Thapki Pyaar Ki 4th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 4th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki recalling all the romantic moments with Bihaan. She tries to cover the mirror and lift it. Bihaan comes there and helps her. They have an eyelock. She thanks him. He says welcome and goes to sleep on the couch. She smiles seeing him. He cleans the couch and turns to her. She turns away as if she was not staring at him. He takes water to drink. He looks at Thapki and pours water in glass. The water overflows and falls on the couch. Thapki sees this. Bihaan is lost in her sight. She says Bihaan, water….. He realizes and checks the couch. He says it all became drenched. She says its fine. He says no, I have to sleep on drenched sofa all night. She takes his sheet and arranges a pillow for him on the bed. He gets nervous.

Thapki too gets anxious and goes to her

side of the bed. Bihaan holds the sofa and is tensed. He shuts the room’s door. She gets tensed and looks the other way. Bihaan goes to other side of the bed and sits, slowly and thinking. Thapki too sits on her side of bed and looks at him. They both get tensed and catch each other’s sight. Bihaan lies down. Thapki too lies down. They both maintain some distance. Music plays……….. They see each other and feel but awkward. They both get up and sit. Their hands meet and make them feel more tensed. Ranjhana…………plays………….. Bihaan and Thapki take their blankets. She lies down covering herself with her blanket. He keeps a pillow between them and lies down covering himself. They turn to the other side and sleep.

Its morning, Bihaan hugs the pillow in sleep and says Thapki…… Thapki wakes up and hears him saying her name. She opens the door. He says I love you Thapki. She runs outside. Sanjay and Ashwin come there. Bihaan says say I love you once, Thapki tell me. Sanjay and Ashwin smile. Bihaan holds Sanjay’s hand and says Thapki, say I love you. Ashwin signs Sanjay. Sanjay says I love you too Bihaan. Bihaan wakes up and gets shocked seeing them. He asks when did you come. Sanjay says when you were hugging Thapki. Bihaan says no…. Ashwin says now Thapki told you I love you, go and hug her. Bihaan says I was just…. Sanjay says no, hug her in reality.

Ashwin says she is your wife, its your right. Sanjay says Bihaan has no courage, he can’t do this. Bihaan says you both are provoking me. Ashwin says we are doing good, he is doubting. Sanjay says fine, we are challenging you, if you have manhood, go and hug her. Ashwin says be a man Bihaan, accept the challenge, you hug this pillow. Bihaan throws pillow and says see my courage now, I will hug Thapki today itself. He goes to washroom. Ashwin asks do you think he can do this.

Sanjay and Ashwin tell everyone that Bihaan is going to hug Thapki today. They all ask what. Preeti says we will go and see. Dadi says no one will go, its between a husband and wife.

Bihaan comes downstairs and sees Thapki. He thinks why am I worried, I just have to hug her, show some courage. He goes to Thapki. She asks what happened, why are you staring like this. He says no, actually…. I want courage. She asks courage, for what? He says I want to………….

He says I want courage for cutting all these vegs. She says everyone wants to have Chinese. He asks her to make khichdi. She says no, I have to boil noodles now. He says fine, I will help you. She says you did not do this work till now, why today. He says I m helping you, and you are….. He helps her. He sits close and tries to hold her. She says Bihaan, give me Shimla Mirch. He gives her and sits peeling the matar. He thinks to get courage and hug Thapki. He stands up and holds her shoulder. Thapki looks at him. Everyone hide and look on. Thapki gets up being nervous and asks him what were you doing. He says I want to hug you. She gets shocked. Everyone smile. Bihaan says again, I want to hug you. Thapki gets away and stops.

She asks Bihaan to leave her and holds her dupatta. She turns and sees her dupatta stuck in sofa. Everyone smile seeing them. Bihaan holds Thapki’s hand. Thapki gets tensed. Ranjhana…………plays………… She says leave me, anyone will see. They look around. He says there is no one around. Everyone look on hiding and smile. Bihaan and Thapki have an eyelock.

