Thapki Pyaar Ki 5th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 5th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan holding Thapki close. Everyone smile and look on. They all slip and are seen by Bihaan and Thapki. Bihaan and Thapki leave. Dadi says leave all this, we will think of something else. Vasundara smiles. Sanjay and Ashwin ask Bihaan why are you cleaning bike again, we will help. Bihaan is annoyed. They apologize and ask him to go to Thapki. Bihaan says so that you can spy again. Suman tells Thapki that we were not spying, but helping you. Thapki asks what help. Dadi says we were helping you and Bihaan. Bihaan says I don’t want any help. Sanjay asks him to go to Thapki. Thapki says no, I don’t want to go to Bihaan, I have to make Chinese for you all. Vasundara says leave it, don’t get annoyed with Bihaan because of us. Thapki says no, its not like that, I will make

lunch. They all leave from kitchen. Dadi says now they are not wishing to talk about each other, I have an idea. Vasundara nods.

Thapki goes to call out everyone asking them to come, Chinese food is ready. Bihaan comes calling Sanjay and Ashwin to give them courier. He says I think they all got hidden again, this time they will be caught. He looks around to check. Thapki also checks around. He says there is no one. She asks where did they go. He says I don’t know. Vasundara calls him. He puts phone on speaker. Dadi calls him and says we took Ballu to temple, so that you both get some time alone. She ends call. Bihaan and Thapki look at each other. Bihaan asks her not to her tensed, I m your husband, I love you, I can hug you once right? She says Bihaan, stop, I …… He gets close. She falls down on the sofa and her hand starts the radio. They hear about RJ Rahul, the love guide, he will help lovers and get hearts close. RJ plays a romantic song yeh moh moh ke dhaage…………………

Bihaan and Thapki have an eyelock. She tries to go. He holds her hand and stops her. He tries to hug her. She runs. He runs after her. She moves back. He holds her against the wall. They sit while having an eyelock. He gets close. She closes her eyes. Bihaan gets more close to hug her. She gets hiccups and he gets away worriedly. She runs away. She says thank God, I got saved by excuse of hiccups. She takes water. He looks on. She drinks water. He understands she is making excuse and goes to her. He holds her and asks did you get hiccups. She says yes. He says you drank water. She says yes.

He says and your hiccups stopped. She says yes. He asks with water. She says yes. He says but your hiccups stop after having some food. She realizes and gets hiccups again. She says see, it did not stop by water, I was going to eat noodles. She gets noodles and says I will eat this. He says you think I m fool, you got fake hiccups and made excuse to run away. She says no, see I m really getting hiccups. He says leave this. She asks him not to get angry. He asks where did your hiccups go now. She says no, its still coming. He says leave this bowl. They try to snatch the bowl and all the noodles fall over Bihaan. She looks on shocked. He asks are you happy now, you have made me more angry, take these noodles, have this alone, I m going. He leaves.

Thapki says he got annoyed, how to explain my feelings to you Bihaan, what shall I do. She picks the noodles from the floor. Radio is still playing. She hears about Rj Rahul and says I will call love guide Rahul, I can get help from him. She calls Rahul. Shraddha goes to some shop and asks the man for cold drink. She says that God, I came here from temple, I will have cold drink here. She hears Thapki on the radio show. She asks the man to increase the volume. Thapki says my husband got annoyed and went somewhere, I want to apologize to him, can you play a song for him. He says yes, I will play a song and talk to you. She says fine. Shraddha hears this and says this stammering girl got courage to announce her romance on radio, now see Thapki, how I make your romance turn horrible, you will cry on radio, and all the world will hear it. Shraddha smiles.

Thapki apologizes to Bihaan by messaging him. she says sorry, I annoyed you, I will convince you by expressing my feelings via RJ Rahul’s show, my feelings will reach you. Bihaan is at tea stall and is angry. He gets Thapki’s message and smiles. He hugs his friend and says nothing happened, your Bhabhi is very nice, I will play radio on phone, its something special. Rahul says I know show will go on air in 2 mins, I m coming. Shraddha calls Rahul and he happens to be her good friend. She asks for a favor. He says I m on break, hurry up. She says I know, you were talking to Thapki, you kept her on hold. He says yes, why. She says I will tell you what to do with Thapki. He says fine, tell me. She tells her plan. Thapki smiles…………..

