Thapki Pyaar Ki 6th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 6th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kabir showing money loaded bag to Preeti and Suman, saying if you get a price for losing in the game. They are shocked to see lots of money. Kabir says this is 50 lakhs rupees. You can have 25 lakhs each if you support me. Suman asks have you gone mad, you wants to buy us, we want our house. Kabir says if you lose then you might have to beg on road. Preeti says begging…and tells Suman that they shall get 50 lakhs rupees, and asks her to agree. Suman also looks at money and agrees. Preeti says we accept your deal. Kabir says I know you will come to your truthfulness, and says good decision…it is all yours. Suman and Preeti thank him and get happy taking the bag.

Bihaan and Thapki looks at each other. Pamplet of the cricket competition falls on her face. Bihaan

takes it out and says your husband have changed all the competition. He says Thapki Pyaar ki, but Thapki for me is for hatred only. Both of them get teary eyes. He tears the pamphlet and throws in air. Thapki looks on. Sankara smirks.

Vasu does compentary and says Bihaan and Thapki’s teams are ready to play the game. She says empire’s name is Insaaf Khan. Announcer says that’s why he got divorced 4 times, as he never lies and it is sometimes wrong too. Vasu says lets see if truth wins or lie.

Bihaan throws the ball. Kabir is out…Everyone hug happily. Empire says no ball. Vasu says empire signed that there was a no ball, Kabir is saved. Kabir says this is lady luck/destiny. Bihaan says game have just started. Vasu says Bihaan throws ball again and this is 6 runs….Bihaan continues to throw the ball and Kabir continues to bat. Thapki takes runs with Kabir. Thapki’s turns come. Thapki moves. Kabir says we have to win this match, be careful. Bihaan throws ball again…Thapki moves the bat and makes 4 runs. Sankara thinks Bihaan melted seeing Thapki’s sad face and will make us lose, I can’t let this happen. She goes to get the ball and says now you will out. She rubs the ball with her dupatta and smirks. She says I have applied oil on it, it will slip from Bihaan’s hand and your face will break. She gives ball to Bihaan. Bihaan throws the ball and it slips from his hand and hits Thapki’s head. Thapki faints and falls down. Everyone rush to her. Bihaan takes her in his arms and asks are you fine? Kabir asks him to stop acting. Someone gossip that Bihaan can’t see his ex wife happy with her new husband.

Vasu does Thapki’s bandage. Kabir asks her to drink water. Thapki says thanks and drinks water. Kabir asks what did you say that you wants victory by fighting and not by cheat. He says you tried to snatch the win. Bihaan tells Thapki that he doesn’t know how the ball slipped. Kabir accuses Bihaan. Thapki says Bihaan can’t hurt anyone knowingly and shows trust. Kabir says if Thapki can play. Vasu asks have you gone mad and says Thapki will rest. Sankara says we shall go now. Thapki insists to be present there, and says I will not play but have to be there. Vasu agrees. Thapki thinks I can’t let this game stop, and says Bihaan have to win this game and save our house.
Aditi comes next. Kabir asks her to be careful. Shraddha is having ball on her hand and aims Aditi.

Shraddha throws ball and Aditi hits 4 runs. Vasu says Shraddha is dangerous and can go to any length to get victory. Aditi bats and gets another 4 runs. Bihaan goes to get ball and looks at Thapki….Ranjhana plays……..Thapki also looks at him. Shraddha asks him to give ball. Suman tries to catch the ball and lets the ball hits 4 runs. Shraddha also compromises with the ball and decides to hit on Aditi’s stomach to make her lose baby. She throws the ball…Aditi bats and makes the ball go high. Suman acts to hold the ball, but stops. Bihaan comes and holds the ball. Aditi is out from the game and that’s how her baby is saved. Vasu comments that Suman talks much in house, but now she is hesitant to catch the ball. Thapki sees money in the bag and thinks that’s why Preeti and Suman are not playing well. She thinks how can this be possible? How they can do this?

