Thapki Pyaar Ki 5th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 5th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone sitting for lunch. Dadi asks everyone to start. Shraddha says Thapki made the food alone, let her start first. Dadi and Bau ji ask Thapki to eat. Thapki eats the food. Shraddha smiles. Thapki asks them to start eating. Shraddha asks whats this and shows the chicken piece…. She says omg, its chicken, Everyone get shocked and does not consume food.

Shraddha asks all of them to check, they would have eaten chicken. She asks Thapki how did she mix chicken in this veg dish, you know Pandey family is pure vegetarian. Thapki says no, I did not… Vasundara shouts enough, you want to make us eat non veg and ruin our Dharm. Bihaan looks on shocked. Vasundara scolds Thapki.

She asks Thapki to answer, why did she do this. Bau ji asks Vasundara why is she not

trusting Thapki, they know Thapki can’t do this. Thapki says I really cooked veg dish Bau ji. Bau ji says its surely done by any servant. He asks Bihaan and Ashwin to search all servants’ rooms. Bihaan gets the chicken dish box in the dustbin. Bau ji scolds the servant. Servant says I know veg food is made here, I m working since years, why will I do this. Bihaan scolds him and asks him to get lost. The servant leaves. Shraddha thinks I did everything and put blame on poor servant.

Dadi asks Thapki did she eat chicken. Thapki says no, I had just curry, forgive me Dadi. Dadi asks why. Thapki says I should have checked. Dadi asks Thapki to take bath with Gangajal, will you feel bad. Thapki says no, its fine. Dadi asks Bihaan to get bucket of water and mix Gangajal. Dadi asks Thapki to throw non veg food outside.

Vasundara asks Suman and Preeti to get kitchen cleaned with gangajal. Thapki dumps the dish and gets the food bill outside. She gets shocked and says who will order chicken in our house…. Thapki goes to Shraddha and shows the bill. Shraddha gets shocked and asks whats this. Thapki says its bill, you ordered the chicken dish, you added chicken and put blame on servant by keeping box in his room, I can’t bear more lies, I called the restaurant and got to know everything. Shraddha says very smart, tell everyone, lets see who trusts you and me, I won everyone’s heart here. Thapki asks did you win hearts to cheat them, I told you before to try to become ideal bahu, you did this to show me down.

She warns Shraddha not to do this again, and this time she won’t tell anything. She goes. Bihaan comes and calls out Thapki, saying water is ready. He keeps the bucket and goes. Shraddha rushes and gets chemical bottle. She says Thapki’s smartness won’t work with me, my plan was to make you bath with Gangajal, see its happening like I thought, I will add some harmful chemical in this water, your innocent face comes between me and Dhruv. Dhruv will see your bad face and all his feelings will get burnt, then Dhruv will be just mine forever.

She adds the chemical. Bihaan comes and says stop. She hides the bottle. She lies that she was just checking is the water warm. He asks her not to worry for Thapki, and better worry for herself. He leaves. She says hopeless Bihaan, this time you can’t save Thapki. She leaves taking the bottle.

Bihaan takes food for Thapki. She says I will not eat food, I did mistake. He scolds her and asks her to have food, don’t get ill, if you get ill, don’t tell me, I come to hit my head with you stone, I came to say I kept the gangajal water for bath, go and do Shuddikaran. Thapki goes to do Shuddikaran and lifts the water bucket, to pour over her. Everyone look on. Shraddha waits anxiously.

Thapki is about to pour the water on herself… Everyone look on…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What the hell happening in this show??? Where is dhruv today?? Sharaddha is stupid and vasundra is the worst woman inhad ever seen in tv

  2. I really can’t understand y thapki is being mahan. This is too much

  3. How stupid it is; after eating non veg if people bath in gangajal then all impurity will go.. where as the undigested food still in stomach………. Ha ha
    Actually my mind is not
    digested with this content..
    Only Thahaan’s dialogue with shraddha is worth to watch…

  4. I know someone or something will stop her from bathing but what????? Couldn’t wait…… Any spoiler…………
    I hate Dhruv a lot now…bcoz of his activities , Thapki is getting punished and tortured all the time…..
    We want our cute smiling lovely Thapki back…pl….

