Thapki Pyaar Ki 5th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 5th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki bringing tea for Balwinder. Balwinder asks why did you bring it? Thapki says you don’t like tea made by someone else. She asks if Vasu reached Vaishnav Devi today. Balwinder tells that he talked to her and she asked them to do naam karan of both kids and her gosh bharayi, says today is the good mahurat. He asks Thapki to tell others to make arrangements. Bihaan comes to Thapki and tells her that he enquired about kalavati and came to know that she left from village. Thapki asks about Surnamti. Bihaan says she must be from same village and asks her not to think anything. Kosi says she will kill all Pandey family and thinks how you will save your family. Kosi plants 5th bomb also, and tells that Thapki tried to kill me through fake bomb and now she will be killed.

Sankara asks Kosi to do fast and tells that she is sensing as Thapki will fail their plans. Kosi says she can’t do anything and says we will leave the house in the evening. She shows the remote with which they are planning to kill them by pressing on the remote. Dhruv and Aditi are with the baby girl. Dhruv sees baby boy crying and goes inside room and takes baby. Aditi keeps the baby girl on bed and takes baby boy in her hands. The baby boy stops crying in Aditi’s lap. Shraddha comes and snatches baby from Aditi’s hand asking her to stay away from both kids. She says you might be jealous as Dhruv loves this baby. Aditi says this baby is innocent and you have betrayed Dhruv and everyone, not this baby. Dhruv takes baby girl and tells Shraddha that he loves both babies, and if she remembers then he has divorced her and can take baby’s custody at any time. Shraddha says she will strengthen her place in the house as she is having Aditi’s son whom she has changed with her daughter.

Thapki comes to Balwinder and asks what he is doing? Balwinder tells that he is planting mango trees for his grand children. Thapki says you have to make them eat it. Thapki shows the chunaris and asks which one to use. Balwinder asks her to use new one. Suddenly Goddess’ chunari flies and fall down on the bomb place. Thapki bends down and picks the chunari. She is shocked to see bomb. She rushes inside and calls Bihaan. Bihaan sees the bomb and asks her to move back. He picks the bomb and says he will diffuse it. He says who can do this. Thapki shares that she doubts on the new servants and for that they have to see their faces. She says don’t know how many bombs, they have planted in the house.

Preeti asks Sankara and Kosi to do the work fast. She gets Pandit’s call and gets busy. Bihaan tells Thapki that they can’t see their face from front and asks if this idea will work. Thapki says surely. Thapki sits down and asks Kosi if she knows about Ram Charan, the sarpanch of the house.

Kosi says she knows everyone and Sarpanch is a nice guy. Thapki messages Bihaan and says they are lying as lady sarpanch is in the village. Bihaan says we will not leave them once we see their faces. He comes and sits beside Thapki. She asks Kosi to clean the table. Kosi says okay and starts cleaning. Thapki and Bihaan see Kosi and Sankara faces in the mirror shoes and are shocked. Thapki recalls Kosi’s threatening words that when she returns, she will kill everyone. Bihaan is equally shocked. Preeti comes and asks them to place mattresses. They leave. Bihaan tells Thapki that he will not leave them. Thapki says we have to find out what they have done. Sankara tells Kosi that Thapki is doubting on them. Kosi says we will leave and will explode the 5 bombs. Thapki says if you would have caught them then, they wouldn’t have told about bombs. Thapki says she has an idea and asks him to support her.

During godh bharayi and naming ceremony, Preeti and Suman ask Shraddha and Aditi to dance together. Shraddha says I can do anything for my baby. Dhruv signs Aditi to dance. Shraddha and Aditi dance on the Marathi song Pinga. Thapki and Bihaan search for the bomb. They get 2nd bomb in the bag kept outside the house. He hides seeing Sankara. Thapki says I won’t let anyone play with our lives.

Kosi and Sankara wait outside the house and says we will press the button and kill Pandey family. She gives remote to veiled Sankara and asks her to press the button.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Interested to see Thahaan taking the mission together to expose that evil ladies.I think bomb blast drama willnot happen .let’s see.
    Friends,reshal,garima,any,vino,sruti,navami,sandy,santhosh Bhai,rinka…share your comments.

  2. Interested to see Thahaan taking the mission together to expose that evil ladies.I think bomb blast drama willnot happen .let’s see.
    Friends,reshal,garima,anu,vino,sruti,navami,sandy,santhosh Bhai,rinka…share your comments.

  3. Now Bihaan also become clever equal Thapki. ?=? And today’s episode awesome ??????

  4. I think remote hold by thapki not Shankar

  5. After seeing thiapki Bihaan getting married and all family taking a photo I thought they would be the end of thapki but now another 10 years of thapki Oh hell no

  6. Athira

    I dont understand…. adithi also have a baby? plz someone help me…is thapki and bihaan have baby or not?

  7. Gajjjabbbb…B for bihan pandey B for best.

  8. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    Very very interesting episode. thahaan face and solve problems together … love thahaan, TPK is the best serial … tks very much CVS

  9. very interesting episode.. ?
    I was relieved that Bihan & Thapki got to know about Kosi-Sankar..
    I hope the story-line’s keep going better.. & more better.. ?

  10. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    very very nice episode. very happy to see thahaan support each other again. happy to see the family pandey harmonious and harmony back. thapki religious so god always help, vasu ma and bau ji wise, suman and preety who hilarious …. and Bihan who like emotions but good-hearted and loved thapki has returned …. tks CVS …. 5000 episode yet will I watch if his story as ini..tks ….

  11. Thahaan the best

  12. gajab…

  13. Interested to seeing thahaan solves problems together.

  14. after sooooo many days Thahaan on mission again

  15. Vinolin.d

    @athira…yes aditi also have baby.actually shraddha gets girl baby and aditi gets boy baby. but shraddha changes her baby to aditi.
    nobody doesnt know about this matter except shraddha.

  16. Vinolin.d

    hai pooja… how are you…yes I agree with you dear.I think thapk and bihaan does something

  17. after a long time i watch tpk on youtube and i am very happy that thahaan are together and solving the problem….i wish they make such more stories…inspite of making boring misunderstading track and leaps….

  18. If I was a member of the Pandey family,After getting rid of Kabir and his sister,I would have had armed guards with dogs around the place.
    How can a family that has suffered so much be so lapse with their own security ?
    Why is Shraddha still there After raping Dhruv ?
    And swapping babies,Even though when they came home from the hospital Aditis baby had a spot on the left hand side of its head ?
    Who gives a job to someone with a scarf over their heads ?
    And where do they get the Poisons,bombs ,guns,Oh and cars from ?
    Why don’t they just kiil all their enemies ?
    The police are that stupid they would never get caught anyway ? lol

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