. Thapki Bihaan Pandey.

He says yes friends, I m Thapki’s husband, Rahul has hurt Thapki a lot unknowingly, Thapki forgive me, you had to hear all this because of me. He asks Rahul to say such things that encourages people and give good lesson to people, so that they learn to respect, not insult, else there can be no one to give you a pat. Rahul apologizes to Thapki. She cries.

Bihaan comes home and plays the song. Thapki looks at him. Hamdard song……plays…………. They cry seeing each other. She runs to him. They have an eyelock. Their emotions intensify. Ranjhana………..plays…………… Bihaan and Thapki hug.

Shraddha tells Rahul that she asked him to insult Thapki, and he got himself insulted. Vasundara hears this and confronts Shraddha.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. vicks

    Thahaan hug was so cute… again dragging…. evil shraddha hate her… thahaan part was best


    Spoiler of the week. ….

    Episode – 347
    Vasu punishes Shraddha by making her commentate on the daily chores happening in Pandey Niwas. Jealous of Katrina being Bihaan’s crush, Thapki pranks him by calling him pretending to be Katrina.

    Episode – 348
    Shraddha plans to take revenge on Vasu by mixing pieces of glass in her ‘poha’. Thapki finally confesses her love for Bihaan when he comes to meet Katrina.

    Episode – 349
    Shraddha tries to spoil Vasu’s reputation in front of the family but realises no one will believe her. Bihaan gifts Thapki a red dress and asks her to wear it.

    Episode – 350
    Vasu and Dhruv share an emotional moment as they reminisce about the old memories. Meanwhile, the Pandey family is busy preparing for the puja to celebrate the arrival of Shraddha’s baby.


    One of the my best episode. ….

    Bihaan ne jab bi baahr jayega itni achchi and healthy items uske paas hoga…….muje tho wo finger punch knife bauth pasand aaya……….

    Again rone wala hug …… mere sapne mai cvs tho paani paykdiya…..

    DS is back aage iske role kya hoga…….!!!!

  4. Tamil ponunga - Adithi(7)

    Cool.. Now a days shraddha’s plans started back firing ??
    Very nice and most awaited epi.. I loved it..

    Hi hi guys.. What up??!!

  5. ub

    Waiting for tomorrow episode.. shraddha u never change.. idiot always…

    Thahaan u always rocks… amazing support to each other.. pair should be like this…

  6. Gayathri

    Wow wt an episode. Kyon ri chudel thapki ko badnam karti hai. Ab dekh tereliye hum gana ga rahein hain. “”??shradha badnam huei thapki ko sathane ke liye?? “”.??????. Aur kal ready hoja dhafa hone keliye. ???

    • Tamil Ponnunga-Goms (6)

      Hiii…juggu,kana,adithi,nasreen and nages akka’s, ash, kumutha,anndddd all Tamil ponnunga…
      Am back to thapki after 3days miss yu all soo much frnz..

      Thapki Bihaan alws rockz.. they hugged each other awww…????

      Vasu-ma punish this shradha…and plz be aware and away from shradha..

    • Tamil ponnunga-Kana (1)

      Hi juggu,mozhi,goms and nasreen h r u??? Sorry for the late reply,ippa than love track super ah poikidu iruku 🙂
      U knw guys antha bihaan roomla iruke kuruvi koodu athila kooda romance scenes varumam 🙂


    Hai SAG muje patha hai thum aaj zarur forum karogi ………. cmt nahi kiya tho kohi baath nahi…..

    Mein ne kall ke episode bi yahi post kiya a ….aagr thum nahi deka tho iss liye phir se copy paste kiya a……

    Sirf hum ko log samja thumne…..!!!!!???
    Mai b tho iss form ka achchi dosth samjatha…..phir thumne….. chodo a baathe

    Log haate jaate hai sahi leki dosti ek baar haathe a phir jaathe nahi……
    Zindagi bar nahi kamse kam serial end hone takk ruko na SAG please. …….

    Mai bi cmt raha hoo tho aap sab ki wajese ….. warna mai tho kabb bi chod diya hotha yaar…….

    Hai roshni thum bi…..!!!!??????

    Hai kannada dosth thumara kya faisla a…..!!!!???

  8. Pihoo

    New names for thaahan

    1) mr and mrs. Mahaan aatma
    2) mr and mrs. Teddy bear
    3) mr and mrs rona dhona
    4) mr and mrs. Musibat

  9. maryam

    oOoOoOooooOOOOOOoOOOooOooOo…………….wow loved the episode bihaaan mindblowing today maza a gya…………………………….gajabbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb……

  10. chocolate

    ?G evng frnds
    Nice episode & I think dis kind of support & love should be dere in real lives too.
    Thahaan’s chemistry z awesome ???
    L for love u thahaan


    Up coming track……..

