Thapki Pyaar Ki 6th August 2016 Written *Maha* Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 6th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan scolding Dhruv. He challenges Dhruv to stop Thapki and his marriage. He holds Thapki’s hand and says no power in this world can separate us, how will Dhruv separate us. Dhruv gets angry. Shraddha tells Bihaan and Thapki that Dhruv won’t listen to them, he is madly in love with Thapki, he got crazy, tell his truth to everyone, atleast family can stop him. Vasundara comes and gets worried seeing Bihaan injured. Shraddha says I told you about Dhruv and you slapped me.

Vasundara cries and tells Bihaan that she will explain Dhruv, he is doing wrong, you both don’t tell this to anyone, he will fall in everyone’s eyes, I fold hands. Thapki asks Vasundara not to worry. Bihaan says Dhruv will not come home.

Next day, Poonam comes and greets Vasundara.

Vasundara is lost. Bau ji asks what is she thinking. Poonam says Vasundara is managing everything. Suman says no, Vasundara is in tension, maybe she dreamt bad. Shraddha thinks if Dhruv comes here, then they will know whats bad. Dadi asks Vasundara to take Poonam to Thapki. Bihaan’s friends and come Bau ji about Bihaan. Bau ji asks whats this knife, why did you get this in marriage house. The man says we always keep knife along, I will throw this.

They meet Bihaan. Bihaan asks them to ensure that Dhruv does not come in marriage. Bau ji comes and asks why. Bihaan says Dhruv went for some imp work. Bau ji says how can he miss your marriage, I will call him, anyways he won’t listen. He goes. Bau ji asks his friends to scare Dhruv with the knife and chains, and have tight security.

Dhruv gets ready as groom and sees Thapki in mirror. He tells her that the day has come when she will become his wife, and no one can stop them from uniting. He forwards hand and sees her reflection gone. He cries and says Thapki you left me, Bihaan cheated and took pheras with you, today I will take pheras with you and fill sindoor of my name, even Lord can’t stop me today. Thapki gets surprised seeing Poonam. Poonam says I was coming yesterday, but Diwakar….. leave it, I m happy for you. She asks Thapki why is she worried. Thapki says nothing.

Vasundara says Thapki worked hard in arrangements and wanted marriage to happen well. Poonam says family is with you and Bihaan, just stay happy, I will take your pic and send to Krishnakant and Aditi. Vasundara signs Thapki to smile. Poonam takes her pic and goes. Vasundara tells Thapki that its big day for you, I will explain Dhruv. Thapki asks her not to worry.

Thapki is brought downstairs by Vasundara. Dadi asks Bihaan and Thapki to exchange garlands. Shraddha says yes, hurry up and take pheras before Dhruv comes. Vasundara looks at her. Shraddha changes words. Bihaan makes Thapki wear Jaimala. Everyone clap. Bihaan asks Thapki not to worry.

Dhruv reaches the house and hides seeing Bihaan’s friends. He sees people taking huge utensils inside house, and pays money to a man to take his shawl and utensil to hide face. Bihaan’s friends check the men’s faces and send them in. Dhruv says I think I have to do something else to go inside, but this marriage won’t happen.

Sanjay and Ashwin lift Bihaan and ask Thapki to make Bihaan wear jaimala. Bihaan laughs. Shraddha worries that this drama ends soon. Bihaan’s friend seeing two men arguing and go to solve matter. Dhruv hides and enters the house. The man signs Dhruv to go.

Bau ji asks Sanjay and Ashwin not to trouble Thapki Suman and Preeti pinch their husbands. They drop Bihaan. Thapki makes Bihaan wear Jaimala. Dhruv sees them and gets angry. Dadi says there is time for pheras, make them sit in room, we will call them. Vasundara asks Shraddha where is she going. Shraddha says this hanky has chloroform, if Dhruv comes, I will make him smell this hanky and faint. Vasundara says we should make him get sense, you remember he is your husband. Shraddha says what husband, he is just ruining things. Vasundara asks her to go and throws the hanky there. Dhruv comes there and sees Vasundara. She asks what are you going to do.

Dhruv says this time I will marry Thapki. She says no, listen to me, don’t repeat history. He hears Suman and Preeti coming, and tells Vasundara that she won’t tell about him to anyone if she loves him. Dhruv hides. Suman and Preeti say we have come to get Bihaan. Vasundara says I will get him, you get Thapki. A vase falls and they go to keep it right. Vasundara worries and keeps vase, asking them to leave. They leave. Dhruv thanks her and says just let this marriage happen, I will forgive you, you will get your old son, you decide you want your son or Bihaan’s marriage.

