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Thapki Pyaar Ki 5th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with pandit asking Dhruv to walk ahead of bride in the first 3 rounds of marriage. Thapki and Bihaan get shocked and try to get the tape fast. Dhruv gets teary eyed. Vasundara asks Dhruv to take rounds. Dhruv and Shraddha take rounds. Vasundara is glad. The pandit asks bride to walk ahead of groom for next 3 rounds. Thapki is left shocked. Bihaan and Thapki try finding the tape. Dhruv gets very upset. The pandit tells about the final 7th round which will bind Dhruv and Shraddha in marriage. Thapki recalls Kiran giving the tape to Shraddha, and some sticker got on it. she gets the same tape and shows Bihaan. She says I m sure. Bihaan turns and sees the 7th round. He says come, we will stop this marriage.

They run towards the mandap. The 7th round completes. The pandit

says 7th round completes and marriage too. They all clap. Bihaan and Thapki get shocked. The pandit asks Dhruv to make bride have mangalsutra and sindoor. Dhruv does the rituals unwillingly. Shraddha smiles seeing Thapki and Bihaan. Dhruv and Shraddha take elder’s blessings. Shraddha thinks her marriage has happened before Thapki got the tape, what will Thapki do now. Singh greets everyone and leaves. Vasundara says we will do Shraddha’s grah pravesh ritual and sends Suman and Preeti.

Bau ji asks Bihaan to come with him, he has work. Everyone leave from there, except Dhruv and Thapki. Thapki stops him and says this tape has all proof against Shraddha. He takes it. She says you will know everything that Shraddha is a bad girl, just see this once. He thanks her for getting proof which he did not hope for, you proved that you don’t love me now, everything between us got ended. I don’t matter to you anymore. They cry.

He says I m fool to think you will stop my marriage during the last round, because you love me. He says our love failed, I felt you can’t forget first love, and we will marry after 3 months when you get divorced, I did not get my Thapki. He cries and says thanks so much Mrs. Thapki Bihaan Pandey. She cries.

She says she did not do this to hear his thanks, when her marriage happened, it got all over, its wrong for a married girl to think about someone, its impossible to think this for me, I have taken wedding rounds with Bihaan around the fire, and our relation ended in that fire, I have taken 7 vows with Bihaan, I m unlucky that I could not get you and can never accept Bihaan, you feel I moved on with Bihaan, no Sir, I got married to Bihaan, but there is no place of love in my marriage. They see each other and cry.

Thapki asks him to see this tape and he will break this marriage. He says why will I break it, I will try my best to keep this marriage.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. so shradha got in pandey nivas im happy bcoz koi to hai vasu k saath takkar lene wala ,ab vasu k saath tit 4 tat wala scene hoga ,Bihan is the real hero of thapki, i watch dis show only 4 thahaan ,thahaan is the best couple.

  2. Mrs tapki bihaan Pandy …… 🙂 finaly … mrrage done , Now Only thahaaan thahaaan thahaaan…. thahaan Rockzz …. I love So much Manish Goplaniii….. killing Acting… 🙂

  3. It’s more like The Vampire diaries where Elena first loved the good guy Stefan(Dhruv) then got attracted towards the antihero Damon(Bihaan). Stop mimicking, Writers

  4. thapki – how can you forget the respect given by dhruv to you when everyone humiliated you???
    diwakar, your colleagues, sakshi man everyone humiliated you and then dhruv gave u respect.. thapki you were crying that nobody loves you, then dhruv came and said he loves you..
    even bihaan said her to marry someone whom she wants to take revenge.. (Jiske sath badla lena ho usse byaha rachalena).. bihan made so much fun of her.. but now thapki has forgotten all those things and making eyelocks with bihan.. its ridiculous yaar.

