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Thapki Pyaar Ki 5th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki saying I m with Bihaan, I believe your and Bau ji’s upbringings, I know he can’t do this. Bihaan asks why are you doing this, who asked you to help me, I did crime and will bear punishment, why do you want to prove me innocent. Police comes. Bihaan asks inspector to arrest him. Inspector says why, you got bail, we will not arrest you till your crime is proved, you can stay here, two constables will be here. Vasundara says law is helping you, we are helpless to keep Bihaan here. She tells Thapki that no member of their family will support her, no one will talk to her, they both will not be part of family, Bihaan is dead for them now. They all go.

Suman and Preeti are sad. Suman says I don’t understand what to cook. Preeti says yes, don’t cook anything,

who will wish to have food today. Suman says but till when will this go on, Dadi needs food, else she will get unwell. Preeti says we will make simple food. Thapki comes there. Suman says Vasundara said you can’t come here. Preeti says we believed you always support truth. Thapki says I m doing same, I know truth is something different.

Shraddha throws a plate towards Bihaan. He looks at her. She asks what happened, won’t you pick it, you will have food by this special plate, check whats in it. She shows the hole in the plate and says you did this with Bau ji, you cheated Bau ji, you called me clever infront of Dhruv, what will you call yourself, you can’t change your new identity now. She drops the plate and goes.

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Bihaan sits crying and recalls what happened. He recalls Vasundara’s words and gets a gun. He fills just one bullet and rotates the slot. He recalls Bau ji and shoots at his head. There are empty bullets shots, and during the last sixth shot, which has the bullet….. Bihaan aims at himself and recalls Vasundara and Bau ji’s words. He closes his eyes. Thapki comes there and moves his hand upwards, while he shoots. The bullet gets fired in air. She asks Bihaan what does he want to do. He says I want to die. She says Maa is angry, big incident happened with Bau ji, when Maa knows you did not stab Bau ji, she will hug you. She makes him keep hand on Bau ji’s hand and asks him to swear that he won’t do such thing again, when Bau ji comes back home, he needs his old son, you will tell me truth, what happened between you and Bau ji, what are you hiding. He says I m not hiding anything. She asks him to say truth.

He says I was very angry that day and tells her everything what happened. FB shows Bau ji asking Bihaan to leave anger and give the knife, he will be hurt. Bihaan says leave it. Bau ji asks him to leave knife. Bihaan falls down away and sees the knife gone from his hands. Bau ji falls down and Bihaan sees he got stabbed by knife. Bihaan gets shocked and rushes to him. He asks how did this happen. He removes knife from Bau ji’s body. FB ends. Bihaan says why did I not die, how could I do this. He breaks a mirror in anger. Thapki looks on and cries. He sits crying.

He says you did wrong by getting my bail done and bringing me back to this house. He goes. She says I just wanted to make your pain less, I don’t know what to do, how to prove you innocent, who will help me.

Bihaan goes out and cries. Thapki gets sad seeing him. pal do pal ki kyu hai zindagi……jo tu mera hamdard hai………..plays…………… She goes downstairs and looks at him.

Thapki says you always use right hand, but whoever attacked Bau ji is leftie, I m sure Bihaan is innocent, I will prove this. She stands against the family for Bihaan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. They r dragging every episodes its too bad I feel may be thapkis father is the culprit becoz in the hospital from where did he com and it was shown someone peeping through window I guess don’t know but

  2. Todayss epi is totally waste of time

  3. Todaysss epi is totally waste of time

  4. Well this episode was just okay. Bogart slow and dragging. I want rheir story to start. I like the police people who make them stay in the house. Bihaan stop crying. U r a big boy now. Tapki plz help him out and hug him yaar. Hug him tightly and share his pain.

    1. Evrytym bihaan starts cryin i think…. thapki abhi jake hug karegi.. abhi jayegi abhi jayegi. But no use… i thnk poor bihaan shud turn the room into a “cold storage” to get a even a comfortin hug from thapki?

  5. tomorrow is climax….tells wait for tomo

  6. Ahhh uhhhnaa thuppakiya thookirran,muthalla ivankidda irunthu thuppakiya kappathanum

    1. Nasreen(Tamil chennai)


      1. Pinna enna ahh uhhhna athu ala arampichirum,ithu thuppakiya thookkum illa veedla oru porul irukka vidathu ellathaiyum poddu udaikkum
        Thapki da irunthu glycerine bottle ah kaapathanum avankidda irunthu veedla ulla porudgala kaapathanum,love track ah arampingadana ippa enna track oodikidu irukku avangalukum purila
        engalukum purila,etho manishkaka seriala vida mudila continue panran

      2. Aana onnu nasreen naama thookka thevai illa avangale thookka poranugalam india forum la poddu irunthichu unmaiya poiyanu therila
        Naan parkiratho ore oru serial athuvum puriyatha paasaila parkiriyenu veedla thiddu vanki vanki parkira serial ippa athuvum puddukichu
        Intha trp rating endu solrangale atha pathi ungaluku ethachum theriyuma?

