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Thapki Pyaar Ki 6th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aditi and Thapki coming home. Aditi tells about some mad man making her get married. They get shocked. Thapki says Aditi has scolded him well. Bhihaan comes home and hugs Bau ji. Everyone smile. Bau ji welcomes his mum and hugs her. Vasundara asks Bihaan why did he so many things. Bau ji says let him do anything. Bihaan hugs the cousins. Dadi goes. Bihaan gives his bhabhis the gifts. Bau ji asks what did he get for him. Bihaan gives them silk saree for and kurta. Vasundara says even Dhruv got similar one for me. Bau ji says this will suit you, Bihaan’s choice is good. Bihaan gets sad. Dhruv comes and Bihaan happily hugs him. He says Dadi troubled everyone.

Bau ji asks Vasundara to serve food to Bihaan. She asks Dhruv to have food together with them. Bihaan says yes,

and gifts a shirt to Dhruv. Vasundara says every color suits my son and asks Dhruv to sit. Bau ji asks Bihaan to come and sit near him, and gets irritated seeing Vasundara favor Dhruv and being taunty to Bihaan. She takes the food plate for Dhruv and asks Bihaan to take good himself. She taunts him asking him to have ghee, as he would have not got it outside the house. He says I got much ghee, but not the hand made food by you.

Bau ji says he got his fav motor bike for him and gives him the keys. Bihaan runs to see it and gets happy. He lifts Bau ji. Bau ji says the thing Bihaan likes will be his. Dhruv says he would be happy if Bihaan bought anything by his honest earnings. Bau ji scolds Dhruv. Dhruv says he is saying truth, Bihaan is good guy, I want him to become something. Bau ji gets angry. Vasundara says its dad’s death anniversary today, cool down. Bau ji says I will forget him, if he makes Bihaan against me. Dhruv says you don’t remember even now, and thanks Bihaan for the shirt. He leaves crying and comes to his room. He falls down and Bihaan holds him.

Bihaan talks to Dhruv. Dhruv says Bau ji is not ideal father. Bihaan says he is my ideal, he has given me this life. Dhruv asks him to change his mindset and understand life. Bihaan says I live for Bau ji, and asks him to change for everyone’s good. He leaves. Krishnakant gets sweets and gives the good news of getting a job in nearby real estate place. They get happy and eat sweets. Poonam says even Aditi will get job soon. Krishnakant says everything will be fine, and burden on Thapki will get less.

Thapki combs hairs and smiles recalling Dhruv. Dhruv thinks about her and holds her anklet. Mere bina mai……………..plays……………. She thinks to thank Dhruv. Thapki gets a call and goes out to talk to her friend. She makes Taj Mahal on the car and says she is trying to fulfill her dreams, Dhruv is supporting her, she does not have to look back and see. Diwakar comes there and she gets shocked seeing her. She recalls his words. Diwakar humiliates her for her stammering and smiles.

Vasundara tells Dhruv that she has chosen Thapki for him and asks will he marry her. Dhruv refuses. She asks why, does she have any weakness.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. Y vasundara is so rude towards Bihaar.. He is such a nice guy treating her like his mother & duruv as his brother… Bt vasundara did very bad today. Is duruv Buvaji’s own son or not? Do anyone know that??!!

    1. *bihaan

    2. Bihan is adopted son from bauji

      1. Thank u.. Bt i asked that duruv is buvaji’s own son??!!

    3. hya dhurv is bauji own son while bihaan is adopted later on u see bihaan has some grey shades

      1. Thank u 🙂

      2. So Buaji loves & cares his adopted son more than his own son.. So vasundara dont like Bihaan..

  3. Oh god same precap!! Idiot diwakar!! Someone should teach him a lesson!! Wanna kill tat idiot…

    1. ANJJsooj do HV Bob. LBJ+

  4. Dhruv looking so handsome his pain can see from his eyes

  5. Nice to see bihan i think he will make thapki nd druv marry eachother

    1. Shanaya sindh.

      Hi atif

  6. Why did Dhruv refuse to marry Thapki?????

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