Thapki Pyaar Ki 5th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 5th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone playing the game. Suman gets the pillow when Dadi stops music. Suman says I have to do SRK’s acting. Vasundara asks her not to make their lose team. Suman tries and Preeti corrects her. The groom’s side wins the game. Suman gets sad. Vasundara says don’t get sad, groom will wear sehra and come to bride’s side. Suman goes to get sehra and Dhruv stops her. He says Poonam made the sehra, its better if she gets it. Thapki and Bihaan smile seeing each other. Poonam goes. Dhruv acts to be on call and goes. Shraddha looks on. Dhruv lights the fire by the diya and Poonam’s hand burns by the fire reaching sehra. They all rush to Poonam hearing her scream and get shocked seeing the sehra burning.

They take Poonam to room and blow off the fire. Doctor checks

Poonam’s hand and asks her not to do any work, and take care of her hand for few days. Dhruv says its my mistake, I told Poonam to get sehra, really sorry. Poonam says its not your mistake, diya was lighting there so…. Dhruv asks her to take rest. Poonam says no, Thapki and Bihaan’s marriage has to happen. Thapki says we will stop marriage, we can keep it once you get fine. Bihaan agrees. Dhruv says invitation cards got distributed and I think marriage should not get postponed. Vasundara, Thapki and Bau ji decide to keep marriage once Poonam gets fine, and till then they will postpone it. Dhruv smiles. Shraddha thinks Dhruv is ahead of me, he did this to stop marriage.

Thapki takes kada for Poonam. She sees a lighter there and says its petrol leaked, how is this here. She sees the black line on the ground which is connecting diya and the sehra. She says this is petrol smell, it means someone has tried to burn Bihaan’s sehra intentionally, who can do this. Dhruv looks on. He holds her and asks did you not sleep, what are you doing with this lighter. She says the incident was planned by someone. He asks what, its just an accident, aunty said diya burnt the sehra. She asks him to think how did this lighter come, when no one smokes in our house. He says many guests are coming, maybe someone left it, don’t think and increase worries. She says maybe you are saying right. He goes to his room.

Shraddha stammers and tells Dhruv that she has set the bed, now he can rest. He asks whats this new drama. She says this is not acting, you like stammering people that’s why, I m ready to become Thapki, I love you a lot. He says you can talk like Thapki, but not become like her.

Vasundara goes to Thapki and gets shocked seeing Thapki in her bridal dress, but in wounded and molested state. She gets shocked and asks what happened to you. Thapki cries. Vasundara wakes up by this bad dream and rushes to Thapki. She hugs Thapki. Thapki asks what happened. Vasundara says I have seen a very bad dream, I pray that Lord protects you and all of us. Thapki asks her to relax and not worry. She says I m fine, I m going to give medicines and water to Poonam. Vasundara worries and asks her to go infront of her eyes. Vasundara thinks whats this bad sign, first that bad dream and now this, don’t know what will happen.

Bihaan hears some men talking about fooling Pandeys. The men enter the house. Bihaan gets angry. Bihaan catches the men and scold them angrily. Thapki asks him to talk well and not be so angry always. Bihaan says I will be angry, I can’t bear anything wrong. She goes. Dhruv looks on and smiles.

Later, Dhruv in Bihaan’s get up goes to the men. He sees them drinking and switches off the lights. He beats those men to put blame on Bihaan. He says now see Bihaan, what happened with you. He smiles.

Dhruv makes Thapki ready as the bride, and says beautiful, you have to do this Shringhaar of my name soon.

Update Credit to: Amena


    • Renu

      TODAYS HIGHLIGHTS ? BIHAN THE SAVIOUR he saved poonam from burning sehra? ?THAPKI THE DETECTIVE she cud analyse the fire wasnt accident but preplanned.?????VASU THE DREAMER yesterday she dreamt of funeral n today battered thàpki in bridal attire, what next? ?????BALLU THE DONOR he waived of farmers dues??SHRADDHA THE IMMITATOR she is so desperate to get dhruv back that she is ready to stammer like thàpki ? LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST DHRUV THE VILLAIN who deliberately got thaans marriage postponed ??? n beaten the farmers in bihans disguise ????PRECAP IS DISGUSTING WHERE DHRUV IS ADORNING A STATUE WITH JEWELS N WEDDING COSTUME PRESUMING IT TO BE THAPKI ?☻

  1. Shobi

    Pongada neengalu unga storyu..poi tholainga da

    @tamil ponnunga-hi girls.How are you all??

    I’m fine.

    • ash..2

      Shobi, Nee mattum indha thitu thititu, how are you?.nu Kekariye. Indha maadhiri episoda paartha yaar thaan nalla irupaanga sollu. Precap.avadhu nalla irukumaanu paartha, mental hospital poitu vandha feeling varudhu.