Bihaan holds Thapki’s hand and stops her. Yeh moh moh ke dhaage……………plays……… they get close.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. ub

    Superb episode… I’m unable to control my happiness… awesome thahaan .. keep rocking… ???

    • Roshni

      They do evrythin reverse… married… shared a room… danced…. bihaan hs liftd thapki so many tyms….. fought like typical married couples… sacrificed so much for eachtohr.. hugged…. .confessd love and ab jake sharamile ban gaye. They thot lets add some silly shyness to the equation.

  2. Tamil ponnunga-Shobi(12)

    Devudaaaaa……what a romantic episode and it was funny too.I loved it a lot. Tamil pengale nenachadhu nadandha sandhosam enaku….inime edhir paatha maadhiri fulla romance dhan…romance paakave mudiyaama evlo kastapattom ippadhan nimadhiyaa iruku.

  3. Tamil ponnunga-fira (16)

    Wow….super epi…but always thapki show some attitude…..poor bihaan….thahaan scenes are awesome….waiting for next epi….

  4. anu

    very awesome

    bt family members will spoil their moments

    sanjay Ashwin will fall down & than banggg thahaan will separate…..
    Everyone will come out
    thahaan went from there hurridely

    Moh moh ke dhagge my favr8 song….
    Love u thahaan

  5. Tamil ponunga - Adithi(7)

    Wow.. Full of tahaan.. Cute.. But only for 1 or 2 days.. Not daily uh..!! Show have to move on..
    Hiii sag.. U r so cool yaar.. Replying every comments.. Well done..
    Hey friends.. Neenga ellarum enna feel panringa.. About the episode..

    • Tamil ponnunga-fira (16)

      Hai adithi …i am fira…ama innaikku epi sema super…yes u r correct romance scene eppaiyavathu iruntha than nalla irukkum….daily ore romance scene na bore adikkum…..

      • Tamil ponunga - Adithi(7)

        Hi fira.. Ama correct.. Papom ippo nalla dan iruku.. But Thapki ku oru family irunduchu Ada katavae illa parunga..

    • sag

      Hi adithi…

      hahaheha… 🙂 actually here everyone’s comment is so nice n some of them is too good that why I can’t control myself from replying…

      🙂 🙂

  6. anu

    There awkwardness, there shyness much enjoyed by me….

    want thahaan marriage again??

    🙂 🙂
    🙂 🙂 🙂
    We love u thahaan

    i have request director & he msg me yes thahaan remarriage track soon

    so yipeee
    I m much excited

  7. truelove

    awwweee…..what an episode. bihaan why so be nervous….. just go and hug her. but moment will going to spoiled. but still it will be fun. can’t wait for next epi.
    yaar koi new manyasa Iv aaya k nahi. plz link bhejo.

  8. ragni

    Ok this looks good seeing bihaan and thththapki together .I’m just waiting when the criminal comes back afterall he said the story did not enď☺

  9. Thanks amena for fast updates…….i luv u are the cutest jodi of tellyworld….hope in your real life it becomes true….

    • ammu

      no it will not …. it is sure because ankith and jigasya [druv and thapki] are real life couples .it was love at first sight and they will be soon tying their knot

      • Ally

        We can’t predict anything yaar…..
        Celebrity life is so different…
        Partying ,Dating,live in relationships-Breakup
        Marriage-Break up…. Again same
        So confusing… ??
        They are very different from the characters they are portraying onscreen. We consider them as their character.
        Inbetween some of them have a firm stand and good family life……

  10. Fatarajo

    today’s episode was toooo cute everything was so nice just awesome haha the water part and hug part was very funny poor Bihaan 😛 and precap is so romantic OMG cant wait 😛

  11. Fatarajo

    oh someone asked me in yesterday’s update that what I do and where I m from right? Okay I m from singapore and I m studying engineering first year

  12. Keturah

    You know how everyone says the movie the Notebook is one of the most romantic movies ever….I think these last few episodes of Thapki are even more romantic…simply awesome!!!?????

