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Thapki Pyaar Ki 5th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vasu highly tensed thinking about Thapki and Kabir’s marriage. Balwinder asks what happened? Bihaan is walking on the road and drinking wine. A song plays Agar Tu Hota toh song plays….Bihaan recalls his romantic moments with Thapki. He sleeps on a bench. He imagines Thapki waking him up early in the morning. He sees a person standing and asking him to go. He imagines Thapki and Kabir there and gets jealous. Vasu thinks about the letter and thinks if Bihaan lied to me about the letter angrily. She thinks to check his wallet, and goes to his room. She opens his wallet, but Sankara sees her going and understands that she is checking for the letter. Vasu thinks something is wrong surely as there is nothing in the wallet. She thinks to stop Thapki and Kabir’s marriage.

Sankara comes to vasu and tells that this is Bihaan’s old wallet and I have burnt its things. Vasu believes her and goes. Sankara thinks even God can’t come between Bihaan and me, now Thapki will marry Kabir.

Thapki and Kabir are in the temple. Kabir asks if she is sure that she will marry him. Thapki says yes. Vasu, Dhruv and others see Bihaan on the road. They see him in distressed and asks where was he in night. Bihaan asks where they are going? They say that they are going to Vani and Kabir’s marriage. Bihaan says he will drive the car, and stop Thapki from doing a big mistake. Dhruv says I will drive, but Bihaan insists. Sankara hopes that they shall reach temple late or the car malfunctions. Kabir and Thapki start taking pheras. Bihaan and others reach there and are shocked to hear Pandit ji saying that marriage is complete. Bihaan sits down shockingly and disheartened. Sankara smiles. Kosi looks shocked. Bihaan asks his goons to beat Kabir. They start beating Kabir. Dhruv says he will be hurt. Thapki gets shocked. Bihaan looks on revengeful. Dhruv asks Bihaan to leave Kabir.

Bihaan says not today. One of the goon hit Thapki mistakenly. Bihaan beats them and asks to leave. Thapki asks Bihaan how dare you to beat my Kabir. Bihaan says you made me human and now you made me inhuman. He cuts his palm and goes inside the temple. Vasu comes to him and asks what he is doing? Bihaan says my real relation died, blood will flow..Dhruv asks Bihaan to stop it. Bihaan asks Dhruv not to stop him, else he will forget all his limits. He starts taking rounds around the fire alone. He says I had accepted you as my wife witnessing this fire, and now I break all relations with you witnessing this same fire. He says Bihaan and Thapki was one, but now we are separated. He says I have taken reverse rounds, this is what you wanted, right? He says our marriage, rituals, promises etc are over. You are no longer in my memories, life and heart. He says I know you are my Thapki, but your heart is not of my Thapki. Sankara smiles. Thapki looks on. Bihaan says you have lost me Thapki, your love. You will not get a lover like me, and says you will also yearn for your love just as I am yearning for my love. He curses her. Dhruv and Vasu are shocked. Kabir looks on. Bihaan walks out of temple. Thapki recalls Bihaan cursing her and cries.

Sankara stops Thapki and Kabir from entering inside, and welcomes them doing their aarti. She tells that she has decorated their room for their wedding night. Thapki and Kabir looks on surprised. Bihaan is distressed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Itna faltu serial kyun yaar….why don’t just thapki die….itni over acting…


    TOI spoiler…

    Episode – 515
    06:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 05 Dec Set Alert
    More show timings
    Kabir becomes emotional after seeing Neha’s condition and is determined to seek revenge against Bihaan. Meanwhile, Dhruv and Vasu are worried about Thapki after her decision of marrying Kabir.

    Episode – 516
    06:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 06 Dec Set Alert
    More show timings
    Thapki breaks down after seeing Bihaan’s condition and decides to tell him the truth. Meanwhile, Balwinder asks Vasu the reason behind her inability of sharing her pain with him.

    Episode – 517
    06:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 07 Dec Set Alert
    More show timings
    When Chacha decides to expose Kosi Devi, she tries to kill him. Thapki changes her plan after realising that Chacha is in a coma. Meanwhile, Shraddha arranges a romantic date for Dhruv and Aditi.

    Episode – 518
    06:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 08 Dec Set Alert
    More show timings
    There is no synopsis available for this episode…

    ek baar sabi thahaan fans bolo ki…

    hii pooja ,garima & all thahaan fans it’s still interesting… ❗❓

    1. Santhosh Ji, i have a favor, can u please translate this song too english. Please, and Thank you to read.. Rishte Bharose chahat yakeen from Dor…

    2. Not at all they will continue the boring track ?And Iam ? thapki will not tell bihaan the truth she still have the crazy revenge for her death child ??she will remember the slap and accident and will not tell him?Borring ?

  3. Wth!! Plz do one favour towards Manish n the viewers n stop this serial.. That’d be the best thing you’ve ever done colors!

  4. Bihaan did what I want ?yes bihaan you have to forget this stoped thapki continue your life without her ?I love this serial for bihaan and thapki but now I hated sOOO Mach I just want it to end ???and the writer should make bihaan marry sanker and live happily ever after.??

