Thapki Pyaar Ki 6th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 6th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan telling Thapki that they have to find three more bombs. Balwinder asks Aditi’s daughter naam karan to happen first. Shraddha stops them and says her son naming ceremony shall happen first. Balwinder says ok as he don’t want any inauspicious thing to happen. Shraddha asks Balwinder to sign on the papers first and says it is 20 lakh fixed deposit papers. She says I don’t trust you people and you can kick us at any time. Dhruv says he is my son also and we never discriminate among kids. Shraddha reminds him that Vasu used to love him as he is her own son and always behaved badly with Bihaan. Balwinder says okay, and agrees to sign as he is his grand son. He says he will make one more FD on Aditi’s daughter’s name. Shraddha thinks my daughter’s future is

also secured now and thinks she will get 40 lakhs in total and gets happy. Kosi tells Sankara that they will kill Pandey family now.

Pandit ji asks baby boy to name with V alphabet. Shraddha names him Veer and says he will become veer like me. Next Aditi’s turn comes and she names her daughter as Anupriya. Dhruv says we will call her Anu. Balwinder asks them to call Thapki now. Sankara and Kosi are going out. Sankara tells that she has to get her phone, else if Police found her phone after bomb blast then she will be doubted. Kosi asks her to bring it. Sankara goes inside to bring. She comes back while covering her face.. Kosi and Sankara go out and stand infront of Pandey Nivas. Sankara holds her hand. Kosi says you want to press button and asks her to press red button. She presses red button and nothing happens. Kosi is shocked and tries to slap Sankara. The lady in green dress removes her veil and tells that she is Thapki and will not let her ruin anything.

Kosi says you was sitting in Goad bharayi naa. Suman reveals her face and says she was sitting instead of Thapki. Kosi asks where is Sankara? Bihaan brings Sankara and says she is here. Bihaan tells her that Sankara went to room to take her phone, but Thapki came out instead of her. Kosi tries to slap Thapki for coming in her way again. Thapki holds her hand and asks her never to dare to do this again and says this time Bihaan will punish you and not me. Bihaan says you have proved that you can’t be mum and says scolds her. Thapki gives remote to Dhruv and says they have diffused 5 bombs, but there may be many. Dhruv says he has called bomb squad and Police and they can come at any time. Bihaan says Police will come and arrest you. Sankara runs and picks a farming knife, and keeps it on Thapki’s neck.

Kosi applauds for Sankara. Shraddha takes her inside to tie her. Sankara asks Thapki to sit in car and drives fast. Bihaan follows them on his bike. Sankara asks Thapki to drive fast and says today your game will end. Thapki is shocked and looks back at Bihaan. They reach a valley. Sankara asks her to get down the car. Thapki shouts Bihaan. Sankara asks her to walk till cliff. Thapki screams and says my baby. Sankara says I will kill her. Bihaan says if anything happens to our baby then I will not leave you. Pandey family also comes there. Bihaan asks Sankara to leave Thapki. Sankara says she will push Thapki off the cliff. Dhruv and Balwinder asks her to leave Thapki. Aditi asks Sankara to leave her sister. He takes a small stone on his foot and makes the stone fall on Sankara’s hand. Sankara tries to push Thapki off the cliff.

Bihaan saves Thapki, but Sankara falls and holds something. Bihaan holds her hand and asks her to come up, but she falls down the cliff. Bihaan shouts Sankara.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. pooja prabha

    It was a very complicated episode…Thahaans idea is superb but tomorrow I think Sankara willbe over then what is next???I mean in this circumstances how can be digest the leap?so much of confusion I wish tomorrows episode shallbe clarifies our doubts.
    Hello…now a days comment rate is very low…friends….

    1. Manish ki deewani

      hello pooja hw r u dear .yeah a complication and logicless thing second name is tpk. uffffff this leap what the need of this leap .but we have to digest this .

  2. What is this happening?? Worried about leap. Please don’t separate thahaan.

  3. last part of epi make me scared ?after I saw precap it relief?but after sankar falling from cliff bihan is not responsible for that I don’t know I little worried is bihan arrest in Shankar murder case becoz the writer tapki can do any thing hope it not going to true

  4. No tpk should increase I hope it will increase .

    1. Off course it will Increase kosi and shraddha are still left

  5. Vinolin.d

    hai dear friends …thapki is going to get twin kids .Sheena is about to quit the show.because of Sheena will save thapki twin kids In road.but she will dead.after leap it will happend.
    I saw in Facebook tellychakker.
    I hope nothing wrong will happend for bihaan.I think Sankara will come again to trouble them.she won’t died
    Sankara is trying to kill thapki twin kids.but by mistake Sheena will die.
    its my guess only.
    today episode I am so angry on Sankara.she never change.thanks god nothing will hapend for thapki.

    hai pooja, garima,Leena,sri,reshal,naitan,Anu,Jo,Ritz, navami,juvi,sulbi and my all tpk friends…pls share your comments

    1. Manish ki deewani

      hello vino .hw r u .wow thahaan twins.i also think its not the end of gb sankri chapter

    2. Hi Vino…i think sankara still alive and will be back after the leap.

    3. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

      tks vinolin. I was so worried by the news about leap years. For CVS, twist anything please come, but thahaan not separate again. Let them unite and support each other. very love thahaan.

