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Thapki Pyaar Ki 6th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vasundara asking Thapki did she serve food to Poonam. Thapki says yes. Dhruv serves food to Shraddha with love. Shraddha thinks Dhruv’s changed avatar is scaring me. Bihaan is annoyed with Thapki. Bau ji asks Bihaan to control his anger. Inspector comes and tells Bau ji that Bihaan has beaten these two men. Bihaan says I did not beat them. Dhruv asks inspector how can you blame my brother without any proof. The men say we have his jacket, its proof. Dhruv says this jacket does not prove Bihaan did this. Inspector says building CCTV recording will prove this. He shows video of Bihaan going inside building and leaving without wearing jacket. Bihaan says that’s not me, this recording is lie and even you are lying. Inspector gets angry. Bau ji stops Bihaan and apologizes to

inspector. He says I would pay for treatment for those two. Inspector asks Bau ji to manage Bihaan. Police leaves.

Bihaan says don’t look at me like this, I m saying truth, I did not do anything. Thapki you trust me right. She says I don’t trust you now after seeing all these proof, there is still time, control your anger, atleast for family, how long shall we bow down because of your mistake, I can’t bear your anger. She goes. Everyone leave. Vasundara tells Bau ji that I m getting scared of the bad dreams and something is happening every day, is anything bad going to happen. Bau ji says you know Bihaan’s anger, Thapki will manage everything, don’t worry. She says I hope so, everything should be fine.

Dhruv talks to Thapki’s statue and says its good everything is getting fine, you said you can’t bear Bihaan’s anger, you won’t bear Bihaan now. He adorns the jewelry and says you know you will hate Bihaan. He says I will tell you a secret, I have beaten those goons and kept Bihaan’s jacket there. He thinks how he has beaten those goons and left jacket. He says I made Bihaan fall in your eyes, what to do. He covers the statue with the dupatta and smiles. He says you look beautiful, you look my bride, if anyone sees me talking to statue, they will think I got mad, I want someone to share my feelings, so I kept your statue here so that I can talk to you here in this old room, where no one comes. He says Thapki, you will be doing my name Shringhaar soon, as I will throw Bihaan out of your life forever. He smiles.

Bihaan says I should talk to Thapki. Dhruv comes with drinks and asks what happened. Bihaan says I m getting blamed for everything, Thapki is not believing me. Dhruv asks why do you get angry, she gets scared, talk to her and apologize, have this drink, your mind will cool down. Bihaan says no, if I drink this, I will do something again, I won’t drink. Dhruv says fine, go. He gets up and makes drink fall over Bihaan. He says sorry, forget this, this will dry, go and apologize to her, with a smile. Bihaan goes to Thapki.

He says I need to talk to you, don’t go, listen to me, you know I don’t lie to you. She sees the wine on his tshirt and asks did you drink. He says no. She says lie. He says it fell on my clothes. She says another lie, you do mistake and don’t accept. He says fine, I wanted to talk with calm mind, but you don’t want to listen. He goes. Dhruv looks on and stops Bihaan, asking whats the problem. Bihaan says if there is no trust, there is no use to talk. He leaves. Dhruv says this guy has much anger and goes to Thapki. He asks Thapki what happened, why is Bihaan angry. She says he has habit, which can never change, I think how will I bear him and spend my life with him, sometimes I feel we are not made for each other. She cries and goes.

Dhruv gets glad and goes to the old room. He says Thapki, I made you realize Bihaan is not suitable for you, just we both are suitable for each other. He talks to the statue and says I m very happy, my hardwork got succeeded, I had to do a lot, I got Bihaan insulted in roka, and gifted nightie instead high heel sandals, broke Bihaan’s hand to stop him from engagement and burnt Bihaan’s sehra too. He apologizes for hurting Poonam and says I did this to postpone marriage, whatever I did is for us, so that we can unite, you will be mine Thapki, we will marry again, and our incomplete relation and love will get completed. He proposes the statue to rehearse and holds hand. He gets shocked seeing the human hand and gets up. Thapki lifts her ghunghat and he gets shocked seeing Thapki there instead the statue.

Dhruv says you here…. She says I had to come, else how would I know your truth. She says I had doubt on you when you forcibly took me from home, your avatar was very different, Shraddha ended matter saying it was surprise, but my heart did not agree, I checked your room to clear my doubt. FB shows Thapki checking Dhruv’s room and getting Dhruv and her passports, then her doubt got definite. He says you have seen how Bihaan has beaten the goons. She says you have done all that, I scolded Bihaan so that you did not had doubt on me, I understood seeing CCTV footage that it was not Bihaan, it was you, I don’t know why you want to make Bihaan bad, why you want to stop my and Bihaan’s marriage. Dhruv says because I love you, even today, same as before. She asks what are you saying. He says you know all truth of my life, but the biggest truth of my life is…. I love you Thapki. She gets shocked.