    Thapki (Jigyasa Singh) misunderstands Bihaan’s (Manish Goplani) love for Katrina in Thapki Pyar Ki

    The upcoming episode of Thapki Pyar Ki will show that Thapki is upset seeing Bihaan’s love for Katrina unaware about Katrina is Bollywood actress.

    Bihaan has crush at Katrina but Thapki thinks that she is a girl.

    Thapki calls Bihaan and ask him to meet in park.

    Bihaan asks her to wear yellow dress so that he will recognize her.

    Bihaan reaches sin the park in all happy way while Thapki stands hiding her face.

    Thapki gets emotinal seeing Bihaan’s unconditional love for her

    Bihaan tells Thapki thinking her as Katrina that she is his crush and he loves her but now he loves someone else who is Mrs Thapki Bihaan Pandey.

    Thapki gets emotional hearing Bihaan’s confession.

    Manyasa cute iv……

    Jigayasa iv talking about shooting and hard working. ….

    • Roshni

      Nice interview. Off screen thse 2 keep huggin eachother so much… on screen itne sharmile hai.Thse 2 luk sooo cute togthr… u cant help but wish they wr a real life couple. Bt i hv a fren whos jus lik this n v keep pullin eachothrs legs n share a gr8 comfort zone. So i undrstnd hw they cn b “just” frens….. i guess ankit n jigs r wel suited too. Vaise jigs bahut khoobsoorat hai.

  12. vinlora

    Emotional episode. .totally loved it…mere aankho mein aansu aagaye…bihaan truely a caring husband. ..jab shraddha ka plan flop hogaya tab uska chehra dekh ke mazaa aaya…today’s highlight was bihaans emotional talk and the emotional hug….I loved the hug….emotions overflowed …hats off to manyasa. ..brilliant execution of emotions. ..CV’S plz thahaan ke room mein ek gosla hai na. ..uss mein ek beautiful romantic scene deejiye …aur uss romance ko DS bhi dekhe tho aur bhi achcha hai. ..


      Hare cvs gods meri dosth ki ichcha poori karo……

      Haha. ..kya baath a gosla ka scene chahiye……..
      Phele thahaan ko romantic bannedo….. uske baadh a sab soch na a …..
      mein bi mannath maagliya a cvs se thumara sapna poora hojaye……

    • Roshni

      Haha.. even manish ws commentin on romancin in tht gosla (nest)?. Wen the sofa got wet i thot shel mak him sleep in tht ?. Shukar hai diye se vo jal nahi gaya. I felt their ws a diya insid tht too.vaise…. pura pandey parivar is like a chidiyaghar (zoo) and usme ye gosla kafi appropriate lag raha hai??

  13. Thapki

    Good and emotional episode but dragging one hug

    Hugging the person u love is the simplest thing but here it is taking ages


      Hum bi tho kya karsakthe a…
      Thapki tho super sanskaari ladki a na….
      ek hug liye bi bauth sharmaathi a….

    • Roshni

      I found ystrdys scene very funny…. wen he keeps his hand on her shouldr and she says “kya kar rahe ho ( wat r u doin?)”????. Normally wen someone familiar dos tht u wud ask “yes… tel me..( thinkin they wana say somethin). Ye aise react kar rahi hai jaise kuch batameesi kiya ho. Lol! Bechara bihaan…no wondr y hes so scared. From journalist…to tailor…to lawyr and now bhoolan devi. B for bihaan ko b for brahmachari banna padega ab.
      @thapki j… were wr u. Our sag is plannin to lev forum and hunt for a new show it seems. Suna kya?
      Guys.. gnyt. Thapki j n othrs… Ramadan Kareem!

      • Thapki

        Hahah poor bihaan bhatam chari patni k lye bhramchari pati he bna pry ga na ?
        Heyy roshni got bit busy these days was doing preparations for ramadan and eid plus my cousin is getting engaged so yeah didnt get time to comment here.
        Ramadan mubarak guys!

  14. ishi

    Gajab episode
    Bhihaan ur so sweet the way u supported thapki today was awesome 🙂 🙂
    Nd finally thahaan hug …….to emotional
    I really want ki shraddha ka truth bahar aaye

  15. Sam

    Yaar aaj ka episode to bohaat zabardaast. Superb bihanoo cutooo. And tapki u are awesome in crying as always. I like the finger knife. Its cool yaar i wanna have one too. And dialogue were fantastic. Shraddha witch. I m happy her plan flopped. Its really first time to see too baby bumb on shrddha’s tummy. Lol haaa haa and amazed that she still wear net saree. Anyways i only watch bcause of thahaan. Love u thahaan. Muaahh and lots and lots of prayers for u. Happy ramadan to all my muslims friends here. Thahaan rocks

