Thapki Pyaar Ki 6th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 6th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan giving the aarti to Thapki. Thapki does aarti holding both the diyas. Dadi tells Bau ji that doing aarti with two hands is not an easy thing, over Thapki has tolerance and courage. Everyone clap. Bau ji tells Thapki that she proved that if person has courage and tolerance, he/she can win any big test. Vasundara looks on.

She tells Thapki that she has won this first test of tolerance and does tilak to Thapki. Shraddha looks on. She says you have showed your tolerance. Vasundara stops Shraddha from saying anything and asks Thapki to cover kalash with yellow cloth, it will show who is winning and who is losing. Thapki ties yellow cloth to the kalash. Shraddha thinks Thapki has good fate.

She tells Thapki that fate can change anytime. Thapki says yes, but

I won’t change, my truth is with me, I have believe on myself and Lord, Lord supports the true believer, you took cheat’s support and you lost, see Vasundara will see your dark heart soon. Shraddha says you will see my truth first, I will stop you from winning. Thapki says who wins and who will lose, just time will show. Shraddha says yes, but you and time do not know to what extent I can go to make you lose, you will see my real limits now.

Vasundara tells Shraddha that I wanted you to win. Shraddha says I m human, I did not eat anything since morning. She burps and lies that its acidity. Vasundara says go and have food, so that you don’t fall weak in tomorrow’s test. Shraddha thinks to win anyhow tomorrow.

Diwakar and his mother come to room and see Poonam and Aditi sleeping. Glass falls. His mum says even if jug falls instead glass, they won’t get up, I gave them sleeping pills. He calls his mum great. He tries the keys and gets the property papers from the cupboard. They smile seeing it and leave.

Its morning, Thapki asks Bihaan to have bath and come fast, she has to get ready too. Bihaan is playing game and passing time. She waits and asks him to come out fast. She asks are you listening, I know you are doing this to trouble me. He says you did such thing, its less to trouble you more. The mobile gets off. He says charger is outside, if I go out like this, she will come here. He applies soap lather over himself and opens the door. She was knocking and turns seeing him. She asks why are you like this till now. He takes charger and says I have habit to play video game while having bath. She says I know you are doing this intentionally. She slips and he holds her. Dhruv passes by and gets angry seeing them. Even Shraddha looks on and smiles. Dhruv leaves. Bihaan drops Thapki down and warns her for not coming in her way. He goes to bath.

Shraddha goes after Dhruv and stops him. She gives him files and asks him to say thanks, why this anger. He says thanks. She asks him to come home soon, Bihaan and Thapki will do aarti together, get a gift for them if possible, they want to start their relation afresh, we should support them. Thapki is lucky to get such loving guy, the way Bihaan proposed her. Dhruv asks did Bihaan propose her. She asks won’t you believe and calls the man about decorations. The man says it was really nice, none has done such grand things to propose anyone, Bihaan has done so to propose his wife.

Shraddha tells Dhruv that Bihaan is madly in love with Thapki, and Thapki will love him too. Dhruv leaves angrily. Shraddha says I did half work saying this, now you have to come close to me, then game over. Vasundara calls out Shraddha. She asks about Thapki. Shraddha says don’t know. Thapki comes and says sorry to come late. Vasundara asks them are they ready for today’s test, its to check patience and control anger. Shraddha asks why will we get angry. Vasundara calls the girls. Shraddha and Thapki talk to the girls. Thapki manages girls and smiles. Shraddha gets angry and thinks to win this second test anyhow.

Shraddha sends the girls to Thapki. The girls ask Thapki to say tongue twister. Thapki stammers and they make fun of her. Shraddha smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Tiara tharaa

    When will thapki truly love bihaan yaar. Im eagerly waiting for that moment. Did any body know, any spoilers? Plz share to me. Thank u.

    1. When dhruv turn to the negative. ….!!!!!

  2. Finally amena ur here shraddha every time makes fun of thapki také her out of the show

  3. Thanx Amena for fast update?

  4. Some interesting sas bahu drama
    I think this week end change the bihaan behaviour. ……!!!!!!!

  5. poor dhruv…love you

  6. Oh Thapki,why oh why didn’t you whip off that towel? We were all wishing you would.

  7. Hi Amena were where you ……?

  8. i m big fan of dhruv sir..

