Thapki Pyaar Ki 4th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 4th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan and Thapki seeing each other and crying. Mai tere ishq mein……….plays………… He recalls their moments and her lies. He cries seeing the sketchbook, Bau ji and his sketch. Thapki sees this and recalls Bihaan’s love for Bau ji. She leaves from there.

Dhruv consoles Dadi and asks her to drink water, she did not eat anything till now. Dadi says no, my son is there in hospital, its my mistake, I have sent him to talk to Bihaan, Else this would have not happened. Dhruv takes Bhagwad Gita and asks how did you forget what is written in Gita, you always tell us, whatever happens is destined, but someone’s bad deeds can make destiny bad, Bihaan will get punished for this, Bau ji’s pain and Maa’s sufferings, and your tears….. Bihaan will be punished for

his bad deeds. Dadi cries and drinks water. She prays for Bau ji.

Dhruv thinks how should I console myself, what did Bihaan do with Bau ji. Shraddha looks on and thinks this is good step to get close to Dhruv and provoke him against my big enemy Bihaan. She asks Dhruv not to let Bihaan come out, he will kill all of us, he is not your brother, I don’t know why did Bau ji get such bad blood in our house. Dhruv defends Bihaan and says he did not plan this, he did this in anger, we all know he loses sense in anger, it does not mean he is murderer. She says I said this after seeing what he did with Bau ji. He says he did wrong, but I can’t make my thinking wrong, Bihaan is still my brother, this will always be the truth, Bihaan’s biggest enemy is his anger, and see he is away and became a criminal, but a criminal should be punished, whoever it is. She says yes, I was saying this, you appoint good lawyer. He asks her to take care of Maa and entire family. He leaves.

Its morning, Vasundara gets angry seeing Bihaan’s photo and breaks the frame in anger. Dhruv stops her and says I will get good lawyer, Bihaan will be punished. He gets a call and gets shocked. He says Bihaan got bail. Vasundara asks who did his bail, I will not let him stay in this house. She packs Bihaan’s clothes and belongings.

She gets angry and throws the bag outside. She says I have loved him as my own son, I will end all his memories, we all will end his memories, I will punish him, Bihaan is dead for all of us. She throws his photo frame on the ground. Bihaan comes there and they all look at him. Bihaan asks Vasundara why did he do his bail. She shouts enough, and scolds him. She denies of doing the bail. He says but I got to know Pandey family bahu did my bail, who did this, if not you. Thapki comes and says I have done that.

Thapki says I trust Bihaan completely, I know he can never hurt Bau ji, so I did his bail. Vasundara asks Thapki why did she do this, she was here when Bihaan has harmed Bau ji. Thapki says yes, I have seen everything, Bihaan’s fight and Bau ji’s anger, I have seen how Bau ji fell infront of us, but my heart is not ready to believe my eyes, I can’t believe Bihaan can hurt Bau ji. Dhruv says Thapki, Bihaan insulted you, you are believing him, why. She says what Bihaan told me and did with Bau ji, there is difference, he is angry with me, you all know how well he stays with Bau ji, he can never stab Bau ji.

She holds Vasundara’s hand and says Maa, you know Bau ji’s importance in Bihaan’s life, the man who touches Bau ji’s feet in morning than going temple, how can he hurt Bau ji, he can not do this. Vasundara says Bihaan has stabbed my husband, he has done this, you can ignoring having seen all that, but I can’t be blind.

Vasundara scolds Thapki and asks her to just say if she is with Bihaan or them. Thapki looks at them and Bihaan. She stands with Vasundara. Vasundara looks at Bihaan. Thapki folds hands and says Maa, I m with Bihaan. Vasundara and everyone get shocked.

Thapki says you always use right hand, but whoever attacked Bau ji is leftie, I m sure Bihaan is innocent, I will prove this. She stands against the family for Bihaan.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. anu

    love u thapki
    i know u will support bihaan
    may both of them again leave PN and live somewhere else
    & there love track start

  2. ishu(Tamil Ponnu)

    wow……nw thapki’s full support bihaan…..yahu……thahaan track start….im wating yar….

