Thapki Pyaar Ki 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 5th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki telling that she is real Thapki and says this is the truth which I wanted to show you. She says Shraddha has worn my mask and used me to fulfill her motive. She says Shraddha is guilty of children. She asks how can you do this with children. Shraddha says children are just an excuse and says I want to take revenge from you and says I will snatch everything from you….I hate you. Thapki says if you had love in your life then your life would have been beautiful. She calls Inspector. Shraddha says she will return and take revenge from everyone present here. Inspector takes her.

Kesar and Monty apologize to Thapki. Monty apologize and stammers. Thapki keeps her hand on his shoulder. She requests Amma Maayi to change her mindset and don’t differentiate between

girl and boy. She asks Monty to take his weakness as his strength. She apologizes for the slap. Monty says you have slapped me for betterment. Thapki asks them to meet Bani before going. Kesar says they are sleeping. Monty says they have suffered a lot. Vasu praises Thapki. Amma Maayi and her family leave.

Bihaan comes to room and lifts the blanket. He sees Bani missing and wakes up Tina. Tina says she was sleeping here only. Bihaan calls Bani. Amma Maayi and her family bring Bani to temple for performing marriage. Bani asks her to leave her and says you said that you will leave me. Amma Maayi says she can’t ruin her reputation and says your mum brought you here. Bani is shocked. Kesar asks why you are doing this? Monty asks Kesar to keep quiet and says if this marriage don’t happen, then our respect will be ruined. She asks her to sit quietly. Bani refuses. Amma Maayi asks her to sit quietly and scares her. She asks Pandit ji to read the mantras. Bihaan calls Thapki and Bau ji. Vasu asks what happened? Thapki comes and asks what happened?

Bihaan says Bani is missing from the house and tells Thapki that if Amma maayi took Bani from here. Thapki says she apologized to us. Bihaan says you trust anyone easily.
Shraddha thinks Thapki is inauspicious and she was jailed as she has worn her mask. Constable comes and asks her to go, saying she got bail. Monty comes and says he bailed her out. He asks her to do his last work and shows the mask. Bani takes Prince’s phone and runs away from the mandap. Prince and goons run after her. Bani thinks to call Thapki. Bihaan says don’t know where they have taken Bani. Thapki gets Bani’s call. She asks are you fine? Bani says they have taken her to temple for getting her married. Thapki asks her not to worry and says I know everything. Bani is shocked and cries thinking Thapki is doing her marriage. She keeps phone down.

Thapki says we are coming there. Amma Maayi, Prince and her goons come there. Amma Maayi tells Bani that even God can’t save her now. Bihaan asks Thapki to tell what happened? Thapki says they have taken Bani to temple. Bihaan says Amma Maayi will not be saved if anything happens to my daughter. They sit in car. Amma Maayi asks Bani not to show cleverness and asks her to sit quietly.

Kesar asks Amma Maayi to let Bani go, and says she is just 8 years old. Amma maayi points gun at her and threatens to kill her. Bani is shocked. Amma Maayi asks Pandit to do marriage fast. Pandit ji asks amma Maayi to call Bani’s family. Monty says Thapki will do kanyadaan. Shraddha comes there wearing Thapki’s mask. Bani is shocked to see Thapki coming there to do kanyadaan. Shraddha tells that she is Bani’s mum and will do her kanyadaan. Shraddha says Mamma… Prince holds Bani’s hand. Amma Maayi says I told you that your mum wants you to marry. Bani asks where are everyone? Shraddha says this is your betterment. Amma Maayi asks her to marry and become rani. Bani says you love me naa Mamma. Shraddha says I hate you.

Amma Maayi shoots at Bihaan. Bihaan falls down in the valley. Thapki shouts Bihaan.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Episode is senseless…but precap???
    Samthosh Bhai…am gonna miss you buddies…pls comment.Manish farewell part completed…

    1. hey pooja precap made me cry no way Bihaan will die can’t believe that the cvs in the end will kill the hero of his show I don’t understand how the cvs think and I will never know …he can just make thahaan grow up and die and start new story with jigyasa and Manish but he never thinks right …..anyway finally Manish quite the dump show …☹️

    2. hello poo and sandy hw r u guys really miss our b phor bihaan pandeys and also badly miss my friends here

      1. if u guys have any social account .plz tell me

  2. pooja prabha

    Episode is senseless…but precap???
    Samthosh Bhai…am gonna miss you buddies…pls comment.Manish farewell party completed…

  3. Its my favourite serial but M extremely fed up because everytime things go wrong i don’t know wen there will b good times and yea so stupid how can anyone come out from the jail!!! please make it a better episode

  4. Could anyone confirm whether manish is leaving the show forever.I mean did they give any farewell party for it till now??

    1. Unfortunately yes it confirmed that Manish leaving forever ??

  5. Mani farewell is completed.

  6. Who is the new lead with jigyasa? (manyasa break up – don’t know right or wrong. I pry to Almighty for their friendship)

  7. Yasmin Kayani

    I can’t believe if it’s to be true -that the writers let mannish go, surely he is one of the main characters that help increase show ratings and without him what is Thapki- where is this drama heading, hope it doesn’t end up like the Titanic!

  8. CVS down down down…….tpk blow off air when I will hear the gud news tat tpk is blowing off air

  9. Simrank

    Precap made me cry a big hlo to all the thahaanians nd my frnds kudrat ,sandy,navami ,almabi,rinka di,juvi,sakshi , rifa, sadia, rafey, anu, aashu,vinolin sry if i missed somebody’s name how r u all? Ik guyzz we r gonna miss thahaan ,manyasa and mani badly nd m gonna miss monica too. I liked her. I cried when i saw precap nd i cried when i saw hia farewell but m happy coz he deserves better idk y am so much attached or addicted to mani…….love u mani nd gyzz we will talk to each other thahaan nd mani is always there in our hrts so good bye tpk wtng for the good news that tpk is going off air nd desperately wtng to see manyasa onscreen.. love u all we will stick together always gyzz afteall we r gajab fans of mani..