Rahul asks Thapki to sing a song for their listeners. Thapki stammers. He makes fun of her stammering, and says we need patience and time to hear you, your husband may really love you a lot, that’s why he is not seeing your weakness. Bihaan, and entire family hear this on radio and get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. You shradha I’ll kill you
    By the sorry Monica did I I’m scolding shradha not u

    1. Lol.Actually juggu.. shradda is helpful.?I hav a feelin tht bihaan is gona hug thapki to console her. We shud gv credit to shradda…evrythin shes don has brought thahaan closer??

      1. erm…I dnt agree with that
        because Shraddha is the one separating both of them so mmmmmm

    2. shraddha always plans something against thapki n bihaan nd it always ressulted into favor of them

  2. Nice episode. …… yaar but shocking precap. Nudel scene was so funny. Oh bihaan you are so cute. I can give you a big hug. 😉

  3. Tamil ponunga - Adithi(7)

    Nice episode.. But again this shraddha drama.. I really hate her.. Her fake pregnancy drama is still going on.. Some one have to find it out soon.. But still I think shraddha’s this plan is going to make tahaan closer..

    1. Tamil ponnuga-Nisi (11)

      Yes., Shraddha voda intha plan ala than Thapkiye Bihaan ah hug panna poranu nenaiken…!( SBB segment la Bihaan ah Thapki hug pannatha pathen)….

      1. Tamil ponunga - Adithi(7)

        Nanum adan nenaikuren.. Irundalum enaku anda loose sharadha va pudikala?

    2. ??hw many weeks pregant is she now? No baby bump

      1. muje Iagta hai wo baby online order kar degi..

        😛 😛 😉

      2. Now the entire pandey family nvr think abt or concern abt shardah’s pregnancy… Even that dumpy duruv sir think that fake pregnancy is his child. He knws he nvr get closed to shardah. But… Bla bla will wait and see when this will be spoiled.

  4. aaj thapki phone karthe e phele koshish per fm station ka line milgaya…..!!!!!???
    wo mai ne bhoolgaya tha ke thapki tho super woman a na……!!!!!

    bihaan ko noodles se thapki ne nahaliya…. noodles itni dry thi kya…..!!!?????
    noodles kab banayatha 1 saal phele. …!!!???
    kyon ki mei ne socha tha ki bihaan phir se nahalega lekin wo tho aise hi chalagaya na iss liye….

    Kall RJ ka haal kya hoga…..!!!??

    Waiting for Bihaangiri scene. …

    hug milega lekin romantic wala nahi phir se emotion wala hug……

    link here……

    1. Hey santosh thanks for the link yaar finally b for bahadoor bihaaan ne Thapki koh diya ek jadoo ke jhappi hehe par Lagta hain I may miss upcoming episodes this week but will try to watch it at night

      1. Hai fatarajo….a dono a na itna masti karthe a ki off screen mai dekhiye poora video bauji ka wheel chair bi nahi choda a….
        ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

        Mai tho on screen thahaan se jyada off screen manyasa ko aur un dono ke iv ko bahoooth pasand kartha hoo….

        Must see this full video ……

    2. thanks for link. i think romentic wala hug to unki saadi k baad hi dekhno k milega.

    3. Hiiiiiiiiiii santhosh, roshini, fatarajo,sag…due to network problem I couldn’t comment from 3 days. ..
      By the way santhosh muje tho mera bihaan mil gaya hai. ..meri duva hai ki aapko bhi aapki thapki jaldh hi mil jaye aur aap dono sadaa kush rahe. ..

      1. ohh then I want to tell you actully u missed so many comments because scene last three days number of comments reached to three digits

      2. Hai vinlora …I miss u lot lst 2 days….

    4. Hahaha… noodles vala scene dekh kar mujhe badi bhook lagi hai yaar. Im so hungry now…but its to late for noodles ???.
      Ek taraf se bihaan and thapki itne sharmile hogaye hai… doosre taraf pandey parivaar besharam hoke jasoosi kar rahe hai????.gajab!
      Bihaan and thapki hav hugged eachothr soo many tyms…. now they r runnin arnd the house like KG kids. ? ye log ek hi bedroom share karte hai…to bhir ye slow motion mein hall mein hug karne ki koshish kyon kar rahe hai…ofcourse othr family membrs wud comeby.
      And lol..yeh radio station point noted sir?…. not only did she get the ph line easily… they put her on hold aftr she came on air! Aisa hota hai kya?! Normallythey wud finish tht callers request and play her song then ad while rj takes a brek.