  3. mouni

    bihaan is not her own son(vasu) so she is throwing out from pn …thapki support him

  4. dev

    Hey guys this mess will get over proofing bihan innocent and again he will be in pandey nivs then turn 4 shrada 2 blame thapki on her drama there bihan will come and stand 4 thapki there comes the realisation waiting 4 that its the start

  5. jahnabi

    I hope it is the starting of Thahaan luv track? Common thapki prove bihan right & leave that Pandey Nivas…..How can they forget what bihan had done for vasu ,bauji,& for the family….after proving innocent bihan & thapki should leave pN…?….

  6. Maira

    I was completly sure, that bihaan can’t stab his bauji who gave him shelter,who gave him name,reputation and every thing,i’m also with u thapki! Go for it! I know that you will be with bihaan:-) i really love thapki’s role:-)

  7. Ally

    Good episode….
    Thapki will stand for Bihaan….. ??
    Today I like Druv’s attitude towards Bihaan.. when Shraddha instignated him against Bihaan he is not supported her and he just said he wants to punish the culprit for crime…
    . nice

  8. Fatarajo

    Even if current track of the show is nonsense but I m loving the fact that Thapki is supporting Bihaan. Yaar wen Bihaan’s character wise everyone is like Bihaan rocks and when stupid Bihaan is stupid. But when Thapki character is stupid Thapki is stupid but when her character is wise no one cares. So unfair cmon show ka naam hain Thapki Pyaar ki. Thapki rocking these days not the show but the character ab sirf thahaan ka love track ka intezaar hain I know it’s for along time but please start it within this month it’s a request from all TPK-thahaan fans

  9. Nasreen(chennai)

    yes… i know thapki will surely support bihaan.
    but now.. wat will bihaan do?
    again angry or normal?
    (Bauji drama) i think there is some conversation or some secret behind in before accident.
    Adhu bauji hospital lendhu vandhadha theriyum.
    i think bauji coma is also a drama…

    • raaz

      nasreen hav u noticed that a boy already cmmnted days before that do any one thnk that these was a pln btwn bauji and behan .. ys it was me .. i too had a dbt that it was a drama

      • Maira

        Is it really true raaz? It’s bihaan and bauji’s plan? But why they are doing this? When all the family lived with thapki in the cowshed,they only wanted to know that why thapki has accused vasundra for stealing the necklace,but wo to unhe pehle hi pata chal gaya tha phir wo ye drama kiun kar rahe hain?

    • raaz

      plz check d cmmnts on 1st may epi… afnaz also had the same dbt that there is a drama btwn bauji and bhn to knw thapkis reaction

    • Kana

      Innum thapkiku avan mela love ellam onnum varala,athu naddamai range ku neethida,nermaida,niyayamda appidinnu than josikuthu.
      Muthalla thapkiya avan kaapathinan ippa bihaan ah thapki kaapatha pokuthu ippidiye mathi mathi kappathidde irunga ennaiku than kudumpam nadatha porengalo therila

      • reji

        Spr kana…pakalam may 31st munnala THAHAAN lv track start aaguthanu.apdi vanthuna namma kandippa varuthapadatha tpk valibar sangam thodanga vendithu than

      • reji

        spr kana…pakalam may 31st munnadi thahan lv trak start aaguthanu.if so ,i thnk u remember wat v hav to do.jst team up?

      • Kana

        Nengalum naanum than sangam amaikirathila theevirama irukom,vera yarum namma kooddanila serra mathiri therila ippidiye pona sangatha kalaika vendi vanthirum,so as a seyalalara vilambaram panni sangathuku urupinargala serka vendiyathu ungaloda poruppu ok 🙂

      • Nasreen(Tamil chennai)

        sorry.. raaz.. i didnt noticed..may be …
        kana….. haha….ha…..ha…hahahahaha.. super kana
        sema tension agitinga pola

      • Kana

        Hehe 🙂 Actually nasreen team form panrathe nenga kudutha idea than so nenga than thalaivar pathaviya ethukanum enaku porulalar pathavi kaaliya than irukku naan atha ethukiran 🙂 seekirama oru strong team ah form panna than future la manish kidda tamil cinema industryku vara solli request panna vasathiya irukum :p
        Appuram yarellam raj tv tpk da tamil dub indra parkirathu?

