Thapki Pyaar Ki 5th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 5th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pandey family participating in the cricket match along side Kabir Katyal and others. Announcement is made asking the participants to take their batches else they can’t participate in the game. Preeti says we all are here, but Thapki and Kabir are not here. Vasu and others look for Thapki. Suman says Kabir gave challenge to Bihaan. Sankara says it is good if they don’t come, we will win. Bihaan comes home on his bike and calls Thapki’s name. He gets inside the house and search for Thapki. Meanwhile Kabir and Thapki continue to shout for help. Bihaan calls Thapki’s name. Thapki and Kabir hear his voice. Thapki calls Bihaan and says we are here. Bihaan runs to her room hearing her voice. Bihaan opens the cupboard and Thapki falls on him, in his embrace. They have

an eye lock. Ranjhana song plays.

Bihaan asks her until when she will fall and if she wants to fall then…fall on your husband. Kabir is irked and jealous. Bihaan says I accept that you both love each other, but you shall have some shame and mannerism. He says if you good romantic ideas to make love then take keys with you next time. Thapki is teary eyes. Kabir says we were locked inside by mistake and says we are not exhibiting our romance. Bihaan says mistake…what happens without mistake. He says lets go and play game, as I don’t want to lose game. He says I don’t want win in charity. Kabir looks on.

Kabir takes Sankara to side and asks how dare you to betray me. Sankara says I won’t back off and will make Bihaan win and then only I will go to his heart. Kabir says I don’t know that, but if you betray me again then I will not leave you. Sankara says she can betray even God to get Bihaan and will betray him too. Kabir says you didn’t see my limits, and says it seems I have to show my limits to everyone. Announcer makes an announcement and Bihaan and Thapki will be the captains of different teams. He says Vasu will be supporting her bahu rather than her son, and Aditi is supporting her sister against her husband, so lets begin Jeet Pyaar Ki game. Everyone looks on. Announcer makes an announcement again that a sponsor gave a big price and sponsored this game. Everyone is shocked. Kabir says I am also excited about this game and tried to make a small move for the person whom I love the most. He says that person is my wife Thapki Katyal and tells that competition name will be changed to Thapki Pyaar Ki from Jeet Pyaar Ki. Dhruv, Bihaan, Vasu, Thapki and others looks on shocked.

Sankara smirks as usual. Kabir smiles and looks at everyone batches. He says it has become important for me to make Bihaan lose, as I have my lady luck Thapki, her mother Vasu and sister Aditi Pandey. Announcer says it is yet to be seen who will win the challenge now. If Bihaan will forget his first love and win, and if Thapki will forget him and make her new husband win, lets see the game Thapki Pyaar Ki. Kabir holds Thapki’s hand while Sankara holds Bihaan’s hand. Announcer asks them to have equals participants in the team. Aditi says I will support Thapki and asks Dhruv. Bihaan asks Dhruv to be with his wife. Dhruv comes in Thapki’s team. Vasu tells her husband that she will support Thapki for Bihaan’s happy life. Her husband also joins her. Announcement says lets toss. Kabir says we will toss with a special coin and shows the coin with Thapki and Bihaan’s pic on it. Thapki gets teary eyes.

Kabir says if Thapki comes, then Thapki will decide and if Bihaan comes, then he will decide. They toss the coin and see Thapki’s pic on front. Announcer announces that winner is Thapki. Vasu gets hurt as Preeti drops something on her feet. Announcer asks her to do commentary instead. Kabir says we will do batting first and will win. Bihaan says we have big bad luck with us, lets see what happens. Sankara comes on the cricket field and is about to throw water. Someone comes and asks her to go. She makes an excuse. The man goes. Sankara throws water on the land and says she will win only.. She says when the land is wet, you will lose one by one.