She cries and says I want my good son back. He says everything will get fine once I marry Thapki, let me go. She says no, don’t go. He says I have to marry Thapki, I m saying for the last time. She says I m saying for the last time, if you take step ahead, you will see my dead face. He says if you stop me or tell my truth to anyone, then you will see my dead face. He takes out gun and puts at his forehead. She gets shocked. He says you are good mum, I did not come to kill anyone, but to get my life. He gives her gun. Bau ji calls her and Dhruv hides. Bau ji asks her how did she get gun. She says Bihaan… Bau ji takes gun and says you just come downstairs. He goes.

Bihaan says I did not imagine Dhruv will do this, else Dhruv would have made me ready today, its big day and I should stay happy, I m marrying Thapki today. He gets doubt and checks at door. He says Dhruv can’t come here, why am I thinking. He gets shocked seeing Dhruv. Dhruv reminds Bihaan that this happened before too, I was at your place that time, we used to play with toys, I used to ask you to return my toy, you used to agree, its same thing, Thapki is mine and you move back. Bihaan says I would have agreed if it was childhood, Thapki is not a toy, she is my wife, I m saying for first and last time, just leave.

Dhruv says why would I come here if I had to go, I will marry Thapki. Bihaan shouts Dhruv, I don’t want to fight, just leave else…. Dhruv asks will you beat me. Bihaan says I will tell your truth to family. Dhruv says you can’t go, I won’t let you go. Bihaan says I will go. Dhurv stops them and they both fight. Bihaan calls Dhruv mad and pushes him on the bed. Dhruv takes a hockey stick and hits on Bihaan’s head. Bihaan faints. Dhruv says sorry Bihaan, and takes sehra saying its Lord’s justice, I had to do what you did with me in my marriage, I did not wish to do this, but history is repeating itself.

Thapki feels restless and tells Suman that she will just go and meet Bihaan once. Dhruv changes clothes and wears Bihaan’s clothes. Dhruv hides Bihaan under the bed. Thapki comes there and says Bihaan, I was feeling restless, are you fine, why are you not saying anything, what happened. Dhruv is wearing sehra. He turns to her. She says so you are quiet, you have become groom wearing sehra, sorry to come here like this, I m scared of Dhruv, I feel he is around here.

Dhruv hides Bihaan’s hand. She says I know you are with me, we will get married in sometime, don’t think much. Dhruv nods. She says my Papa says relation which goes through difficulties is strong, our relation will become strong after our marriage, we will not recall old things. Dhruv smiles. She asks him to come downstairs with Vasundara. She says I love you Bihaan and smiles. She goes. Dhruv lifts sehra and says I love you too Thapki, we will not think of past, our new relation will start now.

Thapki goes downstairs and sits in mandap. Pandit chants mantras. Pandit asks them to call groom. Suman says Vasundara has gone to get Bihaan. Vasundara comes to Bihaan’s room and sees Dhruv in sehra. She says Dhruv. Dhruv says great, mother’s eyes are not cheated. She asks where is Bihaan. He says he is alive, take me to mandap now. She says no. He says I will die if you don’t listen to me, come. She cries.

Vasundara takes Dhruv. Dhruv asks her to smile as its her son’s marriage. Dhruv sits in mandap and smiles. Pandit asks them to fold hands and pray.

Vasundara wishes the marriage stops somehow. Pandit asks Vasundara to apply tilak to groom. Bau ji and Dadi call Vasundara. Vasundara looks at Dhruv. Dhruv gets worried.

Thapki and Dhruv take wedding rounds. Bihaan is lying unconscious in his room.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. anu

    thahaan forever no one else hey thahaanian i will not updates my ff as my mera mob chori ho gaya hai i will not update my ff no comments leaving TU sorry sorry bt this incident happen yesterday. Miss u all love u all at last thahaan forever.

      • sumera

        hai roshini…haii frndz..kya twist aagya yaarr…wil bihaan marriage hppnd…yaa phr koi rok-tok..??whats gng on..??

      • sumera

        i think so yaarr..vasundhra sb ko sach bataa degi..yaa phr b for bihaan pandey hero bankar entry maarenge…dekhte hai kya hota hai..cvs ki jai ho…!!!!!