      • Kana

        Ash-nee en katchinu theriyum ash nethu panna reply nasreenku than pannan athu un commentku keela vanthirichu
        Eruma unna yaru palaya muganool ah use panna sonnathu puthusa onna open pannalam thane,avanavan 5,6 account vaichu veladiku irukanunga ithu ennadana ivlo yosikuthu!! Nee rommmmpaaa nallavaloo!!!

    • Adithi

      Fine shobi.. Correct ah sonninga.. Karumam.. Nalla vela na inniku episode pakkala.. Pakkavum virumbala..

      • Shobi

        Ada yen adithi indha juggu saabam vittu naa rendu naal TPK paaka mudila…sari inikachu paaklanu poi paatha ennoda neram episode ivlo mosama iruku

      • Kana

        Yaarum tension aaka koodathu,yaarum varutha pada koodathu,ippa enna thahaan wedding and thahaan romance rendume intha jenmathila nadakave nadakathu avlo thane,atha than cvs eppavo irunthu namaku indirect ah sollukidu irukainga ithu puriyama nenga rompa ethir patha athuku pavam cvs enna panna midiyum sollunga!! Ithilirunthu cvs thahaan fans ku solla virumpuvathu ennavenral “velila pongada ayokkiya rascolungala”
        Itha purinjukidavan ellam oodi poiru puriyathavan ellam moodikidu ukkaru 🙂
        Yarachum manyasa ngt out segmnt pathengala rendume just close friendsaamaam.mmm naama pothu vaalkaine irunthidathala ennamo close friendsna ivloooo close ah irupainganu theriyamale poitu,sari namakenna nanga nampi enna panna,itha athungala unmaiya kaddika poravainga nampina sari kudumpathuka kulappam varama irkum 🙂

  2. pihoo

    Bechaara bihaan sach much me vo kaafi bechara ha galti koi aur kare aur saara ilzam uspe aa jata ha jaase thapki ke saath hua tha jab vasu and shraddha use pareshaan karti thi…… (mr and mrs teddy bear ko musibaton se pyaar ha) ek musibat ko doosri musibat se pyaar ha

  3. Thahaan

    Current track is very very boring and irritating. Need thahaan lovely scenes , not evil track of DS. Got Fed up, so going to stop watching TPK.

  4. Princess

    Dear Thapki….bihaan is not a MA like u he is a human being that’s why gets angry when someone insults or badmouths about his father…..He can not only give his life for him but can also take it if someone insults his father….not like u who in future will forgive ds also for burning ur mother’s hands and will say that ” koi baat nhi ds aapko us waqt jo sahi laga aapne wo kiya”……

  5. Bea

    Sujoy ,Knobhead go to yesterday’s update to get my answer to your message. There’s more of that where that came from, f**kwit. Just remember you attacked me first and you were the one who name checked me.

    • Lightsabre

      |Registered Member

      Hey guys. Lets not drag this argument further. I share beas point of view with regard to the soap characters n wudnt mind a decent debate. But lets keep debates confined to the shows characters n not to eachthr. Bea… some strong swear words buddy! Kids here must b googlin wats the c word u used. I do get y ur angry…. but lets abide by the rules of the site.
      @ sujoy and everbdy else : debates regardin the show r fine . But b4 sendin ur comment…. read it again to see if ur comments r gettin on a personal level to some1 hre. Else intentionally or unintentionally ul end up offending others or hurting other ppls feelings (eg : the get a life comment) coz then ….. wel… this is wat happens! So no matter which soap character u bash… pls dont comment on a real life person guys! Peaacceeee.

      • Bea

        And…..calm. Ok. I am back to normal. I apologise for my language but people should not attack me on a personal level for expressing my opinion on a public forum whose whole raison d’etre is for people to express their opinion. Maybe my language was too much but attack me and I fight back , no holds barred.

    • Sujoy

      @Admin or Moderator ow whosoever didnt publish my comment:
      Please do publish it as i didnt use any bad words. Like Mr or Miss Bea i didnt swear or use slangs which can offend people.

      @Bea: dude you are so desperate to argue with me or what that you are telling me to go and check your reply?
      i can understand your obsession but reminding me of your slang activities is a bit too much.
      If i am interested then i will surely go and check.

      And again i am saying i am sorry if i have attacked you.
      If i hurt anyone then i do keep the heart to apologize too. So sorry.

      But dude really the words you have used in reply, i can never stoop that low and used such kind of words in public forums.
      You had to append your words with the stars(*****). and i think most people here might be aware that with what kind of words people append *****.

      • Bea

        ‘DUDE’ leave me and my ‘obsession’ alone. Concentrate on yours. Stop name checking me.

  6. tamil girl-riya

    paravala……….konjamavadhu storyla suspense vaikuranga!!@tamil girls-vanakkam!!!!

