Thapki Pyaar Ki 5th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 5th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shraddha telling Dadi that she did all arrangements. Dadi says its first time Thapki is not here, she always did arrangements for puja. Vasundara says Shraddha does not do mistake than Thapki and praises her. Dadi says great. Thapki sees the tea cooked, and puts it in cups. She gives tea to Bihaan. The guests come and think whats happening. Vasundara says that lady is jealous of us. Shraddha and Vasundara welcome them, and tell them guests that this board is not for guests. The lady asks is this for your son and bahu, who are staying in stable.

Vasundara says we invited you for puja, don’t waste time here. Thapki recalls Vasundara’s words. She goes to Vasundara. Shraddha asks where are you coming, did you forget what Vasundara said. Thapki says I will attend

puja from here. Shraddha asks her to do work also. Thapki asks her to say what to do. Shraddha says you can do just one work being outside, to manage the guests shoes, slippers and sandals, arrange them well and guard it. Thapki asks what are you saying. Shraddha asks are you feeling insulted, then leave this work and Lord’s darshan. Thapki arranges the footwear. Vasundara and Shraddha leave.

Bihaan comes and hears guests asking Thapki what is she doing to manage footwear. Thapki says its fine, this is also work, leave sandals here and go in puja. Bihaan gets angry seeing Thapki. He asks her are you mad, who told you to do this. Thapki says Shraddha, but it does not matter, people serve like this in Gurudwara. He says its good deed done by heart, here you are made to do this to bear insult. She says its fine, Shiv ji puja is important for me. Thapki cleans the footwear by her dupatta. He angrily goes to stable.

He says Thapki will bear anything, I won’t let her get more insulted, you will do darshan and puja too, without any insult. Vasundara tells Shraddha that you did great, if Thapki has self esteem, she will do. Dadi asks Shraddha about shivling for puja. Vasundara gets shocked and looks at Shraddha.

Bihaan goes and makes a shivling with wet mud. The wind starts blowing. Thapki turns to see. She asks him what is he doing. Thapki prays seeing the wind storm. Bihaan looks at the sky. Dadi and Vasundara ask Shraddha where is the shivling. The lady says its very bad, its biggest abshagun that shivling is not here for Shiv puja. Shraddha says I went to get Shivling, it was not ready, it did not come till now, I will make a call.

Dadi asks is shivling coming. Shraddha says that shopkeeper is not answering call, but order will come, wait for some time. Bihaan makes the shivling and shouts Thapki, get it, you had to do shiv ji puja. She says yes. He asks her to come. She asks him to listen, and sees the shivling he made. She gets shocked and looks at him.

Shraddha says I spoke to shopkeeper, the shivling is not mad, it can’t come, as time was less. The lady says its Shiv ji’s insult, this is big abshagun, where will we do puja, our puja will be incomplete. Suman scolds Shraddha for getting other bahus also insulted. Bihaan gets aarti plate, and gives to Thapki. Bihaan keeps the fruit plate and asks Thapki to do darshan and puja of Shiv ji. The lady says see there, Thapki and Bihaan are doing puja, its better we go to them. The guests leave. The family also come out and see Thapki and Bihaan doing puja.

The lady says you all can attend puja, as your bahu is doing this Vasundara ji. Vasundara stops Bau ji and asks will you do puja with Thapki. He says you say Lord’s door is open for everyone. Dadi says for me, puja is imp, not Thapki. Bau ji, Dadi, Dhruv and everyone go to attend puja which Thapki is doing. Vasundara also goes there seeing no one left with them. Shraddha fumes and stands with Vasundara. Thapki does the puja and does dudh abhishek of shivling. Everyone pray. Thapki looks at Bihaan.

Vasundara scolds Shraddha for this big mistake, Thapki got chance to make place in everyone’s heart. Shraddha fumes on Thapki.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Just goes to show, bad intentions don’t always get successful. Shraddha wanted to stop Thapki from coming in house for puja. But in the end Thapki still got her wish of doing puja, all thanks to Bihaan. Also shortcuts don’t always work out. Shraddha ordered the Shivling for delivery, instead of actually going to buy it, didn’t come on time. Hope Thapki will re-enter the house again sooooooon.

  2. Today’s episode was the best of all. Today, at last, Thahaan won only because of Bihaan. Seriously, he is such a savior. Once again Manish nailed it, I just can’t stop myself from appreciating his acting.
    Bihaan creating the shivling and grabbing Thapki’s hand, taking her to the shivling those were the best moments from today’s episode.
    Well, it feels so good seeing Shraddha and Vasundara getting insulted. Wohoo! Manish you are the best! ??

