Thapki Pyaar Ki 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 6th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shraddha in disguise of Thapki tells Bani that she hates her and wants to get rid of her. She says now your illiterate father will be behind me and praises Tina, says she is better than you. Bani is shocked and asks her to take her with her and says I am your Bani, you can’t see me crying. Shraddha asks her to keep quiet and sit down quietly. Kesar is shocked too. Shraddha asks Pandit ji to start the marriage. Bani is in shock. Shraddha gives Bani’s hand in Prince’s hand and do her kanyadaan. Pandit ji asks them to exchange garlands and stand up for pheras. Shraddha ties their ghatbandhan. Bani is still in shock and recalls Shraddha’s words which she told as Thapki and starts taking pheras with Prince.

Shraddha sees Bihaan coming and hides. Thapki, Dhruv, Vasu

and others come there. Bihaan asks them to stop and asks Pandit ji to stop the marriage. Thapki hugs Bani and cries, asks if she is fine. Bani is confused and shocked. Amma Maayi asks her goons to beat him. Bihaan beats the goons and warns everyone not to see her else he will burn them alive. Amma Maayi shouts at him. They are leaving from the temple, but Monty pulls Bani towards him and says nobody can snatch her from us. Kesar asks them to let her go, and says it is not good.

Amma Maayi slaps her and asks Monty to take her in jeep. They take Bani and goes. Bihaan says today I will end this story even if I die. He sits on his bike and is going following the jeep. Goons shoots at Bihaan, but he moves. Bani shouts for help. Thapki, Vasu and others are in Dhruv’s car. They miss the jeep and gets worried. Thapki cries. Bihaan reaches before them and stops their jeep. The goons hold Bihaan while Amma Maayi and Monty take Bani with them. They go near the cliff. Bihaan runs after Bani. Monty asks him not to move near him, else he will kill Bani and him. He aims gun at Bihaan. Bihaan asks him to leave her.

Thapki and her family come there and she asks them to leave Bani. Amma Maayi says you people are trying to ruin her life. Bihaan throws stone on Monty and Thapki runs to Bani. Bihaan beats Monty for threatening to kill Bani. Bani thinks about Shraddha’s words which she told as Thapki and leaves Thapki’s hand. Bihaan, Dhruv and Balwinder fight with the goons and Monty. Prince and Amma Maayi are standing still. Bihaan is about to kill Monty and picks a stone.

Amma maayi is shocked and picks the gun. She shoots in air. She asks Bihaan to throw the stone away, else she will kill him. Bihaan stops. Amma Maayi aims gun towards Thapki. Prince asks her to leave his wife. Amma Maayi threatens to kill Thapki and shouts at her. Bihaan comes in between them and gets shot at his chest. Dhruv shouts Bihaan. Thapki is shocked. Amma Maayi shoots at him thrice. He is about to fall down in the cliff. Thapki asks him to hold her hand. Bihaan talks emotionally. Thapki says nothing will happen to you. Ranjhana plays…..Bihaan asks her to take care of everyone and kids. He asks her to promise that she will smile always. Thapki promises him.

Bihaan tells Thapki that he loves her very much and leaves her hand before falling down in the valley.. Thapki and Bani shouts…

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. There is a news from director that bihaan will return after leap too.but no so immediately.I feel happy after listening that b for bihaan will be back.waiting for that day. ?????