  7. Tracy

    It’s amazing the lessons being taught by this series. I find it strange when people actually expected Dhruv to be a saint and move on. In reality, what he is doing is what happens although some actions of his are exaggerated. Therefore, I still maintain that when there has been cheating in a marriage ceremony, such as in this case, the bride should no longer stay in that house.

    Seriously, Thapki should have left the Pandey house and her parents should have insisted because that is not the only house with men in the world. The end result of staying there for whatever reason is a total destruction of the entire family including her very own life, which she could have started all over again somewhere else. In most cases, if some of those aggrieved men don’t act like Dhruv, they may molest their former bride(s) quietly in the house.

    Good lesson. Only a few saints can let go of such happenings.

  8. reji

    EID Mubarak guys…
    Hi tamil ponnunga sangam girls .
    Na inaku ramzan kondada tamil nadu nagercoil en veetku poren 11 o clock so happy
    Hi juggu kumutha ash goms nasreen akkas hw r u?

    • ash..2

      EID Mubarak reji and all T.S.P.
      Sandhoshama kondaditu vaa. We are all waiting for you.

      • Juggu

        |Registered Member

        Hey reji….eid mubarak bt ramzan naliki indiala….pirai theriyala..kana unga oorla inika nalika..☺

      • Kana

        Reji-oora therinjukiden olagam purinjukiden kanmai yen kanmani…
        Intha akkava maranthidiye!!!!
        Sari enna irunthalum naama thane akka thangachiya mannichu viduralam 🙂
        Anaithu muslim nanbaragalukum en iniya ramzan vaalthukkal
        Spcl wishes for my darlings nasreen,juggu,reji 🙂 🙂

        @juggu-enga oorla innaiku than

      • Juggu

        |Registered Member

        Neeyu ashuh thana feeding bottle la paal kudutu valatheenga…pacha kolandhayinu paal oothi vvalatha..pala kudichiputtu unaye marandhuruchu.. …??

        its a medical miracle???

        Epavume india,srilankala onna tha varum…..

    • Juggu

      |Registered Member

      Ramzanuku elaru namma kitaye briyani kekuranga… nammalu yartayuchu kepo…..???

      Reji briyani……enaku….

  9. Tejaswi

    I want dhruv to marry thapki their love in the beginning was well good so it will be a great twist. Imagine if thapki pretended to love Bihaan so they can get remarried and then dhruv can switch places with Bihaan. So dhruv and thapki could be together.

    • Lightsabre

      |Registered Member

      Wow… and then imagine… then without druv realizin… shradda swaps with thapki. ???????. Bak to square one eh?! Lol… isnt it soo much easier to just divorce and marry the one whom u luv with their consent rather than this secret swap game!?

  10. Mona146

    |Registered Member

    I agree that Dhruv suffered a lot because of vsaundhara and his wife but don’t make his character so bad? He was the only educated sensible person in that house more than his dad?

  11. navya

    nw it look gd both vam r husbd n wife…shraddha ur hubby is also lyk u…u both a bright future 2gethr😤😤😤😤😤😤

  12. Loveleen

    I haven’t watched last few episodes cause I keep falling asleep when it’s on! lol not cause it’s soooo boring just…so even though it’s been written well (thank you Amena), I can’t seem to get the whole jist of what’s really happening till I get to watch them all.

    Just in relation to what I’ve read, it seems like thaapki is back in her private investigator mode and I’m sure she will solve it.

    As well I don’t understand what Shradda is doing? Her role should be used to help thaapki n Bihaan to get married quick (silly cause they are already married….but anyways). It’s only going to benefit her…but maybe the writers are showing she is too afraid of Dhruv.

  13. Sumera

    Hii guys…!!!!! Thnxx reji..r u Muslim..?? Nd whts pup Rosh…santhosh..vinlo..thapki..

      • Lightsabre

        |Registered Member

        Santosh…mein ne sirf 2 scenes dekhi. One seemed like a miny explosion from wat im told (from update ) is the result of using fuel from” lighter”? Really?????? i think we shud all contribute 1000 lighters to indian army.imagine…. if one lighter cud do so much… then 1000 lighters cud wipe out a nation?????????????.
        ? did ihear thapki say sumthn abt “petrol ” inthe lighter. Santosh… ye sach hai kya? Iighter petrol se chalti hai kya? Arey wah… then v shud use lighters to fil car tank.? ok ok… i admit… im no genius at the science behind lighters. So correct me if im wrong. As far as i know… lighters hav “volatile” liquid fuels… that means they turn into vapours and disappear if kept open.otherwise if ur lighter gets a crack n the fuel leaks in ur pocket ….then u wil bcom roasted chicken the nxt tym ur near a fire??.lol… ye writers ko akal naam ki cheez hi nahi hai. May b they got a bheja fry while lightin a cigarette intheir mouth.?☇? . Bache bhi lighters se khelte hai?. Agle episode mein tpk writers lighter fuel se rocket chalake druv ko mars bhejenge!uff!
        Secnd scene i saw ws precap. I dont know wat was hapenin .???? to me it luked like he was dressing up a mannequin. I dont thnk its thapki…. if its a statue… then im sorry to say this… this sorta behaviour calls for psychiatrc intervention ????????????????. Ab thathathapki ka nam ki ki kiran rakne ka tym hogaya hai.
        Padte rahiye…. tpk textbook of (non)science and non sense.
        Ps: santosh…. reg! Sumera… add sumthn to ur name n reg.chek ur email for notification n cross verification .
        @jo… enjoy eid!