      And santosh… mujhe bhi mera bihaan mil gaya hai… but bihaan se dhoda alag hai?.
      N hey vinlora. Hmmm… btw do u guys undrstand telugu? Some1 ws askin ystrdy na.

      1. @roshni….
        Dhruv aur bihaan dono mixed type ka a kya ……..

    5. lol so many bloopers in today’s episode…

  5. Oh Thapki -Bihaan should be married again then only Thapki will realize they’re husband and wife. Otherwise she will run away from Bihaan when he gets closer… lol.. ??

    Shraddha is really a fool….If Thahan life is happy then… Druv will move on. But stupid shraddha spoils all with her crooked plans…… ??

    1. Ally yesterday you were asking about Pakistani dramas in the UK? Watch Hum Europe on Channel 844 if you have Sky. Usually the 8 pm show has English subtitles if you are in need of those. Another is also Channel 807. No subtitles on this one though.

      1. I asked it for Shaparak….

        Actually shaparak wants to watch good serials. So I suggested pakistani and Turkish Soaps .
        Thank you Bea for ur suggestion.

    2. I thnk earlier the writers wr makin shradda comvince druv tht bihaan and thapki luv eachothr…so tht druv cud move on. Now the dumbo writers r makin this silly plot of tryin to separate them. Datd illogical. If thapki is singl then druvs gona go aftr her??. Aftral..she isnt an elephant.. a human pregnancy wont last fr more than 9mnts. ???Cnt keep foolin him foreva

  6. Hi Nimisha, sorry just got your message from yesterday just now. You asked if I understand or speak Hindi and the answer is no. I am learning though. I watch with English subtitles. That’s why recently I hadn’t been coming to make a post here on TU. Suddenly there were so many messages I couldn’t understand and I was spending most of my time scrolling past a lot of them. As for TPK there’s been no end to my enjoyment of late. I’ll continue to watch no doubt. I will post again later when I actually see the episode. Till then tarah.

    1. Hmm… so bea.. r u of indian origin? How much of hindi r u abl to pick up? Yeh… we do use a lota indian languages here… but feel free to barge in and ask fr a translatn if u find any conversatn interesting .n hu knws… this may help u lern a language too. No shortage of languages here?….. hindi tamil malayalam telugu kanada… far thos r the ones i hv seen here bt evrbdys friendly n wil help???.keep commentin n let us knw if u need transltn

      1. Hi Roshni. Thanks. I’ll be sure to ask for translation when I need it. To answer your question ,no, I have no Indian heritage. You probably missed it but I had mentioned it before.

  7. SBAS YouTube link…HUG scene. ….

  8. I just want to slap that idiot Shraddha???? she always creat problem in thapi ‘s life . why she can’t mind her own business . ………..

    But thahaan scenes were awesome…..??????

  9. Yaar throw Out that ?shradha? chudel from the serial. If she go away tpk become super duper hit serial?

  10. tamil ponnunga-suhani(24)

    Thahaan scenes are so romantic..
    Please.expose the shraddha ….

  11. Tamil ponnunga-Shobi(12)

    OMG I missed the episode due to power cut….and I’m so sad.Thanks 4 the quick update.

  12. Tamil ponnuga-Nisi (11)

    Wow superb episode… And yesterday precap another try…it’s amazing… I really enjoyed. I can’t control my happiness. And tomorrow thahaan hug conform, I am eagerly waiting…..

    Hi Kumutha nethu nenga FB page name sonniga, but ennala kandu pudikala mudila pa, net problem nu nenaiken, page not found nu varuthu, plz help me…

    1. Ok ma…u add me first ma….Kumutha jani…then I can help u ma….

      1. Tamil ponnuga-Nisi (11)

        Kumutha na ungaluku FB la request kuduthuruken, accept pannuga, nenga enaku innoru help um pannanum..