Sankara cuts the ball and gives to Bihaan. Bihaan throws the ball as Thapki is about to bat.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. pooja prabha

    What a senseless episode…hats off writers for inventing such a incredible ideas for us.Suman and preeti bhabhiji,I never expect this kind if betrayal from your side…they always gives prime importance to money and for getting money they will ready to do anything.
    Kabir shame on you man…because you have no confidence, so you just tried to show your money power…
    Reshal I am good yaar,how are you dear?hello,garima,anu,vino,santhosh Bhai,sruti…

  2. Manish ki deewani

    Today I really enjoyed the match especially vasu Maya commentary with taunts to other but kabir cheater badki chutki cheat their family hw bad they r very bad Bihaan all this 4 u guys and u go somewhere.
    Bihaan today u rock u plagued well.thahaan still love each other and care for eachother. Idiot Sankara go to hell
    Hello pooja garima vino santhosh Bhai .Bhai ap ki break lambi ho gayi

  3. Aishwarya

    Cv’s one decent episode with progress in with a story line, that’s all I’m asking for. No Thahaan, no Thabir just a story that makes sense.

  4. Lucy

    Oh my goodness yesterday I was watching an old clip, Bihaans entry into the show and I completely forgot about his background music and how cool i found it and thought to myself with the current storyline no chance of hearing that again and yay they actually put it in today albeit briefly.
    I was also thinking I don’t understand Indian serials even MATSH and IKRS (only ones I’ve watched) it’s like the writers are onto a good thing but then they sabatoge their own shows instead of trying to keep it fresh they just make the same mistakes as the now defunct shows. Ishaani and Ranveer had amazing chemistry and the writers kept separating them until people had enough and stopped watching. Shouldn’t that be the aim of the show to be successful not to kill it, the on screen chemistry between the lead pair was spot on, Manish, pooja and Resham had won awards for their performances yet within the year writers have mucked it all up

  5. Rohan

    Jis say hum pyaar krtee haan ussay nafrat kabi nahi krtee or bihaan thapki say bhout pyaar krta hai aaj PR proof kr diya..when ball hit her (thapki) he so much tension
    Bihaan still care for thapki a lot
    CVS again proof thahaan forever..
    I like how thapki shut up kabir means take bihaan side I love it..
    I hope after this track Shankar track finished..
    Bihaan background music after one year I hear I like it very much
    Overall episode is better..
    No more bi..kar cross
    Tha…bir cross
    Only my lovely Thahaan forever

  6. thahaanian

    thahaan is best go to hell gd and kabir using cheap things coward ka ka kauwa kabir and s s stupid shankar hi guys

  7. Lavanya A/P Prabakaran

    Thahaan is better then thapki pyar ki.. Not much of interested in thapki pyar ki.. Fter this I’m only gonna read crazy love thahaan… I love that too much.. More interesting…



    |Registered Member

    Kabir how much more will you stoop low? you are already causing so many innocent people pain in the name of bihaan and now you are bribing the bhabhis to win the game? you are really a coward.. first of all you felt afraid to confront bihaan and face him started backstabbing, and now want to win the game by cheating… atleast bihaan does everything in front and not hiding from others.. he went to bring you and thapki back to actually fight in playing and not win just like that..he is always loyal to his work and words…. he doesnt backstab people though people in his life have never been loyal to him…I said once that bhabhi and dadi are left to backstab now bhabhis in the list…. today I will only cheer for Bihaan because we got bihaan style tune after so many days… Love you bihaan….#thahaan forever

    • Divya

      I dont the about thabir but what i observed is that Thapki is enjoying both men’s attention.And about Bihaan, sharam to bech ke kha gaya hai bihaan 1000 rs ke bhaw mein.Keep your hopes low for thabir,till now we only saw soft corner from Kabir’s side but thapki’s concern part is yet to begin.

  9. Shahid

    Thapki says BIhaan cant hurt anyone lmao what a joke the guy slapped ya in front of everyone knowing very well how you would feel stop making excuses for him you silly woman.

    Everyone in that family has hurt you Bihaan, Vasu, Shraddha, Dhruv even Kabir and his is more unstandable because he hasn’t known her for long and doesn’t claim wto love her like everyone else does.

    Bihaan was the same guy who before his dad got stabbed says he hates Thapki wishes he was dead,

    Now months later its the same thing, we get it you hate Thapki marry Shankar and move on styop going on and on.