    • Fatarajo

      I dont think so because in beginning show had low trp which is why it seemed maybe it will end on 344 episodes but later trp increased and also once it come in top 5 so i think that’s why colors let TPK run for more episodes I m not actually so sure, but i fear it may end soon due to low trps next week at least it should get high trps if not I will lose hope in hindi serials as two of my fav shows (krpkab n edkv on sony) have low trps but luckily its finite series I dont want an abrupt end for TPK like MATSH no way

  13. Tamil ponnunga-fira (16)

    Super ra irunthuchu innaikku epi……innimel thahaan romance scene than…but family members yenthan ippadi pandrangane theriyala thahaan na free ya vidave matreanguraga..but bihaan nervous arathu romba cute ta irunthuchu….Tamil ponnunga cmnts pannunga ma…..I am waiting for our comments…..

    • sag

      diyA episode of Sunday to Thursday retelecast 4 time but episode of Friday n Saturday not retelecast…

      some time Saturday + Sunday’s episode is telecast on Monday 2 a.m to 3 a.m but it’s not fix n sure 🙂

  14. ammu

    OMG OMG OMG what an episode feeling cute imagining the episodes. it was really a good episode i will never forget this epi in my life

    i have one doubt where did druv went. i think ankit have left the show . there was a news that he is going to host some other show. praying for shradda to be good …..

  15. Umarani

    Nice episode, but I miss the show, I am looking forward to see the thapki pyar ki show in the Tamilnadu aarsu cable.

  16. Umarani

    Please telecast colorstv channel in the Tamilnadu aarsu cable in Coimbatore dist, Tamilnadu


    too cute episode. …
    aaj tho thahaan eki bed pe sogaye… lekin kall kya hoga aur kaha soyega bihaan…..!!!!????

    please dadi maa sofa ko store room ka raasthaa dikhaye……
    Muje romance ke liye nahi…… bihaan ka moti buddhi pyar dekhna a iss liye…!!!!

    • Roshni

      Jus saw epi. Lol… room mein kisne diye jalaye. Romanz keliye nahi to kya current chala gaya dha kya?!???no prob. Hopefully bihaan wil keep the diya on the sofa and it wil get burnd. So bistar- sofa ka problm solved??. Hmmm they shud name their daughtr as diya

  18. Anjana

    Anyone else facing problem with colors on sundirect? It suddenly stopped working for me 2 days back! Arggh missing all the fun stuff!

  19. carol

    i lvu it lot……i cant control my happiness………enaku itha episode roma roma peduchu irruku……enna’la en sirepa control pannave modiyala…..bihaan action cute’da irruku

  20. Tamil ponnuga-Nisi (11)

    Hi friends na innaiku episode ah pakkala.., miss panniten, update ah than read panniruken,so epdi comment panrathunu therila. Update and comments ah vachi pakum pothu episode semaiya irunthuchunu mattum nalla purithu…..


    hai roshni….
    my family still searching for my thapki…..iss saal shru kiya hai abi tak nahi mili…..jab thapki milegi….milthe e zaroor ring baare mai batha hoonga ki …..”thumari gharr walo ne muje usi thara ki ring lekar aana sagai per”……
    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    it’s not joke 100% true….

    chalo mera tho hogaya abb aap ki baari….
    Thumaari bihaan abitak nahi mila tho ……!!!! milthe e bathaiye muje usi thara ki ring( thapki ki ring) pasand nahi…….
    finally aap ki marzi……

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha……

    Let it … coming to the episode….