    • Lightsabre

      |Registered Member

      Hey. ? Eid Mubarak to sumera javeria jo and everybody else!??????
      Sumera… if ur levin then wel…. visit onz a while.

  14. vani

    No offence. .. the pandeys r already fools n smone talking about fooling them. .. lol…

    • vani

      Seeing everyone’s coments it seems no one is liking the current ds evil track… agar kuchh evilness dikhana hi tha to diwaker ka track laate cvs ya shradha hi apni fake pregnancy drama chalu rakhti ya aur kitne saare khuraapaat bhare h hmare mahaan CVS k paas… ye track laakar cvs ne druv ka jo achha character hmare mann me bana hua tha usko v bura bana diya… ab is series me koi achha sensible character nhi bacha, maybe aditi hogi , ya uski family ya MA thapki hogi thodi achhi….

  15. RANdomfANCreationz

    |Registered Member

    uff boring n dragging only tolerating T for TPK for T for thahaan 😛
    Hey all my dear friends (too lazy to mention everyone’s name :P) how r u all? Well I wont be commenting for a while as I am busy with eid preperations, eid and also with studies and all that so i wont comment much fed up of the show 🙁 only will comment when something will happen between thahaan dont want this marriage drama to drag uff
    and as for my ff i would publish it on fri like will submit on thu or fri night u all may read it on fri or sat

  16. Ally

    Druv is a spoilt child by vasu he got whatever he wants with good quality except Thapki . where as Bihaan didn’t get everything he needs always neglected by vasu. Only Bauji and Dadi considered him .
    Druv trying to get Thapki by hook and crook because he never ever tasted failure except in the case of Thapki. He always lived a perfect life with all luxuries.
    Precap is horrible….. Druv will go any extent to get his obsession: Thapki…

    • Loveleen

      Hmmm yeah I thought the same cause his a spoilt brat and the only time he didn’t get his way his gone nuts!


    manyasa night out segment IBN7……

    Wu..Manish and Jigyasa in a black car driving to marine beach.They reach there walk here and there like love birds..Matarghasti song plays and for every 3 months they come here as there is no time for them,Manish said.Jigs says they sacrifice their sleep to come and relax here..They said that some of scenes in their previous shows have been shot here.chore tera gaon last scene has been shot here and jigs said cine stars ki khoj they did some scenes here..They sing some songs ..I dont know that songs.They eat food.They take selfies..kheech mera photo plays in background.
    Manish is saying that many fans are asking about his realtion he asked jigs to get a girl for him as she knows him vey well..Jigyasa said that that girl will fear seeing me only..They laugh.Manish said some friends of mine thinking that there is some chakkar going on btw them.But they are just close friends,people intrepet wrongly seeing our closeness.They thank Ibn 7 for bringing them here after pack up and for relaxation..Over

    • Truelove

      |Registered Member

      thanks santhosh for sharing. they sing bol do na jara from azhar and ek kudi from udta panjab.
      i really think that manish love jigs.

    • Truelove

      |Registered Member

      but i believe what he says… side i feel bad that manyasa are not dating and on other side i feel happy that i still have chance to marry manshi. 😛 😉 hahaahaaa…… just kidding.

    • pihoo

      I think they dont have anyother place to go they always go to the marine beach (manyasa) when I was on instagram she always posted a photo of that beach then I deleted my instagram

      • pihoo

        Yes vinlora bhut kuchh badal gaya time has changed!!!!abhi aaj ki date me 1sal pehle tharuv hua karte the ab thahaan ha and thahaan ko laakar cvs ne bhut achha kiya

  18. Navpreet

    Disgusting track!!! Writers seem sick!!!
    Why cant they hv track of bihaan thapki’s happy moments.. Too sick!!


    Aaj mai kya-kya bolna na tha wo sab ek hi cmt per lik doonga…….

    precap… sach mai thapki hai ya uske murthi(statue)……

    highlight of the episode SHARUV scene??????????…..

    …. …………………………………………………….

    Hai mere dosth vinlora…. mai ne thumko tablets? diya tha na wo muje dhedo kyon ki tpk spoiller track dekh ke zarur muje wo saare bimaari muje hi aane wala hai issliye????……..

    aaj hamaari dushman action hreo KABIR ALAVATH (Rocy handsome ) bangaya???? ?????


