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Thapki Pyaar Ki 4th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan and Thapki seeing each other and crying. Mai tere ishq mein……….plays………… He recalls their moments and her lies. He cries seeing the sketchbook, Bau ji and his sketch. Thapki sees this and recalls Bihaan’s love for Bau ji. She leaves from there.

Dhruv consoles Dadi and asks her to drink water, she did not eat anything till now. Dadi says no, my son is there in hospital, its my mistake, I have sent him to talk to Bihaan, Else this would have not happened. Dhruv takes Bhagwad Gita and asks how did you forget what is written in Gita, you always tell us, whatever happens is destined, but someone’s bad deeds can make destiny bad, Bihaan will get punished for this, Bau ji’s pain and Maa’s sufferings, and your tears….. Bihaan will be punished for

his bad deeds. Dadi cries and drinks water. She prays for Bau ji.

Dhruv thinks how should I console myself, what did Bihaan do with Bau ji. Shraddha looks on and thinks this is good step to get close to Dhruv and provoke him against my big enemy Bihaan. She asks Dhruv not to let Bihaan come out, he will kill all of us, he is not your brother, I don’t know why did Bau ji get such bad blood in our house. Dhruv defends Bihaan and says he did not plan this, he did this in anger, we all know he loses sense in anger, it does not mean he is murderer. She says I said this after seeing what he did with Bau ji. He says he did wrong, but I can’t make my thinking wrong, Bihaan is still my brother, this will always be the truth, Bihaan’s biggest enemy is his anger, and see he is away and became a criminal, but a criminal should be punished, whoever it is. She says yes, I was saying this, you appoint good lawyer. He asks her to take care of Maa and entire family. He leaves.

Its morning, Vasundara gets angry seeing Bihaan’s photo and breaks the frame in anger. Dhruv stops her and says I will get good lawyer, Bihaan will be punished. He gets a call and gets shocked. He says Bihaan got bail. Vasundara asks who did his bail, I will not let him stay in this house. She packs Bihaan’s clothes and belongings.

She gets angry and throws the bag outside. She says I have loved him as my own son, I will end all his memories, we all will end his memories, I will punish him, Bihaan is dead for all of us. She throws his photo frame on the ground. Bihaan comes there and they all look at him. Bihaan asks Vasundara why did he do his bail. She shouts enough, and scolds him. She denies of doing the bail. He says but I got to know Pandey family bahu did my bail, who did this, if not you. Thapki comes and says I have done that.

Thapki says I trust Bihaan completely, I know he can never hurt Bau ji, so I did his bail. Vasundara asks Thapki why did she do this, she was here when Bihaan has harmed Bau ji. Thapki says yes, I have seen everything, Bihaan’s fight and Bau ji’s anger, I have seen how Bau ji fell infront of us, but my heart is not ready to believe my eyes, I can’t believe Bihaan can hurt Bau ji. Dhruv says Thapki, Bihaan insulted you, you are believing him, why. She says what Bihaan told me and did with Bau ji, there is difference, he is angry with me, you all know how well he stays with Bau ji, he can never stab Bau ji.

She holds Vasundara’s hand and says Maa, you know Bau ji’s importance in Bihaan’s life, the man who touches Bau ji’s feet in morning than going temple, how can he hurt Bau ji, he can not do this. Vasundara says Bihaan has stabbed my husband, he has done this, you can ignoring having seen all that, but I can’t be blind.

Vasundara scolds Thapki and asks her to just say if she is with Bihaan or them. Thapki looks at them and Bihaan. She stands with Vasundara. Vasundara looks at Bihaan. Thapki folds hands and says Maa, I m with Bihaan. Vasundara and everyone get shocked.

Thapki says you always use right hand, but whoever attacked Bau ji is leftie, I m sure Bihaan is innocent, I will prove this. She stands against the family for Bihaan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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