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The Episode starts with Sakshi stopping Thapki from going in interview. She asks her to arrange the files date wise and leaves her alone in the file record room. She says this is also cleaning, which you know well. She leaves the imp file there, which Dhruv needed. Thapki starts cleaning the place and also wipes the dusty files. She cleans the glass and looks outside. She says its such fast city, no one has time and everyone is in hurry. She makes Taj Mahal image on it. Vivek asks Karan to check control room. He comes to Dhruv and Sakshi. Sakshi files the other file and Dhruv gets angry, seeing it does not have interview info and questions. Thapki gets the file and says this is Sakshi’s file. Dhruv asks Sakshi and Vivek about this mistake and asks for an answer.

Sakshi puts the blame on

Vivek and does not let him speak. Miss Youth Priya says she is ready for the interview. Dhruv says just 5mins, technical team needs some time. She says sure. He gives 10mins to Sakshi and scolds her. Thapki calls Sakshi and says why is she not taking the call. She says she will mail the file info and mail does not go. Dhruv scolds Sakshi and Vivek. Vivek says he made new question list. Dhruv says I want research details, as I will ask the questions on it basis. Priya’s manager asks them to hurry up, as she has to do for some inauguration. Dhruv gets angry and says Sakshi does not value of her job.

Thapki comes there running and brings the file. Sakshi asks what is she doing here. Thapki says you forgot this file in file room, I came to gave this. Dhruv looks at Sakshi and gives water to Thapki, signing her thanks. He takes Priya’s interview and it goes well.

Thapki clicks some pics. Sakshi takes her away, and asks her to do some work, its high profile interview, go and don’t let anyone come. Thapki thinks to see the interview and hears the interview from control room. She smiles seeing the interview on the monitor. Karan goes on a call. Thapki says I will take a pic and send Aditi. She clicks pic and smiles seeing Dhruv. The interview ends and Dhruv thanks Priya. Sakshi apologizes to Dhruv for her mistake. He says the day you realize it, I will see it in your eyes. Karan tells Sakshi that he will get all equipments from control room. Thapki comes out of there and talks to Poonam. Sakshi sees her.

Sakshi says she will check and lock it and sends Karan. Thapki says sorry, it was mum’s call and asks what work she has to do now. Sakshi asks her to be here and secure the things, its imp and costly, wait here till technician comes. She gets Vivek’s call about the meeting. She asks Thapki to keep the memory chip, in which they recorded Priya’s interview, keep it safe and give it to editor in morning, I have meeting and I will come late, the interview will be on air at 5 tomorrow, reach office on time. She leaves. Thapki waits there for long time. She goes inside the control room. The door gets locked.

She sees someone coming and hides. She says thief and goes to attack. Its Dhruv and he is stunned. She says sorry. He sees the door locked and asks did she shut it. She says I will open it and tries. He says no use, the lock is damaged, it will open from outside. She says sorry, I did not know this, I was alone there, I will call someone. She says there is no network here, sorry. He says she would have not told sorry if she used her mind. She says sorry, I mean what will we do now. He says we will wait, we can’t go till anyone opens the door. He sits there and she look around. She asks for help and knocks the door. She says I m sorry, anyone can hear us and come. He says voice won’t go out, don’t worry, be quiet and wait without making noise.

She sees a open window and goes there. Her dupatta falls on his face and he asks can’t she sit at one place. She shows the open window and says she can go out by there and open the door. He says its very small, you can’t go. She says but I can try once. He says please be quiet. She says sorry. She sits on the chair and thinks how can she sit here infront of Dhruv, this is head’s chair. He says I said sit. She sits and thinks if anyone does not come door till night, will I be here with him all night.

She gets hiccups and he asks her to have food. She says no, I want food. She sees a cockroach and throws noodles. The lights go and he helps her to go out.

Update Credit to: Amena

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