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Thapki Pyaar Ki 5th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki being worried for Bihaan. John sees her and asks what happened, maybe I can help you. She says no, there is nothing like that, and no one can help me right now. He says we feel so, but someone comes to help good people, like someone is helping me and giving me a new life, someone will help you too. She goes to everyone and says I tried to find Bihaan, but could not find him. Vasundara asks Bau ji to find Bihaan. Bau ji says I will tell my men to find him.

Bihaan is taken for operation. Doctor asks Kosi and Naman to think again, if Bihaan’s only kidney is removed, he won’t survive. Kosi says I can sacrifice Bihaan or anyone to save my John. Naman says we paid you money. John comes there. Kosi sees John and shows Naman. John comes inside the OT. Naman

and Kosi cover up Bihaan.

John asks did I get late, why is this man’s face covered. Kosi says he is unconscious. John says let me see who is giving me new life. Kosi worries and stops him. She says now you will get fine, I have been waiting for this day a lot. Thapki cries and says where shall I find you Bihaan. She imagines Bihaan with her. She hugs him and they smile. She asks where did you go, I was so worried. He says you stammer or say so fast, I was here with you. She asks him to take care even if he is angry with her. He says I m not angry, some situations are such, the one thing that is in my hand is loving you, I love you a lot, I will love you even if I die. She cries and says don’t say this. Ranjhana…..plays……

He says whatever happens to me, but I won’t let anything happen to my Thapki, I m saying this to Lord. She asks him how did he change. He says you are thinking so much for me, so I changed, don’t know if I don’t get chance again. She asks why are you saying this again. He says so that you get annoyed, and I convince him, you look cute. He pulls her cheeks and she smiles. Vasundara comes and asks Thapki whom are you talking. Thapki says Bihaan, he was here. Vasundara says he did not come, you are thinking a lot. Thapki worries. Vasundara says I have trust on your love and my Lord, no one can harm the true relations, Bihaan will come and before the mahurat of puja, trust me, you also have belief, come we will go for puja.

Doctor asks John not to worry. John says the man who is giving me kidney will be having his family, if anything happens to him, he will become my brother after this operation, like heart and blood relation, we will have kidney relation. Doctor says you lie down now. John asks Lord to help his brother first. Thapki prays. Sankara gets Shiv ji idol. Suman asks why did you get Shiv ji idol in Ganesh puja. Sankara says we pray to Shiv ji along with Ganesh ji, afterall Shiv ji is Ganesh’s father, sometimes Ganesh needs his father.

A man asks the people to see Bholenath’s naag. A rat goes to him and makes the snake basket fall down. The snake gets free and leaves. Thapki and Sankara, along with the family pray to Shiv ji and Ganesh ji. Doctor takes injection and instruments for operation. The snake comes there and sits over Bihaan’s chest. Doctor screams snake and runs away. Kosi and Naman get shocked seeing the snake. She says if anything happens to Bihaan, what about kidney for John, doctor do something, nothing can happen to Bihaan.

Naman takes Bihaan and leaves with Kosi. Kosi asks doctor to send John home when he gets conscious. The snake follows them. Thapki does aarti at home. Kosi and Naman run on the road, taking Bihaan on wheelchair. Naman says don’t know how much will snake make us run. She says there is a house. He says its our house. She says how will we take unconscious Bihaan infront of Pandey family, Shiv ji snake has come after us. Naman says we have to hide from the snake. They get inside the house and hide. The snake sees the puja going on, and bows to Shiv idol. The snake then leaves. Naman and Kosi get relieved. Naman lifts Bihaan. Kosi hides the wheelchair. Everyone get shocked seeing Bihaan unconscious. Vasundara asks Kosi what happened, what did you do with him. Kosi asks them to shut door first. Thapki asks how did he faint. Naman says he fainted by sunstroke. Kosi says Thapki said we should come home before 5pm, so we came running. Kosi does not let Naman tell about snake, and asks them to get water.

Thapki makes Bihaan conscious. Bihaan asks how did I come here. Naman says you fainted by sunstroke, nothing else. Thapki and Vasundara ask him to come fast, puja mahurat is passing. Thapki and Bihaan pray together and do aarti.

Naman gets some kulfi rabdi. Kosi smiles and plans to kill Thapki.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Garima

    Oh wow I Like today episode not today tomorrow episode to tomorrow I don’t comment because I am busy but I like the part ganesh ji save bihaan with is rat oh l like it and after watch it I sad ganpati baba moria so many times and today siviji save bihaan with his snake jai siviji om” nam sivai. After some time they give a good episode and today Vasundhara was said something right that he behave not good with bihaan and so many times panday family and break bihaan heart but bihaan never loose his heart he is so hard and all thinks that he doesn’t have passion but he have so much passion. And where are you fatarajo Anu santosh roshni and hello pooja .

  2. pooja prabha

    Completely a superb episode,specially the imagination part.but,the precap is desperating one.I think their plan will be spoiled by Bihaan.Manish you are a spectacular actor…Waiting for upcoming episodes.

  3. after a long waiting, today, tonight, got to see ThaHaan scene again.. so sweet and sad.,,

  4. Hi payal you wanted to know what does lol means? It means LAUGHING OUT LOUD!

  5. IT hurts to see a mum sacrificing her one son for another son, I know it’s not real it’s only drama but the thought of it hurts me a lot. I hope tapki helps bihaan see the truth with his eyes. Before bihaan used to. Trust tapki and help her with problems but not anymore,

    1. I don’t wach this crap soap but kumkum I admire u for d this comment it is mortifying even reading such a disgusting story line . there will b no way even the worst mother can even begin to think of such a sin and evilly attention . d witer must b a troubled person to think so low n impossible

  6. Bihaan ka cv or writers nay demag karab kardiiya hain.
    He is freaking acting like stupid pupppet.
    Mujay bohaat zada gussa ahra hain. that dum ass can’t see that twice he fainted. Jahil

    Thapki i really can feel for you but sometimes husband ka be saat dainah chahee kuch cheezay expose karnay kay liy.

    Aur duffer john, abbay tu london mein rahahay hain. dont act innocence

    Dolly wakoo lady, stay away from bihnaan. Moo torr kay haat mein daiydo gee.

    Sahree cv writers nay waaht mar dee drama kay.


  7. superb episode

  8. Renuverma

    Thapki decides to tell Bihaan everything about Koshi.

    Thapki plans to get proof against Koshi so that he can proof infront of Bihaan that she does not loves him, he just wants to use him for his selfish motive.

    So then she somehow manages to get some proof against Koshi but she gets to know about it so she destroys the proof.

    Thapki gets upset as her attempt fails to tell Bihaan Koshi’s truth

    When Thapki try to tell Bihaan Koshi’s truth then he does not believes her and slaps her for calling Koshi selfish.

    Koshi gets happy and says to Thapki that she will never be able to tell Bihaan her truth

  9. Renuverma

    Koshi thinks that Thapki can create problems in her way and can stop her from getting Bihaan’s kidney.

    So she makes evil plan to kill her so that after that she can easily get Bihaan’s kidney.

    But Vasundhara turns out to be Thapki’s saviour and spoils Koshi’s plans of killing Thapki.

    Vasundhara confronts Koshi for harming Thapki

  10. I’ve read that Druv will come back. If that’s right, the story will be very complicated ?

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