      • Lightsabre

        |Registered Member

        Hi sumera.Tharuv ki shadi bilkul nahi hogi. Thats bigamy. It wont be even considered a marriage even if druvs plans work . Nonse script. Hmmm… but i dont know abt thahaan marriage… they may create a twist to drag it further so tht thahaan fans keep watching the show. Agar shadi bhi dhoom dham se huyi ( they r alredy legally married) tho bhir inn logon (cv) ke dimag mein aur koi idea drag karne keliye nahi hoga.i havnt been watchin episode.aftr a long tym read the update. But this is my guess

    • sakshi

      its very bad
      bt please update from some other phone pls pls pls pls
      i am saying you from all thahaanians
      i am a silent reader bt readinf this comment i have to cmmont


    I seriously can’t understand How one would not think about being a bit skeptical whether if it’s the correct groom or the wrong one. If you get burnt once you will make sure that you don’t make the same mistake again. Once bitten twice shy. I said this when Bihan was not spotted in the first wedding and now Dhruv. How these people at the wedding cannot see the grooms face. Thapki needs Glasses as well. Both eyes and brain. She is not that smart after all.

  3. Zahra

    what’s happening in this show? unbelievable.I think ita plan of thapki to get druv catched.anf bihaan is also with her

  4. pooja prabha

    Bihaan……I am sure you will come and stop this drama.Dhruv…you are really a pshyco go to any mental hospital.stupid.THAHAAN FOREVER!!!!!Guys,pls help me to give a website for to see TPK July episodes.PLS….MANISH…day by day you just surprising me.Your my evergreen favourite star.There is no substitute for you man.You are B for Bihaan B for Best.

    • Sherry

      |Registered Member

      You are absolutely right Pooja…..B for Bihaan Pandey aka M for Manish Goplani is really a cute actor…..he is also my fav. hero in the television industry…..Thahaan always rocks…..

    • Aliya

      You r right pooja Hi guys the dhruv panther should be treated in a mental health center l think bihaan will stop this

    • Jann

      I think you can find it on youtube on colors channel, just type thapki and which date u need to see

  5. Sherry

    |Registered Member

    Thank you Amena for your fast updates…..
    Dhruv is really a serpent,always trying to blackmail everyone for his own benefit…..i hate Dhruv for his evil works…..I know that Vasundhara will fail Dhruv’s disgusting plan but still feeling anxious about how it will take place…..also really excited to see Thahaan after their real-marriage life…..Thahaan always rocks…..

    • Lightsabre

      |Registered Member

      I have some doubts sinz i hvnt bin watchin the show. Based on the update
      1) did druv divorce shradda n bihaan divorce thapki? So legally wat gud is ths 2nd groom swap?
      2) i dont knw much abt this sehra custom. Cant even the brothers…cousins… parents see the grooms face? Not even talk to him…listen to his voice?? Esp sinz they knw druv may do this.. wudnt ppl b vigilant?
      3) y ws druv askd tostay away frm weddin site rather than infront of evrybdys eyes..
      Havnt they lernt ny lesson frm last tym?
      4) do grooms dress up in complete isolation… away from frens ( hu btw r gundas in bihaans case)…. cousins etc.
      5) is the groom suppos to.wear a glove while puttin sindhoor n al? Cant ppl see his hands n tel its nt bihaan?! Wont the ears n bak of the neck..height etc b evident??
      Nywy… more quesitons aftr i see the show (if😜😜).
      Hi santosh…vinlo… manyasa… mridula… vani… pihoo sumera..javeria jo TPs renu etc etc… .sry if i missd ny1

      • SANTHOSH

        |Registered Member

        bloopers hai dhost bloopers…. 👌👌👌

        TPK mai tho kuch bhi impossible nahi, sab kuch 1 episode mai possible karke dikha tha hai humko….😜😜😜

      • Renuverma

        |Registered Member

        Hi roshni below is reply to yr queries.😊

      • Lightsabre

        |Registered Member

        Hey renu. Thx a lot fr reply.
        U registrd! Nice. Wel… i dd sorta knw the answers… i mean hw on earth can ppl create such weird customs xcept in tpk land! Senseless serial😝


      |Registered Member

      hiiiii…. ithne dino baadh…😍😍😍
      kaise ho…❗❗❓❓😜😜😜

      haa zarur Monday iss track katham hone wala hai….but dragging nahi.😁😁😁

      • Lightsabre

        |Registered Member

        Drag to tpk mein chalta rahega. Hmmm…. seems like comentz wr al tym low thse days… ab mein agayi hu na… bak bak karke increase kar walungi. Wrs vinlo…enjoyin weekend i guess. Mridula…pihoo…anu…manyasa…jo… vo sab??? Aur tamil ponugals ab nahi athey kya? Kuch din keliye gayi to yaha to sab track se pagal hoke chale gaye kya?