    CVS ji DS se jitna drama karna chathiho na karlijiye lekin aakir mai wo sab guna ghar walo ke saamne laahiye please hide math kariye……

    jab mai serial dekhna shru kiya tha ki thab thapki ki donate drama chall raha tha …
    muje kuch saavl ke javaab chahiye…kisi ko patha hai muje batha dijiye please….
    tharuv confession kab huva tha….????kitne din tak tharuv love ?track chalatha …..??
    (end tho august 31st mai huva tha)
    kya thapki dhruv ko I?U boldiyatha …..???
    kitni baar bolatha….???
    kitni baar hug kiya tha….????
    finally , kabi kiss kiyatha dhruv ko….???

    DS itna paagal hogaya na
    iss liye usko kisi mental hospital Mai treatment dena chatha hoo????(pichle zindagi ka records chahiye na iss liye)……

    haa….. zarur mere saval ka javab dijiye

    • Vinlora

      |Registered Member

      Mein kaun hun…mein kaha hun????
      Sach mein meri situation eaisi yi huyi hai ? kuch bhi samaj nahi aa raha hai ?ye kya ho raha hai TPK mein. ..? Chalo achcha huva aaj cabel network nahi tha TPK dekh nahi paayi. …nahi tho uss DS ka sadaa huva face dekhna padta poore episode. ..???? soch rahi hun ki thahaan shaadi hone tak TPK se break le lun….thoda tension kam hoga?

      @Santhosh kal tumne Jo ?? ?diye the sab katam ho gaye. ..lekin sirf ???bacha hai …tum chaaye tho lelo ??????

      • Lightsabre

        |Registered Member

        Vinlo… go to ur account setting…. check “privacy”… then “who can send me msgs”. I think u must hav out nobdy. Choose “everybody”..

    • pihoo

      Hi santhosh maine bhi tpk dekhna tab shuru kiya tha. Jab sharuv ki marraige hui thi but after then I saw all the tharuv and thahaan romance on youtube

      A1-tharuv confession 14-15 july ko hua tha
      A3-through my experience I think one time at their engagment
      A4-hug toh count nhi kara
      A5-kiss kabhi nhi hua tha

    • Lightsabre

      |Registered Member

      I dont even feel like readin the update. Wil msg regardin show later. Vinlo…. yaar tu personal msgs send karna lab seekhoge!!!

    • Lightsabre

      |Registered Member

      Santosh… im so bored with tpk. Serial dekhne kiliye mujhe thapki ki nahi… dhakka dene ki zaroorath hai.chuk chuk chuk. Santosh Loveleen sumera manyasa renu… tum sab register kar lo!!! Atleast that way we can keep in touch thru msgs. I dont think i can keep watchin this for long. Yawn yawn yaaawwwnnnmm.vinlo… God!how long wil it take yaar… private msgs mein ne itne bheje hai tume!!!! Go to ur acount settings and choose privacy settings and enabke msgin by evryone!!! Fast. Hey jo… javeria…pihoo. vinlo… cute kids???

      • Loveleen

        I have tried to register! It’s been over a week and they still haven’t sent me an email confirmation. As well, I have let them know but that too had no reply. So I have no idea what’s going on! ?

  20. Mandal

    I am loving this track.
    Dhruv is the first negative character that i am in love with.
    He is doing his role with perfection.
    Negative Dhruv is always better than positive dhruv and Ankit is getting to explore his versatility.
    And i was too bored seeing him only cry so i stopped watching the show.
    Now again i started watching the show just because of Ankit Bathla sir.
    He is doing his role par excellence.
    As long as Ankit sir is getting a meaty role whether negative or positive, i am watching this show.

  21. abi

    Hate ds serial.
    Tolerating lot only for bihaan…no way hereafter…they test our patience.
    .better leave ds show s fine…otherwise I lost my interest in bihaan too… I love bihaan…stupid dhruv….u marry thapki or go to die….stupid director..
    Gud bye to tpk…

  22. Syed58

    Bihaan sabse pehla baagtha hain poonam aunty ko bachane ke liye and woh aag buja raha hai instead of taking thapki’s mom away from that…..Bloopers hi bloopers hai aaj tho..Bihaan itni choti si baath ke liye itna gussa ho gaya tha….Aur poonam aunty poora ghar ghoom rahi thi kya??..Woh sehra tho samne pada tha.Dhruv pehle kaisa pauncha kitchen mein ..Aur dhruv tho thapki ke peeche hi pad gaya aur bihaan dikhta hi nahi..Maine socha bihaan poonam aunty ke scenes honge lekin yaha tho dhruv-poonam aunty ke scenes dikha rahe hain
    Aur thapki bihaan ki ek baath bhi sunti nahi aur ds kuch bhi bole tho trust karleti hain..Aur woh thapki ki shoulder mein haath lagaya..Itni himmat bewakuf ki..I am not liking this track anymore..Please Cv’s stop torturing us..There are many Os here which you can implement if you are not getting ideas

