Thapki Pyaar Ki 5th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 5th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki telling Bihaan that Dhruv wants to kill him. He asks are you taking my test again, where is Dhruv, is he hiding. She says no, he did many things to break our marriage, he failed and now he is doing this. He asks why will he do this, he is like Ram. She says he is not Ram, he is Raavan. He asks how can she say this about Dhruv. She asks him to believe her. He says fine, I will proof to you that Dhruv is like Ram. He sits in car and starts driving. She asks him to stop and runs after him shouting to him. Bihaan says Thapki says anything, and drives ahead. He applies brakes and sees the brakes not working. He says it means Thapki was saying right, brakes are damaged. He tries to manage the car and hits car to the tree. He screams. Dhruv plays a car game and says boom…..

Thapki sees the car accident and shouts Bihaan. She cries and says I wanted to stop you Bihaan. Bihaan comes infront of her, holding his wounded head. She runs to him and stops. She thinks something and runs to the other side.

Vasundara comes to Dhruv’s room. Dhruv says my way got clear, now I will marry Thapki. Vasundara hears him and asks Dhruv is Shraddha saying right. He says all that is true, I love Thapki a a lot, I will marry Thapki. She gets shocked and asks what are you saying, its wrong, you can’t do this. She holds his face and says you are my good son. He says even you were my good mum, then why did you do this with me, you made my Thapki marry Bihaan. She says I accepted my mistake and bearing punishment, you don’t do mistake. He says I m not doing mistake, I m rectifying your mistake. She says Thapki loves Bihaan, I beg you, accept it. He pushes her hands and asks her not to fold hands. He reminds her that she lost right to say him anything, it would be good that she leaves.

Suman comes and asks about Thapki. She says I m worried, pandit asked us to come to temple. Dhruv says Thapki went to her mum’s place, she told me, you all go to temple soon. Suman takes Vasundara with her. Vasundara signs Dhruv not to do this.

Thapki comes home. Dhruv says you have come, it was destiny that Bihaan goes far. She says nothing happened to Bihaan, he is alive, but I lost in your game, I accept I lost. He says I did not want you to lose, but I want to get you. She says I lost as Bihaan is valuable to me, you say you are doing this for love, a selfish person like you can never love anyone, you don’t know meaning of love, love is to give, not snatch, its sacrifice, I m accepting my defeat for Bihaan’s sake, I m ready to do anything you say. She cries and begs him to spare Bihaan’s life. Dhruv cries.

Dhruv wipes her tears and says Thapki, you are made just for Bihaan. She gets shocked. Dhruv asks her to go to Bihaan. He says you wanted to hear this right, for me, love is not a sacrifice or fear, love is passion for me, not madness, but innocent kid’s adamancy, I have no fears about love, I m getting my everything today, you and I will unite today, I will give name to our relation, I will give you color of my love. He takes a pinch of sindoor in his hands. Thapki cries and closes her eyes. Bihaan comes there and stops Dhruv, by holding his hand. Dhruv gets shocked seeing him.

Bihaan says I m unlucky to see such bad avatar of my brother, but I m lucky to get a loving girl Thapki, Thapki should not bend to anyone, why is she lowering her head and giving sacrifice, I regarded Dhruv as Lord Ram, I did not see Ram and just seen you, Dhruv was name of goodness, honesty and trust, and today Dhruv proved me wrong, I have lived all relations in Dhruv, but Dhruv made me feel orphan today.

Dhruv says I don’t have problem with you, I love you, you are my younger brother, but I love Thapki too. Bihaan shouts enough, you did not want me and Thapki to marry, I challenge you to do anything, Thapki and I will marry tomorrow. Dhruv looks at him.

Dhruv hits Bihaan on his head, and takes his place in mandap. Dhruv and Thapki take wedding rounds.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Truelove


    |Registered Member

    If anyone having any updates than please tell me. I can’t see dhruv and thapki getting married. I m shocked that still some are supporting tharuv marriage. It should not happen because thapki love bihaan.

    • Amlan

      but Thapki also loved Dhruv and wanted to marry him before…

      Soon you will see Thapki accepting Dhruv in case they get married.

      • Truelove


        |Registered Member

        If you forget dhruv is already married with shradhaa. I’m repeating dhruv is already married with shradhaa. And thapki stopped him before but what did he say… “Ab to mai is saadi ko had kimat pe nibhake dikhaunga…” Thapki cried hard that night and bihaan was only one who was with her. That’s why she fall in love with him…,.,,…….. This is the reason thahaan is true love and sapola is wrong. Dhruv ne to kaha tha to phir kyu nahi nibhayi saadi. If you are watching serial than you must have understand that thapki didn’t love dhruv back. She love bihaan. Bihaan was one who go against his family for thapki.