  6. Sherry

    |Registered Member

    In today’s episode really loved Bihaan and Thapki’s wedding attire…..Bihaan is as usually looking handsome and Thapki is looking really lovely in her “Shadi ka Joda”…..both are really looking aawesomeeeee…..waiting to see their new life together…..Thahaan rocks forever and ever

  7. pooja prabha

    Guys…pls help me to see TPK July episodes….I am waiting your reply also eagerly waiting for mondMonday episode.There is so many twists and turns are waiting for us.keep watching TPK on colors every Mon to sat.

  8. Narendran

    |Registered Member

    Whatever sin one does.. It will return back!!.. Same Epi.. When dhruv and thapki marriage was taking place.. In the place of dhruv.. Bihaan was there.. I am happy.. Now dhruv will get married to thapki!!☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

    • Lightsabre

      |Registered Member

      Ur forgettin tht druv is also comitin a sin/crime. Its called Bigamy!😜😜😜
      So… ur honour… under Section 494, I.P.C i sentence druv to 7 yrs imprisonment 😜😜😜😉😉😉😉


    |Registered Member

    shaadi abb tho challenge banchuka hai…..

    jeetne wala ko CVs ne 1st prize tho THAPKI🐰😍 rakha hai….

    haarne wala ko mere tarfse 2nd prize SHRADDHA👽😜….

    THAHAAN👫… THAHAAN👫.. THAHAAN👫…one and only forever..


    kushi ki baath hai ki abb tho thapki pyaar se (vyaarrrrrrrrr se😱😱😱) kum se kum SUNDAY tho rest mila …..


    • Lightsabre

      |Registered Member

      Arey… race mein to gorilla hi jeetega aur koi usse pehchanega bhi nahi . Gorilla groom swap karenge. Sach patha chale ke badh PN reaction ” arey humne socha ki tumne shave nahi kiya hoga…isliye dhoda hairy lag rahe hai”

  10. Ishita

    It’s interesting but I am hundred percent sure that thahaan marriage will only happen😊😊😊😊😊😊


    |Registered Member

    mazak chodiye… i am talking about seriously…
    zarur shaadi tho kisi ka bhi nahi hoga…
    precap dekhe aisa lagraha hai ki kuch bada hone wala hai ,i think parivaar mai kisi ko goli lagegi most probably thapki ya bihaan isi vajaise memory loss ya phir wahi coma drama aaneka nazat haa raha hai muje…

    • Lightsabre

      |Registered Member

      Possible…thahaan ka confesn ho gaya…ab shadi bhi hua to CVs ka “draggin” ka kya hoga. Serial ka to “happy ever after” wala end ho jayega

  12. Malika

    HI guys how are you all…so about today’s episode, episode was good I hope everything will be okk I’m scared of precap…

  13. vino

    very nice episode.bihaan have to get ashamed.because he married with his brother dhurav dhurav is right.there is no mistake.bihaan is criminal.actually dhurav has to kill that idiot bihaan.

    • Nisi

      Bihaan married his brother’s lover,because of his maa, but this cheap psycho Dhruv try to marry his brother’s wife………

      So criminal, idiot, psycho, selfish, nonsense, stupid, cheapest man etc etc etc these words are only suitable for Dhruv Dhruv Dhruv Dhruv Dhruv Dhruv Dhruv Dhruv Dhruv Dhruv Dhruv Dhruv only Dhruv……

    • Furiosa

      you guys and your dhruv psycho are so shameless..!!
      rattu tote ki tarha rattei ja rehe ho bihaan did this,bihaan did that..aare akkal ke andho thahan ke marriage wale episodes dobaraa dekho..bihaan ko majbur kiya gya that,par ye sapola itna selfish hai ke apne pervert matlab ke aage isse kuch v nai dikhta..Gauri ye pyar nai hai iska pervertness hai..

  14. Ally

    Thank God 🙏🙏
    in my place groom don’t wear sehra…..
    If so how will I know the man behind sehra is original /duplicate ….😝😝😝

    • Jann

      Thapki is a doll/toy according to dhruv only. Thats why bihaan told him to get lost when dhruv asked for her.

  15. Truelove

    |Registered Member

    I thought vasu will choose bihaan over dhruv. But…. what happened. I know Bihaan will come and stop marriage but still i feel sad because of vasu.