Bihaan and Thapki looks at each other. Pamplet falls on Thapki’s face. Bihaan says for him, thapki is nafrat ki.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Poor Dhruv and bauji being forced to be on Thapkis team, Aditi is selfish putting Dhruv in that situation. I didn’t see Kabir offering to keep her in the house even though she’s his sis in law when he was chucking them out whereas least Bihaans team is trying to save the roof over all their heads.
    They say there is a fine line between love and hate and boy can you feel both emotions running strongly through Bihaan!!!
    To me Kabir looked ridiculous spinning that cap around, it did not look cool

  2. pooja prabha

    Its just an OK episode…Thapki you are absolutely a dumb,because she does not utter a single word against kabir ,she is always stand like a statue…Mr.kabir katyal..idont like your attitude and the way you choose for fulfilling your revenge…you are not at all a good opponent of our BIHAAN.
    Its going on a dragging …today I really like our shraddha bhabhiji because everyone goes for other side but she is stand for Bihaan side.she is very powerful character in this show.
    Anyways waiting for some good moments for Thahaan.let’s see.

    1. OMG Bihaan what is it to you if they wanna do love making in the house who are you to criticize, just open the door and let them out no need to give lectures considering how you act like a pathetic boy filled with hate majority of the time.

      Forget the cricket match your family has alot of money just find a house somewhere else they not exactly poor.

      Boring episode, Bihaan and Sankar were irritating as usual. Kabir was good when he argued with Sankar and Thapki was acting all tough as usaul.

      Kabir wipe the smug look off Sankars, Thapki’s and Bihaans faces please they a rubbish family with rubbish values.

      1. vasu is a good character? I hope you are aware of what she had done before? vasu blackmailed bihaan to marry thapki, she attempted to kill herself, she also said she will accept him as son and bihaan’s immense love for his mother, he sacrificed his life to marry thapki, vasu told him dhruv doesn’t love thapki…vasu believed stammering people are not good, bihaan even pretended to die to unite dhruv with Thapki when he got to know dhruv loves her…dhruv hit bihaan even bauji but bihaan never uttered a single word against his mother.. then it was thapki who changed her thinking…then bihaan took a bullet to save dhruv.. dhruv was trying to kill his own family…and vasu has changed now…. a goon in your eyes may be a goon since you know nothing of the show but he is a saint for us as he has proved at times worthy of thapki and the family… even at times before, Thapki also never gave him chances to speak of his innocence,she gave him lectures always.. and now bihaan’s loved ones have lied to him many a times that any normal person may lose his cool..why kabir has lost his cool and came to take revenge isn’t it? similarly when bihaan slapped thapki, he was already half dead because his two gods maa and bauji were accused of killing his own biological father, proofs against thapki for trying to kill kosi…so bihaan also lost his cool… watching a show from the past few days and coming and uttering what not about the ML won’t be tolerated by us because we are going by the show and looking into all angles.. shall I give you more excerpts what bihaan has done till date of for his family and thapki? I have seen you people commenting ill about bihaan since the past few days.. if you are a loyal fan of sehban or kabir or dhruv, you may cheer for them but things which you aren’t aware of, keep it to yourself..

      2. Excerpts or excuses??

        Vasu is being good now I never said she was always a good character but of this moment she is the one who is trying to keep Bihaan and Thapki so yeah she is good.

        So what if Bihaan has done good and saved family hasn’t Thapki done good too?? So what if she never gave him chances to speak of his innocence did he do the same when he slapped her and threw her out of his house? She saved Bihaan from going jail, from getting killed don’t think the sun shines out of Bihaans ass and he is the only one who is good.

        kabir is taking revenge from Bihaan cos he was told Bihaan burnt te house down he doesn’t know Bihaan he is being fuelled purely by revenge.

        Bihaan on the other hand was married to Thapki he slept with Thapki he knew her better than anyone and what happened? Yeah he didn’t believe her.

        When Bihaan was getting arrested for stabbing his father did Thapki let him rot in jail NO she knew who he is was and she fought for him, Bihaan didnt cos he is a weak pathetic man.

      3. You don’t know when I started watching the show or not so don’t jump to conclusions, this is a forum people can share their point of views you don’t have to like it, if it’s a huge problem just reply to people who have the same views. You do not have any rights to tell me to keep things to myself, I can voice my opinions regardless what you say.

    2. Manish ki deewani

      Hello pooja hw r u yr .yeah CVS love dragging so they drag it for long

  3. Its a literal ‘lets flip the coin and see whose scenes we will give today to keep the fandoms happy’, yesterday it was Thabir so obviously it had to be Thahan today.

    Come on, give the show a proper story, if you do that then you wont have to appease different fandoms to get them to watch your show.