  13. Good and romantic epi of thahaan whats the blo*dy heck prblm of shraddha the b*t*h dude why does she wants to interfere in their rommance now. Now shes with thruv right and he accepted her also. Shes just cunning like fox dude. Writer plse take her out yaar i dont want any scenes of her any more

  14. Cute wala thahaan episode 🙂 haha loved thahaan tom n jerry chase for a hug lol b for Bechara Bihaan Thapki ne usko B for Bohot Bhagaya noodles part was funny hehe and lol, wow Thapki singing for Bihaan so sweet n this RJ had to be shraddha’s friend? -_- wow I think once again b for Bihaan Pandey will save his wife and teach that RJ a lesson but RJ said a right thing that Thapki’s husband loves her a lot

    1. Yeh.. i think thapki has endured enof snide comments abt her stammerin in her life so much so tht a real life thapki wud hv turnd the situation arnd and cooly said ” yeh he sure loves me and isnt narrow minded to consider stammerin as a defect. Hes quite one in a million”?.
      Also… i dont thnk an RJ wud say sucha comment and risk losin fans. Ye writers na?.
      Nywy… despite the silly runnin-arnd-fr-a-hug like kids.. thapki luked really cute.esp wen she faked the hiccups. N sanjay n ashwin r so adorabl too thse days. Cousins ho tho dhoda masti to banti hai.

  15. Nasreen{Sanga thalaivi} - Tamil ponnunga

    Heii.. guys… im back…
    How are you all?
    Where Are you kana and kumutha?
    if u guys didnt come.. i will never come to this updates..hereafter…
    Wait and watch..

    Today awesome… Shraddha are u mad.. Why r u disturbing thapki? Is she disturbing you? No na.. Then why?
    Do do… U game is going to end shraddha.. Ur fake pragnency drama is going to reveal soon.Hahhahhaha
    hhaha… …
    Bihaan chellamm… ne kavala padatha… thapki illaina ena na iruken unnaku…

    1. Tamil ponnunga-fira (16)

      Hi nasreen…sanga thalaivikku vanakam….ama shraddha romba pandra….oh…nasreen neenga bihaan oda hearty fan pola…..nasreen thapki hug pannata neenga than ok???

    2. Tamil ponnunga-Kana (1)

      Enna inga sanda enna inga sanda?????
      Yaaru vara maddenu sonna????
      Naan illama sangam nadatheruvengalooo!!! Pichupuduvan 🙂

      1. Aama Ena pa anga satham yaru sanda pots…….tpk fans kulla sandaiya

    3. Tamil ponnunga-Kana (1)

      @juggu- sandaiya!!!
      Yaar kooda????
      Haiyooo enaku theriyave theriyathe!!!

      1. kana….ithu ulagagu nadipada sami

  16. Wooow no words to say….mind blowing episode…

    1. Tamil ponnunga-fira (16)

      Hi kumutha sis….ama sis innaikku epi super…poor bihaan….pavam oru hug ku thapki romba alaiya vaikkura….

      1. Nasreen sis sanda perusairichi Kana in I Inga vara matenu soltanga

      2. hi dear fira….kavala padatama nailiki avale vanthu hug pannuva dear…..

    2. Tamil ponnunga-fira(16)

      Ok kumutha sis…neenga Sonna correct than irukkum…

  17. bihaan wants to hug thapki.soooo cute.thanks for super fast update

  18. Sry guys Kana,ash,Roshini didi I want you all to c d last msg of mine in yesterday update plse

    Ash at least speak out yaar we r missing you a lot

    1. Hey dear. Saw the msg.replied too. No issues at all?

  19. Superb episode…hey!shraddha bhabhiji actually what’s your problem?you should tried to concentrate your life and don’t make any rift between.Thahaans life.thank you santhosh for sharing news about tpk.I am so excited to see tomorrows episode.Guys…I have a doubt so I want to clarify that…our Jigya has any stammering problem in her real life.I heard something like that.but,when I see her interviews I don’t feel such problem she friends,what’s your opinion about this….did you heard such a news pls tell me yaar….