    • Avanti

      Alas if only the cvs understood that. I don’t understand how a character like Thapki hasn’t been shown to have self respect. Somehow it’s ok for her if Bihan is repeatedly abusive and never learns from his mistakes and even though he’s moved on and married someone else she just isn’t ready to move on. She’d rather be his doormat than move on in life. Misunderstanding or no misunderstanding, they just don’t seem to be compatible at all.

      • Shahid

        I think the writers should employ half of us we could probably make better storylines given the chance LOL

  10. Divya

    Kabir is neither cheater nor snatcher .what he did was for his revenge and nothing else.Bribing to both bhabis were his plan to win the game,but bhabis being lured by kabir is called ungrateful and disloyal DIL of pandey niwas.No one can break the family bond until the loopholes present .Kabir easily lured them with moneys,so whats wrong it that??? he just tried his plan to work out but it was the bhabis who sold their loyalities just for some moneys.
    Shame on you thapki,your words were really double standard,”bihaan jaan bujh k kabhi galat nahi kar sakta” O REALLY then enjoy tons of humiliation from him and why you cried when your character was questioned by your hubby bihaan and no words for that married man Bihaan ,still pinning at Thapki. Dont u feel shame Bihaan for your attitude?????

    • Lucy

      When it comes to bearing humiliation thapki is always willing to if it makes someone she loves happier im not saying its right but that’s her character. When she found out vasu wanted to get thapki out of the hearts of family members what did Thapki do she actually plantned the item in her things and made herself look like a thief only Bihaan stood by her then even Dhruv watched and Bihaan made her live in that tabela until he got her her dignity back. When Thapki hid the fact that she was working as a maid again Dhruv wasnt happy but didn’t help, Bihaan when he eventually found out they worked and supported each other. Even now everytime he says he hates her they are just words and Thapki knows its his anger not his heart.
      The difference between Thapkis first forced marriage and the second is that with Dhruv she wasn’t willing to marry him
      Even when dhruv said they can get married after the 3 months she said no, even when Bihaan tried to make it easier
      by faking his own death she instead went mad at him. The ironic thing was Dhruv was ultimately responsible for Thahaan because if he hadnt agreed to marry Shraddha to get Thapki jealous and thought she’d stop his wedding Thahaan would never have become friends. With the second forced marriage she’s not over Bihaan and her bond with Bihaan was far stronger then with Dhruv as she never confessed to loving him.

      • Divya

        What you said was about her past ,that is theft accusations and becoming maid in pandey nivas and not loving dhruv .There is a big difference between humiliations due to other accusation and question raised over her character.Anger is not an excuse for bihaan to say anything about a woman character .Bihaan’s Uncountable help is not a certificate to humiliate thapki in public.He publicly insulted her for just a couple of photos.Question raised over thapki’s character by bihaan was a such a shame.

    • Lucy

      Could he have handled that better, yes obviously but until your in a situation no one knows how they are going to react. When you deep down still have hope and then in a sec when you see something that kills you inside not everyone can stay calm and stand there thinking of scenarios most people would react instinctively and Bihaan is volatile and that’s why sankar did what she did because she knew there’d be an instant reaction

      • Komal

        @lucy what is the use of explaining things to such people who don’t understand what is right or what is wrong… for them whatever kabir does is okay whether he backstabs or does foul play and dont have the guts to face bihaan..atleast bihaan speaks up in front…so let them be…why to waste our time and energy?? we all know who is used as a doormat always…it’s definitely bihaan.. bihaan was used by vasu, dhruv,kosi and thapki.. Thapki always used to give him lectures and didn’t listen to him when he was innocent at times…she never gave him time to speak… but then thapki was used as a doormat by vasu, kosi, shraddha, sankara and now kabir.. bihaan had always tried to understand her but every time her foolishness and silence made others to provoke bihaan to get angry on her and that is normal…

  11. Nirip mann

    Thahaan forever and ever….😎😎 I thought at least kabir will turn out to be a sportsman but no… CVS have reduced him to sankar’s level….this track needs to be finished fast….dragged enough ….but it’s proved thahaan madefor each other again in today episode ……

  12. Lena

    Thapki needs to mature a little bit and realize that the more she becomes a walking doormat, the more it gives people a chance to be abusive to her…

    ‘Trust’ needs to be shown to the right people for the right things, which assist in ascertaining the truth, not solely because you are infatuated about someone..