    • pihoo

      Hi syed58 I am also finding the ans for this I think dhruv can do teleportation. Thats why he came befor poonam aunty in the kichten and that scene I was also hoping that bihan would first save her mom in law and then blow the fire but all get reversed

  23. Syed58

    Bihaan sabse pehla baagtha hain poonam aunty ko bachane ke liye and woh aag buja raha hai instead of taking thapki’s mom away from that…..Bloopers hi bloopers hai aaj tho..Bihaan itni choti si baath ke liye itna gussa ho gaya tha….Aur poonam aunty poora ghar ghoom rahi thi kya??..Woh sehra tho samne pada tha.Dhruv pehle kaisa pauncha kitchen mein ..Aur dhruv tho thapki ke peeche hi pad gaya aur bihaan dikhta hi nahi..Maine socha bihaan poonam aunty ke scenes honge lekin yaha tho dhruv-poonam aunty ke scenes dikha rahe hain
    Aur thapki bihaan ki ek baath bhi sunti nahi aur ds kuch bhi bole tho trust karleti hain..Aur woh thapki ki shoulder mein haath lagaya..Itni himmat bewakuf ki..I am not liking this track anymore..Please Cv’s stop torturing us..

  24. Iswarya_santhosh

    |Registered Member

    Actually dhruv is not a spoiled child. He is a matured guy so that only he didnt hurt anyone before( time when he was cheated by bihaan.! And now it is his time to take revenge from bihaan and not only that he loves thapki. From starting onwards he is supporting her but that blo*dy thapki loves bihaan now. How can a girl love 2 guys in the same time! S she loves dhruv before now she is in love with dhruv infront of dhruv. Disgusting story

    • Lightsabre

      |Registered Member

      Also…. it was his darlin mom who cheated him. She threatened bihaan with a fake suicide attempt. So she cheat all 3 of them : bihaan thapki n druv too. Dont u think so? As for shradda… hmmm… wel.. i hav nothing to say except tht thapki alredy warned druv. As for bihaan…. he was just lucky tht thapki fell in love with him. Else.. like u… rest of the pamdey family was holdin him as the mastermind behind groom swap. So technically… vasu is the “one” person who cheated druv and she did it out of love but it backfired. I do agree tht druv was rather unfortunate. But one incident or the chain reaction it let on doesnt justify ones evil doings… coz if tht was how the world worked… then we wudnt need prisons. ?

  25. Vinlora

    |Registered Member

    By the way Shaadi kiski hai? ????muje tho shaadi wala mahaul yi nazar nahi aa raha hai. ..? sirf or sirf Psycho DS ki paagalpan dikh raha hai. …???

  26. Amy25

    I get it, Dhruv lost Thapki, but he didn’t fight for her love when he should have… He let his chance go, he married another woman, he chose to let Shraddha into his life… I know I’m repeating myself, but it’s true, Dhruv is a spoiled brat who just wants to have Thapki who now belongs to someone else and that someone else is his own brother, step brother yes, but brother none the less… Bihaan still respects and treats Dhruv like a big brother, he is so nice, yes he’s hot headed doesn’t think rationally half the time, but at least he’s not a jerk who’s back biting his own family… The one tie he did he regretted it, because it was either do the wrong deed or get kicked out of the house you grew up in and lose all sense of family ties…
    Besides, Bihaan needs someone like Thapki in his life, someone who’s understanding and loving… Also Dhruv will have to divorce Shraddha and explain to everyone why he’s doing so, in the process he will be seen as an antagonist!! He’s only losing face, nothing else~! Yes Vasundhra was wrong to have broken hi and Thapki, but she made up for it!! If anything Shraddha needs to clean up her act. Thapki and Bihaan need their time together, they’ve been through far more shit than Dhruv and Thapki, Bihaan did so much for her, he took such good care of her, yet he’s still considered bad because of his actions and words… Can we take a minute and look at what Dhruv has been doing… Yes I’m #teamtahaan all the way, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t care for Dhruv, he had his chance, multiple chances at that, why is it that only now is he acting on those actions? Why is he behaving so childishly, whatever Bihaan did to upset or anger Thapki was in her best interest, maybe not always, but he never harmed her the way that Dhruv is doing right now!! Besides, Thapki and Bihaan are so much more compatible than Dhruv and Thapki, let’s be honest… Thapki deserves her shot at happiness too, it wasn’t only Dhruv who was screwed over, she got married to the right guy in the wrong ceremony~! Bihaan & Thapki for life~!