      • Vani

        I dont think any woman can fall in love with druv after seeing such a dark side 😨 kuch zyada hogaya nautanki aur chaal baazi. Bihaan aur vasu ne ek raat mein ek galat kaam kiya lekin druv ne to soch soch ke kya kya teede meede chaal chalayi. Ye to vasu ka baap nikla. I liked druv in begining … after seeing all this im dont. Too much negative … on purpose.



    |Registered Member

    hus promo ko baar baar dekhe muje tho gusse pe gussa ha raha hai😡😡😡..

    hareeeeeeeee kohi hai Mumbai mai thapki pyaar ki set ke pass…❗❓

    pleaseeeeeeee jaake thapki🐰 ko BP aur CVs🐒 ko BRAIN donate karo na😭😭😭😭

    aye tapki na LADKI 👩nahi sooka hua LAKDI hai…..totally hormone less ⬇girl
    unki saamne 🙆ithna sab kuch horaha hai phir bhi sapola🐍 ko tappad nahi maara na issliye muje aisa laga…..

    hmmmmmmmmm….aye pyaar ki maamla tho shaadi👫 ki challenge banchuka hai…

    patha nahi CVs 🐒TRP badaneke liye logon ko kya kya dikhana chatha hai….👀👀👀

    CVs🐒 killing 🔫the every relationship in TPK…

    aaj ke episode mai bihaan ne dhoke ke baath kar raha tha… Cvs 🐒ne hus scene ko kall achche tharike se dikhana chahiye …..( it means bihaan dhoke ka reason and situation )

    • Truelove


      |Registered Member

      Promo dekh k muhje bhi bahot gussa aa raha hai…… Dhruv was talking about repeating history……but I think history should repeat in this manner.
      Again bihaan hit dhruv and dhruv behosh.
      And again bihaan go and marry thapki. But this time happy thahaan marriage. Hehe…… Kaas aids hota. But I know CVs will not do it.
      What happens to the family members yaar……. Dhruv ka face ek dum Saaf Saaf dikhai de raha hai fir bhi Kisi ko pata nahi Chala…….. And at least thapki should check that bihaan hai ya koi or. Wo bhi aankhe band Kar k saadi Kar ne baith gai.
      Ab kya hoga director saaheb hi Jante hai.

  3. pihoo

    Oh thank god 😇😇after 4-3 days ravan sapola track will end and happy life of thahaan…aur bechare tharuv fans ki umeedo pe pani gir jayega ////

    • Vani

      Ok… iss baat pe haath milalo.🖒 Both thahaan and tharuv fans are saying thapki and druv r not suited for eachother. To hum lad kyon rahe hai. Druv to shadi shuda hai na. Sab abne biwiyon ko chod ke pichle girl friends ke piche kyon jana. 😁😛

      • aliza khan

        Yes hum tharuv nh dekhna chahtay mgr chahtay hain k bihaan aur thapki bhi unite na hon as they both not deserve this…..
        Thapki ruined dhruv’s life now she would have to pay….

  4. silent reader

    Druv is better than thapki.wts the script.wife of younger brother ready to marry elder brother in the name of sacrifice.superb

  5. Kitkat

    I support tharuv..because dhruv was her past so she should not avoid can someone see his love marrying another person infront of his eyes..everybody will become jealous n its natural to become jealous..may be dat irritatin thapki had done fake love by dhruv has loved her from his I support
    dhruv not dat Bihaan..

    • Poncy


      |Registered Member

      Thapki said she did not love dhurv only respected him. She was going to marrying dhurv in that respect not for love.
      Even if dhurv marry thapki it could be illegal as he is married to shradda. So their marriage will not be value.

    • Vani

      Past is past… present is present… future is future. Unless u can time travel, no point sitting and crying over spoiled milk

  6. Neetu!

    I support thahaan always
    Even thapki told dhruv that she dibt love him it was her respect for him…but with bihaan she realised what real love is…

  7. nd2 cre

    Evn im waiting to see whts happening , if anyhw thahaan get married n then their story continue i ll watch this serial, if tharuv marriage tk place, thn frm tht dy nward i ll stop watching this , nt evn updates. Thahaan r the best.yup dhruv os a gd actor bt hate his new version

  8. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    If tharuv gets married then no one will watch the show thahaan fans toh bilkul nahi (unless if they unite thahaan again) and not even tharuv fans most tharuv fans already quit this show so they may not have any idea and trp will definately be less than 1, and thapki is so dumb really already because of sehra she got cheated how can she not check this time also especially when she knows dhruv’s intention and as for all those who r supporting tharuv’s marriage first of all even if they get married it wont be valid as thapki is already married to bihaan and they havent even sign divorce papers so there is no logic if thahaan were divorced then i would have understand but here the case is diff really the makers r making us viewers crazy n i already stopped watching it only reading updates(only love to watch thahaan scenes i just skip the epi n see thahaan scenes online) and if thahaan remarry will start watching the show again unless if they make it way too like dont know what to say

  9. Laim

    When I started to watch this drama, it was really interesting! But me and lot of friends left it because it has become boring drama! Druve was the hero and behaviour and vasundra betrayed him when he was getting married! And destroyed a nice person! I’m surprised to see how change the thapki! Hum siref ye jante hain ke ak bhai apne bhai ka sacha piar kese cheen sakta ha????? Is this an indian culture??!!!

