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Thapki Pyaar Ki 5th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vasundara saying Bihaan did not work at hotel. She says Bihaan got it by the work he knows, ask him did he steal money. Vasundara and Shraddha leave. Thapki worries. Vasundara asks Shraddha not to worry now, Thapki can’t win this time. She goes. Shraddha says Bihaan is not a fool, he will not lose by earning wrong way, is he doing any other work, I have to find it out.

Aditi puts water on Diwakar and wakes him. He shouts tsunami, save me…. Its such cold water. He sees Aditi and asks are you mad, if I died then… she starts scolding him and goes. He asks what did I do. His parents come. His mum says we have thanked Aditi for saving you, and gave her jalebis, she did this. Diwakar says don’t do any good with her now, get towel for me.

Thapki waits for

Bihaan and recalls Vasundara’s words. She calls Bihaan. Bihaan works out and sees her incoming call. He answers the call and asks did you need needle again. She asks where are you. He says I m working at restaurant. The man tells Bihaan to come and says some place. She hears it. Bihaan says I will talk later and ends call. He says sorry Thapki, maybe this is last time I lied to you, but after this fight, you will get 10000rs. She calls back again and gets his number switched off. She recalls that place name and reaches the ground.

She sees crowd and asks whats happening here. A man says a dangerous fight is going to happen here. The man welcomes everyone in cage fight. He calls upon Badshah. Bihaan comes there as Badshah. Thapki shouts Bihaan…..its very risky, no need to do this Bihaan…. He does not hear her and enters the cage. She asks him to come out. The people cheer for Badshah. Debie looks on. The man welcomes Bihaan’s tough contender Lukka.

Thapki shouts Bihaan, don’t do this. The man says this competition is of 15mins, the one who opens this cage door and goes out, he will win and get 10000rs. Bihaan gets scared seeing that heavy built wrestler. Lukka shows his muscles and smiles. Shraddha comes there and asks the man is Bihaan here. The man says yes, look there. She gets shocked. The cagé door is locked and fight begins. Thapki says Bihaan is not a fighter. Shraddha smiles and says Ghazab Bihaan ji, what a way you found to earn 10000rs. Lukka beats Bihaan and stops him from opening the door.

Bihaan asks Lukka what do you eat that you made such body. He fools Lukka and tries to run. Lukka catches Bihaan and holds his neck. He pulls off Bihaan’s shirt. Vasundara calls Shraddha and asks where are you, you said you will find out about Bihaan. Shraddha says Bihaan is fighting to earn 10000rs. Vasundara says then he will get money. Shraddha says not that fight, he is doing real boxing and wrestling fight, there are many people here, Bihaan looks rat infront of mountain devil looking man, Bihaan can’t win, this will be last night for Bihaan and Thapki in Pandey Nivaas and our lives.

Lukka punches Bihaan’s face. It starts bleeding. Thapki cries seeing him. Inna sona yaara here…. O ranjha mera ranjha………. Bihaan gets more beaten up and falls down. Thapki screams and cries. Lukka picks Bihaan and beats him down to pulp. Thapki shouts Bihaan, open your eyes. Bihaan gets conscious. Thapki says look at me, get up, come out.

Bau ji prays for bihaan. The coconut from his hands fall and Dadi holds it. They keep it in the kalash and pray. Dadi says you are praying for Thapki and Bihaan, I don’t know Thapki is right or not, but I know we will die without Bihaan. She cries and prays for Bihaan.

Lukka asks Bihaan to get up if he has courage. Thapki asks Bihaan not to fight now. Lukka kicks Bihaan. Thapki shouts leave him. Shraddha smiles. Thapki says he is not fighter, leave him, he is wounded and requests Lukka. She asks the man to open the door, Bihaan will die, he is not fighter. The man says fight started and can’t stop now. She sees the door keys fallen there and tries to get it. Lukka sees Thapki taking keys and stops. He pushes Bihaan and kicks the door. Thapki falls back. Shraddha gets shocked. Bihaan sees Thapki hurt and gets shocked.