    1. Exactly one minute Kabir is reminiscing about Thapki and today Thapki and Bihaan had their “moment”

      Its really irritatin just stick to one, Thapki will get back with Bihaan when that happens I will turn off the only good characters are Vasu and Kabir.

      1. Thats the problem, they know they’ll lose Kabir fans if they let Thapki choose Bihan and if she chooses Kabir then they’ll lose Bihan fans.

        CV’s have got themselves in a catch 22 lol, they’ll drag and drag and drag this track out for as long as they can and butcher all characters in the process.

      2. Thahaan forever

        lol u think Kabir is a good character???? joke of the day????

      3. LOL no the biggest joke is Bihaan who acts like a baby has tantrums and always break things and never trusts his wife

        Thapki is also a joke since she goes mute when it comes to Bihaan, and everytime she wants to slap Sankar she always stops her hahahahaha

        Kabir does stay mute but its to his advantage whereas for Thapki its a disadvantage .

        So yeah I stand by my point.

      4. Guys apparently there’s a whole Thapki-Kabir appreciation forum, why not head over there rather than commenting on comments here.

      5. Where does it say this is a Bihaan and Thapki appreciation forum in the title? Its a forum about the show anyone with an opnion and view can comment.

        Unless your run this site or are the author you can’t tell people where to comment.

      6. Lol relax Shahid I’m not attacking anyone I’m a Thabir fan too, I meant why don’t we post all of this over there on IF. CV’s actually visit it for ideas as well

      7. Lol yeah sorry i took it wrong cos I have seen a few people asking people not to say bad about certain characters and not to message on here which is ridiculous hahahaha anyways do you have a link??? I deffo join it

  4. This time sankar track finished because she say i can even betray to GoD get bihaan. She challenge to GOD ..My wish aleast finished sankar track . I hate her..
    Please kindly. Finished her (Shankar ) track

    Hope for best

    1. Yes … But as we knoe TPK CV is totally mad… but hope for the best…

      Thahaan forever…

    2. Hope for the best..

      thahaan forever

    3. Komal watche’d this from the start and I’m annoyed with this whole story all idiots. But want kabir and thapki together end off bihan is a stupid fool.

    4. same wish.., just finished Sankara.! really hate her.. 🙁

  5. Aditi, I can still understand she wants to stand by her sister. Dhruv and Babuji I was pleasantly surprised but I suppose Dhruv wanted to stand by Aditi to get back with her but babuji didnt have to, so take note Bihan, this is how stand by your wife, even if you dont agree with her judgement. You stand by and support your spouse rather than humiliating, mistrusting and asking her to prove herself at every step.

    1. Sorry unless I missed something Dhruv had no say, Aditi declared she will be on Thapkis team and so Dhruv doesn’t have to choose Bihaan told him to stick with Aditi. On his face you could tell Dhruv was not happy

      1. What is Dhruv a 3 year old? So he’ll just do whatever Bihan tells him to do? He could’ve just as well said no and stayed by Bihan. He CHOSE to stay by Aditi and support his spouse.

      2. Well it is supposed to be a couple thing, so he really didn’t have a choice and if he did it would have caused more damage as he is trying to get back with Aditi and how would that have turned out if he ended up on a team with Shraddha. Bauji spoke up and was still dragged into Thapkis team . Bihaan only said it so Dhruv doesn’t feel bad as was evident on Dhruv face. That’s the way I’ve interpreted it each to their own.

    2. ya.., feeling so badly for Bihan’s misbehave like that…
      it’s better if he said nothing..

  6. Please CVS stop dragging make good episode with nice story line
    Hope for best..

  7. Thahaan forever
    Hope for best
    Finished Shankar track please

  8. We want thahaan reunion………plz CV give us our cute romantic couple back… don’t destroy the beauty of relationship

  9. More Thapki Kabir scenes….ThaBir rock!!!

  10. I watch this show for Kabir and Thapki LOVE there jodi……pls writers unite them

  11. boring episode, no thabir

  12. love you Sehban and your character Kabir……hope thapki starts loving you to….I want thabir to unite

  13. Thabir rock! After yesterdays treat hope we get more Thapki-Kabir scenes.

  14. Thank you cvs for the Kabir filled episode.Today kabir changed the name of game as Thapki pyaar ki .kabir calling thapki as lady luck,coin faced with thapki and so on…Lets hope for thapki to realise the worth of kabir in her life.Alteast kabir today tried to clarify but to whom????? moti buddhi gawar pandey.Without listening anything bihaan started his cheap allegations on thapki .As usual what should one expect from such a cheap man???