    Aaj ke episode mai tho ek evil nazar nahi aaya….tho teek a ek taraf se achcha hi huva…….
    thahaan romance ke liye bi PN ka saath chahiye…..
    Funny. …funny. …funny…. but I like this way…

    • Roshni

      I didnt see the episode… read the updates and haahaaahaaa. “Bihaan gets tensed…. thapki gets tensed”?? ye log itne sharmile kyon hai. Aaj kal dhost bhi gale milte hai.chahe ladki ho ya ladka. I can only imagine how funny it must hav been to see thse two shy away like teenagers?. Acha… ye khar vale chupkar kyon dek rahe dhe? Ok.. the family helpedthem to propose eachothr. Now r they gona keep an eye on evrythin? The pandeys never cease to amaz me. Kafi ajeeb parivaar hai. One weird family i say.gussa karo to zhada… madat kare to vo bhi zyada.gud gud.
      Tumare thapki se ring zaroor mang lena lekin aise shamile mat banna.??
      Wrs sag…vinlora….thapki j..nimisha sumera renu n al. I thnk now each episode is gona b a baby step in romance. First “i love u”…. first “lets divide the bed space “…. first hug… first “share the plate”.
      Btw… did the dupatta get stuk in the sofa and did she thnk it ws bihaan? Tht hapens in sooo many serials n movies. Wats wid this dupatta funda?!

      • Nimisha

        Roshni, yes the sofa was guilty as charged of holding onto the dupatta ???

        Though in fairness to other serials, sometimes it a table, or a chair or a hook or… ???

  22. Mitra

    I dont know why family is watching its a little wired if you get me. And also somthing really bad will probably happen soon to create misundertsanding or big problem ?

  23. Nimisha


    Grinned all the way through.

    Bea is was willing it to be like your version on IF.

    LOVE IT!!!

    Bihan is so cute and Thapki is so nervous. They’re depicting the emotions and feelings and everything about that situation so so so so well.

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ??????

  24. Nimisha

    Hi Roshni

    Just saw your message in the other thread saying hi,

    How are you? You are pink Roshni now so wasn’t sure. Hope all’s well with you,

    All good here. Been watching episodes late and then not getting around to popping by to say hello.

    Glad you and sag and santhosh are still around.. Bringing humour with you. ???

    By the way.. Who came into the room in the night to clear allll the candles… Hmmmmmm?? ??. ??????

    • Roshni

      Hey.even i had taken a brek in btwn. “U wr pink roshni” haha…. for a sec i ws wonderin wen did i turn pink?.I changed my email id… so even the icon changed. Bt i hmmmm…. i thnk i saw anothr roshni here a while ago.?

  25. aliza khan

    Finally ap thahaanians ki wishes poori hogaen…ab wahi shuru hogya js k lea ap sb ne ankit sir ko bht bura bhala…kaha tha….
    Well ab wahi ghatiyaa romance shuru hogya….nd ankit sir ko india forums m itna kuch kaha gya iss hadd tk k ye acting k layak e nh….gar hum manish sir k lea aisa kuch bolen to ap sb gaali galoch krna shuru hojayengen…..

    • sag

      hey aliza Dont take offense, actually all actors in tpk is only reflection of writers story…

      On taking that reflection as a base all viewer comment… so don’t take it too serious

      • aliza khan

        Yeah iam not taking it serious about drama serial nd serial characters but it hurts when they talk offense about ankit sir nd it is done in every social webs on insta twitter everywhere…..but i never seen that any ankit sir’s fans have ever talked offense about manish sir….

        Yeah i agree that sometimes it iswritten by fans that we hate ir dont like bihaan but never about manish..that is y I always feel bad…

        Well serial is going good for thapki..character bcoz she finally felt love feelings 4r someone no matter if he is bihaan bcoz she never confessed her love 4r dhruv so it is good for bihaan nd thapki…

  26. aliza khan

    Hum ankit sir k fans ne kbhi manish sir ka insult nh kia…..aur india forums m taqreban rozana ankit sir ko humiliate kia jataa h…ap sb yhi kahogay k m ghusa kr rhi hun love confession wagera pr….but seriously mjhe serial se koi mtlb nh but jb bhi india forums kholti hun waha rozana ankit sir ky hawalay se topics bana kr us m humiliation ki hui hoti hai……

    • Roshni

      Unfortunately sometyms ppl tend to do tht. But here we hav actually discussd several tyms as to howdruvs is an interestin character…but a bit ruined recently by the writers. Dont take offense dear. Sometyms ppl get absorbed into a serial n their comments may seem to be against ur fav character. Bas… ignore karo. Druv ka character kagi acha hai lekin writers ne trp badane keliye uske story ko kacha bana diya hai. And ankit kafi sweet hai…as from interviews. So nt to wry