    • Vani

      Jab druv shadi karke apna ghar basane lage to bechari thapki kya karti ? Thapki ke sapno mem kya bhooth aakar kehta ki shradda sirf time pass hai aur druv kuch mahine ke badh vapas thapki ke piche pad jayenge aur isiliye usko single rahna padega. Mana ki druv ke saath bura hua. Lekin isko ek saal badh hi akal ayi kya ye sab karne keliye ?!

      • aliza khan

        Baat ye nh….thapki kya krti..?

        Uski feelings ki qadar krtay hain hum us ne bihaan se love kia h to Wo bhi theek h but what about dhruv’s feelings…ab to wo bihaan k sath khush h mgr jb nhi thi khush kya tb bhi us ne dhruv k baray m socha kya is ne ye janinay ki koshish ki wo kya chahtay hain kya kbhi ye pucha k aisay dhokay k baad dhruv pr kya beeet rhi h?

        No she never tried to know aur chali thi dhruv ki shaadi karanay….
        Thapki was wrong on every decision she made…..

      • ClaraLA

        Thapki was devastated. Especially with druv having kept it absecret that night she would have lost faith in him. It’s true that druv was worried . But think from thapkis point of view. What will ppl say? That after first night they r declaring that the husband was mixed . From the society’s point of view, druvs action destroyed her future as much as the groom mix that night. She would have considered deu responsible too. Instead of understanding this … drb agreed to marry shradda and didnt wait. Naturally thapki would have thought thats what he wants becuz bihaan and thapki tried very hard to break the marriage.thapki even told druv that shrd is bad. So after that point druv has no right what so ever to intrude into thapkis life. He chose his path. Now that it was wrong…he cant ruin other peoples life to get it back . I agree that both thapki and druv were victims on the wedding night. Thapki moved on so shes happy. Druv made the wrong choices and so hes unhappy. Marrying shradda was totally his choice. Maa would never go against druvs words

  10. Laim

    We hate behan and thapki couple! Druve was the hero and a betrayer brother behan destroyed such a nice person aur thapki pet to curse ha jo pahle ak Bhai kesath thi aur ab doseray per ashiq ha🤔

  11. vino

    anyway that stupid director will make thahaan marriage only.pls tharuv fans stop watching this idiotic this serial true love is not its not a valuable love story.thapki is not a gentle character.

    • Syed58

      Then y u guys watching & commenting again. We al know tha….urv wil never get united. This show is only meant of Thahaan love story. So pls move out freely frm this show & let us enjoy Thahaan love story.

  12. vino

    who are an all supported for thahaan it means that peoples don’t know the true value of love.and they r just doing a time pass love in real life and they will marry anyone happily in their life.

    • Vinlora


      |Registered Member

      @VINO aap ko ek bahuth bada dand namaskaar👐aap tho Love Guru sorry True Love Guru hai. ..Actually aap tho bhagvaan hai kyunki aapko tho sabke real life ke baare mein pata hai 😉😉actually I don’t know what is TRUE LOVE….can u plz explain me Accordin to u what is TRUE
      LOVE ??????

    • Vani

      Ji ha. Agar aap sab kisi se pyaar karte ho to usko blackmail karo… sleeping pill dekhar uske saath photo khichvake badnaam karo… aur phir bhi vo na mane to uske pati ko maar dalo.yahi saccha pyaar hai

    • Iswarya_santhosh


      |Registered Member

      Better to leave the show. Tpk directors doesnt know about values of indians. And the people who r watching this also slowly like the way of script. We, indians have lots of values and morals. But in this show they destroyed everything. Indians morals and values are very famous all over the world. Even foreigners wants to follow that values. But shame on u directors, being an indian u r not following that…
      Brother-in-law is marrying his (almost) bhabhi. And again elder brother is trying to snatch his bros wife.
      If this changing of groom happened in arrange marriage means it is k. Bcoz bride and groom were never love each other. After marriaga only they will try to know each other.
      But in tpk they were already lovers. So….. Dont want to say anything about this show. She is wright. If u r tharuv fans…. Better to leave tharuv fans…..