  3. I hope shraddha downfall started with tis episode….
    I’m getting a intuition tht now thapki ll realise d love for bihan 1st… later she ll make bihan realise d same but by tht time vasu ll realise it’s thapki who is good for druv n not shradha… so she ll kick out shradha n ask bihan again to sacrifice. …. I hope my intuitions r wrong… n thapki n bihan live happy ever after

  4. Omg!!! The most wonderful epi of tpk……manish just rocked……what an acting yaar…keep it up…..and I hope at least from now Thapki will start realise her feelings…….for him…… least today CVS got mind and showed the fact to those chudails..that at last they will be left alone for their deeds……
    It was just like shiv ji punished shraddha and vasu himself for insulting his bhakth… front of neighbors…and As they were from the start saying that Thapki will insult us insult us…but today they themselves got insulted………..
    Pl…Thapki bihaan is great…see his goodness and care for u……at last today bihaan stoked the whole epi…………hats off manish aka bihaan pandey………

  5. Superb episode.Thapki deserves it.

  6. Wow …..!!!!!!!!!!!.superb episode
    B for BIHAAN …..B for BEHIND ……THAPKI ……
    He is the one man army….. fighting with PANDEY house


  8. Today Bihaan saved stupid Thapki again. Wow nice Bihaan you are the best.. ☺☺☺

  9. Omg…I love bihaan the way he made shivling… It’s tremendous… And finally coz of bihaan, shra-vasu failed to insult thapki….at last finally all the pandey family done shivpuja together… Waiting for 2mrow episode…

  10. Rocked episode of tpk….bihaan no words for u… awesome bihaan wat a angry young man love u bihaan…..

  11. Nice episode , finally got to see some positivity in TPK, this week TPK was very good liked all the episodes this week, I wish TPK can beat SSK n become the leading weekdays colors serial,

  12. Superb episode.
    bihaan rocks.
    precap was Vasu shraddha scolding..
    seriously surprised with cvs they end Pooja drama in one episode we think it will dragg to mnday.
    but tmrw onwards another plan of shraddha really frustrated with that plz atleast some thahaan moments..

  13. Awesome episode…
    Great job

  14. Awesome episode..
    Bihaan creating d shivling..
    Great job

  15. D best episode ever..
    D whole team of thapki Rokksss !!!
    Gr8 job..
    Bihaan n thapki <3
    Enjoyed !!!

  16. B for bihaan n b for balwaan…u r always a rockstar….thapki will love u for sure….n shraddha will taste dust very soon with her mother in law….thahaan u r my all time favourite…dear…keep rocking manish , u r a very good actor n becoz of u d show is rating so good n its on trp chart in d 5th position…i m so happy dat thahaan fan’s r watching their loved show…keep on guys n make it no 1…..

  17. Ah… muh ke bal giri vasu aur uski ladli bahu shraddha

  18. wow…ty episode is most awesome episode…oh god….im n love with Bihaan….seriouly….he is most caring and loving husband ya…..he is so cute….reallly….he is a one man army for his stupid wife…
    i cant xpresss about my feeling to watch this epi…..its so awesome…
    oh…plz thapki he is ur solemate ur truelove….dont go away….
    i want thahaan confesss love sceen…i eagerly waiting for that moment…bzc swasan and vidanni r together nowadays…so plz make thahaan very soon….
    i love bihaaan
    i like thahaan pair
    thahaan roczzzzzzzz…

  19. bihaan is great ,again proves he is a caring husband….but i am sure he will tell thapki that he just did it for himself or family…but i hope thapki is not so stupid to realise this lies

  20. wow wonderful episode
    bihaan u rocked today
    really enjoyed today’s episode
    I m happy that u got angry on thapki’s insult n supported her
    love u manish

  21. Bihaan rocks today. Manish and monicca is the trp leads of tpk now days I like shrahan more than thahaan thapki is dumb hate her MA act. Even thahaan love story start tpk get more trp frustrated with saas bahu drama

  22. Nice episode


  24. Tuffy i so agree with you but hoping that if this happens Dhruv don’t come back in Thapki”s life. I think Shraddha is just right for him and his mom.

  25. April7 me too, she’s right for them both. Vasu wanted the best wife for Dhruv and she’s got her. Maybe vasu will realise that Thapki was right for Dhruv and she made the biggest mistake ever. No more sacrifice made by Bihaan. Once is enough. Thahaan should stay together, even Thapki should realise what Bihaan has done for her.

  26. Finally a nice episode, got tired of the same thing. And seeing Thapki cry and cry. Please bring out the truth and don’t drag the show. But have a funny feeling Shraddah will get her own back.

  27. Wonderful episode good to see both vasu and shraddha getting insulted and their downfall must start from this very cute Bihaan

  28. I like this episode
    bihan , u r awesome

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