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Thapki Pyaar Ki 5th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan scolding Sakshi. Dhruv and everyone come there, and Dhruv says Paan told me everything. He scolds Sakshi as he trusted her a lot, she thought to start a show which she will host, she does not deserve this, as she is jealous. He says Thapki is here today by her good values and scolds her. Vasundara slaps Sakshi. Suman and Preeti worry that Sakshi can tell the truth about Thapki. Vasundara praises Thapki and scolds Sakshi. She asks Sakshi to get lost. Bihaan insults her too. Sakshi fumes and leaves.

Dhruv holds Thapki and cleans her spoiled kajal and lipstick. He asks her not to worry, he is always with her, they all are with her. He says if Bihaan was not here, don’t know what would have happened today, thanks a lot. He hugs Bihaan and they smile. Bihaan says

he can even die for Dhruv’s happiness and family’s safety. Sakshi is angry and says they all did this with me, how dare Vasundara slap me for stammering Thapki, I will not tell her about Thapki, she will get answer when Dhruv married Thapki.

Vasundara apologizes to Thapki and says nothing bad will happen now. Sakshi says Vasundara will get numberous slap from Thapki’s stammering words. Vasundara hugs Thapki. Dhruv asks Thapki to come. Thapki asks him to go, she will come in some time. She stops Bihaan and says he should have not done this. He asks what. She says you did wrong with Sakshi. Bihaan says he supported her. Thapki says Sakshi is a woman. Bihaan asks what about Dhruv doing and Vasundara slapping. Thapki says Dhruv is her boss and Vasundara is elder.

He says you just regard me wrong, I m mad to come for help, forgive me, we can never think alike. She leaves. He says Dhruv and her kundli matches, her kundli can never match with mine. Thapki is at home and messages Dhruv. She thanks him for the support. He smiles reading the message and says she deserves it, and she should get it, she is best girl of the world, she should get the best. She smiles reading the message and hugs the phone. She replies that she is lucky to get Dhruv, the best in the world. She says he is really the best and even his family, they make her feel so special. She sees some shadow and goes, while Aditi is sleeping.

Thapki wakes up Aditi and says thief has come in our house. Aditi says I think he went to mum’s home and go to beat him. They go to beat him, and get stunned seeing their brother Varun. They have a laugh. Aditi asks how did he come suddenly. He says he could not come last time in her marriage. Dhruv thinks Thapki slept and messages good night.

Varun says he has come to do all arrangements of the marriage. Aditi asks him to come tomorrow and see Dhruv. Varun says he will do all his duties. Its morning, Thapki and her family come to meet Dhruv. Aditi introduces Varun. Vasundara comes and greets them. She blesses Thapki. Suman and Preeti say that Vasundara should not know Thapki’s stammering.

Vasundara asks Poonam to see the jewelry, and jeweler shows them the designs. Kiran says she is late in shopping and collides with Varun. He says you did not see me. She says idiot, you are blaming me, my sandal worth 5000rs broke. He says sorry. She does not let him speak and scolds him. He calls Aditi asking her to get glue. She says you don’t know me. He says I know you are rich to spend 5000rs in sandal, think of repairing it with 5rs. Kiran asks how, you think you are smart. Aditi comes and asks why did he ask for glue. Varun applies glue and Kiran smiles knowing he is Thapki’s brother. Varun and Kiran shake hands. Aditi asks them to come.

Dhruv chooses a simple ring. Vasundara says this one, its good. She asks Kiran to see the ring for Dhruv. Bihaan says its plain, choose diamond ring like this one. Kiran says perfect, I think this is good. The jeweler says its worth 2 lakhs. Thapki’s family gets tensed.

Varun says they will buy that ring and asks Thapki not to worry. Preeti tells Suman that the ring is fake, and blames Thapki’s family.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. It’s a really good episode to watch.But what’s the percap??Day by day Bihaan is falling for Thapki.And Shakshi you got a good lesson…

  2. Nice epi….. Shaksi out from office excellent decision!!!!
    Varun entry was superb…

  3. Hey Puppy,I read the spoiler of Tellydhamaal 05th August.They said that Vasu will look for another girl as she heard some people talking about Thapki’s stammering.So,she will ask for Aditi’s hand and Dhruv will get married to her.And Bihaan will marry Thapki.Isn’t that stupid to see Aditi and Dhruv as a couple???

  4. now three very nice couples
    dhruvki biditi(bihaan aditi) and varin(varun kiran)
    ….plz dhruvki ki hi shaadi honi chaahiye naki bihaan aur thapki ki plzzz
    when I saw varun … that time only I got it that his entry is for Kiran…

  5. Wat at u saying druv and aditi .. Bihaan thapkir naaaa…..pls

  6. Thapki pyar ki

    I know so sad luv thruvki not thapki and bhihan

  7. good epi..donnt worry gizzz. our cute couple will together defenately …

  8. Oh no thapki and BihaanN
    Is it true?
    No…plz pls don spoil dhruvki chemistry…
    Dhruv thapki
    And now
    Varun kiran

  9. Surely Dhruv and thapki will get married at any cost. If it doesn’t happen then I think the show will loose all its TRP !!!

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