    1. Thapki likes only abusive men who accuse her and are suspicious all the time, she doesnt deserve someone like Kabir, she should go back to Pandey’s and their stupidity and justify herself and prove hersrself for the rest of her life.

      1. who is abusive… KAbir ya surely…. he is using thapki for his revenge…

        thahaan forever

      2. Bihan is an angel, he only slapped his pregnant wife, threw her out of their house, didn’t believe her on the basis of photos delivered by a stranger, humiliated her in public and refused to even listen to her ???

    2. Dear I know you don’t like bihaan character . if you are thabir supporter .don’t make any bad comment on bihaan.. Not suit your personality.. Why we make are language bad for him
      Thabir forever..

      1. @thabir fan-mujhe aapka line samajh mein nahi aaya about any bad language on bihaan.I didn’t use bad language,bad language tab hoti jab main abusive/derogatory remark deti bihaan par.
        Gawar is the hindi meaning of Illiterate,jo woh hai serial mein usse koi badal nahi sakta and and about cheap man-today he said aur kitni girogi thapki ,jo aadmi khud gira hua hai bina soche samjhe kuch bhi bol raha hai dusron ko woh free mein lecture dey raha hai.

    3. he is not a gawar

    4. Thahaan forever

      Excuse me mind ur language??
      If u r a Kabir fan u don’t have right to say anything about bihaan.
      So plz be in ur limit.

      1. You are excused, now go off to your little delusional Thahaan land. She hasn’t been abusive, she said it how it is, your favourite character is a mannerless gawar and shouting from the rooftops won’t change that. Anyone can say anything, every heard of freedom of speech? Just like you can comment on every ThaBir fans comment, Divya and I can express our opinion.

    5. Thahaan forever

      Thahaan forever??

  15. Weird family, would rather support their ‘Daughter in law’ who has now divorced their son and wants to kick them out than there son who’s trying to get them to say. One of the most illogical shows on tv.

    Im just watching for Kabir. Thapki and Kabir make a good pair. Thapki should move on from Pandeys and Bihan.

    1. To be fair from the family only Vasu willingly went, bauji and Dhruv had no choice because of their wives and Aditi for her sister

      1. Maybe Bihan should learn a thing or two from them about supporting his wife.

      2. Well maybe she should have got her facts right first, maybe don’t put so much trust into someone who you’ve known for 5 mins that they are in a position to get you to sign anything blindly!!!
        Also Bihaan was between a rock and a hard place. He had to choose between his mum and his wife and yes he made the wrong decision, but he was an orphan who only just a while before got his adopted mothers love so always craved maternal love. He didn’t believe Kosi when she said Vasu and bauji killed his biological dad he put their hands on his head in the Mandir they removed their hands thus taking responsibility for the death so how can someone who has been lied to so many times believe anything.
        If some programs there is always someone who has a lying spouse but they will be believed blindly and viewers will be like how dumb and naive is the partner in this it’s the opposite but Bihaan has every reason not to trust Thapki she has betrayed him a fair few times and kept things hidden which have backfired. Sometimes withholding info comes back to bite worse because trust is broken and others can take advantage. Sorry for the long rant

      3. Maybe Bihan should’ve gotten his facts right, instead of accusing Thapki at every opportunity he gets maybe he should listen to his wife and this time it’s not as if he has to choose between his family and her, his mother has tried tofet him to understand countless times but he hasn’t even bothered to LISTEN to her. He could’ve easily made a judgment after that but he CHOSE to not even listen.

        He had to choose between his mum and wife, so he’d rather chose the mother who abandoned him at birth than the wife who’s been there for him and his family at every step of the day and the woman he has to spend his entire life with ahead?