      • aliza khan

        No iam not saying anything about serials nd i don’t watch serial anymore but i visit india forums everyday nd i noticed that they make fun of ankit sir when they critisize on dhruv then we have no objection but always it is mentioned as ankit nd said funny actor,attention seeking person,mean person……
        No one can judge someones personality when you don’t know about their real life styles nd real life personalities…

      • sag

        hey aliza look every celebrity whether small or big superstar,always face two categories people one is fans n other is criticizing….

        so chill….. n avoid….

  27. Tamil ponnuga-Nisi (11)

    Ennachu Tamil girls, no of comments koranjuduchu, FB la page create panniyacha……? Illa vera ethum idea pannirukigla…?
    Plz yarathu enaku pathiliye sollunga….!


    Hi Roshni, it seems you have a good relation with most of friends, and answering their questions. I have started to watch Indian channel since 6 or seven months back, as I was sick and tired of rudeness of western films, but I fund all the soaps more or less have the same base and pattern.
    a) there is always a devil character , an innocent , but without any confident and dignity, and a clever brain heroin, and the family that behaving so strange like pn family and rules of stone century.

    b) Dragging the story to the point that , people get fed up and destroys the enjoyment of following the story.

    My question is; is it the reality/ the existence of such naive women, who like Thapki become slave and doormat of family to the degree , live in animal shade, being slapped, accused of theft………. but stay and just cry, in your Country? the Country has introduced remarkable women like Indra Gandi Mother Treasa ……?

    If not, then why Indian writers, producers and directors are presenting these kind of stories , that without a shadow of doubt , they know these products will show in the other countries , with the audiences that never been in India and their judgement will be on base of what they see and witnessing ? Thanks a million and have a great day.

    • Ally

      Hi Shaparak ….it’s almost done in every Indian serial…… writers are so sick….
      If you want to see good storied serials then you just watch Pakistani serials or Turkish.They’re portrayed amazingly without any dragging or sretching….Finite series .They show every aspect of life with different angle…I’m in love with these soaps.

    • Roshni

      hey shaparak…. i ws gona ask u 2 things ystrdy bt didnt have the time. one ws y u alwys type in capslock. 2nd… hw do u tolerate some of the rubbish in our shows.i guess i dont need to ask that.