      3. Andha kanraviyathan naanum thedittiruken. Kidaikka matengudhu. Onne onnu, kanne kannu adhuvum pochu.

      4. Andha kanraviyathan romba naala naanum thedittirukken. Sikka matengudhu. Onne onnu, kanne ka nu, aduvum poga pogudhu.

  7. i knew it ! this is done by the man who fight with preethi & bauji….

  8. Kab tak ek hi precap dikhate rahenge….?

    1. Ab to adath padgayi hai same precap 100 bar dekhne ki. I dnt even hav the energy to complain abt it anymre?uff

  9. Today’s episode was quite an emotional one , felt bad for Bihaan poor Bihaan. But nothing important. Ending part was quite sad. Love the Humdard song one of my all time fav hindi song. And what on earth makers were doing these days on jan trp was 3 wow and now only 1.5? Looks like TPK will end soon. And trp will drop for sure after all they r showing same precap seriously -_- I really like thahaan pair a lot and it’s a request from all thahaan fans it’s time now to start this track soon latest by this month, if not it will be too late as people are already starting to stop watching this show

    1. Just 1.5 now? Dats really risky. The writers need to stop foolin the sure onz this track is done then theyl bring shraddas blame game on thapki. Dont u guys thnk that the story alwys hs a morose track… thapki is forevr tortured n deprsd

      1. Because……shraddha fake pregnancy week
        It’s the reason for low TRP in last week. ….now I hope trp increase in this week……

        Still waiting for THAHAAN love track……

    2. Low trp ………becoz
      shraddha’s fake pregnancy drama …..
      Now ….
      I hope tpk trp increase in next week. ………
      this time main lead role dragging. …..
      but interesting dragging. …ha ha ha ha ha ha

      Some questions

      Can thapki turn to the lawyer. …….!!!!!!??????

      Who is the left hand guy…….?????

      How its possible bauji stabbing in front of bihaan. ….????

      dhrvu against to thapki in bihaan case. … ….?????

      Any way……. I am still waiting for THAHAAN love track. ……

      1. good to see u santosh with ur questions :p

      2. Yeh… even i was wonderin how bauji can get stabbed infront of bihaan….with the knife which was in his hand without him noticin nythin. And PN has neva been this dark. Bauji felloff the stairs.. so he must hav been standin near it itslf…so logically the light from downstairs wud be sufficient for bihaan to see if someone ws arnd. And a single stab wound in abdomen wont disable a person from speaking until theres significant blood loss. Bau ji cud hav screamed bachao bihaan or somthin within tht tym. Only superman cud hav been tht fast?

      3. santosh n roshni

        Actually writters ne is track me itna Raita felaya ki wo samet hi nahi payenge or agar sametna hi hai to unhe aysi hi sillyness dikhani padegi….

      4. I knw sag…keep ur brains inthe pocket n watch?

      5. Hey santhosh you are back with lot of questions? ????hehe

    3. Well I don’t know if the show is going off air but seems that among all colors show TPK have the highest chance of going off air even more chance than IKRS, because IKRS is aired at non prime time slot that’s why. I have criticized this show a lot after all I m a viewer but one thing is true I will miss this show a lot one and only because of thahaan

      1. Same here… manish n jigyasa hav a gud chemistry and if u take out the senseless draggin drama in between, the underlyin theme is interestin . But i think constructive criticism is alwys a gud thing… if only the writers cud pay attention and create episodes thats more logical,refreshing and entertaining then they wudnt b riskin their trps. The mere fact tht we all prefer makin fun of the show blunders or criticisin the show as opposed to just quitin it shows hw much we r hooked on to thahaan. Hopefully they wont test our patienz

  10. I thnk it is done by shraddha

  11. Abhimanyu arora

    Atleast now Bihaan could hav forgiven thapki becoz she stands on his side…. one thing v can b happy about is No diwakar scenes these days. Eppo thaan intha bihaanum thapkiyum onnu seruvaangalo

  12. Where’s sag any new info about our tpk show

  13. Its very difficult to see Bihaan in a broken state of mind….Thapki dont let him alone and you should prove the truth.hey….friend Fatarjo,iam really confused about the off air news about TPK……..PLS TELL ME YAAR ITS TRUE/NOT.MANISH YOU ARE SUPER.