    • pihoo

      Hey amy25 you have written an essay on prooving thahaans love 4 eachother well done!!!! 🙂

      • Amy25

        Thanks, I do understand people wanting to support Dhruv, but he’s not that great anymore, before I’m sure he was the “knight in shining armour”, but now, he’s more like the knight of the annoying whining~! Shraddha is as annoying as can be, nobody cares anymore, but Thapki and Bihaan they understand and love each other~!
        Also the reason why I wrote as you called an essay is because I’m actually a fanfic writer, so I like to throw my ideas together and make them make sense in one way or another~! Thanks Pihoo~!

  27. minnu

    Tharuv is best…dont forget deeds which bihan do with tapki…the only person who never insult tapki by stammering is only druv… i dont like manish from begining till..illeterate…i know he is good guy…but he only suit a 4 grade educated girl….and everyone did bad with druv always………druv is always love tapki…bihan is always angry…when he dont get whatever he wanted…first love always first…taruv.

    can i ask one more qstn…everyone say that he marriede tapki only byvasu wish…if vasu again ask bihan to cheat tapki…will he do it?

    • Lightsabre

      |Registered Member

      Haha.. interesting question. Hmmm.leme answr tht with a question… if druv married shradda coz vasu said so… then wil he dump her now if she says so??
      Ans to ur qns- He wont. Coz bihaans motto in life is to live and die for the ppl he luv. And he luvs thapki now.Personally i find his devotion extreme sometyms. But i guess bihaan thinks with his heart. Recal how pissd off he got wen he got to knw that thapki is PN maid… while druv stayed mum all the while coz he too wudnt dare speak against vasu until he realisd she tricked him too?. Lets face it… druv did support thapki when there was a possibility of being able to marry her(n im sure it ws selfless). Bt he too never bothered to defend her against vasu (tht cow bell…. coverin face with black clothe… stayin in cow shed etc etc – i call al thse domestic violence ).

  28. neha

    I’m very disappointed with current track specially dhruv irritated me…. I’m irked with dhruv…..i dont know what writers are up to….i didnt understand why writers spoiling the storyline of tpk….coz i can’t tolerate dhruv’s evilness and his madness to this extent where he can harm thapki’s mom and he even try to damage the dignity/ image of bihaan by beating them in disguise like bihaan…..this bullshit can able to tolerate and even when vasu bad dreamz also afraid me, dont know what else is going to happen….. but i just want to request the writers plz dont seperate thahaan at any cost…..if they get seperated than I’m going to stopped watching this nonsense….. plz dont spoil thahaan lovestory for that blo*dy psycho dhruv…i hate dhruv….just wanna kill him…plz writers do something and save thahaan relationship from evil eye dhruv….

  29. Zohreh

    ,vasu has bad dream and she worry about thapki and bihan ceremony but without any anxiety about dhrouv she was ready for doing every thing.
    ,dhrouv must punish his mother and Bihan .together

  30. Juggu

    |Registered Member

    Vara vara…tpk page pakam varave pudikla….???

    Ellaru overa polamburainga……chai..polambatheenga kevalama irundhalu …..sirichute?? nalla illa namma veraedhadhu pesalamnu sollunga……

    @kana…hoi..unaku…pal kova , ashuku kaju katli,shobiku gulab jamun, kums, gomsku rasagulla ellame anmichuta….ellaruku nalaiku kedachurum……☺☺ aprm unoda address therila soo kananu matu solli anupiruke…..vangiko..

    Inime yarachu polambineenga ….??????????

    Mind it….

    • ash..2

      Unakku vayitherichal. Un aalu romba verupethraan. Adha paartha elarum avana enna kondaduvaangala? Polamba thaan seivaanga. Nee engalukku potta ella ?????iyum kondu poI avan thalaiyila podu. Thahaan.avadhu nimadhiya iruppanga. Polambalum nikkum. Aana summa solakkoodadhu, un aalu mattum illaina, inni thedhikku indha kadhaya move panradhu kashtam. Adhanaale,
      Indha vaaaaaram…..
      Syco??? duruv vaaaaram. Kaaana thavaradheergal.
      Thingal mudhal gyayiru varai

      Ungal ‘ Thapki Pyaar Ki ‘ .il

      • Juggu

        |Registered Member

        Wow dhruvoda alage ……alagu….?????

        Machan nee revenge edukum bothu than rooooomba alaga iruka…..??????

        First halfa vida ipa supr ….nee kalaku…aprm andha veenapona thapki,jigyasa rendume namaku venam…vena nane unaku nalla pona pakre……????
        Kana,ash,shobi,kums,reji yarru venum…ellaru konjam sumar tha bt nalla ponunga…?

    • Kana

      @juggu-aeiii inga paru naan unkida keddathu jyothika sappdida “antha” palgova,mathi anupina pichuruvan,ethuku address naan than sonnela srilankan airline pilot enga chithappanu and enga veedu modda maadila than flight land aakum so nee kavala padatha corect ah enkida vanthu sernthirum 🙂

      • Juggu

        |Registered Member


        Na ennada ramzanuku oru pulla matu adhisayama sweet kekudhenu pathen…..adha theliva solradhu dhana…nalla vela na paal kovava anupirpen…?