  10. Simrank

    Plz thahaanians stop watching this crap if u dnt wanna get hurt well as mani has left trps will fall more nd hi garima nd vinni

  11. I am praying that the show’s TRP drops the most and it goes off air…Hello all my friends… Take care all…I will sometimes visit here to read ff of other writers….don’t worry and do connect to me wherever possible. many of you are already in touch with me….juv, sakshi, vino,reshal,anu,pooja,sandy,vinni,simi, navi, kudrat, and the others (sorry for missing names) stay in touch guys

  12. Hey! Everyone pray that the TRP’s get so low that this goes off air… I don’t know what the CV’s are smoking… nothing makes sense. First you separated Dhruv and Thapki, Then tried hooking up Bihaan and Thapki, then tried getting Dhruv and Thapki back together, Bihaan and thapki start loving each other, then the typical agni pariksha BS, then the typical parent trap story line, now theyre going to get seperated again. Just stop! Love and Marriage are not a joke. Fire your your whole staff… or maybe read a freakin book that portrays love and tragedy. Even typing this comment is giving me high BP..can’t believe people watch this garbage. Watch Pakistani dramas or telenovelas..theyre so much better!

  13. What kind of people are this cvs of TPK exactly…?!
    They’re just love to creat evilness., hatred., misunderstanding..
    This cvs have no sense of goodness at all… so pathetic..!

  14. KUDRAT

    Guys please muje chor k mat jaoo..
    M ab baat kese krongi..

    1. hello kudrat kesi ho yr ?maine tpk ko bye kia tha tujhay nahi q k mujhay nahi pata k mai aj tpk dekh paoo ghi muj sai bihu ka death scene nahi dekha jaye gha .
      bhai saa kaha gayab hai .
      yr mai b nahi reh skti ap sb ko chod k pr ab tpk toh nahi dekhnay wali bs yeh show katam ho or jigs ki b jaan chhot jaye is tpk sai

      1. SANTHOSH

        hiiiiiii DRS…..??…
        ek time tha..⬇
        jeena yahaaaaa…. marna yahaaaaa iske siva jaana kahaaaaaa……. ????
        lekin, aaj ⬇
        tumse juda hokar… humhe door jaana hai…????
        ab forum open karneke liye mujhe dar lagtha hai…(bihaan ki moth)? kya karu aap sab se door jaane ka mann nahi hai na.. issliye dil mein patthar lagake bahuth mushkil se forum open kiya…??

      2. SANTHOSH

        “hi” ka mathlab Hello hai. lekin, yeh kannada word nahi.iss forum mein ek time tha…. hum sab friends hello ke badle mein hiiii…… use kiya karthe they. isko pehli baar use kiya ROSHNI forum ki poorani member aur meri achchi dhost……aur hum sab ghar mein kannada hi bolthe hai. mere alava ghar mein kisi ko hindhi nahi aatha…..


      hiii temater….✋
      kaise ho…!!??

      1. hello bhai chalay aap aa toh ghay .apko pata hai k mai kl he sb ko bye bye krnay wali thi pr kudrat k liay ruk ghai .mai us sai baat kiye begair nahi reh skti or jaisay jigs dukhi thi sb k janey sai waisay hm sb b toh dukhi hai is forum ko chod kr .
        okay waisay maine kaha tha k hi yeah hello ko kannada mai kya kehtay hai ?yeh mujhay b pata hai k hiiiii hello ko kehtay hai .
        waisay apko bye nahi boloo ghi .pr is forum sai ja rahay hai aap .mera dil nahi krta friends k liay aati hoo or specially temater k liay

  15. KUDRAT

    Humae mani abi pka kuch dino k lea jaipur ja rhe honge..

  16. He!!
    mera chona babu kha h…

    1. yehi hoo or kaha hoo yujhay chor kr kaha jana hai

      1. SANTHOSH

        hiiii DRS…
        aaj maine phir se IG account open kiya hai. lekin, kaise use karna hai abi tak kuch samaj mein nahi aah raha hai….aur yeh bhi patha nahi main aage iss ko use kartha hoo ya nahi??….isiliye maine tumhare liye tumhari B day page par 3 din pehle hi ek information diya hai. jaake ek baar check karo……..??

      2. bhai maine apka message padha apne toh mujhay or he rula dia .pata nahi q itna emotional ho ghai thi .mai apkai liay waha message chor doon ghi aap padh lijiay gha

      3. bhai kya matlab use ka nahi pata clear kr dena .or plz aaj ek defa zaroor aa jana plz plz q kl mera last epi tha pata nahi ajka dekha jaye gha k nahi .

  17. CVS and story writer of tpk get ready to get slipper beating from all fans

    Mind it cvs we r watching ur show oly for our thahaan ..change ur story track or surely u will get slipper beating from all tpk fans even god can’t spare u …we want thahaan not to seperated

  18. Vinolin.d

    So guys…Tpk is going to end tomorrow. I hate this illogical story line. I miss you guys…

  19. Terrible scripts,Ridiculous story lines.
    Oh and when we run out of ideas lets leap a few years ?
    No wonder the actors are leaving.

    Nothing makes sense anymore on half these soaps.
    If they are not stealing people houses,There stealing kids ?
    Is there no type of law in India ?
    Does anybody stay in jail ?

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