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The Episode starts with Thapki telling Bihaan that Dhruv wants to kill him. He asks are you taking my test again, where is Dhruv, is he hiding. She says no, he did many things to break our marriage, he failed and now he is doing this. He asks why will he do this, he is like Ram. She says he is not Ram, he is Raavan. He asks how can she say this about Dhruv. She asks him to believe her. He says fine, I will proof to you that Dhruv is like Ram. He sits in car and starts driving. She asks him to stop and runs after him shouting to him. Bihaan says Thapki says anything, and drives ahead. He applies brakes and sees the brakes not working. He says it means Thapki was saying right, brakes are damaged. He tries to manage the car and hits car to the tree. He screams. Dhruv plays a car game and says boom…..

Thapki sees the car accident and shouts Bihaan. She cries and says I wanted to stop you Bihaan. Bihaan comes infront of her, holding his wounded head. She runs to him and stops. She thinks something and runs to the other side.

Vasundara comes to Dhruv’s room. Dhruv says my way got clear, now I will marry Thapki. Vasundara hears him and asks Dhruv is Shraddha saying right. He says all that is true, I love Thapki a a lot, I will marry Thapki. She gets shocked and asks what are you saying, its wrong, you can’t do this. She holds his face and says you are my good son. He says even you were my good mum, then why did you do this with me, you made my Thapki marry Bihaan. She says I accepted my mistake and bearing punishment, you don’t do mistake. He says I m not doing mistake, I m rectifying your mistake. She says Thapki loves Bihaan, I beg you, accept it. He pushes her hands and asks her not to fold hands. He reminds her that she lost right to say him anything, it would be good that she leaves.

Suman comes and asks about Thapki. She says I m worried, pandit asked us to come to temple. Dhruv says Thapki went to her mum’s place, she told me, you all go to temple soon. Suman takes Vasundara with her. Vasundara signs Dhruv not to do this.

Thapki comes home. Dhruv says you have come, it was destiny that Bihaan goes far. She says nothing happened to Bihaan, he is alive, but I lost in your game, I accept I lost. He says I did not want you to lose, but I want to get you. She says I lost as Bihaan is valuable to me, you say you are doing this for love, a selfish person like you can never love anyone, you don’t know meaning of love, love is to give, not snatch, its sacrifice, I m accepting my defeat for Bihaan’s sake, I m ready to do anything you say. She cries and begs him to spare Bihaan’s life. Dhruv cries.

Dhruv wipes her tears and says Thapki, you are made just for Bihaan. She gets shocked. Dhruv asks her to go to Bihaan. He says you wanted to hear this right, for me, love is not a sacrifice or fear, love is passion for me, not madness, but innocent kid’s adamancy, I have no fears about love, I m getting my everything today, you and I will unite today, I will give name to our relation, I will give you color of my love. He takes a pinch of sindoor in his hands. Thapki cries and closes her eyes. Bihaan comes there and stops Dhruv, by holding his hand. Dhruv gets shocked seeing him.

Bihaan says I m unlucky to see such bad avatar of my brother, but I m lucky to get a loving girl Thapki, Thapki should not bend to anyone, why is she lowering her head and giving sacrifice, I regarded Dhruv as Lord Ram, I did not see Ram and just seen you, Dhruv was name of goodness, honesty and trust, and today Dhruv proved me wrong, I have lived all relations in Dhruv, but Dhruv made me feel orphan today.

Dhruv says I don’t have problem with you, I love you, you are my younger brother, but I love Thapki too. Bihaan shouts enough, you did not want me and Thapki to marry, I challenge you to do anything, Thapki and I will marry tomorrow. Dhruv looks at him.

Dhruv hits Bihaan on his head, and takes his place in mandap. Dhruv and Thapki take wedding rounds.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I think just like how dhruv took bihaans place shraddha might have taken thapkis place

  2. I am very curious to for the marriage drama….?

  3. Is there any TPK episode today..???? Someone pls reply…..? ..?.

  4. Thnx a lot pihoo n thahaan fr telling abt this marriage thing. Hope to see thahaans marriage n their story

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