  13. Aliya

    Hi guys how r u l miss u all l don’t wnt tharuv again entry of bihaan was nice when dhruv panther was going toapply sindhoor.l think shradha and vasu will do something.l am 100 % sure that history will not repeat

  14. Savi

    Thapki is the major problem here. She putting both brother to fight for her n wjichahe herself could have fight in the first place for her love back? Why is Bihaan so upset now he is in loved he wants no one to come between seriously why did he intrude in between in the first place? This series is useless nothing that knowledgeable to learn. Like what example ok to take over your brother Gf n live under same roof n then disrespect him everyday infront of his face REALLY SHAMEFUL N DISGUSTING. Hope it replace another show.

  15. vidya

    If dhruv get married to tapki no one is going to watch this show besides dhruv n tapki fans. I’m not a fan of this show .. But yet I watch it for tapki , so if she get married to dhrvu then it will not b a big deal for me to stop watching this show. Hate dhrvu! I wonder everyone is so blind that mono of them can’t see d groom face?? Bullshit.

  16. Midey

    It’s doesnt make any sense that for the Ppl who has stopped watching tpk and waiting for the time bihan and tapki or duruv and thapki reunited back on tpk… fact is duruv didn’t lie before… he is pointing out that bihan and tapki and vasu and shardha all of them lied and keep on secret of what was happen duruv and thapki marriage. After all what was happen vasu and thapki and bihan said sorry what was happen. At the mean time duruv didn’t try to get back thapki for his life again. What duruv trying is now just a waste and out of limit madness over reaction of love. That will not work on for the time now for duruv. It’s already time passed. Now thapki and bihan relation is too much strong. Bihan has earned thapki loves. And trust. I would like to say for duruv. Just stay calm and cool same like before and stay busy with your office daily work. You don’t knw what is a call love. Need to wakeup bro… still a kid.

  17. Sama

    Thapki per lanat ha jo ab druv ke bhai ki love me ha!! Bakwas script!! Indian women ase nai hoti!!! Ke phle ak Bhai ke sath aur phir dosrah!! Writer ko joote Mari!!!

  18. Syed58

    Tha…urv fans pls move out of this show. Cute Thahaan love story is ahead so pls dont disturb us & let us enjoy it.

    Pls CVs kil that dhurv, na rahegi tha…urv & na rahenge unke psycho fans….

  19. Julie

    Love dhruv, tapki is not worth to get his love, I will always support dhruv,coz tapki is his first love! And i believe in first love, coz love happens only once,the rest is comprimise! Hope that bihaan doesn’t get tapki,
    He was saying to dhruv today ” Bhai you deceived me”,what deception is he talking about, has he foggoton what he done to dhruv!! And now this honest and respectful person turned into a villian…… and that vasu,she said she is repenting, wow! After ruining someone’s life what kind of repenting is that!

    • Jann

      Wow r u still a kid or what? Love only happens once? Then if u love someone in highschool and broke up, the rest is compromise even if that compromise is ur husband/wife? Love means u care for sum1 and want to make him/her happy. Its that simple, if ur feeling got replied then its true love.

      Sometimes things happen and love comes to an end but that doesnt mean ur life stops there bcoz everyone deserve to be happy.

      U moved on and find someone who deserve u better. If ur mentality is love only happens once then ur going to have a very very sad life wanting to have someone else lover/spouse, just like dhruv in this story.

      • ClaraLA

        Jann.. ur so correct. I have heard “love happens only once” only in hindi movies. Not even international movies. This ideology is meant for girls who sit and dream of Prince charming but will ultimately end up with arrange marriage and choose to love their husband. Real life is different. There r so many love marriages ending up in divorce . The reason is simple – ur first assessment may not be correct. U think u love someone but one day ur eyes may open to reality that they supported u only when it was easy for them to do so .

  20. Ruhi

    I love thahaan & all tharuv fans tumhe kya dikhayi nahi deta that thapki loves bihaan and dhruv is sapola. You don’t see TPK that,s why you don’t know fact.
    Bhaar me jaye tharuv fans and thahaan fans ready to give a slap on tharuv fans face.
    Please thahaan scenes jaldi lao with romance.
    Suspence precap…..

  21. Jann

    After those boring episodes, im glad bihaan see dhruv true colors, its time for u to protect ur wife from evil dhruv!!


    Oh my god druv already married with sharradah but how this can no always thapki weds bihaan .they love truly

    • Thahaan

      Guys thapki take five rounds with dhruv sapola after that bihaan come and stop wedding big fight between two brothers . after that may be thahaan take rounds . big twists and turns are coming .keep watching thapki pyaar ki at 7pm only on colors tv .

  23. pihoo

    Manish has said that tharuv will take 6 rounds but then bihan will stop the mairrage…..suspence

  24. nd2 crea

    Thnx a lot pihoo n thahaan fr telling abt this marriage thing. Hope to see thahaans marriage n their story

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