      • abi

        I will support u pa….still now thapki did not realise her love …who s her lover?its my biggest que…she have respect on dhruv…affection on bihaan…then love???????she s stupid…that only i know sure

      • Kana

        Yah abi,everybody have the doubt but nobody have the answer for it 🙁
        Let’s wait and see

  10. Prtibha

    Wow Thapki..that’s called a real life partner n m just surprise that everyone has brain n know bihaan since his childhood so y they couldn’t notice anything n how easily they believed that bihaan can do this but i like dhruv’s lines more.he said right that criminal should b punished n still in positive shade..n good thing is for sometimes shraddha’s drama is stopped..Thahaan Forever n i hope k ab bihaan realise kr lega k Thapki is still good by heart..

  11. Tiara tara

    I loved todays episode. But i feel sad for bihaan. That make me cry. Nice thapki take a stand for bihaan. Nobody leave panday nivas before bauji get his concious back. Thank you dhruv for what he said against shraddhas bad intention. Waiting for tmrw. Thahaan rockz. Love u bihaan. Superb acting.

  12. sag

    bhad me jay thahaan track

    thapki jaldi bihaan ko B 4 begunah or B 4 bekasoor prove karo….

    I want to see all members of family apologies to bihaan.

  13. tintu mon

    I think the culprit is that bakery wale आदमी ा ( whom tharuv once defeated when tapki was working with druv ). Bcoz bauji made put him in jail. & when they tried to attack tharuv Bihaan saved them but that man & his son was saved they R alive .

  14. This time thapki turn to support bihaan againts all family member to prove bihaan inocent….luv u thapki( i hope also realise his mistake )

  15. COMPLETELY A SUPERB EPISODE……iam really happy Thapki supports Bihaan.i think after the realization of truth THAHAAN will leave the PN together….Bihaan pls forgive her.

  16. Prtibha

    Tanq dev for this info N m just hoping k they should start this track soon….eagerly waiting for that…but i think that after shraddha’s truth revelation makers will try to make it tharuv or just pretend to do so but they will b thahaan…

  17. Rachana

    Good 2 see thapki standing for truth….nd really love u dhruv…ur attitude makes u a different person d way u thought abt bihaan clearly shows dat u have no negative feelings for bihaan…nd iam highly relaxed as shraddha’s evil thoughts nd drama are stopped…hope d real culprit soon gets caught…but 1thing seriously nonsense abt indian serials is dat d hero nd heroines themselves become detectives always…toh police kya bhelpuri khane ke liye hain…?

    • Mridula

      Haha..right! Woh main leads ko koi jaroorat nahi padhti police ki..unko sab aata hai..??
      And police bhelpuri nahi aaj kal toh mangoes ka season bihaan laaya tha itne saare wahi khane ke lie hai..???????

    • Roshni

      Police soo rahe hai… dats hw thapki walked in n out of jail like its her sasuraal?. May b thapki cn do anothr sting operation now.

  18. Mridula

    At last can see the start of thahaan track..good thapki is taking side of him. At the she said it right bihaan is angry with her..but cannot do anything to bauji. Hopefully now bihaan realizes that thapki never changed. ??

  19. ♡Neetu♡

    Anvi I second u. …even I think it’s done man who fought with Pn Bahus. ……or will it be a drama btw bihaan bauji?

  20. neetu

    Anvi I second u. ..Even I think it’s d same guy who fought with PN Bahus. .or will it be a drama bet bihaan and bauji?

  21. ammi

    i love the ongoing track but now the makers have started to show same precaps whichh is the worst part. they are using precap option to show promo’s. i seriously believe they should know the difference between a promo and a precap.

  22. Malaika P-L

    Wow!!? She should’ve left Bihaan in jail a bit longer to cool off (if U get what I mean).

  23. Roshni

    Todays episode ws better…. atleast the mean arguments b/w thahaan is getin over. Else its alwys “im sorry” n “tune mera dil thoda”. Druvs attitude ws gud too. I dont see the logic in entire family..even dadi thnkin bihaan cud hurt bauji. Dont thse ppl knw hm at al?! Vasu of all ppl shud understand tht if bihaan cud danz to her tunes like a puppet n worship her…then imagine wat he’l do for baujis sake. Nywys…. no point in logics. Btw… Manish is conveyin pain n remorse well….despite al the rude dialogues…he stil gives bihaan a certain aura of innocence n charm… the way he ws lukin at thapki in jail…. as though on the verge ofsayin “i dont mean wat i say”

  24. Nimisha

    Another good episode in my opinion.