Thapki tells Dhruv that if you ever loved me, then swear on that love, forget all this and start a new life, I hope you will understand this and agree to me. Dhruv cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Aami123

    Thnx 4 d update

    1. Thks ameena appi. EID MUBARAK ?

  2. Nice precap.thapki ne kunjo dhruv ki advice pane.please thahaan ye unna setudruga.dhruv ne positive a maridi

  3. Aami123

    His truth came out

  4. Wow osm loved it, but no thahaan scenes

  5. Manyasa29

    So late update….but anyway thanks amena ji……
    Watching the firsy fifteen minutes….i was going to switch off the tv…….i was hating thapki more than dhruv…..but then the twist was nice…..mujhe nahi laga tha ki thapki itni clever hai?…..I thought this is tpk……so dragging more for 10 days…..but i never expected that thapki would know the truth so early……..tpk ne toh kamaal hi Kar diya??……but hey why didn’t thapki slap dhruv after knowing all this… least mom ke saath Jo hua uske liye toh ek thappad marna hi chahiye tha usse??…..oh…but she is mahan aatma …right ?….I wished she told her plan to bihaan also…..then aur achcha hota na !
    Btw…hello guys….I registered…finally !

    1. Manyasa29

      First*….typing error!

    2. aaj baarish nahi aya⚡⚡⚡⚡?????…!!!???
      chalo aaj tho thumaare liye TPK ne baarish ??????karliya???…..

    3. How long did it take for your registration to go through Manyasa? It’s been ages for me they haven’t even sent an email!

      1. Manyasa29

        Well….i received the email just in a minute….after registration ! Although it took me so so much time to change my pro pic ?…..I think u should contact telly updates….there is this option in menu .

      2. I did Dear, I’ve contacted them twice already…it’s very annoying. ?

      3. Luvleen

        Yippee finally registered successfully!

  6. Hi guys. Today I am shocked ? aj phali bar cvs na koi topic. Itni jaldi se end kiya ha. But I am also happy ?.aur kabsa sara comment karna ko end karana ki bat kar raha hai kya sab comment ka sat sat show bi dekhna end kardaga I am confused ?.


    Wooow interesting truth come out…..waiting for 2morrow epi….

  8. I think thapki is mad she should give a tight slap to dhruv but she was asking so politly that why he had done that all things. And I think that dhruv was so nicely dressing the dummy bride,he should marry the dummy only not thapki

  9. It’s good that dhruv’s intentions r known to thapki now….but why she is requesting him to mend his ways so nicely..??…she is behaving as if dhruv has done nothing….showing her so called MA nature…..but I don’t think he will listen to her….If he has to listen to her he would have done at d time of kidnapping only…..He can plan groom swapping….

  10. Woaaaa…what an episode….thapki u rocked today.

  11. Juggu

    Wow…..dhruv got exposd..ellaru enga poneenga.engaluku thana festival…??

    1. Wowwwvaaa!!! Ethuku ippa vanthi edutha???
      Expose pannitalummmm naya paisa pirayoshanam illa 🙁
      Yen unga festivala nanga kondada koodathoo??? Engaluku em mathamum sammatham 🙂 and lifela 1st time muslim friends kidaichirukenga atha celebrate panna enna thappu,nanga celebrate pannuvom atha kekka nee yaar?? Enna ash naan solrathu sari thane??

      1. Ama, ama. Ching cha adichiten. Juggu, festivalai epdi kondaduveenga. 3 lines thaan. Aduku mela poga koodadhu.

  12. Hi tamill sangam girls
    Juggu nasreen akka n other Muslims ramzan epdi irunthu?
    Tamil sangam girls neenga ethna peru instagram la irukinga?
    @juggu na India than ma saudi kedayathu .now i’m in trivandrum
    @kumutha akka unga facebook name kumutha kumu thaana???

    1. Hi reji….en FB id Kumutha Jani…. Naanum instagram use pandren ma…

    2. Juggu

      tamil nadula iiiiinnniku tha ramzan…….eid mubarakk to all muslim frnds guys……fatarajo,mineey,,nusz,iqra,kashfia…..all

  13. Oh.. Na ivlo seekram Dhruv mattuvanu edir pakkala.. Good.. But still thapki mahan will not open her mouth in front of family which may make Dhruv to do some more things to separate tahaan..
    Hiii friends..
    Did somebody read any spoiler about future story??!!