    1. Simrank

      Hey r u sure ? I mean manish will return ? Where did u heard that…..plz do tell

      1. I read it in fb .One of the bihann fan had chat with that conversation director told. I too hope it’s true

    2. Mansak

      really is it true pls tell from where you got this news now i am feeling some relieved

  2. Simrank

    The last lines of bihaan was so emotional nd he did outstanding performance will miss u alot mani see u soon in another show also hope to see manyasa onscreen again i wksh jigs too leave the show well thapki’s trp is 0.9 lowest on colors hope show go off air soon hi frnds we will stay in
    touch nd thahaan will live in our hrts nd
    we will imagine them through ffs………so keep wrtng guyzzz hi kudrat , anu , rinka di , juvi, rifa , alm.abi , vinolin ,navami, sadia , garima , sandy , rafaey , sakshi , manish ki deewani , aashu nd all manishians love u all………sry if i missed somebody’s name

    1. wat a joke emotional line…..completely nonsense and stupid act i wish they end up Asap

    2. Hey hi simi… Yes it was so emotional and heart touching, Bihaan calling Chuk Chuk Gadi after months and this is when I became emotional… You know very well what attachment the Bihaan fans have with the Bihaan character…Though he is dying and Manish is heard to enter as Suhaan, but I will always miss Bihaan and Thahaan so much….

      1. And yes Manish was at his best performance today but the camera work was not up to the mark… But I liked the episode though Bihaan died :-(….

  3. Is it true……is Manish returning?????I was so depressed on seeing Manish on Tpk today.but u just gave me a boost….goodnews….plz confirm it na………

  4. wow what a great news….it becomes true….hahaaahaa…I am so happy…

    hai my dear pooja,Anu,reshal,Jo,sruthi, Leena,naira,kudrat,rifa, Ritz,juvi,navami
    garima… and all my tpk friends…are you happy?

  5. They need to end this drama ASAP just make BIhaan and Thapki end up together and live happily with their kids. That’s it.

    After the amount of crap they put Bihaan and Thapki fans through im sure they will just do a quick few minutes of them happy and that’s it.

    They always put the fans through weeks of stupid, idiotic, hurtful storylines and then just give a few mins or a episode of happiness.

    End this drama of stupid characters and nonsense stories.

    1. yes its so stupid never make the viewers happy watching this serial make my mood angry always

  6. pooja prabha

    Finally the days is coming…this is time for me to say farewell to my besties.ts a very emotional moment to me .actually I don’t know what to say I am speechless…happy to have a family like besties garima,anu,vino,sandy,reshu,rinks
    Navami,sruti,danthosh Bhai…thank you somuch for your love,care,support to me….I never ever forget you…always remember you my dearies.our happy moments,cute jokes wala comments,sadfultimes,our celebrating moments…the colorful days…I promise you guys whenever Manish rejoins I will definitely comeback to this group…Manish the real life of the show…I did not addict any actor like are my favourite hero forever whatever happens I could not lost my fanship to you…M for Mind blowing A for Admirable N for Naughty I for Ideal S for Stunning H for Humble…Gajjab wala actor…you always makes me smile your sadness will reflects on my face thank you Maniiii.
    I wish Thahaan win the GPA for best pair category.what a mesmerizing pair they are!!!hope to see you soon in any another show.Jigyasa miss you…you are my Thapki.brilliant actress stay blessed our Chuck Chuck gadi…
    Garima-my best friend
    Reshu-my pyaar wala friend
    Anu- my first friend
    Navami-my cool wala friend
    Sandy-my sweety
    Vino-gajjab wala dosth
    Santhosh bhai-bhai wala friend
    Kudrat-my chotti friend
    Rinka-my bold wali friend
    Sruti-my cutie
    Miss you badly…
    But I don’t want to say good bye because good friends never say goodbye they simply say see you soon…actually I wish to say more but I can’t my eyes are filled with tears which makes me more weak…friends I am also a registered member here name is poojaz I wish to meet on there.once again Thank you TPK team ,Pandey family,the villaneous characters,my dearest friends…if I hurt anyone during these days sorry…thanks for everything,thank you thahaan…at last not at least thank you Manish…Gajjab
    Twinkle Twinkle Manish star Always shining in my Star….
    Your own…Pooja prabha

    1. it was a big watse of time watching Thapki pyaar ki..i wish they end up this show asap

    2. Aww pooja am already crying seeing Bihaan die and reading your comment make me cry more ? I love u poooja your the most loveable , kind , cute , supporter and even word can’t describe you my dearest friend.❤❤ really going to miss u a lot ??

