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Thapki Pyaar Ki 4th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with people cheering for Badshah. Thapki comes there and does not see Bihaan. She calls out Bihaan. Debie gives 2000rs to Bihaan as the prize money and asks why did you prefer to hide and take money. He says I don’t want my family to know this, thanks for giving me this chance. She says you can come to accept such chance again, this happens daily. He thanks her and goes. Thapki worries and says I will call Maa and Bau ji. Bihaan pats on her shoulder. She gets shocked. He asks what is she doing here. She says I m here to find you, where were you. He says you are worrying as if I m 2 year old kid, I went to earn money, see I earned 2000rs.

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asks how did you earn, how did you get hurt. He recalls. She asks did he earn by wrong way. He says no, I earned by working hard, I fell in restaurant when I went to work and spoke to manager, I took this money as advance. She says it means manager is happy with your work. He says everyone is happy with me, except you. She tells about earnings by hardwork. She feels sorry to hide truth from her, as she won’t regard this money right. Her feet is hurt and he lifts her in arms to take her. She argues and he drops her down. She says we will not get auto at this time, I will walk slowly. He says I can’t let you walk, wait, I will do some arrangement. He sees a flat trolley and asks her to sit on it. She asks how. He makes her sit and sits behind her.

He says see how we reach Pandey Nivaas now while talking to air, we will save money. She screams and asks him to apply brake. He says there is no brake. She says we will hit someone, I don’t want to die, do anything. He says I don’t want to die too, I m little, just Lord can stop this. They both scream. She says our home came, stop it. He takes her shawl and holds it against ground. They stop near Pandey Nivaas. She asks him not to do this again. He asks why did you sit. She says I said, as you got stubborn. They argue again.

She asks him not to worry, they can earn 10000rs by tomorrow, if Lord wills, I will do stitching and you can do double work in restaurant. He nods. Aditi wakes up and sees the rashes on her hands. She wonders how did this happen and sees so many ants on her bed. She thinks how did this happen, I did not eat anything on the bed yesterday. She thinks who did this.

Dhruv gets ready for office. Shradda comes from washroom and smiles seeing him. She dries her hair and puts water on his face. He gets shocked and says your hair… she says I m sorry. He asks don’t you use hair dryer. She says I do, its not working, long hair don’t dry soon, will you help me in drying my hair, else I will catch cold. He says its very late. She says it will take just 5mins and again pats her hair on his face. He gets tensed and rushes out of the room. She smiles.

Bihaan meets Debie and says I want 10000rs today. Debie says fine, but fight will be big, this is cage fight, you and your contender will be locked in the cage, the first one who takes keys and opens lock will win, its dangerous fight, think and decide, so are you ready for this fight.

Bihaan says yes, I m ready, I have no time to think. She says fine, then sign this. He asks whats this. She tells about the contract, if he dies during the fight, organizing committee will not be responsible for this. She suggests him not to risk his life. He recalls Shraddha’s words and says my Dadi says self esteem is more than life, its about my self esteem, I will fight. He signs on the contract and gives her.

Aditi takes bath. Diwakar’s mum asks is any itching happening. She asks about Diwakar’s gift. Aditi asks what gift. Diwakar’s mum says Diwakar gave you jalebi, did you get it. Aditi thinks Diwakar did this and gets angry.

Shraddha and Vasundara come to Thapki. Shraddha tells Thapki that its last day today and Thapki can’t earn 10000rs. She asks Thapki to start packing.

Thapki gets her bag. Vasundara taunts Thapki saying she could not earn money. Thapki gets money and shocks them. Thapki says Bihaan and I together earned this money, you can keep this now and I will give rest of the money later. Shraddha asks how did you get this money. Thapki says Bihaan and I worked by hardwork, 1200 by stitching and 2000 Bihaan earned from restaurant, he went there today also. Vasundara asks what, and calls manager. She asks him did Bihaan come for work. The manager says no, I fired him yesterday itself, I will not keep him if he comes. Thapki gets shocked. Vasundara says Bihaan’s truth and lie are known to you now, he lied that he earned by working as waiter.

Bihaan as Badshah enters the cage fight. Lukka champion comes there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Now enough……… this serial is toooooooo much draggggging…………..I think in the next janam only they will reveal shraddha and vasu’s truth………but loved thahan nok jhok……..only for this I see this serial………..

  2. Ohh God thak chukiyumae
    when will this Idiot Thapki reveal the truth to the family… I Don’t know

  3. Nice episode…….

  4. The current track somewhat reminds me of the movie Brothers , and I know Bihaan can defeat the wrestler somehow and maybe Thapki will have a part to play
    But nowadays, TPK is dragging way too much , is giving a tough competition to KKB even my aunt can’t believe that TPK is not an ekta show,

  5. Loved Thahaan trolley journey.
    Too much dragging when will the truth come out..

  6. Nice episode. Thahaan scenes were so cute.???

  7. I really really hate that vasu and that scare crow sharda. When the hell are them both will get exposed.

  8. thahaan nok jhok was Gud but the rest is ok-ok types.

  9. gud episode

  10. I like shradha acting she portrays her character very well…I love thahaan scenes

  11. lovely episode,specially their trolly journey………at the sametime,writerji…its tooo much of dragging.i hope coming episodes wouldbe better.

  12. I love scenes with thahaan..but the fights they have are pushing them apart. I am trying hard to find a way they could be together since vasu..hates thapki

    And it’s important to thapki that her in laws love her…:(

  13. I am full kush seeing the THAHAAN scene in today episode. …….?
    I think fan demand the truth of marriage is not coming in 2016 …….? This year only dragging guy’s. ….?

  14. nyz epiii
    thahaaan rockz

  15. Hand trolly cart scene of thahaan was awsome….njoyed a lot…

  16. Just saw the to love thahaan it’s always exciting when they get together. Their relationship is not boring like Druv and his ugly witch of a wife..

    Shradda and Vasu…just Evil…

  17. Nice story, but do not stretch it much. Bihaan and Thapki scenes are good.

  18. I really dont watch this serial but had a glance yesterday, ” What a STUPID SERIAL it is” . There is a I PHONE 6 in Heroine’s hand , if they want money they can sell that phone naa???? . They can easily earn 30,000 .It shows the illogical level of the serial lovers and the director…THE COLORS TV IS THE ONLY STUPID CHANNEL WHICH SHOWS ALL THE SHIT ,THE STORIES OF SERIALS IN THIS CHANNEL ARE DO DISGUSTING. HERO-HEROINE NEVER MARRIES, THE REALITY OF VILLIANS NEVER COME IN FRONT.OHH GOD SAVE THIS STUPID COLORS TV SERIAL LOVERS…………..

    1. Come on…it’s a soap opera. Relax..the channel is great ..

      1. Yes…I agree with you. ..
        Colours Chanel is very good. ….

  19. I am agree with u …’colors TV hater’ but it’s just a serial…..there are so many mismatching scenes/things in each serial …..

  20. vasundara aur sharadha ko phasi de dena
    and bihaan rocks

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