Thapki gets up and looks at Bihaan. Bihaan gets up angrily. Thapki shouts leave him please. Shraddha looks on worried. Bihaan asks Lukka to come, even when he is not able to stand properly and is much injured. Thapki gets shocked.

Bihaan gets angry and defends well. He fights with Lukka and beats him with power.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Poor Bihaan..
    He can’t even stand himself. And Shraddha is really a sadist; she is crazily enjoying Lukka’s every punch Bihaan.
    I liked Thapki’s expression when lukka hit Bihaan.

  2. Ohh god!!! Bihaan
    can’t see u in much pain.
    i was crying while watching it.
    precap is little bit relieving. well….. Can u guyzz tell me which movie was the song ‘ranjha’ from.

    1. Queen song..

    2. It’s from queen

    3. Queen…very romantic song

  3. nice episode
    bihaan can’t see thapki hurt and thapi can’t see bihaan in pain
    they r realising there love
    I hope they tell what they feel for each other soon

  4. wow! really? and shraddha worried? why in the world would she be worried? isn’t she dead set against poor thapki and bihaan…?
    and bihaan, dont give up! you’ll win!!
    gook luck thapki and bihaan!!

  5. too much of drama….

  6. Oh wow loved it when Bihaan gets angry and all his power increased seeing his love Thapki injuired and the way he beat Lukka(very funny name :P), thahaan rocks

  7. Spectacular episode yaarrrrr.i feel sooooooo much of pain to see you Bihaan in a wounded state,background music is super.super excited to watch next episode.THAHAAN FOR EVER…..

  8. Eagerly waiting for tomorrow

  9. Luv u bihan!

  10. Hope soon both of u realize your luv for each other?❤?! Luv you thapki& bihan❤? pls show more bihan scenes!!

    1. I agree

  11. I luv the episode! Now they are realizing their feelings for each other.Manish u rocks today! Superb….?

  12. Feel bad for bihaan.But good episode as it is not boaring one.Shraddha is too much irritating.How can someone enjoy other’s pain.Please add some positiveness to the drama.Precap is superb.

    1. Sorry feeling sad.

  13. Thahan made me cry 🙁

  14. Oh shradha ur aim is to become a star….
    but now why do u want to become a bahu or
    a beevi.

  15. B for bihaan aur B for bhajarngi…….
    Bihaan rocks. ……..

  16. gaazab bihaan

  17. As per spoiler bihan would win

  18. Sradha is best for bad act….. when a -ve characters get abused that is her best given on act.
    Bihan is really a character to see.

  19. Vasundara was really shoked to hear abou Bihaan, wasn’t she?
    I’d like to see her running to this fight and realising her faults…

  20. Waiting to see bihaan defending & winning

  21. I really hope thapki shows bhiaan the love he deserves from her. Shradda is such a wicked witch, what decent woman would be out at a place like this. Thapki is there only because of Bhiaan her husband, other than that she would be home.

    Knowing how bhiaan family is they might blame poor thapki for bhiaan’s fighting. But it was all his mom and shradda fault…wicked witches. .

  22. I worried bihan,sardha i will kill u..

  23. Superb Bihaan…i saw on YouTube that Thapki to angry at Bihaan for hurting himself because of her and left to parents house and bihaan to there and says sorry and takes her back to home

  24. Writer ji? Pls stop these dragging! Show their realization of luv for each other!Most of the people watching the serial for their luv chemistry ?? only!pls change their dresses & show more romantic thahaan scenes!!?

  25. hi guys I got some news about TPK
    Bihaan gets beaten up badly, and like in films, Bihaan wins finally. Shraddha gets upset that Bihaan has won the fight and informs Vasundara about it.What happens next? Will Bihaan and Thapki go back to Pandey Nivas?

  26. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Hi everyone.I am new.n I watch the show on n off due to late viewing tyms.sadly.y mother in lawss n daughter in law gang up other son n daughter in law? Stuoid favouritism!?.antways let c.

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