    1. For spoiler news go to ‘Serial gossip’ site. It gives spoilers news daily.

      1. Thank u happy….I will check it….

  5. It’irritating.shraddha made the house impure.I wanna know what happened to Aditi.

  6. Day by day shradha increasing her evilnes. Thahan scence r nice.

  7. today’s episode is again boring , I thought TPK will stop showing boring episodes again they started this Shraddha drama. One thing I m confused was Thapki veg or non-veg before her wedding? And only the part where Bihaan concerned for Thapki was good and something to watch , c’mon Bihaan stop ur Thapki from pouring the water. And Thapki should have told Pandey family about shraddha -_-

  8. Pl..Thapki go out of pandey house ….. It will be good for both u as well as for Bihaan…… Expose vasu chudail or shraddha chudail soon….pl….

  9. Idiot Thapki….she is not mahan but she is fool…I think she has inferiority complex….that’s y she remains like this……

  10. Are family members blind that they cant feel the partial nature of vasu i mean its obvious dat vasu wl do partiality wid bihaan nd thapki…

  11. Kab khatam hoga shradha chudail drama! !!!!!!!!! ?

  12. Is thapki their servant that every now & then she’s preparing food only. She’s not even bahu of the house !

  13. Very very very boring.. and one thing, when will this 3 months get over?? Stupid writers I hate you for separating tharuv..

  14. Shraddas wicked act is intolerable. Innocent thapki always lands in trouble.

  15. atlast thapki you spoke daringly to shraddha……..but dont be so mahaaaaaaaaaan atma…it looks artificial………spoiler is that bihaan throws eggs to shraddha to take thapki’s revenge and shraddha and thapki both do suddhi together……….just waiting to see it………..

  16. Shraddas wicked act is intolerable.

  17. TPK spoiler-
    thapki will not pour the bucket.. dadi will stop her saying pandit will do puja first..thapki will then carry the bucket and some water will be split.. vasu will go to step on it when shraddha will come forward.. later bihaan will find the acid bottle in shraddha’s room and suspect her.. he will ask her to pour the bucket on her, she will disagree but he will throw it at her…. wow wow just waiting for the episodes!!!!!

  18. drgging epi and when they end that 3 months????

    1. I agree with u fairy.when will these 3 months end.

  19. Uggggh…!wen will gd tins start happening 2 Thapki?
    First,it was d vermillion.Second, she was about 2 fall off d building.
    Later,she lost d “super daughter-in-law”competition.
    Third, she was about 2 die of suffocation and now,she is about 2pour a bucket of chemical on hrself.I mean,wat is wrong wit u damn writers!:[email protected]

  20. Who is bau ji???

    1. Duruv’s father

  21. What nonsense,then this week fully this stupidity…. Do the writers have some brain or what???? Why dey bring such crap storyline…….
    I am daily watching this with a small hope that at least today she will suspect vasu…….but what I get all day is only disappointment….
    Pl…expose vasu soon…….

  22. They bring back Shraddha drama she always fail wts the need of failing drama shows full of time wasting no progression in story line too only thahaans knok jhokk is good to watch but it was very short.wen cvs realise tpk compete with sns they r the trp leaders.very tough to reach there trp line so bring as soon as reveal at least Shraddhas truth or vasus and fell thahaans in love then worth watching show will go high sure…

  23. Bihaan loves his mother. He did not marry Thapki to get her love or desperate for her love. He married Thapki first and foremost he believed Duruv marries her out of pity and second he does not want his mother to be in pain or harming herself. He knows she does not love him and tries his best, not that become cause of his love for her to less. Because of his selfless love for his family he got wonderful girl Thapki as his wife, which is God’s blessing for him as well as Thapki.Soon both will realise the truth and become as one.

    I want Shraddha’s truth should be exposed then only and vasu regrets her actions thousands times seeing Thahaans happiness and Duruv’s lonelines. Not only wealth, debt also passed over to ones children, so punishment for Vasu will be through Duruv only. That is justice.

    1. I completely agree with you happy..exactly what I thought has been commented…..
      Both bihaan and Thapki think only about their families….not about them…..

  24. thapki ki bewkafee ko mahan kahana bahut badi galti hai. Har baat ki ek limit hoti hai. Har time vo hi kyon victim banti hai. Bauji sab samajhte hain but why does not he protest against vasu and shradha

  25. Will shraddha get caught this time or again evil win?????
    Writers sometimes evil fails… think of that and expose her this time… least…

  26. I usually enjoy episodes where Dhruv is not there as I find his character irritating on screen (and also off screen). But today’s episode was boring. Please Writer…give us more exciting episodes with Bihaan & Thapki. Bihaan and Shraddha dialogues are also interesting!

  27. #sure bihaan save tapki

  28. And I thought that ragini is a psyco but now it it seems that sharda is worser then ragini, infact she’s a psycopath a big one. Hate those 2 vasu and that sharda.

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