      ok…now…answer to ur questions. Nope… indian serials dont mirror the indian lifestyle…well not entirely atleast. Most of our writers are not passionate about the story they r potraying. its just biz…. if the show runs for watever reason…then thats all they need to earn their bread n butter… or fame. but not all shows r silly.
      heres my theory on reality of indian tv soaps.and others can tel me if they think its ryt. to understand india u gota see it from a diff vanatage point.not with the perspective of a europian or american coz life ehre is different in certain aspects.
      First of all,,,, india is big paradox. if u ask me anything… ‘ —- is this how all indians r…’ … my answer wud be ‘ some…but not all’. dats india. we have so much of diversity in culture language customs looks socioeconomic status education etc tht one group of ppl wud be entirely diff from the next.The reason y i gave u this unwanted info is so tht u understand tht our demographics is so varied tht its imposbl to please evryone.
      1)tv soaps mr aftrall a biz…. money matters. first they create a baseline theme…. convince channel to shwcas their show…. then they gotta keep up the trps so as to get enof sponsors n stay on air.channels like colors r family chanl…as in….daughtr.. evrybdy watches it. older generation( of a larger population) prefers women to b traditional (clothing…religious belief … household roles etc) while youngr genertion r more diverse in their customs but they wont mind a stone age style lead as long as the rest of it (cast…the romance etc) r appealing. so takin tpk as eg…. thats y…i feel… they hav made the lead a sort of tradinal girl with over the top moral values and distinction in home science. this wil help increase trp by gettin larger audience.
      2) thapki is naive coz tht makes runnin the story easy. a normal girl wudnt forgiv Vasu. bt if tht hapns then they wil hav to eliminate her from the show… bt shes vital to keepin family togthr… esp sinz they made her bihaans ‘God’ so as to justify hw he fell for the groom swap trap. some of the indian writers hv taken audiences for grantd due to our toleran to bullshit. as long as its fun… a lot of ppl wont even notice how ridiculous some of the plots r. bt if u hav read some of the blooper posts tht me thapki sag n santosh na l put up…then ul knw v do notiz n object n even ridicule them. bt for the sake of our fav casts n the remainin gud aspects of the show…we ignore n watch til its too much.
      3) yes…. some1 like thapki wud definitely b workin…so wud bihaan n samjay n evrybdy else. even preety n suman. women work…. yes thre r joint families n housewives…but not a must. depends on personal interest n socioeconomic status etc. i thnk they hav put evrybdy undr the same roof for ease of shootin.tpk airs evrydy. if thapki goes for work then they wil hav to make anothr set as office n hire actors as staff.bihaan n thapki wud b in diff work places. so shootin in diff sets n locations n creatin a plots wr evrybdy meets is tough sinz its nt a work place drama…all leadin charactrs r family membrs. so to save tym..sets…finances n brainpower they mustav made evrybdy housewives n househubbys. settin up camera n lights n make up rooms etc etc is time consumin n tough.havin evrybdy undr 1 roof is easy!
      4) in real life groom swap wud hav made news…esp if the groom is a no…tht aint gona hapen
      5) a woman of thapkis educational status wud be smart enof to knw tht her lifes gona b pretty bumpy with a hubby tht worships a mom in law with brains of a con ;-P. i wud b
      6)im indian. if i wr thapki i wud hav gone for anullment of marriage and kicked evrybdys ass if this really did hapen.
      7)yeh….there r some women in india who r often suppressd withn their house hold.this hapens in some of the poorer sectors of india . they arent naive but their circumstances hav increased their level of perservernz .we hav a large population with an unequal distribution of govt resources…. education/money etc. but the vast majority of us r now educated….often live in nuclear families for ese of work etc. we hav posh cities with slums ryt nearby. thts india …its a magical dish…evrytym u put ur spoon in n take a bite…u get a diff flavour. bitter…sweet…sour…. umami…al in one.
      8) neithr indian tv or foreign ones truely depict india in its true essence. bbc discovry etc often show the rural poor india.thts jus a part of india …but to thnk dats all of it is ignorant.
      i hv seen interviews with Priyanka chopra (quantico) wr some of the westerners r surprised to her her speak eng well. thts pretty common. in a country with over 2 dozen language…we often lern more than one language for ease of communication .
      9)indian producrs…writrs etc dnt hesitate to shw such stories coz its business!bread n butter! so i dnt thnk they r so patriotic.they wana run their show for as long s posbl…. drag or do watevr…. as long as its own air.the indian populatn alone is sufficient to make a decent profit.
      10) ntagonist is often fashionabl and clever coz tht person is nt limited by any expectatns. the protogonist hasssss to b flawless
      11) v hv ppl like gandi mthr teresa n al coz nothin teaches u modesty and givs u strength of character like endurin hardships. while a lot of us enjoy a life style with facilities comparable to the west…. there r stil a lot of ppl hu dnt hav a roof ovr their head. if u reach out to those ppl…. ul open ur eyes to a whole new world wr humanity rules over evry kinda differences. language….complexion… money none of tht matters coz v r al the same flesh n blood (animals included.)
      12) nt all shows r like this. shws r designd as per viewers. shows on mtv…channel v etc r diff and focus on depends on audience.

      i knw my reply is lengthy…as usual.sorry!!!!
      i hope othrs wil present their point of view too or correct me stuffs tht they feel is incorrect.aftral…like i told u…the country has so much diversity…we al live diff lives.
      hope tht answrs ur qns.
      bottom line : nope indian women arent naives or silly as thpki

    • Roshni

      U can watch serials o desiserials or voot .com. watchout for pop ups n viruses. Hmm… i dont watch too much may b someone else cn suggest some othr indian shws whch r different .