    1. noooo the have to make behaan and thapki together again

  5. pooja prabha

    What a emotionally packed episode…Thapki you are a stone hearted person and also a big looser.Manish your a spectacular actor are really a PRINCE of ACTING.This track is going on a very boring way but I am still watching this only for supporting Maniiii.
    Hello,garima,reshal,santhosh Bhai,Jo,vino….where are you???miss you guys?pls comment yaar.

  6. pooja prabha

    What a emotionally packed episode…Thapki you are a stone hearted person and also a big looser.Manish your a spectacular actor are absolutely a PRINCE of ACTING.This track is going on a very boring way but I am still watching this only for supporting Maniiii.
    Hello,garima,reshal,santhosh Bhai,Jo,vino….where are you???miss you guys?pls comment yaar.

  7. ufffffff its so painfiul.thabki is wrong tottaly wrong
    plz change the track.its thabki piyar ki so plz dont spoil beautiful relationship +feelings…
    i m very upset after watching this episode….

    1. i am toooooo :((

  8. It was so emotional made me cry! I’m glad Bihaan broke relations with her she betrayed him far worse, funny she was waiting for 3 months for a divorce now wants Bihaan to marry whilst he’s already married. I don’t think her and Kabir are truly married it might be just a pretense. Now I want Bihaan to walk away and disappear and in the mean time the truth to come out. Then a few years leap and Bihaan walks in with a beautiful wife, smartly dressed himself and a newborn baby. Then the family will have to inwardly suffer and decide not to tell him the truth cos he has had too much pain already

  9. Please its high time …finish this serial its a total crap no sense..actually the problem is with thapki first on the basis of misuderstanding she left dhruv now bihaan.poorly written character . Worst (character)heroin in this entire tv industry..even word worst is not enough

  10. Bihaan had no trust in Thapki – a forgivable past one..
    Thapki is not having trust on Bihaan – unforgivable present one..
    Viewers not going to have trust on writers – unchangeabe future one

    1. so right !!!

  11. Misunderstanding will clear by talk to each other in any relationship…

    With this we can save many relations…

    Why the hell they are doing by dragging and doing worst things…

    Thapki don’t deserve bihaan… bcoz she has no trust in her love… then who is she to punish him… nonsense ki chutney

    1. you are so right !! really, I mean why they don’t speack each over… I am agree with all your comment

  12. Manish's fan

    Till now, I wished Thahaan to be united.. but not now.. Thapki does not deserve Bihaan’s love.. Bihaan should not forgive Thapki.. even if he forgives her, the viewers not going to forgive her for making our Bihaan sad.. will be reading the updates alone.. if they shown Bihaan a happy person, then will be back..

  13. Bum crack

  14. Once again heart touching painful episode..Well did Bihaan…Thapki doesn’t deserve your love..She will repend for her mistakes nd cm back to u sure…

  15. Thapki is cheap woman,use a marriage to make her happy,with diwakar,druv,bihaan and kabir….is just like that in your religion believe?don’t use god’s name when married I think He will not let you break the limit.just find a man you like that married in front of rampiyari…all of them are crazy because of crazy thapki,she must got to crazy hospital…

  16. pleaz make Thapki and Behaan together again ! I LOVE this serial because of their love story. I want a happy end for them, PLEASEEEEE !!!! Make Behaan and Thapki happy again. This situation is very boring!

    1. I ageed with Sade. It made me upset Bihaan and thapki by sanker and kosi spoiled them. I wish kosi and Sanker should out this house. I noticed kosi never talked Bihaan. Or Bihaan walked out this house without kosi and Sanker. ?

  17. Very bad scene, make a marriage like a games. Is in india like that? Woman can ask her husband to marry another woman? And she make a joke with marriage? How easy to married again and again, even it’s only a drama but infront of God, with pandit? So, God can play marriage games too, woww. How unique india’s culture

    1. The drama showing not only in india, it showing in another country, so please script writer make a good film with a good education inside, show up your country have good culture and habbit, even it’s only a drama.

  18. Why should a women always forgive. Good on u thapki. Next time maybe a man will think twice before kicking wife out. Bihaan deserves sankara

  19. I don’t think it’s bad that she married kabir..only because bhiaan is married to sankar. I mean really he did the rounds and everything with the evil one. So why would he be upset and again he is kicking thapki around like a ragdoll. like he did when he believed his pimp mother and dissolved his relationship with thapki..

    Which by the way is still broken since he has not apologize to her for throwing her out,slapping her and telling her he has
    broken all relationship with her.

    By the way why don’t they show him remembering the slap he gave thapki. And how he hurt her..