  31. Parvini

    I don’t believe thapki loves bhiaan as much as he loves her..she hasaid not trusted him enough to share her suspension.

    Druv might win thapki since she is a idiot…as smart as she is supposed to be she can’t add up all the mishap. And druv kidnapping but she trust druv and Sharradha more than bhiaan and only see negatively on him.

    She scolded him at every chance she gets..what back wards indian female

  32. Mridula

    |Registered Member

    Recent olv main dikha ki thapki is scolding bihaan for all this..! It was supposed to be a true love story..but she can’t trust bihaan only.! I don’t want thahaan to be separated..and thapki is a wise girl..she should find out the real truth. She should look for clues and all..and also wounds..! She can be a great help in failing dhruv plans. But I guess dhruv’s plans were failing , so they will show some where he succeeded and then again fail him.. ???????? The actors are amazing, no doubt, but the trp is not increasing bcoz of the crap storyline..! ???

  33. Mahesh

    Wow!! Love you dhruv. Want Dhruki romance back. Dhruv take revenge against Bihaan for cheating he done to you by snatching Thapki from him?

  34. Manyasa29

    |Registered Member

    Hey guyz…vinlo roshni mridula….i registered…..but i am unable to change my pro pic….its saying…’image too small / image too large “”…what to do now….plz help !

    • Manyasa29

      |Registered Member

      Hey thanks mridula fir helping me to change my pic…..
      The episode was too boring…..i liked shraddha’s part only…she always makes me laugh !.Thapki always scolds bihaan….this time even i think bihaan did right by beating those farmers…..plz jaldi se yeh drama khatam karo ab……want thahaan remarriage soon…….

  35. Mandal

    love how Dhruv made Shraddha a Dhobi ka kutta, na ghar ka na ghat ka.
    she is too afraid of him.
    Love the way Dhruv is treating Shraddha.
    Awesome villain Dhruv you just rock.

  36. ash..2

    Hey girls, vasu.voda andha paazhai pona kanavukku artham enna,badhil solunga paakalam. Ennoda badhil…..bhihaan.uku ticket koduthaachu. Ellarum vootukku poi neengalum padichi, unga pulla kutigalayum padikka artham. Eanna bhihaan irukkiravarai, indha serial.I ennal vida mudiyaadhu. Adhanalathaan bhihaanuku ticket.

    • ash..2

      New thapkiku dhruv pathina unmai therinjidudhu. Appa ava vasu.voda vara adhe saree thaan katiyirukka. Enakennamo unmai thapkiku therinjalum, Dhurv,eadhavadhu blackmail panni avala pesavidathapadi adakalam. Illa, thappa scene create pannalamnu thonudhu. Edhu eppadiyo thapkiku unmai therinjidichu. Cvs,Bulb kodukkama irundha jolly. Ellarukkum Ramzan sweet.

      • Kana

        Unaku yen intha mari intha mari ellam thonuthu ash,kandapadi manasa poddu kulapikatha.freeya vidu 🙂
        Plz god en frienduu mental aakama nee than pathukanum 🙂
        Ivaluku naan appave sonnan rathiri 7 mani aana sudukaadu (tpk) pakkam povatha povathanu kedda thane ippa paaru ipdi polambikidu iruka 🙁

      • Juggu

        |Registered Member

        Inga parunga…engayachu oru edathula pesunga…kedaikra gap ellathayu words all fill pannadheenga pinnadi periya prachnai aayirum mind it…….edhuku solrena……

        Na paatuku anga reply panitrikendi pakigala. …….ye ash in saavu en kaila tha …….summa iruka tharuv fansa kelapi vitu …..onna iruka tpk kudumbathula gummi adichutu poiratha….maprm prachnai perusachuna tps egiri guthichu odiruvomn……..

      • ash..2

        Enakku dhurv vs thapki scene, chumma spicy.a irukanumnu thonudhu. Enga indha cvs sappunu mudichida porennu irrukku. Naan thaan earkanave solli iruken ille. Naan ragini.iye paathava. Andha serial.I vidra varaikum tension thaan. Aana Dhurv.nala enakku tension.e vandhadhu kidayaadhu. Avan romba nallavan. Kandipa nallavana thaan maariyaganum. Ivan ellam full time villain, chance.a illa.

  37. Malika

    Boring episode…i hate Ds and what will happen with Thahaan marriage…guys I read somewhere that Bihaan will die because of Ds and memory loss track is coming is that true?

    • Kana

      Hiii thapmi 🙂 rompa naalave enga yellarukum adi vanka oru thampi namma sangathila illaiyenu oru kavala 🙁 unaku aadchebanai illana akkamar kooda sangathila sernthukiriyapa???

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