  29. Tamil ponnuga-Nisi (11)

    Wow what a lovely episode…! And precap also awesome..

    Na ipathan episode Instagram la pathen semaiya irunthuchunu, and precap ah yarathu nalla kavanichigla? Table ah entha vegetables un illa, and thahaan vera side la nikraga, Bihaan avanoda right hand ala Thapki oda left hand ah pudichurukan,( episode end la Bihaan left hand ala right hand pudipan) so little confusion.
    Ana hug panna mataga nu mattum therium, oru vela marupadium try pannuvagalo ennavo…? Wait panni pakalam…..!

  30. the episode was so……………….. awesome……………………..thahaan was rocking . and family was awesome…… encrousing the thahaan .i am so exciting i can’t control my happiness . i am waiting for precap.

  31. i cant see the videos, i don’t understand what happens suddenly.. colors episodes are not working in you tube.. it is showing that this video is not availabe in you country!!

    missing all the episodes.. 🙁

    • sag

      @ anjana

      it’s due to copyright segments….

      u can watch on
      here is the link

      or on voot

      • hi sag.. this is neha from Pakistan….

        i am not understanding.. kya ye kabhi thik nehi hoga?? i mean i usually download the episodes and then watch it.. but aab kya?? :'( miss thahaan 🙁

      • sag

        yes dear it’s sad news but a kabhi thik nai hoga means no vedio on YouTube….

        but don’t worry from above link which I mention u can also download vedio….

        I m finding a way for download a vedio from voot but still not get concrete solution….

  32. i love thahaan forever……….there romance was mind blowing……….gazzab,bihaan shiie very awesome. i love thahaan…………………

    • Roshni

      hey kana. yeh… i read ur comment. i did hv a doubt abt the rascal comment thts y i wantd u to translate it. im not angry at u. i WAS simply irritatd coz u wr al discussin abt non tamil speakers as though we dont care abt u guys n wr forcin u to speak in eng. and u can imagine…. i gav u a suggestion as a friend and u turned it into a language yeh…i felt bad abt tht ‘ystrdy’. itried to mend things sweetly but tht didnt work so thot il giv u a stern dose of a lecture therapy to clear out certain things sinz i saw nothin els workd.thts al. it wasnt some contract of lifelong animosity.
      i thnk ur younger than me. so lets tak it as a fight btwn n youngr n eldr sis…fight…forgv…forget. huh?
      and no dear… im not angry at u. yeh i did think a few of ur comments had doubl meaning . may b ur a lil short tempered and tak a lil while to cool down (i recal tht tharuv thahaan argumnt long bak) but no…. i dont thnk ur a bad person or anythin. and i havnt formed any concrete opinion abt u tht i wil b forevr mad at u or anything.

      i ws tryin to put acros an idea to keep evrybdy united as one… unfortunately it probably appeared like i was against tamil language or somethin… u guys got hurt…. u responded…. i responded bak to ur response. bla bla bla. now tht we hv al cooled down and cleared eachothers misundertsandings (we hav ryt???) … shall we forget and move on as friends?

      i hv absolutely no resentment towrds any1. n i cn only soeak for myslf. personally i like tamil msgs coz i cn improv my tamil.i luv lernin languages. i wud b happy to know if u hav put stuffs behind( undrstandin the innocent intentns behind tht comment) n r willin to accept this brand new day with a crystal clear page of friendship.. or atleast a blank page wid no harsh feelings 😉 .but thts up to u dear.
      *peace* *friendship* *togetherness*
      white flag 😉

  33. Shiny George

    Expecting more lovable cute scenes from thapki bihaan. Love u guys a lot.
    Hatsoff 2 u director and the whole thapki pyar ki crew


    Hi Ally, thanks so much for your kind advise. I watched a Turkish soap forbidden love (Paband ishq) and I am watching a Pakistani soap ( mere dil mere musafir ) on Rishty channel, but there is no more. I am living in UK, so if you know any channel or have any on line address to watch your recommended soaps , then please kindly let me know , as on 275 channels of my TV a part of Restey Europe there is no other channel to show those soaps.