        Hand on head rubbish doesn’t work in real life, you have to make your own judgements and take your own decisions and stick by them and the truth is Bihan chose to slap Thapki (he couldn’t have just as easily avoided that) and threw her out (again, he had to choose but that didn’t mean he had to throw her out, they could’ve resolved their difference but Bihan didn’t want her to be a part of his life and he’s doing the exact same thing now.). Just like Bihan has no reason to trust Thapki, Thapki has not reason to trust Bihan, what Bihan did IS wrong whether you admit it or not, it CANNOT be justified.

        Thapki may have been secretive at that time but her intentions weren’t bad. However Bihan fully knew the consequences of his actions. And she may have not been good enough presenting ‘evidence’ at that moment (though I don’t see how a husband needs evidence to believe his wife) but has he just engaged his brain and reflected, he would’ve known that Thapki had only tried to help him and the family countless times in the past and even if she did seem like the bad guy, it was always for the wellbeing family.

      4. I’ve never justified his behaviour, but even in real life people misunderstand each other and interpret things differently and sometimes being secretive can lead to more misunderstandings. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again they are all in the wrong not just Bihaan everyone has handled it badly

      5. Thank you Lucy and hello my fellow brit! What part are you from? That’s exactly the point I’m trying to make, you can’t call the marriage invalid just because Thapki doesn’t believe in it. Unfortunately (for Thapki and Thahaan) fans, she IS married to Kabir whether she likes it or not.

      6. Hey shehla im from london, where are you from ?

    2. Thapki doesn’t want to kick family out the house .. she has misunderstood BIhaan just as he hasn’t misunderstood her! And technically she said not even married to kabir … just by paper!! Get real!!!

      1. So the next time anyone gets married just have them married a religious way, even if they’re atheist just tell them to get married a religious way cos as Aria said ‘just by paper!! Get real!!’ Technically that’s not even marriage ?

      2. Shehla obviously an atheist wouldn’t have a religious ceremony and if they did for their spouses sake for them that would be meaningless in the same way religious people give importance to the religious ceremony and not to the legal paper. Most people I know here in the U.K. Only have a civil ceremony for legal rights and many choose not to have a civil one now because in long term relationships even if you are not legally married you still have pretty much the same rights now

    3. Thahaan forever

      Oh cmon u really think they make a good pair???????

      1. Not just her a lot of people do actually as evident by the TRP’s being stable ?

  16. Bihan and his love for jumping onto conclusions without even listening to people, goddd the man has a motor mouth and just about no patience. How did a character like this end up becoming the main lead? There have been characters like Dutta bhau who were gunde as well but atleast he wasn’t shown to be a petulant child who threw tantrums all the time. All Bohan every does is jump onto conclusions and destroy things and thats it.

    Besides who is Bihan to lecture Thapki-Kabir anyway, their a married couple and do whatever they like, mind your business and move on.

    Vasu- reallllly? She had so many opportunities to support Thapki (who isn’t even your daughter in law anymore) she was quiet at the most vital times when Bihan was humiliating Thapki and now she chooses to support her at such a time when she lose her house?

    Bauji- as someone mentioned earlier, well done you. He stayed by his wife and supported her when she needed him the most.

    This show and its characters are just ridiculous.

  17. Boring filler episode wanted to see more THABIR

  18. Unite Thabir CV’s. THABIR ROCKK!!!!

  19. Tell me something aditi &shardha were pregnant so how can they play cricket?

  20. thahaan forever no one can change

  21. dhrv sirf pillar ke traha kraha rhta jb se kabir aya hai dhrv ke scene bhut km ho gye hai

  22. Some people react before they engage their brain, that’s just the way Bihaan is. That is his biggest flaw. He did change but he was getting pulled in all directions, most people he loved have lied to him and betrayed him in some manner and so now he has difficulty in differentiating between lies and truth. At the moment he’s just a wounded animal who is just lashing out. Even Thapki used to misunderstand him all the time, she never used to give him a chance to speak and just start lecturing him an example being when she received her brothers present by accident (he train) she assumed he was insulting her. Did no let him get a word in.

