Thapki Pyaar Ki 6th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 6th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki taking out the empty food packets from her purse. Dhruv looks at her. Vivek talks to Sakshi and says Dhruv just calls and messages her, he does not know about him. Sakshi says where is he, he did not get upset with me, its Thapki’s message. Thapki gets hiccups and holds her mouth. Dhruv asks her to have water. She says no, I want food, when I m hungry, I get hiccups. He asks her to check there, maybe she can get anything to eat. She goes and gets potato chips and noodles. She takes hot water and puts in the instant noodles. She says she will serve Dhruv too and takes it.

She sees a cockroach and throws the noodles. It falls on her and Dhruv comes to her. She says I m very scared of cockroach. He says fear loses when we face it. She removes the noodles from

her hair. She eats the potato chips and offers him. Krishnakant talks to Poonam and asks about Thapki. She says she did not come, I will prepare food for her, and ends call. She wonders why did she get late and did not call me. Thapki thinks to take autograph of Dhruv for Shubh. The power goes and he asks how did this happen. She says I did not do anything. He asks her to open the mobile torch. He knocks the door. She says you told me that voice does not go out, and lock is not opening, it will open when anyone opens it from outside.

The torch goes. He says he is afraid of darkness and then denies it, when she asks. He asks her to go from the window. She says but you said window is small, I can’t go. He says I said before, that time it was not dark, how long will we wait. She says fine, I will try, its good if we go out soon, I can call my mum. She tries and asks him to help. He asks her to go out soon. She asks him to push her. He lifts her and makes her go out. He asks her to open the door fast. She opens the door and comes. He says thanks, lets go.

The man comes and asks you here. Dhruv says yes, pack up, I m leaving. He offers to drop Thapki home. She says no, I will go. The light comes. He says don’t tell anyone that… She says don’t worry, I won’t say anyone that you are afraid of darkness, secret. Thapki comes home and Poonam goes to get water. She gives water and is relieved. She asks why did she come late. Thapki says she was stuck in control room and explains her.

Poonam says she did not cook food being worry, she will fry chips and potato pakodas. Thapki empties her bag. The memory chip falls in the potato. Poonam takes the potato and also the memory chip in the hot oil too. Thapki sits to eat the pakodas and she sits seeing the news. She recalls Miss Priya’s interview chip and does not get it in purse. Thapki asks Poonam about the chip and Poonam thinks about potato chips. Thapki says I m saying about memory chip and worries.

Thapki gets the memory chip while eating the pakodas and panics.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Jus stop this blo*dy serial and give SS its original time slot and amena u update ss fast or no need of update from u
    U Really test my patience amena u update sooooo late if this is going to happen all the time then no need of update from u !!!!


  3. Like thapki but doesn’t seem like the show is going anywhere…

  4. Nice serial lovely pair

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