    3. I am your bold wala friend….
      Please don’t leave your group pooja….And I hope to see you around IF everytime like before… take care dear

    4. hey pooja no u can’t go no plz be with us
      plz don’t go
      I will cry
      plz stay with us
      don’t go
      pooja !! Pooja ! plz

      1. Garima

        Anu my dear friend best wishes from me to You love you dear♡♥♡ ♥♡♥ ♡♥♡ you are awesome dear we will meet soon dear.

    5. Garima

      Pooja you are my best friend and if it is true that Bihaan came after a leap than we will meet again best wishes from me to You dear so sorry if I done any mistake dear my good wishes for you ♡♥♡ ♥♡♥ ♡♥♡.

      Manish you are just fabulous awesome and blossom gajab brilliant actor I miss you and you dear Pooja.

      1. Poo plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz don’t go yr .plz plz plz poo plz yr

    6. Navami

      My dr pooja….pls dont go dr……you were my besti…….pls pls pls……its your cool wala frnd requesting you……manish will be back on show….dont lose hope….watching the show or not is upon to you….but pls dont loose our grp….pls do come back soon dr….i can only say this….lv u dr….take care

  7. now in the leap the makers will show the same old witty story.. that tina will be thapki’s agyakari daughter wheres bani will be hating thapki and will consider her as reason of bihaan’s death..ohh why do they ruin all this show every time something good happens..ughh
    manish didn’t had much part nowadays and now h’es just out of the show.. I thnk I just have to stop watching this show.. many viewers will leave the show iguess,,,
    misssss you bihaan

    1. yes seriously m fed up of watching this serial…its just impossible serial to watch

  8. guys behan will be back except not this one…he’s going to play a different role…

  9. Nursyam J. Ladong

    Bihan Pandey not die….no…no…..bihan pandey imposible leave her love, thapki and his twin….no…no….Bihan Pandey will back….i belive the fact…

  10. Good by pooja di. Hope you have to come back very soon. Miss thahaan very badly.

  11. If manish comes back will he play his role opposite jigyasa or anyone else ?? “Pls anyone answer. “

  12. Manish will come back as suhaan. I read it in instagram . i don’t know it is true or not but if it is true i am.more happy

  13. Its horrible drama i ever watch truely nonsense not worth watching.. please end up this drama ASAP fed up of watching ..Nothing good happens only bad..if bihaan return than it will b such a fake story.

  14. Manish is back in thapki and will play the role of suhaan post leap

    1. How do u know?

  15. Better this show fastly go to offline..v don’t want to watch this again without thahaan…

  16. When thahaan to b together, then writter make them separate .. So sad..
    How it’s possible? They never get a chance to live with their children’s a happy family…

  17. Yasmin Kayani

    A really talented actor, but what is Thapki without Bihaan? Manush has the ability to make it big in Bollywood so I hope he gets recognised for his talent.

  18. hello guys wat is the meaning of that suhan or it’s just name coz i cant understand that bihaan will return as suhan

  19. No words can’t believe Bihaan die ??

  20. I was crying but I got boosted up when I heard bihaan returns back .I am waiting for it.I will miss manish more.

  21. Even though the writers completely messed up TPK least they showed Bihaan die a hero, after a yr got to hear him say chuck chuck gadi which I’ve missed. Love Bihaan but whilst he was talking to Thapki I couldn’t really hear what he was saying shame I pretty much missed all the dialogue

  22. KUDRAT

    Please koe kahi mat jao..
    Please rona band kro..
    Farewell k naam p party band kro..
    Bihu .. Humara Mani wapis aa rha h..

    Paki news

  23. KUDRAT

    Dink chika dink chika dink ding ding

    Chel dol bja..