    1. No. She dosnt. Infact… most of the tym… her way of stammering isnt how a real person wud stammerin wud sound like.sorta scientifically inaccurate in my opinion. Often i dont even notice her stammerin. A real life persons stammerin wud b a lil more conspicuous n menacin. Jigs makes it cute n smooth unles the scene is meant to highlight the speech impediment

  20. hi Tamil ponnungals
    actually naan malayali.aanal enakum Tamil theriyum.

    1. Hello. Evidey orupadu bhashakal use cheiyarundu. Its an aviyaal of languages. Hindi tamil kanada telugu eng etc etc??
      Hmmm tht reminds me… tintu mon is silent thse days

  21. Dear Amena, today arround 2:30 pm in London time I saw a response from my friend Roshni , but I had to take care of a very urgent job and, Roshni , out of kindness, took a
    trouble by spending a considerable amount of the time, and efforts, to explain everything to me in details , hence was not short , so, I left the reading of her message to my return back, when I could , give all my attention to read it, in peace, but shockingly it has vanished and even I could not find it in read more here section or yesterday’s comments.

    It is not fair on Roshni and I , thus I am requesting as a loyal reader of your writings that,

    could you please out of a big favor give that response back on today’s page ? Thanks anyway.

    1. I think its still there. Under your message actually.

    2. Hey shaparak… i chekd.its stil there undr the comnt u adresd to me. I think u myt hv chekd undr ur other comment.

  22. Lagta hai CV’S aaj kal hum thahaan fans se bahuth mehrbaan hai…bahuth cute se thahaan scenes dikha rahe hai ….romance ki baarish ho rahi hai. ..muje tho lagta hai aage kuch bada dhamaka hone wala hai. …dekhna ab hum sab thahaan ke romance se kush hokar bahut oopar udd rahe hai na ab cvs aur director sir ekdum se pataal mein dakel denge. ..awesome chemistry awesome acting manyasa. ..I’m enjoying manyasa interviews a lot. manyasa yaar. ..

    1. Meharban kaise nahi honge. Sabne galiya dekar in logon ki halath kharab kar diya dha. Aur to aur… vo chappal drama dekne ke badh sab inko apne chappal se marne keliye tharas rahe dhe.but yeh… thse ppl eil definitely create some new hugama. Wen its eithr a drought or a flood in tpk. Kuch balanz ya sense nahi hota. Stil… episodes mein bevakoofi hai but feel good bhi hai. Chalne dho jab tak chalta hai.

  23. رthapkiiiii pleaaaase come back to dharu:-(

  24. What a rubbish and laughable episode . Those writer, producer and director have insulted the audiences and their value , by such a stupid story line.

    what is all these unpleasant and unacceptable acting of two grown up, married, who have been living in one room for last 4 or 5 months and most importantly they hugged each other a number of times, with no shyness or ANY TROUBLE , THE LAST TIME WAS A BIG, TIGHT AND LONG HUG AT THE END OF BIHAAN’S COURT, SO, ALL OF THE SUDDEN WHAT HAPPENED TO MAKE THEM ACT SO UNREAL? PLEASE YOU THREE GREEDY AND SELFISH RESPONSIBLE PEOPLE , STOP DRAGGING THE STORY WITH THESE NONSENSE JUST TO MAKE YOUR POCKET FATTER AND HAVE SOME RESPECT AS A HUMAN FOR YOUR AUDIENCES AND THEIR PURE EMOTIONS.

    1. Lol yeh. Guilty as charged. The tpk writers r geniuses at senseless /illogical plots?.

  25. Pure foolishness. Disappointing episode.

    1. Yeh. It ws funny though..coz it ws silly??. I mean thse 2 hav hugged eachothr so many tyms nw. But i guess this is a PG13..sorry…. PG05 version of a first kis????. Hmmmm now tht i thnk of it… the whole episode ws abt an atempt to hug?

      1. hhahha LOL 🙂

        Nd where is thapki j n sumera….¿

      2. I don’t think they’ve actually hugged that often. Most of them were actually non-hugs i.e happened in dream sequences. At present I can only think of 2 occasions when they’ve hugged properly, whilst locked in the freezer unit and after being rescued. On both those times the context of the hug is different from a hug they would be having now. One hug was to provide body warmth and the other relief after a crisis. Also remember this is an Indian sanskari show. A hug here is the equivalent of a roll in the hay. Correct me if I am wrong but I don’t remember seeing a big tight hug after the court case. I missed a few episodes so I might just have missed it then.