  9. Druv is as same as before..
    Crying Baby..
    He married shraddha himself instead of waiting for Thapki now what he is doing….. ??

    I want vasu should feel guilty for destroying Three lives altogether
    Hate Vasu…. and crooked shraddha

    1. Tapki it self forced Dhruv to marry

  10. koi apna first love kaise bhul sakta…how could you thapki..

    1. Situation changes everything yaar……

    2. Waise hamaari salman khan bhool saktha haina aise ……aap ka DS ko bhool na padega ……!!!!!!!

    3. bihaan with thapki will be better

  11. 1:5 hour but just this much update…

    1. That’s not a new story. …. some past story editing re telecast. …..5.30-6.30

    2. That 1 hour is past episode. Not new

    3. It was not 1.5 hrs..the episode was of half an hr only..the previous 1 hr of agni pariksha was just the recap of previous episodes.?

  12. Can someone send link for episode video

  13. Nice episode I also thought bihaan willchange this weekend bcz he gives gun to kids for play thapki try to stop but he doesn’t listen atlast a kid unknowingly target vasu but in a nick of d moment thapki save vasu…so sure bihaan will change…towel scene was awesome while playing game in mobile he looks so cute…

    1. Yes. …yes….yes…. You’re Wright. …..

  14. Today thahaan scene was good but bihaan’s angry nature….not liking….well I saw the trishakti promo… Not again I hate colors for that they show trishakti episode ……and I hate trishakti…. I think now once in a week they show us trishakti episode….plz its request don’t show trishakti episode…. Coz I didn’t watch ssk and udaan…I only watch tpk.

    1. U r right naha i even hate trishakti episodes fliping annoyin

  15. thahaan scene was nice

  16. bihaan looks so cute today

  17. And again when the kids say her chuk Chuk Gaadi.. thapki will think bihaan told them and all.! Silly shraddha..?? But why bihaan has to go against thapki? Just saw an onlocation shoot where bihaan is irritating thapki so that she gets angry and loses..what ya..? Hope the trishakti episode does something good..and we get to see thahaan???

  18. Shraddha plans never work the plans wat she makes happens 2 her

  19. NEVER EVER!!!!!! end thapki pyaar ki its the best show ever

  20. Some spoiler news Thapki loss 2nd challenge. …….!!!!!!!!?
    Waiting. ….

  21. COMPLETELY A DISINTERESTING EPISODE,i think TPK is always tried to focus on the silly dramatic sequences of vasu,shraddha and Thapki,they never think about to show the life of hero and heroine…..when THAHAANS life will begin….my dear THAHAAN fans and my friends(ANU,PAYAL,MONI,FATARAJO,MINEEY)what would you like to say about this?anything will happen soon……..

    1. I already stopped watching it I read written updates and I watch Kaala Teeka instead these days, but from updates I will watch the repeats for thahaan bathroom scene 😛 because there is a glimpse of their romance and Bihaan’s comedy one liners. And it’s a totally T for Thapki Pyaar ki T for Typcial saas Bahu saga. And from today’s episode I can conclude two things:
      1) Either Shraddha will continue her torture in Thapki, Bihaan will ignore but when she crosses the limit Bihaan won’t spare Her and maybe thahaan love story will be on track
      2) Dhruv may become negative character (hope that doesn’t happen because Dhruv being positive is one of te few appreciating things in this drama)

  22. nice episode

    1. I love manyasa jodi..bcoz manyasa off screen chemistry is too good than anyasa ….I love manyasa bonding ..and they always say that they can understand each other without saying words..

  23. Thapki ne kbhi dhruv se pyar kia e nh just trust nd respect…so dhruv should not cry….?
    But happy that in real life they love each other…..