  16. Roshni

    Hey guys. In bit of a hurry ryt now. @shaparak… juggu… kana n al…sorry yaar. i saw tht thrs r som comments in ystrdys post tht im suppos to read… but im a lil short of tym… so wil read it n get bak to u guys??? wantd to let u guys knw i appreciate it ….esp shaparak hs sent a long msg.
    Sag… cam onlin in a hurry fearin u may go off without gud byes.
    @sag… dont live ryt now… im a lil short of tym. If u r very sure of levin then giv me sum tym to gv u farewel speech??? . kuch zyada xpect mat karna. Ek line hi bolungi.????
    Actually i want u to wait for one thing. Agar tum jana hi chahte ho to gv me som tym.mein ek fake email id banake yaha par send karungi ( regularone public forum mein dalna teek nahi hoga na.isliye). Thaki agar kisi din tumara mann kare baat karne keliye aur hum yaha na ho.. to kum se kum dosti choot na jaye. Thapki j santosh nimi vinlo… tum log bhi istamaal kar sakte ho. Agar koi anonymous rahna chahe to vo bhi teek hai…hum sab fake id se hi sahi…lekin kabhi kabar to msg kar sakte hai. Lekin filhaal mere paas of banane ka bhi tym nahi hai. Tho pls… dhoda ruk javo. Btw… i wana ask u one qns… aur mein ye sabko poochti hu. Hasna mat!!! Tum ladka ho ki ladki. Sorry??? mujhe kuch nicknames dek ke pata nahi chalta. Dost hai to itna to jan na chahiye na??.?pls tum log haso mat.
    @ santosh.. no yaar… i wasnt gona lev. Not right now atleast. Mein ne thoda emotional blackmailin karke sag ko rokne ki koshish kar rahi dhi. Par dheko… ye thapki se bhi mahir nikli. Jaise bihaan ke pyaar ko pehle tukraya….sag mere dhosti ko tukra kar ja raha hai?.
    @thapki J.. long tym no see.
    Alryt guys. Wil b bak with replies n al wen i get tym. Sag… stay bak for a week more na??? dussi na jao

  17. Roshni

    @ sharapak. Namaste to u too ?. Happy to see such a long response. Yes i do get ur point. Even i like it wen stories show more depth in relationships but unfortunately “draggin “.. and recycling of the same successful theme ( for eg… often ul see tht 2 ppl r married for reasons othr than luv… n the story is abt how they end up fallin of eachothr. I hv seen this track countless numbr of tyms. Bt it repeats coz ppl wtch it ovr n ovr again in different packages. Funny part is… so do i?. I had seen a similar story in “yeh hai mohabatein”… latr i got bored).
    The “drag” aspect is really annoyin. It also happens coz i thnk usually the audiences lose their interest onz the leads confess their luv. Unlike in western series… here (in certaim family channels)… u csnt show too much intimacy. Theres also the concept of “luv happens only once in a life tym”. Hv u noticed tht thapki nevr confesd her luv for druv? But real life is diff… sometyms ppl dont end up with their first luv for a lota reasons. Sometyms a persons first luv may hav died…yet quite unexpectedly… they fal in luv again.n its no disrespect to the othr person. Unfortunately… writers dont take up risks n try out stories tht blow ppl mind away with a fresh angle. Often… ( wen it cums to dramas of the same genre) one story clicks wel with the audience… then they keep servin the sam thing over n over again until somebdy els tries sumthn new. But this isnt alwys the case. We hav a wider range of channels here… so as per the demographics tht each one is suppos to apeal to…the shows vary. In Sony channel i hv seen serials with more real like leads (kuch rang pyaar ke…) . Thre ws historical drama jofha akbar…. etc. i dontget too much tym to watch tv… so i may nt b abl to tel u much abt “whch” shows to watch. I usually jus graz thru them on utube. I also get my chanls on my tab. So i dnt alys switch on tv. I jus click on random shws.
    As for the draggin part. U knw wt i do? I usually watch completed shows tht r availabl online (utube mostly). Skippin thru episodes makes it enjoyable. I ” dnt ” hv much patience to sit n watch senseless drama (i like things to b logical…scientiic and realistic. N im a sorta perfectionist.i want writers to put in some hard work n mak sensibl plots) at slow motion pace …one epi/day. Up until recently i ws way to busy fr serials. I startd watchin tpk recently…skippd thru online episodes…finally caught up with current one. I dont fully appreciate the sensless mumbo jumbo goin on at tyms ( i usd to write bloopers here?)…but i like thahaan chemistry n i like my friends here a lot…so i come by.wen shw gts dull…. i enjoy makin spoofs wid my pals here.
    Problem with indian shows is sometyms they r too stereotype. Dont thnk they r al the same.There r gud ones… but copyright prevents most of them frm bein uploaded online n unfortunately i like to watch several epi at a stretch to avoid drag.
    And as for shows of the west… wel.. im a bit of a tom boy usually. I luv watchin thrillers… crime n investigation…. science fiction etc. Thres a shortage of thos in our industry.i luv how they put in a lota effort in researching so as to convince ppl of their story. Wen i ws young i used to watch a medical drama calld “ER -emergency room” . I mean no insult to india.. but i gota giv it up for thse guys for the tedious research behind their projects. I hv also enjoyd watchin dexter….heroes. prison break….. csi miami etc. I also like to watch documentaries n stuffs. N i like some old fashioned feel good hallmark shows. The 17th century western romance is like our indian romanz….. nt just abt the physical attractn… bt deeper. I like our shows… but as u said… they do drag it a lot. Hmmm if ur interested… try chekin out hallmark movies on utube. I dont knw iful like it. There r some feel gud uncomplicated stories to watch wen ur tired from work/studies n dont wana apply too much brain.??? tryin to recal the names. i thnk…1) Magic of ordinary days. 2) wen calls the heart 3) love comes slowly series ( its some 8 stories. Each one is available on utube. For more info google the title in wiki so ul knw if u r interestd or not.i dnt knw u wel enof to knw if ul like it too.