    • Jann

      Its sad but i kinda understand since she is his birth mother especially her relationship with bihaan is only getting better after she repented.

  16. vino

    hello syed8…all tharuv fans know very well when they will stop to watch this serial.and its their wish.u don’t wants to tell this.and I think thahaan fans don’t know about true love.that’s y they r supporting for thahaan.they r fall in love with someone and married with anyone.and this is called true love for all thahaan fans

    • anjana

      Hey.. Firstly, why are you getting personal and commenting on all the thahaan fans and their life decisions? You should know where to draw the line.

    • Achiibachii

      Thapki was never in love with Dhruv to begin with. She said so herself. She only respected him but she actually loves Bihaan. It’s not like she changed her lover. Besides did you forget the support she got from Bihaan?

    • Lightsabre

      |Registered Member

      Hey vino. Out of curiosity… u r a druv fan ryt… how did u watch althe episodes from sept til nw with very lil screen space for druv?isnt odd 2 watch wid ur fav charctr gone?

    • Jann

      We call it true love because its obvious thapki bihaan love each other. Thapki is also more brave in a relationship when she was with bihan than she was with dhruv. i think thats enough proof that thahaan deserve our love and support, but if you want to support pshyco character its ok if that makes u happy.

    • ClaraLA

      Nothing TRUE or LOVE about druvs madness. Time for hospitalisation or imprisonment. What is your definition of true love? Blackmailing? Kidnapping? Mental torture? Revenge? I know that you get over emotional about druv but i dont see any true love especially since he couldnt even stay single for even 3 months for thapki.

      • Lightsabre

        |Registered Member

        Haha point askin… chances r tht there wont b a reply today bt surely in next update the same comment wil b repeatd without xplanation😁

    • Vani

      Mujhe bhi please batao ki druv ka true love kya hai? Aur kitne logon se true love ho sagta hai? Shradda se shadi kyon ki?

  17. Garima

    Seriously all this track I hate vasundhara jayada sa bhi jayada I hate vasundhara matlab har bar vo sabko dokha deti rahati ha seriously sara ya drama vo hi kar rahi ha 😣

  18. ammu

    Dhruv not marry thapki when thapki and dhruv take the fifth round bihaan stop the marriage this is from SBS news

  19. sonia

    History repeats itself always. Once there was a time when bihaan cheated dhruv now he is doing well everything with him. That’s great.

    • Lightsabre

      |Registered Member

      Hmmm… but i thnk the history here is “druv was abt to marry thapki but bihaan ends up marrying her”.😜 So technically tht cud rpt lol. To b honest…they r alredy married…so this is jus for the sake of a weddin album. Bt i thnk the writers may close druvs chapter sinz sam hs been dragin….but wil keep the audiences waitin for the weddin to further drag and add episodes.

  20. Xxxxx ( Shrinjal )

    Hoe can Dhruv marry Thapki ? Did he divorce Shraddha ? Someone please clear my doubt.

  21. Shahid

    Isnt Thapki married to Bihaan already? They are only re-doing the wedding because last time they didnt do it on happyterms, this time they are in love and happy, but she already his wife. Even if Dhruv swaps places he cant be her husband. This show makes no sense.

    • Lightsabre

      |Registered Member

      Yeh… this show neva makes any sense wat-so-evr! It has a theme that cud hv been executed wel…but alas…thse brainless writers

  22. sonia

    Marriage has become a joke in the series. Ongoing track is very boring and dragging to much. Hopefully finishing soon.

  23. siji

    In mnday episode dhrv & thpki rounds 5 times &in 6th rnd bihan will come and stp marge &trueth revealed.

  24. Zohreh

    Shame on you you forget that you are an orphan and tharu v Sr is real son of this house and he must hidden from yours gang friends for coming into his home not yours home.
    ,and history is repeat itself for vasu, only she know who groom is.

    • Lightsabre

      |Registered Member

      Ironically…. much of the issues of the PN ( n druvs miseries) originated from this very same mentality of vasu tht u jus utterd” tht druv is real son and bihaan is adopted”. If vasu considered both sons as equal then she wud hv neva hv askd bihaan to do the swap. Funny 2 hear the same song frm a druv fan .lol

    • ClaraLA

      Speak for yourself girl. People have been watching more months of thahaan than druv’s fling inthe starting.