  26. Mishal Raheja

    They should focus on sharrdha

  27. wow what a episode….but i miss druv

  28. wow what a episode….but i miss druv..hi

  29. Yaar episode was really good. And thx to shrddha kay tapki hug karay gee bihaan koo. Warnay they run around house like kids. I dont know why tapki is running away fromhim. Koi aur larkee jotee to apnay say ahlag to kartee yee nahin.

  30. Chinazaekpere Stanley

    Seriously?? Thapki is acting up with bihaan, she should be used to him by now and if really she’s in love with him, she shouldn’t feel shy about their closeness… She should desire it… Nice episode… But shadra is such a big beef…

  31. Awwwww, a kinda lovely episode.

    The family watching on is… Well… Weird actually, I’d have thought that once Bihan and thapki got hoping they’d have stopped spying on them but no, they all leaned in much closer. Lol!

    It was very slow, but this is thapki so the romance is also in that stammering chuk chuk gaadi style.

    Bihan is very sweet and tentative, but he just needs to hug her quickly instead of all this weird arm movements. Just grab her Man!

    They have hugged sooooo many times before, and he’s caught her from falling soooo many times before so what is the big deal,

    The noodle scene was funny but predictable,

    Can someone tell me, the ring wearing scene, was that an engagement again?mwill they get married again., properly this time?

  32. Bea, hello again

    Well, you not speaking hindi is actually amazing as the way you used the odd word in your story was excellent!

    I didn’t really have a chance to read the other story yet but am itching to so will tomorrow as the kids are back at school so have more time in the day,

    Can’t wait! Have you told everyone else on here about it. They might appreciate it esp as the romance on this version is sooooo slowwwwwwwww! Lol! Yours on the other hand is very lovely and pacey and well, just lovely!

    1. Hi Nimisha. Hope you are well.
      I didn’t tell anyone about the story. I had wanted you to know because you had actually suggested I start writing. I had never ever thought of writing before and if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have either.
      I don’t think I should post it here. I don’t think its that good and on further reading I think its a bit too risqué. The stories I have read here are more toned down.

  33. Hii friends….

    Now it’s time to quit from this nice n lovely show. Because I was started to watch this show only for thahaan unity nd confession and now thahaan United n confession also done so I want to find some another show n another story.

    This TPK forum is really good platform for fans nd viewer to interact with each other. A platform where you get friends, another angle to see a particular scenes, news, spoilers, a funny jokes , bloopers, translation, information, helps nd even little bit nok-jok…

    At last I want say thank you n sorry. Sorry for if I hurt feelings of anybody through my comments and thank you because I really enjoyed each n every comment of all of you.

    I will miss you all n this TPK forum…

    Nd all the best for Tpk’s upcoming drama n dragging.

    N see you later on some another show n some another forum.

    1. Ho kya gaya achanak…..

      Tum real thahaan fan wo tho zaroor serial dekhenge…..

      Agar tumara faisla majbooth ho humm kuch nahi karsakthe……

      Really. ..really miss u ….

      I hope u definitely come back. ..

      1. yaad hai santhosh mene Bohat pehle kaha tha me harek drama dekhunga bas thahaan unity k liye aur ab wo to ho gya na…

        Nd me bhi hooo thahaan ka S for sachcha or S 4 super wala fan

        ya I miss you too !!!

    2. Hey sag kya huva…???math jao yaar…we will gonna miss u…plzzzzzzzz

      1. Nothing vinlora….

        I m happily quitting this show…

        log to aate jate rahenge lekin tpk show or forum chalta rahega…..

        I will also miss you and all of you guys

    3. Arey ab tume kya hogaya? Is it april 1 today?!
      Recal tht boy in kuch kuch hota hai “dussi ja rahe ho?”.

      ????Kyo ja tahe ho?tpk keliye na sahi… hum sa keliye to ruk jao na. Forum tumare bina adhuri hai. Tum nahi avoge to mein bhi rut jabungi or kabhi nahi avungi.