    Poor Bihan, how quickly his family have forgotten what Bauji means to him. Good for Thapki supporting him. She knows him like Bauji knows him.

    Vasu has now got her own way. She always was anti Bihan and now her real feelings towards him are coming out, it’s sad that her ‘nice’ avatar didn’t last very long. Also sad that she doesn’t seem to accept any responsibility for the problems between Thapki and Bihan.

    Looking forward to Friday Ning out what happened with Bauji. BIhan has a habit of letting people believe the worst in him. His friend Paan was the only one who knew this about him. Now he has Thapki to believe in him. Good on Thapki, finally she’s using that intelligent brain of hers to do some good instead of tryingvtonprove how worthy a Bahu she is to Vasu.

    Poor Dadi and poor dhruv. Felt sorry for them both as they are both devastated not only bybwhatvhappened to Bauji but also about Bihan.

    Nice to see Suman back too.

    Manish in the cell and outside PN was awesome. He plays Bihan so well.

  25. Sam

    Well, guys thank you for the update. Since, i was veyr sad to see bihaan in jail that i couldn’t even bear to watch the show. Well, finally good job Tapki for standing with BIhaan,. Bihaaan we all know you are soo innnocent. Now, drop your anger and find the truth. Plzzzzzzz. we all love you bihaan and tapki. THAHAHHAHAHANNNN Rock’s.

    Looking forward to see more epidsode. Please start kardoo nah Thaahaan track.

  26. Bihaan

    These pandey nivwas people are so hypocritics….the day before they were saying that thapki can never be wrong ,she is god…..and now they are not believing her …i mean wtf stick to your point you idiots,well vasu’s behaviour was quite acceptable as she can never change but dadi uff!

  27. sunaina

    I think it’s dhruv……. who killed baujii or it’s a plan to teach a lesson for bihaan to prove him that thapki loves him…and can’t cheat him…..

  28. thaaruv

    Plz sunaina ….dont think like that…how can dhruv kill his father just to take revenge on bihaan…dhruv loved his father very much..but dhruv doesnt likes some of his works…..dhruv is an innocent guy….love u dhruv….waiting for thaaruv reunion…..♡♥♥♥♥♡

  29. Tharuv union is not worth waiting for…………………………………….. dhruv is a gud guy…..hpe thahaan unite soon….. and dhruv get a new, pretty and gud girl………………out of d pangs of shraddha….. d chudail..

  30. reji

    k.kana bt epdi thodangaruthunu mothala yosikanum .athakaprama members ku vilamparam frst athu epdinu yosinka

    • Kana

      Hehe 🙂 nenga sangam amaikirathila theliva than irukenga ponga 🙂
      Aana unmai ennana sathiyama eppidi panrathunu enaku theriyave theriyathu 🙁
      I think nasreenku therinjirukum bcz intha idean kuduthathe ava than 🙂
      NASREEN plz cme and clear our doubt

      • Nasreen(Tamil chennai)

        hai ma.. sangam arambikiradhula theliva irunkinga pola.
        I said .. i thought to start frnds team those who r interested tell me about that…
        i thinking about how to make frnds team together..anybody have a idea?

  31. reji

    k.kana.ithula tension aaga onnumila.namaku pudicha stars a namma suport panrom,promote panrom.ithu fan oda kadama. bt epdi thodangaruthunu mothala yosikanum .athakaprama members ku vilamparam frst athu epdinu yosinka

    • Kana

      OMG!!!! Reji don’t worry ,there is no need for any promotions for good actors.
      Just check the link that i have shared above
      Our manish almost near to varun kapoor,i think before 7’o clock our manish will be the leader and check the comments under the voting poll i think we can’t find a comment without manish’s name 🙂

  32. krishnai aka ww

    A Note to all colors Serial’s fans:

    I had made a poll for colors serials to vote for the best serial and Jodi…. Pls do vote for your favorite Jodi and serial.

    Thank you.

  33. jahnabi

    All Manish friends pls vote for Manish in the link given by KANA in her comment…See Kana’s comment & vote Manish….?

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