  14. well I think tomorrow we will have intresting episode

  15. day by day this show become wost…

    1. Hai sag………

      jabb 7 baje othe hain na mera mann mere baath ko nahi suntha……serial ko deko….deko kehathe hai ……. kya karu……..mai thahaan ke bahoth bada fan hoo……… iss liye abibi serial ko dekh raha hoo…….but comments karneka mood nahi ……….

      1. yo I can understand that because I m also thahaan fan n thats why I always said ki thahaan k liye har drama dekha hai or dekhenge… 😉

    2. hi sag…….i m from hyd……i m hyderabadi……

      1. if u dont mean……….can u be my frnd…????????

      2. of course

      3. hi sag…..,can i know wht r u studying……

      4. I have completed recently n thinking about what to do further…

        what about u ?

      5. ooh…i m in inter now…….nd thnxs for rlypng..

      6. nd at present where r u leaving….i mn in gujrat or…..?????????????

      7. yes in Gujarat

  16. hey friends in upcoming episode thapki fight for Bihaan’s case in court as a lawyer…

    spoiler link

    it will be interesting

    1. Lol… so thapki lawyr!Oh…so dats wr thapki says all that dialogues “lefty” etc. Coz the precap shows thapki in same saree as the stabbin day so i ws xpectin to see them soon. Bt today shes weari somethin different. so the scenes must hv been shot dat day just for the sake of promo. May b
      those dialogues wil be in court… perhaps thapki in lawyers dress code. Hmmm btw… just curious… can a defendant hire a non lawyer to represent him in a case? I know a non lawyer can represent himself though.

  17. Right now what bihaan needs is a comforting hug from thapki.

  18. Hmmm correct a warm hug from thpki will heal his pain a bit..after it they will start shraddha’s miscarriage drama n then the truth that whatever shraddha told bihaan n later thpki will b hurt that bihaan didn’t believe on her..roothna manana hi chlta rahega bs…aur kuch acchha expect na kro sb log makers se..ainvai ullu bnate rahenge..n it’s good that no diwakar scenes n m too confused that How can anyone stab in front him..n after this pandey family should appoint a guard at outside there security at all LOL…let’s c how long they will make us fool….i also want to know k when bihaan was shooting himself so how could thpki come coz door was locked right ???

    1. Extended scene :Bihaan tries to shoot himslf…thapki points the gun away.. it gets fired on the roof. Pandey parivaar members hear the gun shot sound and think ” ab bihaan ne kisko maara”?

  19. Hi guys. I missed today episode due to the scene were bihaan want to do some stupid thing with gun. I know its not real and its drama. But i cant see this. I like bihaan. He is the reason that i watch tpk. But today i dont have that guts to watch it. Plz end this case as soon as possible. I dont want this type of scenes.

  20. I have a doubt. Is thapki gonna fight for bihaans case as a lawyer? Hows that possible? She is not a lawyer.

  21. Please..spare us writters…this is so much nonse I get it the moral is Bhiaan needs to control his anger. We get it.. BUT the dragging on ..I stopped watching just read the updates.

    Thapki being Nancy Drew now..come on. Could it just be a accident that he stabbed himself during the struggle. And Bhiaan remembers everything except this..was he hit in the head. Writers are stupid.
    I feel like they dangle the carrot in front of us oh..soon. thahaan track. ????

  22. I seem to be the only one enjoying this current track. I’m wondering who will help Thapki….

    Bihan is on self destruct and Thapki will save him.

  23. I think now time to giving special appearance of Ronit Roy in TPK as a the great k.d.pathak he can solve this half murder mystery in one hour episode means two episodes of tpk

    hahahe…. 🙂 😛 B-)

  24. I think now time to giving
    special appearance of Ronit Roy in TPK as
    a the great k.d.pathak he can solve this
    half murder mystery in one hour episode
    means two episodes of tpk
    hahahe…. 🙂 😛 B-)

  25. is thapki a multi talented girl first a intern than TAILOR now lawyer
    faltu track
    love thahaan hate makers

    1. THAPKI …….she is a super women

      Made. ……..
      Tailor. ………
      Lawyer. ……..
      DOCTOR. …………!!!!!!!!???????