    1. hello temater

  24. Writter ji plz bring back our bihaan in tpk.
    Did u see the comments, each and every viewers feel the same thing, that is


    and all of them decided to stop watching the serial.
    So please fullfill our expectation. Plz……………………………………………,

  25. I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you Manish very much. Today my heart emotionally broke down. Ammamai I will kill you u kill my Manish very rudely. I hate u. I hate you very much. It’s time of farewell my BFF I will always miss u byee.l love you my love will always stay with u. I pray 2 god that wherever u live u will be fine. Byee my BFF I love u.

  26. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    pkease comeback my thahaan….i dont want another….thahaan comeback pkease…no leap…no leap….nooooooooo. crying very badly……

  27. Haslinda Palimbunga

    there is something that makes me not understand, why shrada come again disguised as Thapki and want to marry Prince and Bani ?? Shrada is already in jail instead? Oh My Allah, forgive the sins of the author, make author create a story that can accept common sense and humane story …hate thapki’s writer…

  28. Stupid is director if main actor is died the serial is the end.

  29. Today Bihan’s performance was outstanding… But i couldn’t control at the last moment and was on tears..
    I love this Drama.. People say this serial is wastage of time… But still we can’t stop watching this.
    Some time yes.. But for how long.. One week.. Two weeks..
    But we start watching this serial.. Because originally everyone loves it..
    Cast:– Thapki is extremely chraming and beautiful..
    Opps:– Bihaan is equally handsome..

    I will still continue to watch this matter what.. Because guys we knows.. Bihaan is gonna come back… If Thapki can come back after 7 years…

  30. The fact that Shraddha still is part of the show is what’s killing the show, sari fasaad ki jaar vohi kutiya hai!!! I wish they would murder her off the show already, blacklist that b*t*h… I don’t care how “good” you think her acting skills are, as a person with half a brain, one shouldn’t even consider doing such things!!
    Bihaan’s death shows that this show is officially out of half decent ideas, I don’t know what’s considered good anymore, but if having three time leaps in a show which is less than 3 years old and have those time leaps be of more than 1 year at a time, just goes to show that Writers don’t know shit about writing a story or even properly developing characters… They can’t make sense of the story so they keep adding drama after drama… Any regular viewer please tell me how long was the longest time where the entirety of the Panday niwas was fully happy, no drama, nothing out of the ordinary? Any avid (hardcore) Thapki fan would say that those moments were extremely short lived and overshadowed by the bad moments!!

    1. Absolutely agree with your comment..
      I really hate the SW..!
      And now the sw will have started new misunderstanding & hatred between Bani & Thapki… ?????
      Maybe this sw is some kind of zombie..
      have no sense anymore…

  31. Super episode after long time and best episode and very emotional ????????manyasa nailed it completely that scene ablnd bihaan omggggggggg ?????i can’t even imagine that now no b for bihaan pandey ????miss u a lot .bihaan character is always in our hearts ???no doubt in that our thaahan #manyasa are legendary couple and made for each other ?????love u so much. God bless u both always support each other in each and step in future.

  32. Yea I agree with susheel.

  33. Vinolin.d

    hai pooja….pls my dear friend don’t go from this group pls….pls ..pls my darling…

    1. Garima

      Hi vino dear friend I miss you sweetheart I miss you ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.
      Best wishes from me to You dear we will meet soon when Bihaan come back by★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★

      1. Vinolin.d

        hai my dear friend garima….i miss you sooooooooooooooooooo much. where you gone yaar? you are not messaging…oh god…you too going from this group ah?? i am very sad. surely we will meet very soon dear. i love you sooooooooooo much…I am expecting for bihaan’s new avatar.

  34. Garima

    ♡♥♡ ♥♡♥ oh they are so many manish fans and for us (manish fans) MANISH WILL BE SURE RETURN.♥♡♥ ♥♡♥



    1. Vinolin.d

      yes…you are right dear garima darl…me too…i am also waiting to see bihaan’s new avatar.

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