    I just want to see what happens when sankara truth comes out..evil one…

    1. I agree with Parvini & Alisha.. As a wise husband Bihan shouldn’t do such bad thing without thinking twice. He broke his relation heartlessly even after slaping Thapki. After all I don’t like if Bihan or Thapki get merried to someone else..
      Lets wait & see what will the writer do to solve misunderstanding in interested way… ☺

  20. Tapki you are so adamant and stubborn in your character. You all destroyed the life of bihaan 1. Vasundara, 2. Tapki 3. Kosi 4. Sankaara these four women destroyed the heart and love of bihaan. The entire family members too destroyed the life of bihaan anyway dear brother bihaan we love you

  21. I also belive kabir knows it was sankar that tried to kill thapki. And making her his wife will protect her from sankar. He knows her pain and he genuinely like her.

    It kills me that everyone forgot how KosI entered and her gangster side. This revenge does need to continue since thapki had to prove a few things to Bhiaan..
    KosI killed his father abandoned bhiaan
    Does not love bhiaan
    Wants to kill bhiaan
    Reason for her to lose their child.
    And sankar is a evil demon..

  22. Still curious about the ending. But really truly disappointed by this heartbreaking track. I think the writer really happy for making the viewers upset but still continue following the story.

  23. thahaan lovers

    Thapki will not tell him the truth until she know that bihan not read the letter..

  24. Yess!!! Bravo Bihan Pandey ilove ur acting so much..thapki doesn’t deserve your love!!

  25. i am very sad about thapki and bihaan. because , actually they are loving each other… missunderstanding between them , and bad people arround them . please writer selection the story not to divorce bihaan and thapki be a way out of a missunderstanding. i miss thapki and bihaan togather and they become detective to solve problems with romantic drama in them. thanks writer… hope my suggestion is accepted.

  26. thapki has done fake marriage.she is just showing that she got married but I think its a drama only

  27. I just want thapki to hug bihaan. Please thapki do this for me.

  28. Thapki and Kabir are acting to be married. Thapki’s grah pravesh is happening in Pandey Nivaas. Thapki planned the fake marriage to hurt Bihaan, but she is also hurt doing all this. She tells Kabir that she can’t do wrong and joke with marriage rituals. Bihaan gets a big shock seeing Kabir and Vaani married and breaks down. He has done a big drama in the temple after seeing them married. Bihaan ends the ties with Thapki by taking the reverse rounds with Vaani. He gets his men to beat up Kabir. Dhruv and everyone stop Bihaan.

  29. When you love thapki pyaar ki very much you know about :
    When Thapki confronted Bihaan at hospital when he faked his death
    blo*dy Mary Sequence
    When Thapki explained Bihaan’s relation with Pandey family to Diwakar
    When Thapki-Bihaan prepared panditon ka khana by staying up all night
    When Thapki didn’t care about her self-respect & became teddy just to keep Bihaan close to his family
    When Thapki told Bihaan ke woh kis layak hai (After Valentine Party)
    When Thapki was worried sick for Bihaan as Lukka was beating him black and blue
    When Thapki threatened the goons that she will burn them alive if they dared to touch Bihaan
    When Thapki fooled Bihaan into thinking that she is drinking alcohol in front of his friends
    When Thapki made 3 sketches and filled the whole notebook with “I am sorry” to seek forgiveness from Bihaan
    When Thapki was dead sure of Bihaan’s innocence even when everyone including Bihaan himself believed that he stabbed Bauji
    When Thapki went to churaofy mangoes with Bihaan & Sheena
    When Thapki tied her dupatta on Gorilla’s wound and picked lice from his hair LOL
    When Thapki refused to eat anything as she wanted to break her love fast by eating the food cooked by Bihaan
    When without any proof Thapki was sure that Bihaan didn’t try to molest that nurse
    When Thapki slapped Sapola left, right and centre with her words
    When Thapki fooled Sapola into going to the hotel room and had a nice romantic date with Bihaan in ThaHaan’s room
    When Thapki chose Bihaan as the CEO of News 365
    When Thapki along with Shraddha scared the hell out of KoMan

    1. I’m realy love your comment.. ?

  30. Thapki Pyar Ki: Thapki (Jigyasa Singh) realizes mistake of misunderstanding Bihaan (Manish Goplani), Shankar’s truth revealed
    The upcoming episode of Thapki Pyar Ki will show high voltage drama where Thapki marries Kabir just to show Bihaan.
    Thapki gas actually not married Kabir, but Bihaan is shattered knowing about Thapki and Kabir’s marriage.
    Bihaan breaks all relationships with Thapki, Vasundhara is also upset but is determined to find truth.
    Vasundhara doubt’s Shankar’s involvement in creating misunderstandings amid Bihaan and Thapki as she madly loves Bihaan.
    Vasundhara exposes Shankar’s truth
    Vasundhara finds that Bihaan hadn’t read the letter given by Thapki about her pregnancy.
    Vasundhara also finds that it’s Shankar who did Thapki’s accident to get Bihaan from her.

  31. i think its not a real marriage.its a game

  32. Manish ki deewani

    Its so painful to see bihaan in pain . again she hurt him very much u break his heart thapki u don’t deserve the love of bihaan .bihaan’s eyes shows his pain and his love 4 u thapki but u r blind in ur revenge .one day u pay 4 it thapki.and u really regret when u know about the innocence of bihaan

  33. abida, is that next story ? i am very happy about that

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