  6. I hope it’s the end of sankara track, but if her body wouldn’t be found, she could be back anytime after the leap

  7. Au…au….shankar fall down the cliff…finally shankar track is over…

  8. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    tense episode, we return to session 1 time vasundra suicidal …. acting was superb from manish …. congratulations deserve the stars ….

  9. judgement day for Shankar..?!
    next is Kosi’s turn..

    I hope SW will start the new phase of Thahaan’s life..
    explore all goodness in relationship., Thapki’s smartness which is supported by Bihan’s skill to manage their family..

  10. Miss thapki bihaan’s charming and romantic love story. Losing interest to watch this serial.

  11. Worried about leap Don’t separate thahaan

  12. Candiva007

    I wonder what Shankar had in her hand when she went over the cliff.

  13. Manish ki deewani

    sharadha whenever u spoke u always told them a truth a bitter truth but that time vasu maa is not thier .i guess may this sankri pull bihu also with herand then more drama may b memory loss of bihu.and second i think may b this is the end of sankri fake death drama and bihaan blame himself 4 her death .than leap than again she came back.confusingggggggggggggg.don’t know what happened next .looking forward 4 next episode .hope nothing happened to bihu.
    hello pooja garima vino shruti ritz di santhosh bhai lee-na kudrat anu
    santhosh bhai i think may b cvs fulfill ur wish by memory loss of bihaan its only my guess .but really don’t know what happened next.

    1. Hi Reshal… I don’t really like memory lost track, I hope it’s something else better..
      Hope for the best

  14. Joylin

    I think shankara will be still alive and harm the Pandey family I hope it’s twist and turns are good not boring as before and I wish they end the serial only till Bihaan and thapki stay happy together and not drag the life of their twins

  15. TPK should just end now

  16. Stopped watching thus ages ago. Only came to see what’s what today. A whole load of rubbish. Bye bye thapki

  17. It seems like thahan’s happiness will fly away like the wind..replaced with a storm that came crashing everything ???

  18. Spoiler
    Colors’ Thapki Pyar Ki (SOL and Shoonya Square) will see lot many changes in its post leap storyline.
    Closely following on Ankit Bathla’s footsteps of quitting the show will be his on-screen love, Sheena Bajaj.
    Yes, Sheena will also be opting out, and the biggest high point to come will be that her character of Aditi will be shown dead.
    As per sources, “Post the delivery of both Thapki (Jigyasa Singh) and Aditi, Thapki and her twin kids will face an accident. And it will require a road chase by Aditi to save them. However in the process, Aditi will breathe her last.”
    When contacted, Sheena confirmed the news saying, “Yes, I have opted out of the show because of the leap. It has been a wonderful two years journey for me and I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the show. Having said this, I will not want to play a mother at this phase in my career.”
    Sheena is presently shooting for her death sequence.

  19. the Colors show is taking a leap, post which actor Ankit Bhatla aka Dhruv will not be part of the show.
    News coming in is that Jatin will be playing the above-said character post the jump.
    As per sources, “The storyline of Thapki will soon see dramatic twists and turns, and the separation between Bihaan (Manish Goplani) and Thapki (Jigyasa Singh). Jatin will come with all his experience as the new Dhruv post the leap.”
    The leap in the show is expected to go on air in the second week of February.

  20. Colors’ popular daily Thapki Pyar Ki (Shoonya Square and SOL) is all set to take two consecutive leaps. The first being of seven months and the other will be of seven years.
    A giant leap in the storyline of a show always brings about some major changes in terms of new entries and exits. It seems like the saga has just begun for Thapki as Ankit Bathla who plays Dhruv, has decided to quit the show post leap.
    The seven years leap in the show demands the leads to play parents and Ankit aka Dhruv is not ready to play a father to a five year kid. Hence he has put down his papers. However, we hear that the makers are yet to decide upon the fate of Dhruv’s character. Dhruv is a key character of the show and with Ankit’s exit, the makers may rope in a new face to carry forward the role.

  21. Again sepration of thahaan????? no plz

  22. Wow…thanks Trupti for the spoiler…
    So, thahaan is going to separate again? Oh no…
    And if aditi die, so shraddha will become dhruv’s wife only…
    Hope for the best

  23. Somebody please help me ?
    One baby is a boy ?
    One baby is girl ?
    I assume at the hospital Where Aditi and Shraddha had their babies,They looked at their babies ?
    Maybe the Mother,Or the Midwife or maybe one of the Doctors,Or maybe a nurse ?
    Oh and might have noticed one was male and one was female ?
    For all the sense the swap made,They could have swapped it with Bihaans goat and no-one would have noticed ?

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