    Thanks again and wherever you are hope be happy

    • Ally

      Do you get zee zindagi in UK…..?
      Zindagi channel shows good soaps….like Kankar…. actually it’s a woman centered serial against domestic violence show with pakistani origin, Mohabat subah ka sitara hai, Mallika e aliya . And Another Turkish show….is Fatmagul its coming up in zindagi.
      Actually now only I am began to watch these shows we will get it in India .If you don’t get this channel then you can get in from internet. (Dailymotion link )
      Take care….

      • Roshni

        ????paband ishq? !turkish soaps r translated to hindi/urdu n shown on rishtey europe? ?

  35. tamil ponnunga-suhani(24)

    Today epi is so amazing…
    Thahaan scenes are superb…
    Hi my dr frnds mus yaz nd tamil ponnunga girls…

  36. Midey

    Thapki and bihan sence seems to be back to normal life soon. I wonder why the director has been skipped diwakar and aditi sence for a long time. Did the director has forgetten abt them??? If a good series has to be showned make it equally. Other than this series is good.

      • Fatarajo

        haha please dont ask about that dwarf hate that guy a lot but one thing i saw people still remember him haha

      • Anjana

        @fatarajo ppl still remember a serial called gilli danda (an Indian version of Dennis the menace) In which he was an 8 year old or something 😀

  37. Roshni

    N hey natalie n fatarajo. Saw ur reply ystrdy…hadnt goten tym to reply. Hws ur day goin????

    • Fatarajo

      oh hi roshni thanks 🙂 and yes there are many indians in singapore i have lots of indian friends and some are also fan of hindi serials

  38. Dear tamil ponnungala ,
    Unga ellaruku our request please daily ellaaruu our Tamil ponnunga members oda cmnt patheengana adhuku keelaye cmnt pannunga so that it is not tough for the others who doesn’t know Tamil to skip lots of comments..Hindi speakers please support us due to some probs this area has became a discomfort zone for my friends that’s why comments from our groups are less. Please understand after I won’t comment here but I want kana,ash,nasreen akkaa to come sorry for everything I hv done gud bye.

    • Kana, ash please come back yaar plseeee let’s sign a friend ship treaty with roshini akka k va . Roshini did I we r sorry for everything forgive ur friend r sister . Jzt think thiss as a thahaan nok jhok.well be friends no fights anymore. I love fights which increase understanding . This fight showed us Kana is lil short tempered so that we doesn’t make her angry she has expressed all her feelings without keeping anything in. So all setset. No one is gud r bad. We r Indians plse maintain our unity. Dry if I’ve spoken anything wrong.
      Note.: the last msg which i wrote before reading ur mags dry once again ??


    • Roshni

      Hey juggu dear… dont apologise yaar. Ppl say sorry when they do somethin wrong. I thnk the whole deal was a misunderstanding. I do realis my msg tht my comment aimed at changing the group system hurt ut sentiments coz u guys thot i ws refering to ur language. Later when u guys started discusin intht fashion i thot u wil all end up segregating urslf and won’t mingle with us…so i ws repeatedly apologisin for the misunderstandin. N wen it stil contunued i got a bit angry and hurt.thats all dear.
      And no…i wont accept ur sorry coz there is absolutely no need to say sorry in the first place. So no sorrys or anythin. We r al friends. And actually nangu tamilil pesa romba pudikum. ? so kandipa ninga koode nanum tamil pesuma. If u alow??????. Takecare dear .dont worry… i hadnt kept any hard feelings in my mind…so no need for any sorrys darlin. Nanga ethavatu thappa pesiya? Appadi erukena enne manichidu. U..kana…nasreen n rest of tamil ponnugal… ninga ellarume sister madhiri thaan..both before and hifi?

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.