    Its got the flavor of our indian dramas… not too mch of materialstic or physical love.some gud old fashioned romanz to watch wen u need to giv ur brain a rest. Some of the xmas stories r similar too.
    Alryt sharapak (odd nickname.if ur a girl i wud prefer calin u shara?). Nyt here…gud night

  18. Nimisha

    Watched late again, will come back and read all the comments properly tomorrow,

    Just wanted to saybthatbhug at the end was well worth the wait, was lovely, Manish’s expression when he saw thapki was priceless, lovely episodes and Precap with vasu clocking shraddha’s plan looks good.

    Sag, totally respect your decision and reasons for saying goodbye to the show but please please please don’t leave.

    I haven’t commented much lately but always look forward to reading everyone’s comments and esp yours, roshni’s and santhosh’s banter. You three are very gifted individually but also collectively too,

    I’ll look forward to seeing you back soon, I hope.

    Catch you all tomorrow,


  19. Shaparak

    Hi Roshni, you asked me if I am a mail or female? firstly I am female, and I don’t doubt for a second that , there would be, no man, to care for emotions that much.

    Regarding Shaparak, when I was studying at university ( by the way my subject was something that most of Indian people are good at Mathematics!!!!!!!) I had a Persian friend who’s name was Shahparak, which is farsi (name of Persian language ) version of butterfly in English. Shahparak was a remarkable friend , who’s sadly after graduation went back home , and I hugely love butterflies, therefor I loved and chose name of Shaparak.

    I am one those unlucky people who has a very little sleeping, so I do most of my jobs during very late evening and early morning , as it is 2:30 am, and I am writing to you, so the TV will be on all the time even most of the time I don’t look at it. The Rishtey channel is on 24 hours the same as most of the other 274 channels and with not having huge budget , repeating those few soaps again and again, hence I am fortunate to have them during my working at late time, on the other hand , all the updates are on the line before the episodes being on screen of our TV , so by reading them , even I don’t look at TV I know what is going on, and that is the reason I watch the soaps on TV.

    I have watched two parts of LOVE COMES SOFTLY on TV long ago and you were right about them, and one or two channels still are showing ER in hear.

    I am guessing you are a female as well . hope I didn’t make a mistake. I like comments of Santhosh and Thapki, as most of times their points are the same as what I think about.

    With Golden wishes

    • Roshni

      Ahhh… so thts sharapak.
      Yup… im female too. N normally im an insomniac too. Btw chek out tht Magic of ordinary days ( tht goes to my othr frends too. Its sweet…. n in a way similar to tpk in one aspect: 2 ppl married for the wrong reasons bt end up falin in not much humor or anythn… so dnt knw if u al wil lik it as much as i did)

  20. Shaparak



  21. Wow emotional episode loved thahaan parts n luckily got to see the repeats today n I knew b for Bihaan Pandey will teach that RJ a lesson wow I wish har koi Ko churailk ka friend jesa friend mile 😛

  22. Actually I m planning to start season 2 for my ff a loving pat but I will do that during my semester break which is in end of August I hope u all remember about my ff 😛

  23. abi

    Superb episode…nice bihaan…he love thapki lot…so sweet..cute bihaan…we want more scenes from them
    Their love…wen thapki wear mangalsutra n sindoor…she look pretty . ..Wr s dhruv

  24. sag

    santhosh, roshni, vinlora, thapki, fatrajo, sumera, nimisha, kana, annu, aliza, sam, tinto mon, Tamil ponunga – Adithi(7), pihoo…. N ALL other friends

    roshni’s email idea is really good so plz cooperate if u all think it fit….


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