  5. Is bihaan a kid that someone will force to do evil and will not have conscience to know what is good and bad. He has conscience to know his mom does not love him but his conscience is dead to ruin thakpi’s life forever. The writer is killing this show day by day. making us understand that evil prevail against good but I refuse to believe in that…

  6. Episode is not worst.. whole serial is worst

  7. Oh now.. I stopped watching this serial when Thapki married to Bhiaan… Now Dhruv married a negative role… All the way the story was very boring and now became more worse… I thought it will be Dhruvki after some time.. Now it can’t be Dhruvki at any cost… Not worthy of watching..

  8. Shame on thapkis love! Sick of meantality of some ppl here. How can thapki not love druv jst bcos she got married which was nothing less than fraud,if she really loved dhruv she would have divorced bihaan and married druv these indian serials only glorify marriage not love! Ans here so many thaahan fans why?? Bcos bihaan is charming and goodlooking n entertaining?! Really feeling disgusted with this marriage the most pavitra stuff even if ita based on crimes!!

  9. Bad episode…..????.I am already think they can’t stop the wedding.TPK story is super upto first3months after thahaan marriage the story reaches another level really pathetic ……I watch the serial only for THARUV .i quit to watch the serial after thahaan marriage and started to watching from nov onwards..Even Thapki is a good girl her life is full
    Of tragedy.y???????????writerji plz stop to write this worse drama.I am a mallu I am attracted to watch this serial only for THARUV….now what’s next…………..,,,,,

  10. Bakvash serial tapki kya kr daala ye dhurv ko bhutni ke haath

  11. plzzz writers…. somehow unite dhruv thapki in future

  12. Nicely happened, soon vasundhara realise, how she ruined her son’s fate,by manipulating his marriage with thapki… And getting him married to shraddha ….. Shraddha will soon reveal her true colors…. And vasundhara’s mind will blow, if vasundhara complaints dhruv about bad nature of Shraddha and ask him to throw her out, he won’t listen to her, as he challenged thapki to keep his marriage…. Now bichari vasundhara,let’s see tamasha….

  13. This episode was extremely stupid. When Bihaan married Thapki she gave him gyaan on true love and told him she doesn’t believe in this marriage and now she is bullshitting by saying it has happened and she willingly killed her love for Dhruv. Then why so much of drama initially, should have accepted the marriage. Either you guys can show a character which stands for herself or make her a character who accepts everything as her fate. Why are they even speaking that line in the beginning that people overcome their shortcomings as the writer ensures that Thapki fails at every turn in her life. I agree it is a daily soap but why do you think you can show anything and people will enjoy it.

  14. Thahaan rocks.?

  15. Thahaan superstar

  16. Ye ab tak ka sabse bakwas sensless serial hai yha lead ko hi change kar diya gya, stupidity ki had par kr di salo ne

  17. No THARUV … No TPK

  18. Thahaan rocks?
    Thruv boring?

  19. Actually thapki never expected Dhruv to marry her!!!everything bcoz of Dhruv..he proposed her the day his mom came and completed the rishtha…..if not thapki would have led a peaceful life!!!!
    Even she told that she had full belief on him….and ” jisne mere Baroda thoda uske sath mera dhil kabhi nahin jodega”
    And then also if Dhruv want her back then he should have waited for 3 months..y said s for marriage….
    How will a married girl come and stop the marriage saying that she loves him..he is actually a fool….
    What he did for her dhoka?simply informed her that I didn’t married u and it was bihaan…just took his leg back during grahpravesh ……
    Now want her what nonsense?
    And I have a big doubt…y this time no chehra in Dhruv face…. Last time vasu said before marriage no one should see var ka face but what happened this time?…
    Do anybody have a guess of what will be thapki’s reactions on knowing the truth of vasu…. Did she got the doubt on her?..can Anybody reply????

  20. Bechari thapki! Pl. Writers show her smart and talented enough

  21. Wtevr its In real life of thapki
    druv (Ankit,jigyasa) we dnt care abt. But in reel life only thahaan thahaan thahaan rocksssssssssss……..

  22. I hate this serial I don’t want to watch this serial anyone it’s a bad episode I hate this type of twist

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