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Thapki Pyaar Ki 6th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhruv saying he likes simple ring. Everyone insist him to get the best like Thapki. Varun says they are right, and asks Thapki to enjoy marriage, he will manage everything. Vasundara says the engagement ring connects to heart. Dhruv says he will take rings in evening from the jeweler. Vasundara says Bihaan will manage the work, and sends Bihaan in evening. Bihaan collects the ring with Paan and drives bike in high speed, and one of the ring box falls. Vasundara calls him and asks about rings. He says he got both rings.

She asks him to be careful, and give Dhruv’s ring to Thapki’s home and Thapki’s ring to them. He says he has it, and gets stunned seeing one box missing in his pocket. He says this is Thapki’s ring, where is Dhruv’s ring. Paan says maybe it

fell on the road, as bike jumped over the speed breaker. They go back and try to find the ring box. Bihaan says what will we give to Thapki’s family, mum will be hurt. Paan asks what can we do now. Thapki changes the song and says she will sing on her fav song. Aditi says no way, and plays her fav song.

Thapki dances on song Aaja nachle…. Bihaan comes there and she collides with him. He says sorry. Krishnakant asks how did he come. Bihaan says mum asked to give Dhruv’s ring, and shows them the ring, asking them to keep it. They ask Bihaan to have food. Aditi gives him neem juice. Bihaan says its so bitter like neem juice. Paan says its sweet like honey, have it. Aditi asks Bihaan not to lie, just drink it. He gets angry and drinks it. He leaves and she laughs.

Paan and Bihaan come out. He says he will give the real ring when they get it. Bihaan says he is feeling bitter and eats the rose petals. Thapki sees this and scolds him for eating the flower. Bihaan laughs on her. He praises himself saying he has humanity, stop crying, go inside. He says they are different and leaves. Thapki says even Dhruv and Bihaan are so different, Dhruv can’t hurt anyone and Bihaan can’t live without hurting anyone. Dadi tells everyone that they will go to Thapki’s home and do puja. Bihaan coughs. Suman and Preeti get worried as Vasundara will be again meeting Thapki.

Vasundara, Dadi and everyone come to do the puja. Poonam goes to bring the ring. Suman says she made the sweets for them. Preeti asks why did she give them sweets, Suman and says she made such sweets that Thapki won’t be able to talk. Poonam brings the ring. Preeti checks the ring and says its fake ring. They all get shocked. Vasundara asks what nonsense. Preeti says my dad has diamond business, I can figure out its fake or real easily, this ring is fake and blames Thapki’s family to give fake ring to Thapki. Preeti says maybe they could not afford the costly ring and did this. Vasundara scolds Preeti and asks Ashwin to call Bihaan. Bihaan arranges a new ring and thinks to replace it soon. Ashwin calls him and asks him to come at Thapki’s home, and tells about fake ring. Bihaan says what, I m coming. He thinks to swap rings soon.

Ashwin says we should call jeweler and check the purity. Krishnakant says yes, go and call the jeweler. Suman says if Preeti is wrong, Vasundara won’t leave her. Preeti says I m sure. The jeweler comes and checks the ring.

Bihaan comes and makes the ring fall. He swaps the ring, and Thapki sees him, being shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What a episode??No scene of Dhruvki!! It’s really unwanted.But it was good to see Aditi with Bihaan,but Thapki was also there.Precap was okay,cause Thapki won’t tell that.We all want Dhruvki scene more…

  2. Good episode

  3. It’s sure the hero of the show is going to be bihaan

  4. I donot like todays epi bcz I see in this serial only dhruvki special dhruv nd today dhruv will not there ….so epi was normly ….

  5. thapki pyaar ki

    Vasuandra will find out about Thapki’s stammering and then will tell Bihaan to marry Thapki and he will agree as he has feelings for Thapki
    And vasuandra will ask Aditi to marry Druv

    1. is this going to be true????????????? no way man. then i’ll never see this serial again

  6. is it true that thapki–bihaan and dhruv–aditi will get married..??

    wht’s happening now in all serials ? confused about swaragini and now Thapki pyar ki too.. ?
    :'( :'(

  7. Bihaan does not seem to have feelings for Thapki, but he will definitely marry her if Vasu was to tell him to marry her.

  8. If the spoilers are true, the writer is no better than the other writers of swaragini, uttaran etc. I stopped watching the parts of thapki and bihaan. If this continues, a big bye to this stupidity.

  9. If vasu will tell bihan to marry thapki then dhruv will hate vasu.all family members will sure go against vasu.then vasu will sure change her decision

  10. wats wrong in stammering…thapki don’t mind dem t was ur God created you…if vasu doesn’t want u as a bahu cos of t..shi should die or leave the show..period

  11. oommgg!!! no scene of dhruvki… but the epi was good but we want djruvki more scenes … plz writers hum sabki confusion door karo whether it is dhruvki main lead jodi aur bihaan-thapki

  12. I like bihaan the most he is so cooool B-)

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