    1. Naan kooda than dhruv madnathu apromum kooda thapki avan kooda ukkathu saavagasama pesikidu irukumnu ethir pakkala 🙁
      Intha latchanathila poikidu iruku trackuu ithila unaku future spoiler kekuthooo!!!

      1. Kana, enna vera serial.ku dhathu koduthidu. Naan poren. Ennala mudiyalai. Indha thapki, dhurv.I 1, 1 viduvaanu paatha. Anba nai kutiya thadavi kodukira maachiri pesarale. ????????

    2. Nadakira sariya artham puriyama kovam varudhu. Idhula future spoiler.a?
      ‘Bhihaan molested nurse’ idhudhaan indraya spoiler. Thevayaa idhu unakku.

  14. Vinlora

    I have seen only last part….and I was waiting thapki to Slap Dhruv. ..but nooo she didn’t ? but no problem lagta hai final encounter ke liye bachake rakha hoga thapki ne.?agar shaadi ke din DS ne swapping karne ki koshish ki tho tab ye tappad kaam aayenge uski akal tikaane laane ke liye ??? aur I was 100 % sure today that thapki only pretending in front of DS as if she is angry with bihaan. ..bcoz she had doubt on DS..? aur wo Psycho tho aasani se fasega gaya thapki ke trap mein. ..good one CV’S ?

    1. Hai dosth…..
      vasu ki boori sapna??? Hai na uska kya hoga……!!!!???
      CVS se vinthi ????hai ki mere thahaan??? ko kuch na hojaye???……
      tomorrow waiting for thahaan scene???….

      1. Santhosh fikar mat karo agar thahaan mare toh fir vapas aa jayege vo cake khakar and phir vo dhruv se badla lene ke liye use zahar vala cake khila denge. And dhruv mar jayega aur khushiyan hogi yaar par I am thinking that bihaan ke confession ke baad thapki ko apni maang me sindoor lagana chahiye tha

  15. Intha kalyanam ennaku nadanthu nammellam thapki bihaan a complete husband wife a paaka poromo????

    1. Unaku yen intha vibareetha aasai??
      Nadakuratttthhhaaa pesu

    2. Indha serialukku sambandhame illadha vishayatha pesadhe. Romance, hug, kiss, sandhosham, kalyanam…indha maadhiri scene ellam avanga omit aayidicham. Syllabus.leye ilayam. illadhadha kekradha vitutu, avanga nadathara paadatha mattum padi. Illa stand up on the bench.

  16. Tamil ponnu...SMN

    Hi…Quite some times not turn up here…well tis is out of topic…I would like to wish all muslim members of this group Happy Eid…Eid Mubarak…
    My dear tamil ponnugalay…how r u? Nasreen, Junggu n Kumutha… I contacted them through FB ….Kana, Goms, Siva , Anu, n many more forget the names yar…so sorry…dont mistaken me…how is everything going on? TPK romba reduce my interest on it…sometimes juz read updates through FB( Thahaan forever)…Most of them pakistani…but sporting n alwaz share a lot of info about
    TPK…Well 2day I dont want to talk bout TPK…I want talk bout Eid festival…I’m d most excited even though not celebrating bcoz my surrounding n my students all r muslims…I like ven they seeking
    forgiveness n blessing from me as a teacher … I as a Hindu respect their believes …And same time they do respect my religious…I hope all of u haf a gr8 day…n happy holiday to non-muslims….Tc?

    1. Juggu

      Tq sissy….bt my nick name is juggu….r call me jahana…its better????

    2. Hii akka 🙂 vanthudengala vanga vanga ungala than thedikidu irunthom 🙂 innaiku madum illaka konja naalave tpk pesarathuku onnume illama summa polambikidu irukom nanga 🙁

  17. So interesting

  18. wow…wow…wow….
    what a serial…..!!!! ?????
    serial ho tho aisa serial hona chahiye……..
    this is my favorite show ever and ever…..
    I am talking about KD not TPK?????

    coming to the episode…..

    sabko EID MUBARAK….
    finally thapki CID bangaye….
    kall kya hoga …!!!???

    Hai roshni ….
    i try to register so many times but failure….. mai kya karu……???? (aakri raastha bacha hai ki mere mobile ko restart karna padega…… )

    haaaaaaaa….tpk mai petrol ki lighter bi hai aur aane waale episode mai….
    water ki diya …..
    kerosene ki airplane….
    road pe chalne wala boat…..
    hawa mai chalne wala bus….
    miracle tpk team (8th wonder) CVS KI HAI HO…..

    see you Monday TC….

