Thapki Pyaar Ki 6th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 6th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kabir showing money loaded bag to Preeti and Suman, saying if you get a price for losing in the game. They are shocked to see lots of money. Kabir says this is 50 lakhs rupees. You can have 25 lakhs each if you support me. Suman asks have you gone mad, you wants to buy us, we want our house. Kabir says if you lose then you might have to beg on road. Preeti says begging…and tells Suman that they shall get 50 lakhs rupees, and asks her to agree. Suman also looks at money and agrees. Preeti says we accept your deal. Kabir says I know you will come to your truthfulness, and says good decision…it is all yours. Suman and Preeti thank him and get happy taking the bag.

Bihaan and Thapki looks at each other. Pamplet of the cricket competition falls on her face. Bihaan

takes it out and says your husband have changed all the competition. He says Thapki Pyaar ki, but Thapki for me is for hatred only. Both of them get teary eyes. He tears the pamphlet and throws in air. Thapki looks on. Sankara smirks.

Vasu does compentary and says Bihaan and Thapki’s teams are ready to play the game. She says empire’s name is Insaaf Khan. Announcer says that’s why he got divorced 4 times, as he never lies and it is sometimes wrong too. Vasu says lets see if truth wins or lie.

Bihaan throws the ball. Kabir is out…Everyone hug happily. Empire says no ball. Vasu says empire signed that there was a no ball, Kabir is saved. Kabir says this is lady luck/destiny. Bihaan says game have just started. Vasu says Bihaan throws ball again and this is 6 runs….Bihaan continues to throw the ball and Kabir continues to bat. Thapki takes runs with Kabir. Thapki’s turns come. Thapki moves. Kabir says we have to win this match, be careful. Bihaan throws ball again…Thapki moves the bat and makes 4 runs. Sankara thinks Bihaan melted seeing Thapki’s sad face and will make us lose, I can’t let this happen. She goes to get the ball and says now you will out. She rubs the ball with her dupatta and smirks. She says I have applied oil on it, it will slip from Bihaan’s hand and your face will break. She gives ball to Bihaan. Bihaan throws the ball and it slips from his hand and hits Thapki’s head. Thapki faints and falls down. Everyone rush to her. Bihaan takes her in his arms and asks are you fine? Kabir asks him to stop acting. Someone gossip that Bihaan can’t see his ex wife happy with her new husband.

Vasu does Thapki’s bandage. Kabir asks her to drink water. Thapki says thanks and drinks water. Kabir asks what did you say that you wants victory by fighting and not by cheat. He says you tried to snatch the win. Bihaan tells Thapki that he doesn’t know how the ball slipped. Kabir accuses Bihaan. Thapki says Bihaan can’t hurt anyone knowingly and shows trust. Kabir says if Thapki can play. Vasu asks have you gone mad and says Thapki will rest. Sankara says we shall go now. Thapki insists to be present there, and says I will not play but have to be there. Vasu agrees. Thapki thinks I can’t let this game stop, and says Bihaan have to win this game and save our house.
Aditi comes next. Kabir asks her to be careful. Shraddha is having ball on her hand and aims Aditi.

Shraddha throws ball and Aditi hits 4 runs. Vasu says Shraddha is dangerous and can go to any length to get victory. Aditi bats and gets another 4 runs. Bihaan goes to get ball and looks at Thapki….Ranjhana plays……..Thapki also looks at him. Shraddha asks him to give ball. Suman tries to catch the ball and lets the ball hits 4 runs. Shraddha also compromises with the ball and decides to hit on Aditi’s stomach to make her lose baby. She throws the ball…Aditi bats and makes the ball go high. Suman acts to hold the ball, but stops. Bihaan comes and holds the ball. Aditi is out from the game and that’s how her baby is saved. Vasu comments that Suman talks much in house, but now she is hesitant to catch the ball. Thapki sees money in the bag and thinks that’s why Preeti and Suman are not playing well. She thinks how can this be possible? How they can do this?

Sankara cuts the ball and gives to Bihaan. Bihaan throws the ball as Thapki is about to bat.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Thabir Thabir Thabir

  2. Thahann thahaan thahan…..☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝????

  3. Thahaan forever

    thahaan forever
    Thahaan scene was so good
    Plz cvs give more thahaan scenes?????

  4. Alister La Frenais

    What a load of codswallop last night’s episode was. Firstly, the ball being used was a tennis ball, secondly Thapki was wearing a helmet, thirdly the ball struck the side of the helmet and not Thapki’s forehead. In all my living days I have never encountered anyone sustaining an injury from a tennis ball. Okay, forget this, let us look at the whole episode, it was total rubbish with no entertainment value what-so-ever. Shankar seems to have everything from a bottle of water to a knife, explosives and super glue and all these items were carried by her without the rest of the family members not noticing. The sponsors of this serial should consider cancelling their sponsorship, because this serial is not good value for money.

  5. Thabir THabir Thabir….☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️????????????

  6. THAHANNNNNN THAHANNNNNNN THAHANNN….. TOP TOP TOP????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  7. Cvs pleas stop this nasty episodes…such a bullshit?

  8. How come kabir has got so much cash and has brought it to cricket match to bribe the two bhabhi’s…..are Thapki pyar ki making a joke of Mr Modi’s hard work….more over kabir doesn’t even work so tell us where did he get the money from?

  9. And for shaker she seems to have brought life threatening products at the match l know it’s only a series but shakhers character is a joke

  10. How come Thapki pyar ki characters have started talking to themselves.This didnt happened before so have they all got some kind of pycologycal problem??

  11. Previously, l have enjoyed watching Thap ki pyar , it was fun to watch Bhihan and Thapki’s little love fights and how they celebrate our religious festivals.l have learnt the reason behind all this festival we have from this programme so thank you.

  12. Thap ki Pyar ki means Thahaan. And thats the end of conversation.

  13. @komal-It was u komal who asked “Lucy” not to explain anything who dont know what is right and wrong.u asked her not to explain anything on my comments,then what are doing here on “snehla’s” comment.why r u giving explanations on “snehla’s” comments or any Thabir fans comments if they dont know what is right/wrong??You told “lucy” not to waste time on commenting thabir fans comment,then why r u wasting your precious time by giving any reply on Thabir fans.
    Yesterday u gave long lecture to “@shahid” about Vasu,dhruv,bihaan,thapki’s according to u what u said was”bihaan is a saint”.what” snehla” alleged on bihaan was baseless .So slapping wife in front of family members,throwing tantrums,raising question on woman character,,getting hyper on small things,screaming like a child,breaking anything like a mad,taunting again and again to thapki is a new definition of saint.WOW KUDOS TO U AND YOUR BRAND NEW DEFINITION OF SAINT.You mentioned kabir as abusive coz he shoved sankara we never said Kabir is a saint or god he is just a normal human being,but all u thahaan fans tagged kabir as coward.Now you are comparing your saint bihaan’s behaviour to kabir’s act.”LOL” what a choice of comaprision???
    Give your points at least which make sense rather than replying on others comment and stop making fun of urself

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