    1. @Lucy What is the use of people shouting out here thabir thabir? The trp is still the same… 1.4 as it was before.. the thahaanians who have stopped watching the show are filled in by these kabir fans and I must say many are dhruv fans… These people are watching the show from one to two months and are abusing bihaan like anything…Little knowledge is dangerous and empty vessels make the most sound, but what’s the use? we know the show very well and bihaan is the heart of the show.. the show reached the highest peak in trp when bihaan entered and his awesome scenes with Thapki came in…I don’t want to justify anyone for the ML of the show.. it will purely waste my time and energy because barking dogs seldom bite.. Thahaan aka manyasa pair is one of the best pairs of telly industry nowadays, they are so popular.. they both are doing their second show as leads i.e.TPK.. CVS wouldn’t take risk to destroy their own creativity and popular jodi…Kabir and sankar are there to create drama because cvs wants to save their show…I don’t hate kabir, if cvs wants to give him prominent role then they won’t make him negative till he exits, or otherwise he might turn into a psycho lover.. so its upto cvs now.. cvs think separating the main leads like other shows will do good but trp is still the same.. so now they have realised the power of this show i.e. hatred between thahaan, their story started with hatred and cvs is bringing into hatred only….I hope this works now…let’s see..ALL THAHAANIANS DON’T LOSE YOUR COOL NOW.. WE ARE NOT LIKE THEM….#Thahaan forever

      1. u r cent percent right Rinks dear…. althought many thahaan fans stops watching show but mostly still watch just for Manish… they cant stop themselves… and there just one or two kabir fans who r here to make thabir thabir stupid couple…..
        thahaan for ever

      2. honestly speaking I wish the show ends soon… first they showed thapki and dhruv and people had set their minds with them,..then they switched and gave us thapki and bihaan but slap to such a husband who doesn’t believe her wife…when their is no trust in a relation then their is no need to be together… getting doubtful and insulting ur life partner again and again is not a way of leading life and is thapki dumb?? she thinks she loves bihaan but isn’t her self respect important to her?? cant bihaan still understand the traps of people around him??
        either they should end show by clearing misunderstandings between thapki and bihaan and teach sankara a lesson cause kabir is innocent as he is doing it for his sis… he has suffered a lot so he will be forgiven of course….
        they should unite thapki with kabir who might be using her but is actually sincere to her and not like bihaan!!

        done with this idiotic dragging and fights

      3. How on earth is Kabir sincere he is using her for his own motives, yes good he still has that shame and he has the ability to feel guilty unlike Sankar and Shraddha but he tricked Thapki into marrying her same as Bihaan so there’s no difference between them there also he took away a property by fraud so he’s guilty there. If people are going to comment on Bihaans flaws and I agree he has many don’t gloss over Kabirs faults. Yes Bihaan as the main lead is not perfect but in life who is, even in normal relationships there is scope for misunderstandings so in the soap world with people conspiring against you it’s much more extreme and isn’t Kabir there because he thinks Bihaan is guilty he also has no concrete prove against Bihaan, he’s done all this on the basis of assumption yet Kabir fans make it sound it’s ok because he is avenging his sister. Anyone can make cases and justify who they think it’s right but be fair on both sides see that they are all in the wrong

    2. Thahaan forever

      U r totally right?????

  23. I love Bihaan words with thapki ??” Bihaan asks her until when she will fall and if she wants to fall then…fall on your husband. Bihaan says I accept that you both love each other, but you shall have some shame and mannerism” ??thapki deserves this ?
    Bihaan I love u yarrr keep rocking the show, I will watch until you quiet it??

    1. Bihaan rocked in every scene…. he is amazing and superb .. no one can take his place… keep rocking Bihaan pandey… love u..

      Thahaan forever….

      1. Thahaaaaaaaaaann forever ❤️
        That what my heart says ?
        Thahaan never ?
        That what cvs says ?

  24. Loved Thahaan’s scene.. Always Thahaan..

    Bring more Thahaan scenes .. 🙂

  25. Time and again cvs proved thahaan are meant to be together though there is a distance.. distance never matters…they are connected by the heart… on new year they started with Thahaan, today the coin part…. So thahaan are the two faces of the same coin…. how well this proverb goes with them and amazingly cvs are making kabir to do it actually….#thahaan forever