    1. Manyasa29

      Kya yaar santhosh….tume tpk ke page pe KD ki tareef kar rahe ho….not fair?….lekin aaj toh manna hi padega ki tpk ne kamaal hi kar diya…..NO DRAGGING…..and thapki me itni jaldi akal de di??….waah!
      Waise….why monday…..plz comment daily…..tumhare comments hamesha hasate hai mujhe….

      1. nahi yaarrr…….
        monday tak serial dekhne ke liye mere paas time nahi… mai mere dosth ke saath unke ghar mai rehana hai ….iss waqth Mai unke saath rehana bahuth zaruri hai…..

    2. Manyasa29

      Ok no problem santhosh…….tum apne dosth ke saath raho…see u on monday…Bye.

  19. ,throuv sir kill everyone especially thapki.she is stupide and selfish.she ask you forget your love and a start a new life but whome?with sharadha,that crazy woman.

    1. Javeriathapkij

      Why not kill the person who is promoting murder ?

  20. Vinlora

    There are so many speculations are going on regarding vasu’sdreams…kuch tho bura hone wala hai?aur many are guessing that Bihaan may die…..
    Bihaan khatam ho tho Thapki Khatam …Thapki Khatam ho tho Thahaan khatam…Thahaan khatam ho to Thapki
    pyaar ki Khatam. …isliye  Dhruv ko yi
    Khatam karo sab tension sab janjat yi khatam ???

  21. Wow…..!
    Thapki unmaiya therinjukitta…….!

  22. Shining Star

    i’m new here but i will like 2 say dat 2day’s epi was awesome nd i’m hoping dat tha&bih’s marriage wil happen and dat all dhruv’s plan 2 stop d marriage wil fail.but y is it dat they av refused 2 subtitle all d epi for a long time now atleast they should try and subtitle dem 4 d benefit of those that doesn’t understand d indian language being spoken there.

  23. Shining Star

    Hi i’m new here today’s epi was nice but there were no subtitles so i could hardly understand conversations

    1. Welcome shining star,glad to see here, we cant do nothing for hindi comments as my english is poor but if u write any comment we would reply to it in english only

  24. Bihaan power rape ka allegations lagay ga nurse.

  25. Finally truth came out……..
    I hope that’s not a mere dream of Druv.
    Like vasu I also have a feeling of strange fear ..something bad is going to happen. ??
    I think Bihaan is in danger. ??

  26. Hey guys please do check out my first TPK fanfic wit a large twist . hope it will interesting and keep following it every week. Here’s the link to episode 1

  27. Iva enna loosa avan kooda ukkanthu pechchu varatha nadathikidu irukka!!!!

    1. Loose.anu mattum ketkadhey. Adhula mattum unakku doubt.e varakoodadhu. Eana,Ava bhihaana.I thavira oor, ulagathula irukira elarodavum anba pesuva. Illaina, eandha ponavadhu, than husbend.I indha alavukku torture panna oruthanodu, kandippa vaayala pesamaata. Ava ellam musium pease. Petikulla thaan vaikanum.

  28. Hmmmm do you reckon Dhruv will commit to take his own life? I hope they not show such things, suicide is such a huge issue…but apart from that, only other way is Dhruv again trying to kidnap thaapki but that’s already been done. Hmmm interesting…something to finally look forward to. What is going up happen next? ?

  29. Ok CV has Atlast end this track. But one think I didnt understood. Bihaan was so much himiliated by dhurv, thapki after knowing this thruth she never shouted at dhurv (thappad to door ki baat hai) infact she is talking nicely with dhurv. Us dhurv ne tumhare husband ko itna humiliate kiya, nicha dikiya ar even he harm ur mother, but u r just giving him advise. So disgusting…….. I hate thapki more than dhurv.

  30. anjana aloshious

    u r right kana

  31. Agar bihaan kuch hua toh i will stop watching tpk

  32. It’s been hours since any comments posted…hmmm

    Anyways how is everyone? Ready for a great episode tonight?! I hope it will be a good one…lets see heh?! ?

    1. Manyasa29

      Yes…..even I am wondering where have all gone ?? Only 55-60comments today… should have crossed at least 150 after such interesting episode but I guess many are busy in Eid …so less people have commented today…..ya….hope …..get to see a good one tonight !

  33. Nice

  34. Nice thopki u r great

  35. Please reunite thapki and dhruv

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