    Today’s episode…filler episode for sure

  13. sadia

    thahaan forever….all who abuse bihan….must know that …b phor bihan pandy..mrs thapki bihan pandy…mahan atma..gajab….chuk chuk gadi….shrdha bhabhi g…these are all the words used by bihan made him populr bcoz of his outstnding chrctr….and acting….no one can replce him….hope so thahan will unite soon….

  14. TUFFY

    Bihaan trusts Shankar so much that he does not see her foul play but can see thapki’s wrongs. Why not check the ball? Surely in real life matches ball is changed, so why not here? But again the writers don’t show anyone watching her doing wrong. Boring episode today. Just end this Shankar and kabir track soon.

    • Lucy

      I don’t think Bihaan has an opinion of Sankar cos he pretty much ignores her and I think that is why Sankar is more clever then the other “bad guys” because she does it so slyly no one suspects her and she only shows her true colours to like minded people ie Shraddha and kabir. Even Thapki who went against Kosi even before her true colours were revealed had an instinct about Kosi but with Sankar she herself wanted to get Bihaan and Sankar married is just at that time Bihaan clocked on and she wanted Sankar to get her full rights but now Thapki knows that Bihaan didn’t know about the baby now she doesn’t care about Sankar rights even though now she really is entitled to them

  15. Anjali

    It’s funny how Bihan trusts Sankara more than Thapki, what a character, cries foul all over the place about betrayal and blames Thapki for everything but he’s the one who went ahead and married Sankara and put himself in the situation by not even having the patience to listen to her!

    Why are Aditi and Shraddha even playing? Why has no one even attempted to stop them? People didn’t want Thapki to play cos she injured herself what about the fact that it could be potentially lead to a miscarriage?

    Kabir- I get he’ll do anything to win and I didn’t expect him to play fair anyway. I am disappointed though, he did show concerned but I wish he had shown more sensitivity towards Thapki rather than making it about Bihan.

    Preeti and Suman- I can see where they’re coming from, they’re only looking out for themselves and they feel like they’re the collateral damage in this situation between Thapki-Bihan- Kabir but had they tried their best, had faith in themselves and their family and supported them they wouldn’t need to consider taking the money. Besides, surely Pandey’s are rich enough to afford another house, there’s no way they would end up on streets.

    I hope this story leads somewhere, Im disappointed by the complete lack of direction so far.

  16. Ish

    I’m waiting for more Thapki-Kabir scenes….I liked how worried Kabir was today for Thapki.

    I hope we get to see more Thapki-Kabir scenes

  17. Ash P

    i just recently read thapki pyaar ki updates and does the family know that thapki is really Thapki and she’s alive or do they think its her look alike?

    • Lucy

      I know I saw that and wow it looks good but knowing the writers it’s either a dream or a drugged scene

  18. Debie

    Kabir is a pathetic coward man and also the person who behaved very low,that’s why he will never ever win thapki’s heart..thahan the best forever!!

  19. Divya

    If kabir taking revenge is a coward act ,even bihaan is no less than him.A goon, mannerless abusive husband who is more coward and timid.Bihaan must be proud of them he has entitled with.No one can stoop so low like bihaan.

    • Lucy

      Can you hear yourself, you justify Kabir but your hard on Bihaan even though they are both in the wrong. Kabir already has stooped so low but your hatred of one character doesn’t mean the other one is better they are both doing wrong just doing it in different ways, why is Bihaans sins in your eyes far worse then Kabirs?

      • Shehla

        I personally find Bihan’s character worse because of his complete lack of respect, faith and manhandling of women.

      • Komal

        Do you know the meaning of man handling?? I don’t think you know it otherwise you could not have justified a slap to a person for doing wrong is man handling.. your accusations for bihaan are baseless..why is it that a man slaps a woman and becomes abusive? why not the vice versa? vasu even slapped thapki long vasu is abusive too..Thapki slapped dhruv long ago and now she slapped a pregnant shraddha.. Thapki is abusive too…Kabir shoved sankara away last day so he is abusive too since you only said bihaan is removing sankar from him is man handling if I go by your words.. Speak things which make sense instead of making people to laugh at you..