    1. Ever heard of Empty vessels make the loudest noise? Just thought I’d remind you and all the Thahaan fans

      1. @Shivani-You know the proverb,idioms,phrases everything thahaanians used is for themselves but alas out of jealousy they tagged on kabir fans..They are the real winner of the proverbs because they are doings according to that.Cvs completely broke their trust so out of mind they are blabbering anything against us.If manyasa aka thahaan is so popular why their fans are giving justifications and explanations on them we all know the present situation is binkar so how could be it is thahaan forever????Aren’t they they have faith on their Manyasa ,alwz giving justifications for same thing???They completely lost their mind and sense after the binkar marriage and importance given to sehbaan aka kabir.After the runaway thahaanians left the show, sehbaanians filled that space,thatswhy trp is still stable .Thahaanians changes their opinion according to the trp,they saw trp was stable so they are saying sehbaan is not attracting many audience only filled with some kabir fans but maximum is thahaanians,If trp will decrease they will say kabir is responsible for the low trp show,people are intrsted in him.LOL double standard by thahaan fans.
        Cvs already destroyed thahaan,but what to say about thahaanians?? they are not ready to accept the truth.Now cvs are giving more attention to kabir aka sehbaan,so chill kabir fans and thabirians and enjoy the show.forget the future and enjoy the present.

      2. Totally agree Divya, some people just can’t digest that their favourites aren’t been given the same importance anymore ?

      3. A lot of people watch Thapki not because we’re enjoying it, its for Manish otherwise I personally would have stopped watching it ages ago. I don’t even care If they don’t reunite Thahaan now I feel it’s beyond that but I do want them both to get closure and move on. i want the old carefree Bihaan back but that’s not likely to happen since they married him off it would have been better if they had left him as a divorcee so someone new could have entered. So I’ll watch it until the show gets cancelled or Manish leaves.

    2. Manish ki deewani

      Yeah di thahaan meant to be together.thahaan r connected by heart
      Thahaan forever

      1. Connected by heart, meant to be together and yet married to different people ? Wake up and smell the coffee, your favourites aren’t that popular anymore.

      2. Well said Lucy. Same goes with me too – Bihaan rocks and will see as long he is there in the episode – if not I skip it..

  26. thahaan forever…plz Cv bring cute thahaan scenes more…

  27. So u mean it is fine for a woman to jump frm one man to another,the case of thapki first she was with druv then bihan n now kabir sick

    1. If it’s fine for a man than why isn’t it fine for a woman? If Dhruv can move on, surely Thapki can too.

  28. plz unite thahaan….thahaan forever…

    1. Thahaan forever

      You they will unite soon??

  29. hate bihaan pandey how can he forget the mistake he made before and he did it again he never trust thapki why thapki don’t move on and forget bihaan he don’t deserve her he married the woman who kill his own child plz expose shankara evil she said she can even god betrayed to get bihaan she is so bad uf

  30. Thapki move on Please ! Stop to be so useless ! İts not possible, its not the Same Thapki ?

  31. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    is there that could help answer my question: why manish goplani always wears her engagement ring with vani, onscreen or offscreen. I believe it was on instrucsi CVS. think about what it means ?? or whether manish already engaged?

    1. Manish ki deewani

      Sri dear Manish is single he is not engaged .but thahaan fans wish that they became manyasa in real life.
      I think u saw this in IVs not only Manish jigyasa also wore there engagement rings but they r not engaged in reallity

      1. Manish ki deewani

        These rings r of characters ( bihaan and thapk)not for actors

  32. Thahaan forever

    Thahaan forever?? They have a charm of its own? no one can replace them. They r the lead couple and will reunite soon no doubt.? thabir is no where comparable with thahaan. So thabir keep on dreaming.??? Kabir needs to gain more acting skills.


  33. @sri wahyuni: let’s hope that they’re both (manyasa) are really engaged in the real life ????

    1. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

      agree with you @ debi … but I really wanted to know the reason why manish always wears that ring …


  35. Manish ki deewani

    CVS one day u show thahaan another day u show thapki and and kabir plz end this kankar track asap.
    Thahaan r the best

  36. Thabir forever!!!

  37. I’m thinking of starting a thapki-Kabir fanfic. Any other fans out there willing to help create a banner?

  38. JIss ko jo bolna hain wobolay. i dont give a shit.


    Bihaan is only for thapki and thapki is only for BIhaan.

    Thahaan fan’s dont argue with these people.

    we are proud thahaan. andalways be thahaan

  39. No for THABIR

  40. Thahaan????
    Hate thabir????

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