      • Aliza khan

        Every one is saying dhruv was wrong nd i also said that he is wrong right now but at the beginning of the serial dhruv’s character was perfect….
        Iam not saying that he should marry thapki just want justice as everyone has done with dhruv even thapki is also a criminal…so me just saying that thapki nd bihaan should feel this… dhruv felt pain when they have been busy with each other….

      • Aliza khan

        I didn’t use these words for manish sir…..i used for a character nd not used a offense word that u reacting like this…..

        And also one other point dhruv was a good man before knowing truth about his mother even he tried to acept shraddha as his wife and his so called baby….but when he came to know that a woman which he recognised her as a lord or ideal mother did with him ruined his life betrayed him like this…..his heart broke nd then after this he also came to know that his wife also betrayed him nd thapki lied to him so he lost his senses…..nd iam saying that he is on wrong side right now nd clearly declaring that he is in psychological condition nthng else…..but what is the cause of this condition can anyone explain me…?

      • Aliza khan

        I will say his mother nd bihaan nd thapki also…..
        And how psycho patients should be treated u all know about that….Every one here is saying shameless dhruv humiliating a character but now he is in a condition in which he just can’t verify what is good nd what wrong…

    • Vani

      Agar druv ko Maa ke bare me pata chalne ke baad pagalpan ke dore padne lage…to bihaan aur thapki ke piche kyon bhag raha hai? Maa se badla lethe!😁

  25. Ola

    Why anyone on earth would support druhv is what I don’t understand……So druhv should take revenge for himself rather than leave everything to God.
    More so u can’t force anyone to love u, according to d play it to is obvious that that Tharpki does not love Druhv…..Ha this is d worst story line I’ve ever seen ….how can Tharpki not recognise Druhv……pls whoever is writing this storyline u really need to know that we are not daft at all…..Druhv storyline it’s so immature👎

  26. Nashita(nina)

    Is marrige some kind of joke. Srsly dhruv is really pcyso. Hope thahaan will be married to each other

  27. Sana

    Hello friends . One thing I can’t understand ? Sbh Yai q Bol ry she never loved dhruv? I remember she once said to dhruv I will not marry in my life again ? I will not love again ? Usne dhruv ko guilty feel krwaya Aur khud pyar krny Beth gai… Damn thapki senseless girl. Aur Bihan g jbh apny usk pyar k sath shadi ke tbh tu Bary Khush thye abh bhughtu

    • Lightsabre

      |Registered Member

      She said it coz she was devastated. Love is a feeling… u cant calculate wen it wil hapen. Drv cud hv bin patient n waitd .

      Leme ask u…. wen drv married shrada…. did he know tht he wont fal in luv with shradda?
      1) if u say” yes, he knew he wont fal in luv”…then :
      😲to phir shadi kyon ki? For all he knew…shrdda ws a gud did he purposely ruin her lyf??
      2) if ur ans is “No” : then how do u suppose thapki cud hav predicted she wil fall in love again wen druv himslf cant predict his future feelings!😜😜😜😜😜

      Il gv u one more option
      3) i dont knw :
      so if u dont knw then hw do u supos thahaan wud hav knwn theyl fal for eachothr or nt.

      Whch evr b the ans… ur in chekmate positn as far as druv is concerned.
      The moment druv married shradda… he had no rights watsoevr 2 intrude into thapkis lyf. He made evrybdy “think” he movd on. Thapki fel in luv with bihaan ” aftr ” she saw the ” gud” side of him n ws a gradual process with months of loyal friendship n mutual understanding. 😊

    • Manyasa29

      |Registered Member

      Thank u for the link bhaii 😊
      Haash !!😅😅
      Shaadi toh ruk gayi kam se kam !!
      Interesting track ahead !!
      I hope aage bihaan n dhruv ka fight ho and usme thahaan dhruv ko zor ka thappad mare….phir hi man ko shanti milegi !!😜

  28. juggu

    Happy friendship day to all of you guys. …….pasam vaika nesam vaika nanban undu vaala vaika avanai thavira uravukaran yaarum ingila….

    • ash..2

      Same to you. College romba pidichi pochu pole. Sari ippavachum vandhiye. Sandhosam. Naan commt. Padikiradhoda sari. Eanaku verengum kilagal kudayadhu ( insta, fb ). Adhanale mariyadhaya weekly once vandhuttu po.
      @kana. Enge pone. Un commt. enum inba velathil neendha oododi vandha ennai eamatrividadhe kana. Vaa vandhu pesu. Thapki pakariya illaiya? Serial.a edukiraanga. BP egirudhu. Idhe torture.kaga thaan swaraginiyai viten. Indha thapki.I muzhungavum mudiyale, thuppavum mudiyale. Verupa irukku. Yappa sami, idhuthaan naan pakura kadasi serial.a irukkum. Eana nalla matuku 1 soodu.