      Kyo ki bauji ko koma se bahaar lana hai na………

      1. yes santosh now doc. or police

      2. Haha… u guys r so ryt…dont forget… excellent chef… event manager… kmws full bhagavat geeta… remmbr tht big borin buk druv gav… she read it thrice… stil yeh kaam keliye nahi jana chahthi. she even knws to make those round round gobar stuff ( recal dat episode wr dadi asks shradda to make it. aaj kal ke zamane mein whos even herd of tht)
        Ders nothin thapki cant do. She shud try IAS…

      3. ….. u knw… i feel like makin a parady out of thapkis superwoman roles. She can do anythin.
        Recal the cage fight shud hav been like this:
        Bihaan gets beaten up by the wrestler and fall on the ground.
        Bihaan : aaahhhh… mujhe nahi lagta
        mein ye jeet paunga
        Thapki enters the cage. Beats the guy up. He faints
        Bihaan (shocked) : thapki… ye tune
        kaise kiya.

        Thapki ( her usual proud smile tht she uses wen lecturin ppl) : aree bihaan… tu tu tume to patha hai na mujhe kuch naya seekne ka kitna
        shok hai. To mary kom picture dekne ke badh mein kudh unke pass jaakar class li.

        Bihaan (impressed luk): gajaabbb

        Thapki: ha bihaan…me memein to school mein bhi 4-5 extra classes join kar lethi dhi. Papa ji kehte hai ki jya
        jya jyaan insaan ko zindagi mein aage
        badna sikhatha hai.
        Bihaan (smart face) : achaa… to thoda romance lessons bhi seek liya hota.. meri zindagi bhi aage badti ???

      4. Mera**

      5. LOL…

        Roshni u r so funny…

        I like ur sense of humour

      6. Thnx sag?… wats lyf without a lil humor ?

    2. Thapki knows everything but she don’t know only one thing…..she dont understand bihaans love. ..always she is brilliant but only when comes to bihaans feeling she is ignorent. ..
      When will she realise her love yaar….??,

  26. We are given an over dose of negative emotions like anger hatred sorrow pain guilt etc it is time we are shown some positive emotions like love care happiness and romance. Hope the cvs understand and make the viewers happy

    1. Totally agree. Thse ppl shud enable a “like” option for comments like in fb.

  27. This Is done by the man who fight with Preethi & Bua ji because in episode 30 April 2016 see the man is using he’s left hand to answer phone

  28. ya sure y not….

  29. ya sure y not…

    I m 99% sure for that guy is killer

  30. Andha kanraviyathan naanum oru maasama theditu irrukken. Kidaika matengudhu. Naan pakkuradhu pathadhunnu paavam enga ammavaiyum izhuthu vittuten. Pochu onne onnu kanne kannu irundha onnum poga pogudhu. Idha vida kanravi serial ellam odudhu. Adha ellam vituttu idhu mela edhukku kanna vachanganu theriyalai. Naan ninaikiren indha serialukku oru villi pathdhu. Innum 2 or 3 pottangana summa 2 varushathukku pichikunu odum. Idhellam eanthan puriyamatengudho theriyala.

    1. which language is it ash…??????????

      1. kana r u frm tamil

    2. Hehe 🙂 appidiye ennaya mathiriye feel panrengale!!! Nenga solrathu unmai than ssk,bv innamum oodi kiddu irukkum vidda innum 10 varushathukum oodduvanuga 🙁
      Athunga rendukum idaila ithu varaikum loveuu vara mathiri entha arikuriyum therila,venumna parunga last episodeku muthal episode la than thapkiku love varum kadaisila eyelock la arampicha story hand lock la mudiyum,romance ellam ithunga kidda ethir parthu entha pirayosanamum illa

  31. Kaneezfatima

    Thapki pyr ki is the best drama
    Thahaan is the best
    Love u

  32. Kaneezfatima

    Thapki pyar ki is the best drama
    Thahaan we all love u
    All the best

  33. Hahah lol Roshni 😛 and yes I read somewhere Thapki is gonna be a lawyer really I must admit Thapki is Multi talented . I think after Siddhart shukla n Bharti India’s got talent should also keep Thapki as the anchor too 😛 man she is Multi talented good student journalist dancer singer tailor cook and now lawyer 😛 😛 😛 Yeh hai chug chug Hari ka kamaal 😛 😛 😛

    1. Shes no ordinary chuk chuk gadi… shes rajdhani express!!!!!?? ruk ruk ke chalthi hai…lekin hai badi theez?

      1. oooh……….lol roshni…………thums up fr u yaarrr…..

  34. Is it true also that Thapki is gonna confess her love but she is gonna confess it as a wife someone please tell me I read it on metromasti

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