    1. Yes yaarrr ……
      Anyasa off screen lover’s. ….

    2. The makers r very smart tey are confused that they should make it Dhruvki or thahaan , as Dhruvki is already in real life they decided to make it thahaan , smart makers 😛
      I love thahaan aka mansaya on screen and Dhruvki aka Ansaya real life

  24. Thahaan scene was so cute.???…I’m eagerly waiting whn Thapki will realize her love for Bihaan.

  25. Jenniferobunomu

    I really wish dhruv and thapti come to pass,because is not dhruv fort, so please make them to come together and bihaan with other girl, maybe thapti sister Aditi, ???

  26. Bihaan should become his normal self and support thapki once again. Poor thing she asked forgiveness so many times but he is so hard hearted. Whereas he him self had done so much wrong to her much more than what she has done to him.

  27. Bakwaas ….. Why thapki doing all this …she should leave pandey house asap ….
    Love nai hao use bihaan se ..vso why bahu drama …shadi hi nao manti vo to why all this crap ….
    Dhruv …. Dont cry only… Its action time….
    Hate these two dirty whitches ….
    Sharda or vasu ka sach pata chalna chaiyye ab

    Plz change cv otherwise ppl will loose interest in tpk

  28. I want thapki and dhuru should reunite

  29. Hi everyone, i’m English and watch Thapki Pyaar ki with subtitles, i’m completely addicted to it! Hope Thapki falls in love with Bihaan, they make a great couple.
    One thing not making much sense to me …………. why would Thapki accept a challenge from the cruel and evil Vasu, the woman who blackmailed Thapki by only agreeing to give blood to Bihaan and save his life if Thapki agreed to divorce?

    1. We are also confused on that thing..I guess the makers want a high voltage drama..that is why they are doing all this.! They are stretching it..and it has no meaning also.! ???

      1. You are correct they stretch the episode s too much. stupid tracks like the one now. It will be June until puja is done…kasam and Krishandaie is further ahead than this show. And more interest ing

  30. By watching today’s episode one thing I can say that Bihaan is pretending as he hate thapki a lot but in reality he never hate her ..he is just angry with her. ..specially in bathroom scene while he is playing games he look like a cute naughty kid than angry young man …so guyz get ready our cute thahaan love story is on it’s way….

  31. I’ve tried to stay away for quite some time due to the nonsense of this soap. Quite frankly, there should be no sympathy whatsoever for Bihan: he is after all the reason why Thapki is in so much heartache and now he is so self-righteous about being betrayed. He is so insecure that he would do anything for Ma, no matter how wrong she is.
    As for Vasu & Shrada, their cruelty should be revealed and they are ought to be punished for it.
    Dhruv needs to grow some balls & fight for what he needs.
    Thapki, be a confident person and not one who would forget oneself for others. The sacrifices you are making are vain and a waste on those people.
    Writers: if you need ideas to turn the show around then just think of reality and stop showing an unrealistic plot. Seriously.

  32. Thapki how could u forgt ur 1st love? Pls writter reunite dhruv & thapki. & dat b****y shradhha, just kick her oit from pandey nivas & also from dhruvs life. We cant see dhruv lyk dis. I am a big fan of ankit.

  33. Now some people start again, ” plz unit Tharuv, Thapki and Dhruv together” but WHY……?

  34. I feel thapki stayed back even after knowing the marriage truth because in her heart of hearts she does not want to leave bihaan through she is not able to realize it.

    1. I totally agree with u….thapki loves bihaan thats why she told rampyari that “bhihaan ne har vaqt mera sath diya….lekin ab MEIN KUDH USKA SAATH MANG RAHI HU THO MUJHSE ROOTA HAI”….but she haven’t realised yet…

  35. thahaan scenw was so nice lve u thahaan

  36. So..I finally saw the episode and our loving Bhiaan is acting like a spoiled brat..not a truly hurt lover. I thought the character would have matured some. But the writers have regressed the role of the character.

    The bottom line is he wants thapki to love him, someone stated that she stayed after knowing the truth which means she trust Bhiaan now.

    I would be nice if she proposes to him after all this and plan a surprise like he did for her..because he already confessed his feelings.

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