      • Kana

        Ash,reji,fira,nisi,shobi,goms,adithi ellarukum nanbargal thina vaalthukkal 🙂
        Naan intha pakkam varave koodathunu than irunthan aana innaiku ungaluku wish pannanum enkirathukaka than vanthan 🙂
        Ash unkooda naan kovam,aanalum happy friendship day eruma 🙂

      • Nasreen-Thalaivi

        |Registered Member

        Hai ash, fira, reji,goms, adhiti, and all my frnds i wish you a very very belated friendship day wishes… sorry ma… nanum daily inga varanum varanum nenakiren mudiyama pogudhu… adhu ennaney theriyala ,yaaru kannnu pattuvo theriyala namma mela… nama sangam sukkunoora pochila… i feel very bad for this!!!!!

        Sari solunga … epdi irukinga ellarum? But sollA kastama than iruku.. nanga pathi peru messanger laiyum, whatsapplaiyum irukradhala.. anga pesiye time pogudhu… nanum mathavangalta idha pathi solita iruken.. nenga ellarum anga vandha nalla irukumnu ,,, but ungita than andha madhiri vera apps edhum illa polirkey…
        Yellerum alukoru pakkam irukuradhuthan romba kastama iruku.
        Anyways… adikadi vara try panren…

  29. Jahnabi

    OMG! Dhruv kidnapped thapki on her marriage day… & bihan runs after Dhruv on his bike.Dhruv becomes mad….😈 I guess that there will be fight between Dhruv & bihan & someone will get injure badly….Pls Cvs don’t spoil thahaan marriage ….😞😡☹ …

    • Jann

      Im sensing amnesia plot ahead…

      If i was to predict the story, there will be big fight between bihaan and dhruv. There was a gun scene earlier (bauji and vasu) so that might come in handy. Bihaan is shot and greatly wounded. dhruv is arrested/stopped either by police or p family. Vasu then begs bau ji not to throw his own son to jail.

      Bihaan will get into coma and after some time woke up. Thapki is happy to see this but then bihaan says what is her doing not prepare for the wedding.
      Thapki asks if hes mad thinking about wedding when hes still on hospital bed. Bihaan answers so what, its u and dhruv wedding. It turns out bihaan memory is back to when thapki was about to marry dhruv.

      Dun dun dun and then we get one month of cute episodes of thapki try to make bihaan remember her.

  30. Jahnabi

    🌷💝💜💛💚💙HAPPY 😊FRIENDSHIP DAY to all my TPK fans…..💙💚💛💜💝🌷💞💞💞💞💞💞

  31. Jahnabi

    I know completely well that they are going start memory lost drama of bihan soon….If it happens I want that psycho 😈 in jail so that he can’t disturb our thahaan 😉……Anyway I want first thahaan marriage…after that only they should start memory loss drama….because if Cvs starts memory loss drama they will drag it for 3-4 months…..😌….😌…

  32. Jahnabi

    I have a question how many times they will show bihan’s life in danger or Bihan is shot by others…..First time he was shot by goons in a restaurant,then he fell in water,then he was injured in breakfail accident….& again he is going to loss his memory…Cvs should leave some injuries and mishappening to Dhruv also….

    • Lightsabre

      |Registered Member

      I have a question too… y is thapki not giving tht magic cacacake to bihaan??!!!!😲
      PS: lol.. ur ryt..bihaan is getin beaten up more often as thapkis hubby than wen he did as a gunda😀😀

  33. pari

    y bihan is so annoyed he did same with dhruv .dhruv is so good he loved thapki from beginning and did everything for her n they both look grt together thapki loved dhruv first then bihan n now she can love him again I wish dhruv n thapki gets married

  34. Jahnabi

    Why some if u don’t understand that thapki loves bihan & only bihan .She never proposed Dhruv, in on of the episode she told Dhruv that she respected Dhruv she liked dhruv’s honesty but… was not love…From bihan she learned what is love….Thapki accepted her love ❤. For bih bihan in front of family members…now they luv each other….So, thahaan is made for each other ….no one can separate them….😉..

  35. Narendran

    |Registered Member

    Guys . All told.. That dhruv is doing a crime..but bihaan did is right or wrong?? When marriage.. Happened for tharuv! This bihaan stopped marriage… Now.. Dhruv.. So.. All is good and fair in love.. War also.. So sorry if I hurted someone..