      1. hey roshni I was first think that option of without watching tpk continue on this forum but if I don’t watch then what will I comment n what will I reply related to track….

        Nd really I m happily quitting so I request to you please give me a happy send off.. 🙁

        plz plz plz

    4. Sirf hum ko log samja thumne…..!!!!!???
      Mai b tho iss form ka achchi dosth samjatha…..phir thumne….. chodo a baathe

      Log haate jaate hai sahi leki dosti ek baar haathe a phir jaathe nahi……
      Zindagi bar nahi kamse kam serial end hone takk ruko na SAG please. …….

      Mai bi cmt raha hoo tho aap sab ki wajese ….. warna mai tho kabb bi chod diya hotha yaar…….

  34. Namaste Roshni,
    surprised? but I have learnt so many words in urdu or Indian due to watching Indian soaps and reading it’s English subtitle simultaneouslyin last 6 or 7 months. I love learning new languages.
    Thank you so very much for your time and detailed response,
    a) I use capital letters to write , because it is easier to type and I don’t need change the keys .
    b) I am overwhelmingly emotional person, family oriented , and strongly believe in morality and a real and tender love between a man and a woman. 99% of love in west has one meaning; take off your dress and jump for a few short minutes s*x, something I take it as a big insult, the relation and love between two opposite s*x is a gift from god , and private and holy , so showing such a beautiful and most private feeling and part of human’s life to the public disgusting me, that was the reason , when accidentally I discovered the Rishtey Europe on channel 77 on my TV , the 24 hours channel that showing Indian soaps , made me very happy. but later on I discovered : I solved my above mentioned problem, but was facing with another one , WHICH WAS THE MOST ANNOYING DRAGGING, as the very first program I watched was UTTARAN but IT TOOK ALMOST A WEEK THAT VEER TAKE OFF THE BRIDE’S FACE COVER AND FIND OUT THAT HE HAS BEEN CHEATED BY HAVING TAPASYA INSTEAD OF ITCHCHA. Every day I was watching and hopping , the truth would come out on that day , and it was not happening, finally I become so frustrated and fed up that I started scream at poor TV. Then I assumed , it happened in that occasion and the other soaps would not be like that…………….WHAT A BIG MISTAKE, BUT I STAYED TUNED FOR NOT SEEING THOSE RUDE PART OF WESTERN SOAPS.

    c) Sweet friend, wherever you go the story of misusing women , slump, cruelness … are the same with different dialogues , ie; in there maybe some women treated as slave, in hear the slavery comes in shape of using and showing the naked body of women even for sake of advertising a pack of chocolate……… this is up to us to resist and fight for gaining back our RIGHTS.

    If people does not put up with the greed and selfishness of your writers, producers and directors, then they will be forced to think about their obligations and duties regarding their Country and reputation of the nation, more than , their pocket, and greed, as I read , when the hero of Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan was deserted by the director , first people asked for his return, and when there was no response, they threatened him to band watching the soap, and it worked and the actor was returned ,



  35. Tamil ponnunga-Kana (1)

    Roshini akka ♡ this is for u 🙂 *peace*friendship*togetherness*
    But not white flag,from my side *pink* flag for sistership 🙂

    A sister is a special type of angel on earth who brings out your best qualities.

    Sisters help make the hard times easier and the easy times more fun

    Having a sister is like having a best friend 🙂

    We have to thank Mr.Musunderstaning,bcz we were friend,but now he made us sisters nah!!!!

    1. Apa nanu join me your sis gang????

      Will u??

  36. AB is back …..
    Definitely big twist in tpk…..
    I think ….
    1 marriage truth comes out
    2 Bihaan past life truth
    3 Bauji real culprit
    4 shraddha fake pregnancy comes out
    5 thahaan separation. ..

    Hai tpk fans
    Which is the best twist. …????

  37. Nice episode bihaan always cute…nice episode waiting lot for their cute romance…both r chocolate couple

  38. Arey yaar… They going to drag one week…for one hug….? Dey! Thapki overr… Bihaan carried her so many times… Sleeping in the same room… Just for a hug no need this much overacting ya… As if he asked for kiss…? And all the bihaan’s slow motion awkward hand movement to hug?? Lol?

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