  20. Shuva

    Oh come on people I know and you all know that at the end of the day no matter what it will be always thaahan not thabir. I remember when bihan entered first he was spoilt but then he calmed down and it was becoz of thaapki, she changed him. He also was there for her when she was treated like a dirt by others like vasu and that scare crow shraddha. At one point everyone one was against her but bihan was always with her side by side supporting her. I just want crap tabir and that fat butt sankars track to end its blo*dy getting on my nerves yak.

  21. dewi

    💗💟💘 Thahaan 💋🍦🍰🍭
    dear SW , unite them soon.. please.. 👶& make a new lovely story with good values
    just end of Sankara n Kabir track.!

  22. Shivani

    I was looking forward to more Thapki-Kabir, hopefully we’ll get more scenes today. Thanks for the WU

  23. Manyasa

    Loved Thahaan scenes..Still they care for each others..

    Even Bihaan says he hate Thapki, they are just by words only and he always cares for Thapki..
    Always Thahaan ☺☺and no Thabir or Binkar..

    Bihaan’s bgm after long time rocks..

    Kabir once again proved his coward and cheating coward to fool others by his silly things..?

    • Lucy

      But is it ok for a woman to hit a man??? Is it ok for the mil to slap dil??? Is it ok for 2 women to slap each other??? Raising hands on anyone in my opinion is abuse be it a man or woman. She’s slapped more people then Bihaan but again with double standards. I’m a woman we fight for equality but it’s shameful when women don’t apply it to all situations. It’s hypocritical

  24. Thahaan forever

    thahaan forever
    Thahaan scene was so good
    Plz cvs give more thahaan scenes😘😘😘😍😍

  25. Alister La Frenais

    What a load of codswallop last night’s episode was. Firstly, the ball being used was a tennis ball, secondly Thapki was wearing a helmet, thirdly the ball struck the side of the helmet and not Thapki’s forehead. In all my living days I have never encountered anyone sustaining an injury from a tennis ball. Okay, forget this, let us look at the whole episode, it was total rubbish with no entertainment value what-so-ever. Shankar seems to have everything from a bottle of water to a knife, explosives and super glue and all these items were carried by her without the rest of the family members not noticing. The sponsors of this serial should consider cancelling their sponsorship, because this serial is not good value for money.

  26. Jhanvi

    Thabir THabir Thabir….☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😂

  27. Candy red

    THAHANNNNNN THAHANNNNNNN THAHANNN….. TOP TOP TOP👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👐👐👐👐👐👐👐👐🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  28. Sunita

    How come kabir has got so much cash and has brought it to cricket match to bribe the two bhabhi’s…..are Thapki pyar ki making a joke of Mr Modi’s hard work….more over kabir doesn’t even work so tell us where did he get the money from?

  29. Sunita

    And for shaker she seems to have brought life threatening products at the match l know it’s only a series but shakhers character is a joke

  30. Sunita

    How come Thapki pyar ki characters have started talking to themselves.This didnt happened before so have they all got some kind of pycologycal problem??

  31. Sunita

    Previously, l have enjoyed watching Thap ki pyar , it was fun to watch Bhihan and Thapki’s little love fights and how they celebrate our religious festivals.l have learnt the reason behind all this festival we have from this programme so thank you.

  32. Divya

    @komal-It was u komal who asked “Lucy” not to explain anything who dont know what is right and wrong.u asked her not to explain anything on my comments,then what are doing here on “snehla’s” comment.why r u giving explanations on “snehla’s” comments or any Thabir fans comments if they dont know what is right/wrong??You told “lucy” not to waste time on commenting thabir fans comment,then why r u wasting your precious time by giving any reply on Thabir fans.
    Yesterday u gave long lecture to “@shahid” about Vasu,dhruv,bihaan,thapki’s according to u what u said was”bihaan is a saint”.what” snehla” alleged on bihaan was baseless .So slapping wife in front of family members,throwing tantrums,raising question on woman character,,getting hyper on small things,screaming like a child,breaking anything like a mad,taunting again and again to thapki is a new definition of saint.WOW KUDOS TO U AND YOUR BRAND NEW DEFINITION OF SAINT.You mentioned kabir as abusive coz he shoved sankara we never said Kabir is a saint or god he is just a normal human being,but all u thahaan fans tagged kabir as coward.Now you are comparing your saint bihaan’s behaviour to kabir’s act.”LOL” what a choice of comaprision???
    Give your points at least which make sense rather than replying on others comment and stop making fun of urself

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