    • Lightsabre

      |Registered Member

      Thats coz ur watchin serial” only” for druv. Theres a lota difference between willfully doin somethin and bein “blackmailed”. N unless u google and make urslf aware of its meaning…theres no point askin ths question. FYI.. the blackmailer is the offender… the one being blackmailed is as much a victim as the rest . In other words… if i put a gun on ur dads head and make u steal from a house… (regardless of wthr i wud hv pulled the trigger or nt ….. regardless of wthr or not a smater person wud hv com up wid a counter trick)… u wont b jailed . I wud b! N thts a logical law .
      So vasu did a crime. Bihaan thapki n druv wr victims

      • Narendran

        |Registered Member

        😈😈😈😈😈😈😡😡😡😡😡😡I am dhruvki fan.. Not that I like dhruv.. And I am a boy!.. I like thapki role.. So I watched.. From first epi.. To.. April.. After that I got bored.. Of watching it..and u r telling..

    • Rach

      😀@ narendran: u do not even watch serial . Then what will u know about who did right or wrong! So that u know – Bihaan was blackmailed!

      • Rach

        Watch properly i mean. U may like druvki but he is a criminal now. He should simply have not married. He did this to himself. U have to live inthe present . … druv is cruel to thapki.

    • Lightsabre

      |Registered Member

      U totally lost the point… i wasnt askin for personal info. I ws juz sayin tht the dude was “blackmailed” n had no it wasnt a voluntary decision of his for us to judg his action😊

  36. sonia

    Hello guys very happy friendships day.

    . As we have seen that bihaan says to dhruv that he considered him as Ram but when at dhruv’s marriage time he cheated him where was his ram.
    Even vasu also doesn’t like him but dhruv gave him to much love more than a real brother and never let him feel that he’s an orphan but still he deceived and he is most responsible for dhruv’s negativity.
    . Now he is feeling pain and think how much dhruv has felt in his life because of him only.

    • Jann

      Dhruv misery is also partly his fault. Yes, he was cheated by his brother and his mother buttt if he really loves thapki, he wont treat her horribly, defending her when she in troubles, and then wont force himself on her. He cant even wait three months for thapki and bihan to divorce and win her back. Back when hes about to marry shradda, he tried to hurt thapki using shradda as if the marriage swapping is her fault. Why would thapki still has feelings for him? Any sane woman wont.

  37. Vinlora

    |Registered Member

    Bihaan ne Maa ko bachane ke liye Thapki se shaadi ki thi usse blackmail kiya gaya tha lekin Sapola kisko bachane ke liye ye shaadi karna chaahta hai? ???? EGO😕😠
    Sapola apne selfish Ego ke liye bihaan shraddha ki jaan lena chaahta hai 😠usse tho kisi ne blackmail nahi kiya tha na???jab shraddha se shaadi huyi thi tab bhi aur ab jo psycho bana hai ab bhi….wo sirf apne pagalpan ke liye kar raha hai so called Ram jaisa Mr. Perfect Dhruv Pandey 😕😠😬🔪🔨💉🔫💣Criminal kahi ka🔫🔫🔫💣💣💣

  38. Kalika

    I am guessing Thapki will get seriously injured, probably even die and Bihaan will bring her back

  39. Jahnabi

    Good answer Vinlora 😃…..bihan never tried to kill anybody to fullfil his desire while Dhruv had crossed all the limits by trying to kil his brother bihan & wife shradha to get thapki…SOMEONE CHEATED OR HURTED YOU,IT DOESN’T MEAN YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO KILL THAT PERSON….but Dhruv has this mentality..😉….

  40. Jahnabi

    ☹ Keep yourself in bihan’s pls & ask yourself whether your Mother’s life is important or marriage with thapki, you will get the answer that bihan was innocent…..In this way he had saved vasu’s life which is dhruv’s mom only😐 not bihan’s real mom…..😡

    • Renuverma

      |Registered Member

      Yes jainabi u r right. Bihan gad married thàpki to save his mom but dhruv wants to kill bihan n shradha to get married to thàpki extremely contrast

  41. Jahnabi

    ☹ Keep yourself in bihan’s place& ask yourself whether your Mother’s life is important or marriage with thapki, you will get the answer that bihan was innocent…..In this way he had saved vasu’s life which is dhruv’s mom only😐 not bihan’s real mom…..😡

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